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Instant Coffee Just Got Better With This Portable Aozora Coffee Press

Spoonfuls of instant coffee still give some morning coffee drinkers their much-needed dose of caffeine.

Anthropomorphic Pencil Portraits of Schoolgirl Animals by Takumi Kama

“wolf girl” (2015) by Takumi Kama. Pencil on panel. “I am terrified of high school girls,” admits artist Takumi Kama.

An Exhibition Featuring Work From Japan’s Largest Facebook Photography Page

With over 300K fans, Tokyo Camera Club is Japan’s largest community of photographers. And despite what their name will have you believe, you don’t have to be Japanese, not take pictures of Japan, to join.

Fukutegami: A Japanese Fashion Student Created Wearable Stationery

Fukutegami: write, fold, send; receive, read, put on. Just like the Internet changed the dynamics of long-distance relationships, Masako Yokoi wants to give separated friends and lovers, quite literally, a new layer.

Sisyu: The Japanese Calligraphy Artist Who Created the Kanji for Pixar’s Inside Out

The emotions from ‘Inside Out’ and their corresponding kanji character As Pixar plans the release of their latest film ‘Inside Out,’ slated to hit the big screen in the U.S.

Emmanuelle Moureaux is Changing the Face of Banking in Japan

Tokyo-based architect Emmanuelle Moureaux is on a quest to make Japan’s financial services industry more colorful.

Tokunaga Furniture and The Art of Wood Working Without Sandpaper

“Satin sheen.” “Smooth finish.” “Polished veneer.” The woodworking section of any home improvement store will have you think it’s a menu for a car wash.

Dazzling Photographs of Wine Glasses, Decanters and Other Reflective Objects by Hideki Kuwajima

“Vertical 008″ (2011) Although he’s been experimenting with stark images of landscapes, the Kyoto-based photographer Hideki Kuwajima is better known for his dazzling photographs of meticulously arranged reflective objects.

A Peek Inside the Architecture Firm That’s Helping Shape Japan

the new Tokyo headquarters of architectural firm Suppose Design Office At the age of 26 Makoto Tanijiri founded Suppose Design Office in his hometown of Hiroshima.

Tone Scape: Stark Photographs of Kyoto and Osaka by Hideki Kuwajima

“Tone Scape 01″ (cropped). 530x193mm, edition 5, Film Based Photography. Photos courtesy YOD Gallery | click to enlarge The Kyoto-based photographer Hideki Kuwajima doesn’t carry around his camera.

The Key in the Hand: 50,000 Keys Suspended From a Ceiling by Chiharu Shiota

The Key in the Hand (2015) by Chiharu Shiota. | All photos by Sunhi Mang Last year the Japanese visual artist Chiharu Shiota used the attention she was getting from an exhibition in Washington D.C.

Chiba Special: The Classiest Place in Tokyo to Have Your Shoes Shined

Mikoto Chiba (center) and his two apprentices form the legendary shoe shining group Chiba Special For the last 18 years a man named Mikoto Chiba has been polishing the shoes of businessmen and women working in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Realistic Animal Lollipops Created By Amezaiku Artist Shinri Tezuka

a hyper realistic goldfish lollipop | all images courtesy Amezaiku is the Japanese craft of lollipop-making, which dates back to the 700s when artisans made mouth-watering and artistic lollipops to be presented as gifts.

A Japanese Pharmacy Company’s Creative and Humorous Health Magazines

The Spring 2015 issue focuses on the topic of headaches, and features a masked wrestler putting an office worker in a headlock On a Semi-annual basis Japanese pharmacy company Aisei publishes a magazine called Health Graphic Magazine.

An Illustrated Poster of the 25 Most Popular Types of Ramen in Japan

The number of ramen shops in Japan are at a historic high with about 35,000 shops throughout the country serving up the beloved salty soup and noodles.

A Multifamily Apartment Turned Into a Multicolored Cross Section of Rooms

Photos by Daichi Ano and Kazuyasu Kochi Late last year, Tokyo-based architect Kazuyasu Kochi completed a renovation project of an old apartment building.

Emptiness The Sky: A Tea House Made From Charred Wood

Shou-sugi-ban (焼杉板) is a traditional Japanese method of treating wood used for the exterior of homes and temples.

Tokujin Yoshioka’s Transparent Glass Teahouse Puts a Rainbow in Your Hand

Tokujin Yoshioka’s glass teahouse that opened in April 2015 in front of the Shorenin Temple in Kyoto The teahouse plays a central role in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Japan-Themed Paper Cup Sleeves by Akira Yoshimura

“Ever lose your drink cup during an evening with friends then wonder if the cup you picked up was actually yours?

Oki Sato: the James Bond of Design

Oki Sato, founder and lead designer at Nendo As we noted in our round-up of Japanese design at this year’s Milano Salone, Nendo is showcasing all the products they designed in the last 1 year.