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Tsunago: the pencil sharpener that creates a never-ending pencil

It’s an odd thought. Pencil sharpeners make pencils shorter, bringing them one step closer to their inevitable last day.

Imperfect Clothing Hangers Transformed Into Works of Art

hanger created by Kumiko Kijima When department stores and upscale boutiques order high quality wooden hangars to display their clothes, there are inevitably some that don’t make the cut.

Mesmerizing Molten Glass Paintings by Etsuko Ichikawa

images courtesy Winston Wachter Fine Art | click to enlarge Etsuko Ichikawa is a Tokyo-born, Seattle-based artist who creates mesmerizing abstract “paintings” through the art of pyrography.

2-Year Study on Drunken Train Track Falls Prompts Reorientation of Platform Seating

a rendering of how 90% of alcohol-induced train track falls occur After analyzing 2 years worth of data pertaining to drunken people falling onto train tracks, a group of data scientists at the West Japan Railway Company have come to a startling conclusion.

What Happens When Musical Instrument and Motorcycle Designers Trade Places

Japanese company Yamaha was founded in 1887 as a piano manufacturer. But after WWII the company leveraged its expertise in metallurgy to branch into motorcycles as well, creating a most diverse product range.

Real and Virtual Worlds Combine in Perfume’s Mind-Bending Performance at SXSW

Before you watch this 5-min performance by Perfume that was filmed last week at SXSW in Austin, keep in mind there was no post-production.

Papa’s Maze 2.0: a father’s beautifully intricate puzzle for his daughter

Papa’s new maze in progress | photo courtesy @Kya7y By now you may know the story: Kazuo Nomura toiled away as a janitor during the day.

An Immersive Interactive Garden of 2300 Floating Flowers Inspired by a Zen Koan

images courtesy teamlab | click to enlarge As part of their current large-scale exhibition at Miraikan in Tokyo, TeamLab has created a fully-immersive installation of interactive flowers.

Micro-Replicas of Food and Household Items Made From Clay by Tomo Tanaka

all photos courtesy tomo tanaka Tomo Tanaka, a self-described “miniature artist” has been crafting micro-replica sculptures of food and common household items since 2002.

The 4 Seasons and the Japanese Traditions Associated With Them

One of the many things I love about Japan is the appreciation of all four seasons. Whether its non-stop rain before the hot and humid summer sets in or the summer moon gazing that follows it, there are customary traditions for all seasons.

Can You Identify These Ghibli Films Only By Their Color Palette?

Ponyo takes place by the sea and underwater, which explains the predominantly blue hues Hayao Miyazaki is known for using watercolors to create his art to achieve his specific visual style.

Sculptures of Decomposing Body Parts by Yuichi Ikehata

Japanese photographer Yuichi Ikehata creates realistic sculptures of human body parts using clay, wire and paper.

How a 50-Year Old Spaniard Gifted the Twitter Handle @japan to the Japanese Government

Javier Castaño at the Café Central de Málaga in Spain where he works from 8AM Javier Castaño has worked many jobs: civil engineer, architect, graphic designer.

A Kids Chair Inspired by the 1956 Film ‘The Red Balloon’

the Balloon Chair by Satoshi Itasaka | click images to enlarge In the final seen of the 1956 short film ‘The Red Balloon’ the young boy, after being chased by bullies, is rescued by a cluster of balloons.

A Prototype to Turn Dads Into Jungle Gyms

forget wearable tech: Atsushi Shiraishi has developed a wearable jungle gym There’s something to said for roughhousing with your kids.

Gravity and Grace: Hayato Wakabayashi’s Photographs of Frozen Waterfalls

Japanese photographer Hayato Wakabayashi braves the treacherous colds of mountainous Japan to take pictures of frozen waterfalls and caves.

Transition: a flowering paper structure designed for sky-gazing

For her graduating thesis project, art student Shoko Konishi created this beautiful paper structure. She calls it Transition.

The Studio Visits: an extended virtual gallery

all photos by kaori sohma for spoon & tamago | click to enlarge Earlier this month the Spoon & Tamago team celebrated the opening of The Studio Visits, a real-life exhibition that saw our Studio Visits web series come to life.

Remembering Tohoku: Gigantic Watercolor Canvases by Hiroshige Kagawa

“Fukushima” (2014) by Hiroshige Kagawa | click images to enlarge “I wanted to draw something gigantic,” says artist Hiroshige Kagawa, recalling the utterly simple reason he began working in such large-scale.

The Science of Cuteness: How To Make Hello Kitty Appeal to Different Audiences

Ever since Hello Kitty took her first faltering steps in 1974, she has been the reigning cute superpower.