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Retail Therapy : Goodbye, Hello a Bunch of Other Design Sales Sites

All photos via Hem, the once red-hot design-focused flash sales site, has been losing fuel for a while now, and yesterday, it officially, completely fell apart.

Curbed Maps: Mapping 20 Preservation Battles Raging in New York Right Now

Since 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of New York City's landmarks law, it seems that conferences, exhibits, and panels are taking place right and left over the crucial—and divisive—issue of preservation.

Bauhaus Wire: Germany is Building Two New Bauhaus Museums

The Bauhaus Dessau headquarters. Photo via Architectural Digest A cool €25M has been set aside to build a major Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, Germany, the second headquarters of the influential design movement started in 1919 by modernism's grandsire Walter Gropius.

Rendering Reveals: Egypt is Building a Pretty Blingy Pyramid Skyscraper

Rendering via Architizer The tallest building in Egypt will once again be a kind of pyramid. Rising 650 feet above its surroundings, the gleaming pyramid-shaped skyscraper planned for Cairo will loom nearly 200 feet above the Great Pyramid of Giza, which spent 3,800 years as the world's tallest man-made structure (until the English built the Lincoln Cathedral in the 14th century).

Video Interlude: How to Design a Beautiful City, According to Swiss Philosopher Alain de Botton

Screenshot via Youtube In a provocative new video, Swiss philosopher Alain de Botton argues that there's a science to designing "beautiful cities" and proceeds to outline a six-point manifesto on how cities can get it right, in the looks department at least: 1.

Measuring Contests: How a TV Tower in North Dakota Compares with the World's Tallest Skyscrapers

Photo via Flickr / Raymond Cummingham Some of the world's largest man-made structures are TV broadcast towers in little rural communities.

House of the Day: A Revealing Red-Brick Contemporary Relists in Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois Price: $2,200,000 Architect Brad Lynch of Brininstool + Lynch designed this narrow and deep Chicago home with a palette of brick, concrete, limestone, steel, and zinc, and had it built on the site of the bungalow he and his family shared for over a decade.

help wanted: It's Hiring Time: Seeking Editor to Join Curbed National Team

Effective immediately, we're on the hunt for a full-time editor at Curbed National to join our growing team at Vox Media's NYC headquarters.

On the Market: Chill All Summer in John Lautner's Curvaceous Krause House

Just three years after designing his legendary mushroom-capped Palms Spring estate for Bob Hope, Los Angeles starchitect John Lautner began work on his only home on Malibu's beach road, the impressively angular Krause Residence.

Bauhaus Wire: Germany is Finally Building a Dedicated Bauhaus Museum

The Bauhaus Dessau headquarters. Photo via Architectural Digest A cool €25M has been set aside to build a major Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, Germany, the second headquarters of the influential design movement started in 1919 by modernism's grandsire Walter Gropius.

You Better Work: Tracking One Glitzy Malibu Mansion Through Music Videos, From 'Men in Black' to 'Work Bitch'

If you feel like you recognize this Malibu mansion, it's because you probably do. Designed by Ed Niles, of the Bieber-trashed salad spinner house, this home on Mulholland Highway has been the filming location for more than 20 films, television shows, and music videos, including a few you might expect—Gone in 60 Seconds and Beverly Hills 90210—but also such unforgettable cultural touchstones as Face/Off, "Men in Black" (not the film, but the music video for the Willie-style club hit about the film) and Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" (often stylized as "Work B**tch").

First Person: Trading Spaces and Finding an Unlikely Queer Icon in Hildi Santo-Tomas

One of Hildi's rooms. Image courtesy TLC. In 2000, around the time reality programs were becoming a force in the television landscape with the likes of Big Brother and Survivor, a quieter take on the genre in the guise of a home renovation show debuted on The Learning Channel.

Extensions: When a Bigger House Means Adding a Whole Backyard Village

All photos by Peter Bennetts via Andrew Maynard Architects Andrew Maynard, the Australian architect who recently completed a totally unexpected steel frame "extension" for a Melbourne-area weatherboard house, has managed to find another imaginative solution for doubling the size of an average suburban home.

Abandonment Issues: An Illicit Look Inside Staten Island's Eerie, Abandoned Hospital

[Photo by _macgyver via Untapped Cities.] For the past four decades, the Seaview Hospital of Staten Island has sat largely abandoned, and has slipped into ruin.

Towns for Sale: Now on eBay: A Town with a Starring Role in The Walking Dead

Photo via The Daily What Fans of The Walking Dead or developers looking to cash in on some prime post-apocalyptic real estate will be happy to find out nine downtown buildings in Grantville, Georgia are up for sale.

Micro Week 2015: Witness the Transforming Feats of 15 Small, Adjustable Homes

These transforming apartments alter their layouts before our very eyes, making them appear much roomier than their diminutive square footage would suggest.

Hijinks: Oh, If Only This House of Cards Rental Listing Was Real

Photo via Roadtrippers With House of Cards antihero Frank Underwood now residing in the White House, it only makes sense that the 18th-century Capitol Hill townhouse where he used to plot his dark political schemes is up for grabs.

Metropolis 2.0: Why Doesn't the World Have More Wooden Skyscrapers?

Image of Vienna tower by Rüdiger Lainer and Partner via the Guardian This week, an ambitious proposal for the world's tallest wooden skyscraper was unveiled in Vienna, Austria.

Artistry: SoCal's Modernist Icons Look Mighty Pretty in Silkscreen Form

Eames House by Chris Turnham. All images courtesy Gallery Nucleus Some of the best-loved examples of Californian modernism can now be appreciated in silkscreen form, thanks to L.A.-based artist Chris Turnham.

Curbed IRL: Tune in: First Episodes of My City's Just Not That Into Me

Attention, architecture fanatics and house hunting aficionados! Curbed has partnered with FYI on the television network's new original series, My City's Just Not That Into Me, a show matching intrepid city dwellers with their ideal piece of real estate.