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Searching For Halloween Costume Inspiration in Ukiyo-e

My Dad likes to say he began the Halloween tradition of costuming in Japan. When we first moved there in the early 80s hardly anyone had heard of Halloween.

Rima Fujita’s Paintings Inspired by Women in Buddhist Iconography

If you ever have a chance to see the work of Japanese artist Rima Fujita in New York, San Diego, Singapore, or some other major city around the world, do yourself a favor: get off the internet, switch off the TV and go have a look.

100 Views of Tokyo Now Available as a Book

Three years ago the illustrator Shinji Tsuchimochi embarked on an ambitious project. Following in the footsteps of ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige who, 160 years ago, created One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, Tsuchimochi began illustrating 100 views of Tokyo.

Paper Trails: Rolled Newspaper Animal Sculptures by Chie Hitotsuyama

Hitotsuyama’s first animal sculpture created in 2011, inspired by her encounter with a rhino in Africa In 2007, artist Chie Hitotsuyama took an illustration job with an NGO and traveled to Africa.

Retro MUJI Ads Created by Graphic Designer Ikko Tanaka

MUJI’s 1st newspaper ad in 1980: “Cheap for a reason.” The ad lists all 40 products and why they are more affordable.

Six Paintings Housed in a Museum in the Netherlands Discovered to be the Work of Katushika Hokusai

The German physician Philipp Franz von Siebold spent 6 years stationed in Japan in the 1820s and is largely credited with introducing Japan to Western medicine.

360°Book: Earth and the Moon

The palm-sized 360-degree book tells a story in a very traditional way. But it also opens up like a fan, creating an entirely 3-dimensional world.

An Intricate Salt Sculpture Inside a Traditional Japanese Home

Motoi Yamamoto refers to himself as a “Salt Installation Artist.” Working with a tool that resembles a baster loaded with salt, he “paints” intricate, three-dimensional labyrinths of salt.

Get Lost in Kyoto With the Photographs of Yasuhiro Ogawa

Kyoto can represent many things, depending on who you ask. For some it’s the ancient capital of Japan.

A Spoon & Tamago Guide to Hokkaido

all photos by spoon & tamago | taken with an iphone 6 This summer team spoon & tamago ventured north to escape Tokyo’s notorious heat and humidity.

MimeticMaps: Meats that mimic maps

MimeticMaps that make meat mimic maps. It’s not just a tongue-twister. It’s an art-book created by Tomoyuki Koseko that visualizes the unexpected similarities between meats and maps.

Pour While You Walk With This New Cup Noodle Bag

Back in May, Nissin, the maker of Japan’s iconic Cup Noodle, posted an image to their Facebook page of paper bag with a kettle printed on it.

Yuki no Okura: A Wintry Snowscape Painted Entirely in Microsoft Excel

Okura is a village nestled deep in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture. It’s the birthplace of 76-year old artist Tatsuo Horiuchi, who creates Japanese seasonal landscapes entirely in Microsoft® Excel.

Onbashira-sai: One of Japan’s Oldest Festivals Has Lasted for Thousands of Years

“The great tree of the deep mountains, it enters the village, and becomes a deity.” That’s the ritual prayer that was sung several months ago as a large tree was cut and toppled to the ground with a thunderous boom.

Send a letter, and an entire galaxy, with Starry Sky Envelopes

Technology is increasingly replacing the need for hand-written letters. And it’s also making the tiny stars in the sky harder to see as cities get brighter.

Japan’s Government-Approved Public Toilets

the cover of a brochure released by the Japanese government, showing exemplary public toilets It’s no secret that Japan has been a leader in the toilet industry, introducing cutting-edge designs and technology: everything from heated seats and rear-cleansing/drying washlets to deodorization.

Islands, Constellations and Galapagos: the Yokohama Triennale 2017

With just about 10 months to go before the 2017 Yokohama Triennale begins, organizers have announced the concept and key visuals to the show.

Paper Vases Inspired by Squid Sashimi

Plastic bottles are ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives. So instead of throwing them out, why not extend their lives by transforming them into beautiful vases?

Video of Futagami Brass Products Emerging from Earth and Fire

Futagami is brass foundry located in Toyama Prefecture that dates back to 1897. With help from designer Oji Masanori, several years ago they revamped their product lineup to create graceful, tactile home objects that emphasize the qualities of brass, and how it develops a rich patina over time due to the oxidization process.

Giveaway: Two Pairs of Tickets to Miss Hokusai Premier (NYC)

Miss Hokusai, the animated film about the daughter of famed ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai, is premiering at the Angelica Film Center in New York City on Thursday October 13.