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Gorgeous Food Photography by Marnie Hawson

Freelance photographer Marnie Hawson is the creator behind this gorgeous collection of food photography. She works with many small businesses, photographing not only food but also interiors, products, people, weddings and more.  I use a Canon 6D camera, with either a 20 mm/f2.8, 35 mm/f1.4, 50 mm/f1.4, or 85 mm/f1.8 lens.

Origami Crane Oil Paintings by Ariel DeAndrea

Ariel DeAndrea is an installation artist and oil painter currently based in New York and Los Angeles.

Upgrade your Font Collection – The Fontastic Font Bundle 45+ Fonts for $29!

Our good friends at The Hungry JPEG has nailed it again. Font bundles are popping up left, right and center, and these guys continue to curate killer bundles with current trends leading the process. This premium bundle of over 45 fonts is currently selling for $29!

Animal Photography: Cat Portraits by Rob Bahou

Amsterdam based photographer Rob Bahou specializes in a variety of photography subjects but the cat portraits in particular caught my eye.

Concept and Packaging Design: Cacao Barry

The concept and packaging design featured below for 'Cacao Barry' was created by the graphic and multimedia agency called Zoo who are based in Vic, Spain. We work with clear concepts, a simple graphic and good ideas, applied to every support needed, physical, audiovisual or interactive.

Amazing Photorealistic Portrait Paintings by Charles Bierk

Charles Bierk is a painter currently based in Toronto, to create his photorealistic portrait paintigs he uses oil paints on canvas.

Multi-Layered Laser Cut Wood Art by Martin Tomsky

Martin Tomsky is the artist behind the laser cut wood art you see below, they are created using layers of laser cut, stained plywood.

Logos Challenge: 60 Logos in 60 Days by Karoline Tynes

Here is a collection of some of the logos Karoline Tynes created for the logos challenge where you make 60 logos in 60 days.

Awesome Post Apocalyptic Artworks by Yuri Shwedoff

Yuri Shwedoff specializes in post apocalyptic art, landscapes and portraits. She is based in Moscow, Russia and in 2008 was nominated for the 'Medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts' for a series of works called "Suzdal".

The Best Tools and Resources Available for Designers in 2015

All graphic and web designers know that there’s an abundance of tools and resources out there that can help them in their work.

Fantastic Portrait Paintings by Frank Oriti

These contemporary portrait paintings are by Cleveland, Ohio based artist Frank Oriti. He has an M.F.A in painting and his work has been featured in The New York Times and “Get Real: New American Painting” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville.

Gruesome and Creepy Digital Monster Ilustrations by Idrassi Soufiane

This selection of gruesome and creepy monster illustrations are by Idrassi Soufiane aka streetX222, he is a digital artist based in Morocco and specializes in creating dark and fantasy characters.

Web Based App ‘TypeDrummer’ Plays Drums with your Keyboard

A friend of mine shared this fantastic time killing web based application called Type Drummer. Each letter on your keyboard corresponds to a specific drum, and by typing out random letters you create a beat.

Handy Resource: Isometric Mock-Up Photoshop Actions – Perfect for UI Design and Type

We have been fortunate enough to witness the birth of mainstream computers, mobile phones and the surrounding industries.

WKRMN Design Studio Hand Crafts Stunning Custom Knives

Firstly, I want to kick off by saying that this is not a paid article. Infact, Adam (the man behind WKRMN) has no idea that his shop is being featured here today.

The Dark and Creative Portfolio of Miranda Meeks

Miranda Meeks is currently based in Utah working as a freelance illustrator. We have featured a collection of her older illustrations here on Inspiration Hut before, click here to check out her other article.

Project Canismo: Sheltered Dogs Create Unique Paintings

So many animals are in shelters waiting to be adopted and project Canismo have come up with a brilliant idea.

Brand Identity: Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner

This brand identity for Coffee House London was created by Reynolds and Reyner, they are a design agency based in Kiev, Ukraine. Launching a new coffee brand in today’s very competitive market is hugely challenging.

Bury Your Static Website With Parallax Scrolling Animation!

Have you ever visited a website only to find yourself quickly scroll to the bottom then close out the tab?

Surreal Animal Illustrations by Lauren Marx

Lauren Marx is currently studying for a BFA in drawing at University, all of her drawings are inspired by animals and nature.