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Miniature Dioramas of Bombed Out and Littered Cites by Satoshi Araki

miniature diorama of a garbage dump The world of Japanese miniature art is vast and deep. We’ve devoted several articles to highlighting various artists who create miniature worlds out of everything from toy train tracks and wood to human hair.

Japanese Condom Cookbook to Raise Awareness For Protected Sex

tsukutte agetai condomu gohan (作ってあげたいコンドームごはん) which roughly translates as, “I want to cook condom food for you.” In the past several years condom usage in Japan has continued to fall, resulting in a dramatic rise in cases of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The 3 Booths Not To Miss at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show is a mecca for anyone interested, even remotely, in games. People go for the all the latest in the gaming industry, but also to ogle at new technology, computers, girls (usually in cosplay) and many other reasons.

Wasabi: the hardest plant to grow in the world

wasabi root: the hardest plant to grow in the world I stumbled upon an interesting article that shed light on many things I suspected but never actually confirmed about wasabi.

An Immersive Fortress of 30,000 Paper Kites by Jacob Hashimoto

JACOB HASHIMOTO. Skyfarm Fortress (installation view). COURTESY: MARY BOONE GALLERY, NEW YORK | click images to enlarge Sometime during the 12th century in Japan, a famous samurai (Minamoto no Tametomo), who disobeyed the emperor, was punished by being exiled to a small island with his son.

A Tiny House by The Sea by Yasutaka Yoshimura

“And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually,” sang Bob Marley, in his 1967 track about life’s bitter ironies.

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Get a free eGuide to Drawing the Human Face, exclusively from Craftsy. Improve your drawings of faces with five easy-to-follow tutorials, helpful tips and photos from experts, in one handy, printable resource.

Artwork Bulges Out of the Canvas in Yuki Matsueda’s 3D Sculptures

tubes of paint bulge out of the canvas the little man runs out of emergency exit signs Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda creates sculptures in which an element of the artwork bulges out of the canvas leaving the rest behind.

This Felt Postcard Kit is Your Perfect Travel Companion

Love sending and receiving postcards? Then this postcard kit is your ideal travel companion. Designed by Eiko Nagase and Tomomi Sasaki from AQ and handcrafted from felt, the compact kit comes with a pocket for postcards and notes, as well as two smaller pockets to keep stamps.

Nendo’s Latest Installation is an Homage to the Many Words for Rain in the Japanese Language

They say that Eskimos have 50 words to describe snow. Well in Japan, where it rains a lot and people love to talk about the weather, the Japanese language has over 50 nouns for rain.

An Extraordinary Miniature World of Train Tracks and Toys by Paramodel

Plarail Rail Set If you grew up in Japan in the 70s and 80s you most certainly remember Plarail, the blue plastic train tracks that could be latched together to create sprawling labyrinths of rail for toy trains.

Snow Picnic | A New Experimental Gelato Shop in Tokyo

all photos by takumi ota courtesy torafu architects Although summer is coming to an end, Gelato will always be in season.

The Second Aid | A life-saving disaster kit designed by Nosigner

Just 40 hours after Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami struck in 2011, Japanese designer Eisuke Tachikawa launched OLIVE, a crowd-sourced wiki of tips and DIY advice to survive in a disaster.

Toru Izumida Uses Screenshots to Create Artwork

“universe // female” Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 11.35.13 PM “universe // female” Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 11.51.50 PM Just like photojournalists have been using cameras to document events, the screenshot is a modern day archival tool that, anyone with a computer or smartphone, is equipped with by default.

An Installation of 36445 Screws To Represent Japan’s Industrial Heritage

all photos by satoru ikegami | click to enlarge In a post-war Japan one of the country’s growth engines that helped it rise from ashes was industrial production.

Japan’s Miroku Waterfall Painted in Excel by Tatsuo Horiuchi

The summer months are over and autumn has now begun. To celebrate one of Japan’s most beautiful seasons (and my personal favorite) we have an exciting announcement!

A spiral apartment explore what happens when a building is divided by height, not width

When living in a Japanese city, it is not uncommon to spend one’s day going from one small space to another: waking up in a small apartment, going to work in a narrow office, and ending the day in a tiny bar.

Modern and Traditional Design From Across Japan Converges at the d47 Museum

all photos by oji masanori © spoon & tamago | click to enlarge Japan is comprised of 47 prefectures, each with their own unique tradition of food and craft.

Maach Ecute | a renovated 100-year old train station reopens for business

In 1912 the Manseibashi Station began operating as the last station on the Kobu Railways (now Chuo line).

Nendo’s New Furniture Collection is Softer Than Steel

Nendo has created a furniture collection for Italy’s Desalto, known for their metal furniture. Turning the tables on metal’s typical hard and heavy feel, Nendo gives the material a light, flexible feel, “as though the metal has become paper or cloth.” A section of the bench has been pinched up into the backrest, poles wrap around each other to become a coat stand, and sections of tables are cut-out like paper.