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Stunning Black Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe ‘Edition 50’

After retouching the Mercedes-AMG GT family and introducing the all-new GT C Coupe, there’s a new beast in town – called ‘Edition 50’.

Wooden Lamp With Levitating Switch

This lamp is breaking away from traditions, with a switch in mid-air. Its unique design brings magic into your life.

Exclusive QL House On The Atlantic Coast

Located in Algarve, Portugal, this inspiring two-storey house was designed by Visioarq Arquitectos. “The QL House is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Algarve, on the Portuguese southern coast, a singular presence in an essentially residential neighbourhood.

Fine Art Photography Without Photoshop Manipulations

This weekend we want to show you beautiful photos by self-taught art photographer from Slovakia Michal Zahornacky.

The Newest Luxury Smartphone – Vertu’s Signature Touch Teal Fluted Edition

Inspired by the unique glamour and beauty of the Art Deco period, Vertu’s newest offering, called Signature Touch Teal Fluted Edition, shows off matte Titanium on its gull-wing doors, with brushed and polished Grade 5 Titanium sides and a hardened black ceramic adding to overall appeal of this luxurious phone.

Sleek Luxury Yacht From Lexus

Curious as to what a Lexus vessel might look like, Toyota motors president Akio Toyoda decided to go ahead and build one.

Black Cozy Cabin in Ontario Forest

At just a mere 98 square feet, the Micro Cabin can stand on its own in the dense Ontario forest. The cozy retreat operates completely off-grid, warmed by a wood-burning stove and lit by natural light, creating the most honest escape you can get from your everyday life.

Japan Design: Way of the Samurai Embodied In Motorbike

Take a look at the stunning piece of design from Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko. The Motorbike From Great Japan takes its aesthetic inspiration from the unique Japanese design spirit and elements of origami and the Samurai way of life.

Unexpectable Beauty Inside Rustic House In Colorado

Located in Telluride’s historic district, the Walsh House offers the chance to own John Pawson’s first U.S.

Unique Wood And Resin Jewellery

Today we wany to share with you unique wood and resin jewellery by Tor Johansson from ArtfulResin. “I grew up in a rural part of Norway surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes.

Modern Wooden House In Lithuanian Valley

Beautiful Paper Bird Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

Colombia-based artist Diana Beltran Herrera has been fascinated by birds since she was a child, however it wasn’t until four years ago that she started working with their forms.

Futuristic Robo-Car From Toyota Which Don’t Need a Driver

Toyota has presented its vision of the future at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with a “warm and friendly” user experience the defining aim of the project.

Round Workspace – Emko Pill Wall-Mounted Desk

When it comes to space efficiency, it doesn’t make much sense to choose a circle as the shape of a cabinet or a worksurface.

Death Machines of London Moto Guzzi Airtail

This wonderfully minimal Moto Guzzi ‘Airtail’ was built by Death Machines of London – a company with a refreshingly no-nonsense approach to building custom motorcycles.

Ornate Tableware Sculpted in Gold and Silver Filigree by Wiebke Maurer

Artist Wiebke Maurer is drawn to objects found in traditional place settings like spoons, bowls, saucers, and tea cups, but her interpretation of these pieces leaves function behind, resulting in delicate sculptures that fuse the past and present.

Villa Meijendel – Steel Home In Natural Dune

Inspired by the sandy, woodsy parcel on which it sits, Villa Meijendel takes advantage of its location with a multi-level, partially sunk floorplan.

TOP 10 Hot Posts of 2016

Another year has come to his end and we’re going to make some conclusions regarding the most popular posts of 2016.

Ring Clock – Sleek And Stylish Watch For Your Finger

The Ring Clock may just be the smallest watch you’ve ever seen. It’s so small it fits comfortably around your finger in the guise of a ring.

Owl Headed Concrete House in South Korea

In the South Korean port city of Busan, architect Moon Hoon has completed a four-storey house that resembles a perched owl.