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Cubist Typographical Renditions of Hokusai’s Woodblock Prints

The Japanese graphic designer Kenjiro Sano’s office is called Mr. Design. And it’s anything but a misnomer.

Whimsical Wooden Automata by Kazuaki Harada

“Laugh Out Loud” is one of many automata created by Kazuaki Harada. It features a naked person (wearing only socks) boiling a teapot on his/her belly.

Kamidana Shiro: A contemporary Japanese altar modeled after an iPhone

the kamidana is a series of household Shinto altars designed to look like an iPhone Apple’s iPhone and iPad have undoubtedly become a global phenomenon, spawning sub-products and sub-industries all designed around the incredible reach these products have had.

Tomatan: the wearable tomato robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run

Runners from around the world descended upon Tokyo over the weekend to compete in the annual Tokyo Marathon.

Boulanger Kaiti: an old Japanese home renovated into a bakery

Photos by Yousuke Harigane courtesy Movedesign | click images to enlarge Architectural preservation is so rare to find in Japan that it warms my heart to see projects like this.

A Minimal Wall Lamp Made From a Single Sheet of Paper

a single piece of paper turns into a minimal wall lamp | Photos by Yasuko Furukawa Posters are ubiquitous wall ornaments.

Okomeya: A New Specialty Rice Shop That Wants to Bring an Old Shopping Street Back to Life

the new Okomeya rice shop is located on a historic shopping street that’s now a shadow of its former self The Miyakawa Shotengai in Shinagawa dates back to 1950.

Exhibition: The Spoon & Tamago Studio Visits

For the last three years we’ve has been conducting intimate studio visits with Japanese artists working in New York.

Tracing The History of Tattoos in Japanese Ukiyoe

“Nakamura Shikan as Denshichi.” Toyokuni III. Woodblock Print. 14” x 9.5.”1861. “Tattoos are complicated cultural symbols, simultaneously representing both belonging and non-conformity.” And in Japan they are all the more complex.

Rare Scenes Captured of Tokyo in Dense Fog

When you think of foggy cities, Tokyo isn’t usually the first to come to mind. But in an enchanting video titled Tokyo Dense Fog, visual design studio WOW inc.

New Wooden Sculptures Made From Recycled Skateboards by Haroshi

Tokyo-based artist Haroshi began skateboarding at the age of 15. But as he amassed interest in the sport, so too did his pile of skateboard decks and broken parts.

The French Paintings of Balthus As Seen Through The Japanese Lens of Hisaji Hara

A Study of “The Window”, 2010. All of Hara’s recreations are given the title: “A Study of [Original Title]” When the Tate Gallery asked French painter Balthasar Klossowski aka Balthus for an opening statement to his own retrospective he provided the following: “The best way of starting is to say that Balthus is a painter about whom we know nothing.

A Residence and Dental Office Stacked Like Building Blocks

Nagasawa Dental Clinic in Hachioji by Kunihiko Matsuba |Photos byTaishi Hirokawa “The buildings look like a set of building blocks piled up to the brink of collapsing,” says architect Kunihiko Matsuba.

Kakumei-teki himote doumei: the revolutionary grouping of men that women are not attracted to

members of kakuhido staging protests | click to enlarge On February 14th, Kakumei-teki himote doumei (革命的非モテ同盟) — literally, “Revolutionary Alliance of Men That Woman Are Not Attracted To”– will gather in Shibuya, an area of Tokyo popular with young couples, to protest Valentine’s Day and its roots in what they call “romantic capitalist oppression.” “The blood-soaked conspiracy of Valentine’s Day, driven by the oppressive chocolate capitalists, has arrived once again.” a kakuhido member protests Christmas in 2012 wearing a sign that reads “having sex is pointless” | image courtesy gadget news The group, known as Kakuhidou for short, was started in 2006, when its founder, Katsuhiro Furusawa, returned home one day after being dumped by his girlfriend and began reading the Communist Manifesto.

Shining A Light On The Mysterious Work of Enigmatic Artist Jiro Takamatsu

“Takamatsu Jiro: Mysteries” All images are copyrighted and rights reserved ©The Estate of Jiro Takamatsu, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates.

Mountain Coffee Dripper

The new Blue Bottle in Tokyo officially opened their doors today. So it feels only right that we, too, unveil our new coffee product: the Mountain Coffee Dripper.

bamboo copTer mobile breathes new life into a nostalgic toy

bamboo copters are the motif for Shunsuke Umiyama’s latest design If you spent anytime growing up in Japan as a child you most certainly played with bamboo-copters, or taketombo.

Introducing: Spoon & Tamago Kids

baby pants made from original textiles (from left to right): Grass, Nightly Clouds, Messy Clouds and Leaf For years now my wife, the better half of Spoon & Tamago, has been making kids clothes.

Hypothetical Tokyo Ghibli Land Created by Japanese Illustrator TAKUMI

Tokyo Ghibli Land illustrated by TAKUMI | click to enlarge Could you imagine a place more magical than Disney Land?

New Blue Bottle Coffee in Kiyosumi, Tokyo Designed by Jo Nagasaka

The new Blue Bottle Coffee shop in Kiyosumi; their 1st overseas location | image courtesy schemata architects It’s no secret that James Freeman, inspired by Tokyo and its kissaten coffee culture, decided to establish Blue Bottle Coffee.