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Traditional Meets Contemporary in Updated Rammed-Earth Hostel in China

Polycarbonate walls make up the mobile guest rooms This traditional rammed-earth house in Pingtian, a village located in the Sidu Township of Songyang County in China, has been converted into a design-forward youth hostel by architect He Wei that utilizes plastic walls—like this studio prototype—to create highly adaptable spaces.

City Politics: Comparing Democratic and Republican Visions of Urban America

Considering that 62 percent of Americans live in cities, it’s also worth examining how our two parties have vastly different visions of how to improve the urban condition.

The Unsupervised Kids of 'Stranger Things' Would Be a Nightmare for Today's Parents

These days, only kids in movies are free to explore The Netflix series Stranger Things is perfectly engineered to attract viewers of a certain age with a love letter to 1980s pop culture.

Couple Transforms Weapons Factory Into Eclectic Home and Studio

The couple is behind A+Z Design Studio in Budapest A+Z Design Studio was founded in 2009 by married couple Attila F.

Brexit May Be to Blame for Falling Home Prices in U.K.

Not good news After citizens of the United Kingdom voted in a late-June referendum to leave the European Union (EU)—"Brexit" as it’s widely become known—some have worried about the immediate economic impact the vote would have on the country.

Could Very Big Houses be the new Tiny Homes?

A new trend is sweeping the nation The construction and habitation of Tiny Homes may have started as a trend, but it has grown into a full-fledged movement with new (and increasingly adorable) examples cropping up seemingly every day.

Crowdfunding Could Save Miami’s Iconic Abandoned Marine Stadium

Hilario Candela's cantoileverd concrete roofline is worth rescuing After standing abandoned for more than two decades, the remarkable Miami Marine Stadium—once the world’s longest span of cantilevered concrete—could soon get another lease on life.

Every 2016 Olympic Venue in Rio de Janeiro, Mapped

The 2016 Rio Olympics are fast approaching, with the opening games occurring on August 5. Although there are reports of incomplete facilities, many of the stadiums and sporting locations are indeed finished—in fact, 15 of the venues already existed in some form.

Famous U.S. Buildings and Landmarks Built With Slave Labor

Michelle Obama’s DNC speech was a reminder that slave labor helped build the White House. It helped build these other famous structures, too.

London Flat Renovation Features Space-Saving Twisted Staircase

The staircase was made using boatbuilding techniques This lovely renovation of a two-story flat called Casa Vota in the Hampstead neighborhood of London showcases a sculptural and twisted wooden staircase that was designed using digital fabrication and 3D- and 2D-modeling.

Green Design Helps New Medical Center Beat the Heat in Arizona

Healing—and keeping cool—in style As a "heat dome" covers much of the country this week, pushing temperatures from sea to shining sea into the high 90s and low 100s, architectural ways to mitigate hot weather and provide shelter are very much on our minds.

Charming Converted Schoolhouse Asks $649K, Comes Fully Furnished

With many original details as well Have a nomination for a jaw-dropping listing that would make a mighty fine House of the Day?

Crowdfunded Furniture Campaign Livestreams Workshop Crafting Your Bookshelf

Take transparency one step further and watch Argentine craftsman assemble your new furniture. Argentine architect Alejandro Sticotti is live streaming his Buenos Aires workshop as artisans craft the furniture pieces for his  ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

Four Seasons Restaurant Auction Fetches Huge Bids, High Prices

Marathon auction at the Midtown Modernist mecca far exceeds estimates; sign goes for $96,000 The iconic tableware and furniture that made the Four Seasons such a design and dining icon have sadly found new, and very likely less glamorous, homes.

Tour This Adorable, Cottage-Style Tiny Home in Person

84 Lumber’s Tiny Living collection goes on the road The Shonsie, one of four tiny home models developed by 84 Lumber, the nation’s only large retailer to get in on the tiny house action, will be available to tour this week at the 84 Lumber outpost in Gulfport, Mississippi as part of a Tiny Living road tour.

White Hot Santorini House Is Ready for Summer

We also snuck in a nearby hotel for good measure Welcome to the dog days of summer, when the heat makes it challenging to focus on the task at hand and instead tempts you to drift into the gauzy realm of wanderlust.

Mercedes Just Unveiled a Self-Driving Bus

The “Future Bus” completed a 20-kilometer trip in the Netherlands If the latest headlines are any indication, future cities will be full of cyclists, solar roads, and maybe even gondolas.

Pokémon Go’s Lessons for Parks: Embrace Technology

The AR smash only hints at the possibilities of parks taking a more aggressive lead with technology With mobs of phone-wielding fans spending more and more time in (augmented) reality, exploring their surroundings and venturing to new parts of their cities, the Pokémon Go phenomenon could be seen as a mixed blessing for parks and parks administrators.

$900K English home is a genuine luxury hobbit hole

We hope hobbits like swimming We’ve seen hobbit hole homes before, but up until now they have all been either not for sale or theoretical or only vaguely hobbit hole-like and also with an asking price of $18.5 million.

Rio Athletes Village Deemed Unlivable

Olympic housing faces a host of infrastructural issues Under usual circumstances, discussions of Rio De Janeiro conjure up images of sunny beaches, vacations and samba.