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Tetchan: An Edgy Yakitori Shop in Kichijoji Made From Recycled LAN Cables and Acrylic Byproducts

unless otherwise noted, all phots by Erieta Attali | click to enlarge photo by chuo104 Kichijoji is a suburb in Western Tokyo that’s gained popularity in recent years for its hip boutiques, convenient department stores and large park.

A Roundup of Japanese Design at the 2015 Milano Salone

It’s that time of year again: Milano Salone, often simply referred to as Milan Design Week. Each year we cover various Japanese designers who are showcasing new work.

Mato Ryoko: Matryoshka Nesting Doll Hides a Bikini Girl

Borrowing from the concept and technique of Russian matryoshka nesting dolls, designer Masahiko Yoshihara has created a doll with a surprise inside.

Kyoto University’s New Cafetaria Will Make You Want To Be a Student Again

photos by Hiroki Kawata courtesy Ninkipen | click to enlarge This month  Kyoto University welcomed students into their new Uzumasa campus.

Takafumi Tsuruta’s Fashion Label HaHa Makes Clothes For All Walks of Life

photos by Giovanni Giannoni courtesy Fairchild Fashion Media Fashion, according to Takafumi Tsuruta, shouldn’t just be about the runway.

Photographs of Old Japan’s Glorious Art of Soba Delivery

a young man delivering soba alond Meguro-dori in Tokyo. Photo courtesy koitaro Nowadays when we order takeout we open an app, push a few buttons and 30 minutes later someone shows up on a motorcycle with your food.

Surreal and Morbid Paintings of Women by Fuco Ueda

“Flame of this world and the other world I” (2015) | all images courtesy Jonathan Levine Gallery The girls who appear in Tokyo-based artist Fuco Ueda’s paintings are, in a single word, mysterious.

Musubi: A Modern Twist on a Traditional Furoshiki Store in Harajuku

Photos by Fuminari Yoshitsugu For the past 10 years a small Furoshiki shop has maintained a quiet presence in the back-streets of vibrant Harajuku.

Cause and Effect: Painted iPhone 6 Cases That Emerged From Canvases

Cause and Effect: Painted iPhone 6 Cases That Emerged From Canvases In a recent series titled Cause and Effect, Brooklyn-based artist Meguru Yamaguchi used his signature style of streaked paint to create a series of artworks that include canvases, as well as iPhone 6 cases.

Narita Airport’s Newest Terminal 3 Designed Around A Running Track

Photos by Kenta Hasegawa | click to enlarge You’ll want to run through this new terminal, even if you’re not late for your plane.

Decaying Plants Photographed Under a Scanning Electron Microscope by Tomoya Matsuura

photos courtesy the artist | click to enlarge Under a microscope, even the most common objects can look like terrifyingly new worlds.

Genki Sudo’s Choreographed Thousand-Armed Buddha Pitch

Genki Sudo and his dance troupe WORLD ORDER throwing the first pitch Last week Genki Sudo and his dance troupe WORLD ORDER were invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch to kick off the start of Japanese baseball.

Go See 4.5 Million Baby Blue Eye Flowers at Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

photo by teerayut hiruntaraporn | click images to enlarge Japan’s cherry blossoms usually get all the attention for their short-lived beauty.

Photos of Japanese Businessmen Jumping Next to Their Daughters by Yuki Aoyama

photographer Yuki Aoyama provides a lift-me-up to businessmen across Japan through the simple action of jumping.

Tsunago: the pencil sharpener that creates a never-ending pencil

It’s an odd thought. Pencil sharpeners make pencils shorter, bringing them one step closer to their inevitable last day.

Imperfect Clothing Hangers Transformed Into Works of Art

hanger created by Kumiko Kijima When department stores and upscale boutiques order high quality wooden hangars to display their clothes, there are inevitably some that don’t make the cut.

Mesmerizing Molten Glass Paintings by Etsuko Ichikawa

images courtesy Winston Wachter Fine Art | click to enlarge Etsuko Ichikawa is a Tokyo-born, Seattle-based artist who creates mesmerizing abstract “paintings” through the art of pyrography.

2-Year Study on Drunken Train Track Falls Prompts Reorientation of Platform Seating

a rendering of how 90% of alcohol-induced train track falls occur After analyzing 2 years worth of data pertaining to drunken people falling onto train tracks, a group of data scientists at the West Japan Railway Company have come to a startling conclusion.

What Happens When Musical Instrument and Motorcycle Designers Trade Places

Japanese company Yamaha was founded in 1887 as a piano manufacturer. But after WWII the company leveraged its expertise in metallurgy to branch into motorcycles as well, creating a most diverse product range.

Real and Virtual Worlds Combine in Perfume’s Mind-Bending Performance at SXSW

Before you watch this 5-min performance by Perfume that was filmed last week at SXSW in Austin, keep in mind there was no post-production.