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Awesome Face Paint Art by Elsa Rhae

Elsa Rhae has less than 2 years experience in face paint and is completely self taught, she transforms herself into characters from movies, games and comics.

Bakery and Café Identity Design: Ellie’s Table by Brian Rau

This product and identity design project was taken from the portfolio of Brian Rau and was created for a bakery and café located in San Clemente called 'Ellie's Table'.

13 More Free Fonts That You Should Add to Your Collection!

By choosing and using the correct fonts you can drastically improve any design project.

4 Best-Selling Retro Photoshop Actions – 71% OFF

Introducing the awesome RetroBundle by the well known digital resource supplier, RetroSupply Co. aka Dustin Lee.

30 Inspiring and Memorizing Animated Hand Lettering GIFS

There's only one thing better than awesome hand lettering, and that's watching the process. This morning I've spent a fair chunk of time browsing and compiling this impressive collection of animated hand lettering GIFS that are sure to keep you in a daze for at least a few minutes.

20 Inspirational and Colorful Animal Logo Marks

The following collection of inspirational animal logo marks were plucked from the portfolio of Russian logo designer, Ivon Bobrov.

An Impressive Collection of Logo Design for your Inspiration

Whether I'm working on a new project or not, every morning I feast my eyes on some of the most inspirational art and design projects I can get my digital hands on.

What to Keep in Mind When Designing an Unrivalled Logo

Want to know what things to factor in when you want to come up with a logo design that’s second to none?

Unique and Beautiful Doll Like Paintings by Dilka Bear

This collection of unique doll like paintings are by Dilka Bear, she lives in Triste, Italy and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for four years, before going freelance.

Landscape Photography: The Last Light by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen

This compilation of beautiful landscape photography is by photographer and graphic design student Bjørg-Elise Tuppen.

Packaging Design for ‘Hudson Made: Worker’s Soap’ by Hovard Design

This packaging design by Hovard Design was created for the company 'Hudson Made: Worker's Soap'. All of the packaging is manufactured locally and the typography itself is balanced between contemporary simplicity and the heritage implied by nineteenth-century design. The soap was made for the man or woman who understands that being good with your hands means being good to your hands.

Breathtaking Landscape Photography by Finn Beales

Finn Beales is an award-winning photographer and is based in the Black Mountains of Wales. He has travelled to places such as; Iceland, Canada, Denmark and more to capture images like the breathtaking landscape photographs you see below.  via: Finn Beales

Beautiful Paintings on Wood Panel by Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki's beautiful paintings are all on wood panel and she uses oil, graphite and ink to create each piece.

A Collection of Inspirational Handcrafted Lettering

Whether I'm working on a new project or not, every morning I feast my eyes on some of the most inspirational art and design projects I can get my digital hands on.

Stunning Hyper Realistic Paintings by Mike Dargas

This series of hyper realistic paintings are by Mike Dargas, he uses oil paints on large canvas' usually around 140 x 220 cm in size.

Black Ink Fingerprint Drawings by Nicolas Jolly

Nicolas Jolly's black ink drawings are created using what he calls a 'fingerprint' technique, he explains it as it allows him to guide the eye of the observer through the various elements of the scene compositions.

Typographer Beautifully Illustrates Instagram Followers Names

Typographer Patrick Cabral has illustrated beautifully some names of his Instagram followers, he has called the project 'Names with a Story'.

Feminine Illustrations by Marjolein Caljouw

Marjolein Caljouw's feminine illustrations are full to the brim with beauty and imagination. Marjolein is an artist and illustrator currently based in the Netherlands and to create her pieces she uses; colored pencils, acrylic/oil paints, a Wacom Cintiq, UX Creative Suite 6 and a Canon 5D mark 2.

Packaging Design: Couture Ink. by Anagrama

Anagrama have created this gorgeous packaging for Couture Ink. it is a boutique based in Guadalajara, Mexico and they specialize in wedding dresses and cocktail attire. The boutique offers a variety of haute couture and international fashion pieces.

A Rescue Dog and her Little Boy: Zoey and Jasper

Commercial photographer Grace Chon photographs her son Jasper with his furry best friend Zoey in all sorts of adorable outfits!