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Booooon: Tearable Vehicle Envelopes

Booooon: When torn open the envelopes create trails of exhaust plumes   Tearable. Not, terrible. These fun envelopes created by D-bros make opening your envelope just as fun as reading what’s inside.

Noma Japan’s Shrimp Are Served Covered In Ants

Chef and restaurateur René Redzepi has temporarily relocated himself and his entire staff to Japan. The highly acclaimed Noma restaurant has kicked off a two-month residency as Noma Japan and are serving diners from the 37th floor of the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo.

Celebrating the Analog | Shonan T-Site Now Open

Shonan T-Site: the new retail complex designed by Klein Dytham Architects. Photos by Nacasa & Partners (click to enlarge) In December of 2011 a new retail village quietly opened in the Daikanyama neighborhood of Tokyo.

Sculpting Mortality: Deathly Wooden Sculptures by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

“Memento Mori” (2014) – Memento mori (Latin for ‘remember that you have to die) is the medieval Latin theory and practice of reflection on mortality Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki carves life-size sculptures from wood, but with a twist of mortality and transience.

Chocolates That Represent Japanese Onomatopoeic Words To Describe Texture

Chocolatexture: chocolates that represent Japanese onomatopoeic words to describe texture There are many factors that determine our experience with chocolate: the type of cocoa, the percentage used, and the flavors.

Platform: a home designed around an old train car

When Takanobu Kishimoto visited a potential site for a home in Takasago City (Hyogo, Japan) he was struck by one memorable artifact: an old train car.

Five Sculptors: an exhibition surveying contemporary Japanese sculpture

“Five Sculptors” | all images courtesy hpgrp gallery Wooden masks hang on the wall. Most resemble those used in noh plays but one is most certainly batman.

Flower Bouquets Frozen in Blocks of Ice by Makoto Azuma

“Iced Flowers” | all photos courtesy Makoto Azuma (click to enlarge) Over the weekend, a factory two hours North West of Tokyo, in a small town in Saitama, was converted into an art gallery.

Jins Meme: the Japanese eyewear that just won best wearable technology at CES 2015

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas wearable technology was definitely one of the hottest trends.

Wanmock Kit: a recycled t-shirt hammock for your dog

Observing that the Jack Russell Terrier is most happiest and most comfortable on its master’s clothes, Torafu Architects designed a piece of furniture for the dog.

New Curated Tokyo Guide: Koenji by Ryutaro Seki

Haruki Murakami chose Koenji as a setting in his novel 1Q84. Find out why so many others are gravitating towards the Western Tokyo suburb.

The One Thing ‘Back To The Future II’ Got Right About Japan

As if they were just waiting to hit that button, publishers across the internet ushered in 2015 with articles about Back To the Future II.

Identity For Organic Cotton Brand Pristine by Daigo Daikoku

Unless you have models in skimpy underwear, it’s difficult to make cotton sexy. But Japanese organic cotton brand Pristine wanted to try.

New Dentsu Razorfish Offices in East Ginza

the offices of Dentsu Razorfish | photos by Daici Ano courtesy Torafu Architects Last year advertising giant Dentsu announced that they would be moving into a new building, bringing their various subsidiaries with them.

Washi Torch: a paper pendant lamp inspired by the streets of Mino

the streets of Mino in Gifu Prefecture | photo courtesy tabiiro When designers Koushi Ikegami and Kinue Oneda visited Mino (Gifu prefecture) they were struck by the numerous, warm glows of paper lanterns that lined the evening streets.

He-Gassen: Revisiting Japan’s Edo Period Fart Scrolls

he-gassen: a34-ft scroll from the Edo period depicting a fart battle | click images to enlarge As the comedian Louis CK once expounded, you don’t have to be smart to laugh at farts.

Face Hacking: Nobumichi Asai Applies Digital Makeup to SMAP

Last month on the popular Japanese TV show SMAP x SMAP, members of the boy band SMAP (yes, I realize they’re now far from boys) put on an impressive display of facial morphing without the use of CGI.

Typographic Hiragana Gachapon Created in Mincho and Gothic

all images courtesy Asami Incorporating the nostalgic gachapon capsule dispenser into their project, four art students created 3-dimensional typographic hiragana.

Japanese Designer New Years Cards 2015

Koji Nomura of design unit Kenma created this colorful floral sheep Happy New Year to all our readers around the world!

Famous Paintings Rendered as Data by Yousuke Ozawa

“The Scream” by Edvard Munch | click images to enlarge When Neo is resurrected with a newfound realization, he is able to see the Matrix for what it really is: a series of computer code made up of intricate strings of data.