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Vintage Posters from the 60s and 70s by Kazumasa Nagai

Asahi Steinie, 1965 At the age of 85, graphic designer Kazumasa Nagai may be slowing down but his career is certainly not.

An Illustrated 2015 Daruma Calendar by Akiko da Silva

Japan-based designer Akiko da Silva has created an adorably illustrated 2015 calendar featuring the daruma, one of Japan’s most beloved New Year’s icons.

Fashion and Graphic Design Collide in a Collaboration between Issey Miyake and Kazumasa Nagai

The Japanese graphic designer Kazumasa Nagai always designs his own exhibition posters. And it’s definitely not because he’s short on funds.

Walk Through an Installation of 65,000 Shimmering Watch Base Plates

The design team at Japanese watch-maker CITIZEN and paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane have collaborated on a magical installation transforming a seemingly ordinary object into what looks like shimmering droplets of suspended rain.

The Niku Towel Lets You Wipe Yourself With Meat

Meat-lovers rejoice! Now you can have your meat and wipe yourself with it too. If you’ve ever purchased beef in Japan this package will look very familiar.

3D Kids Gloves by Nobumasa Takahashi (an anniversary giveaway!)

Exactly 1 year ago Spoon & Tamago debuted its online shop. It’s been quite a ride and a huge learning experience, but we’ve loved every moment of it.

Thin and Stylish Electronic Paper Watch by TAKT Project & FES

You may remember the TAKT Project from their DIY creations combining industrially made objects with 3d-printed parts.

Astro Boy Traffic Light Unveiled in Sagami

Tezuka Osamu’s beloved robot Astro Boy, better known in Japan as Atomu, is using his mighty powers to direct traffic.

An Exhibition of Vintage Subway Manner Posters by Hideya Kawakita

“The Dictator” 1976.July | taking their cue from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator,” this poster discourages the man-spread.

IMAGINATOMY: Art Director Yuni Yoshida’s 1st Solo Exhibition

Yuni Yoshida is a 34-year old graphic designer and art director. She’s made a name for herself by art directing various campaigns for department stores like La Foret Harajuku and Parco, as well as CD jackets for J-Pop acts like AKB48 and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Her work often features female models in surreal, dreamlike settings that make you look, and then look a little closer.

Nasa Funahara Creates Large Replicas of Famous Paintings Using Masking Tape

“Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer created with masking tape Nasa Funahara is a senior at Musashino Art University majoring in oil painting.

Baku Maeda Turns Dried Foliage into Leaf Beasts

For most of us fall is certainly in the air. Temperatures are dropping, humidity is dispersing and leaves are changing color and falling to the ground.

Ginji the Hamster Photographed in Miniature Japanese Bars and Rooms

Ginji the hamster bartender | all photos courtesy @kawanabesatou “I run an Izakaya,” says Ginji the hamster, introducing himself in his twitter profile.

Mother Book: a pregnancy diary that grows with the mother’s belly

In order to promote their obstetrics business and birthing facilities in Japan Kishokai Medical Corp.

Stay-Brella: a stable umbrella designed by Nendo

There can be any number of explanations for the Japanese passion for reinventing the umbrella. We’ve seen many iterations of the redesigned, reimagined device from the smart umbrella with anti-slip coatings, the inverted UnBRELLA and even an umbrella that looks like a head of lettuce.

Tomoko Takeda Cuts & Folds Literary Masterpieces to Reveal a Multilayered Image

“The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. All photos courtesy Tomoko Takeda | click to enlarge If you had to distill a book down to a single image, what would it be?

A Gorgeous Bus Terminal In Akita Constructed Entirely From Cedar Wood

Bus terminals are typically ugly places littered with garbage, stained with oil and reeking of exhaust.

A Tokyo Apartment With a Built-In Cafeteria

When the Chairman of a local shopping street and his son decided it was time to tear down their old building, they didn’t want just another condo in its place.

Pampshade: Lamps Designed to Look Like Loaves of Bread

Another neat design that caught our eye at Tokyo Design Week is the Pampshade. Taking the word pan – bread in Japanese, derived from the Portuguese word pao – and combining it with the word lampshade (why wouldn’t you?

1200 Station Workers in Tokyo Shift Tracks From Above to Underground in Just One Night

Last year on March 15 the platforms for the Toyoko Line at Shibuya Station moved from the second floor to the fifth floor basement, ending the 85-year history of above-ground operations.