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Inside the New Offices of Japanese Fashion Giant Start Today

photos by Koji Fujii / Nacasa and Partners Inc. Start Today is Japan’s 3rd largest fashion company and operator of the country’s largest e-commerce site Zozotown.

Yuri Uenishi’s Beautifully Minimalist Ad for Ping-Pong

Table Tennis, or Ping Pong, as it is more affectionately called, is heating up over in Rio. In fact, “it was the most fun I’ve had at the Games so far,” said a writer for Wired who is over there now.

Illustrated Internal Bodily Functions in Ukiyo-e From the 1800s

Inshoku Yojo Kagami (飲食養生鑑) by Utagawa Kunisada. Late 19th C. | click images to enlarge Ukiyo-e, or “pictures of floating worlds” were woodblock prints that became wildly popular in 17th -19th century Japan.

House Vision 2: an arena for rethinking homes of the future

“This isn’t just about housing. The house is merely an arena where different industries can come together.” That’s Kenya Hara, the luminary Japanese designer, talking – 2 years ago – about his ambitious House Vision project.

Photographs of the Handheld Bamboo Fireworks at Gion Matsuri

Summer is the season for fireworks and in Japan, tens of thousands of people gather to watch the thunderous sparks light up the warm evening skies.

Soy Shape: soy sauce dishes that create 3D optical illusions

“Soy Shapes are soy sauce dipping dishes that take your sushi eating experience and food presentation to the next level.” That’s Duncan Shotton, a Tokyo-based product designer describing his latest, whimsical creation.

Live in a MUJI House of Windows 2 Years For Free

A MUJI House for the price of “on the house”? That’s right. And it comes with MUJI furniture, MUJI cooking ware, MUJI stationary and everything else you would need.

What Would Cities Look Like if They Were “Tokyo-ized”

the “Tokyo-lization” of New York Eiji, the protagonist in David Mitchell’s novel number9dream described Tokyo as “too close up to see.” His experience of the metropolis goes on: “There are no distances and everything is above your head – dentists, kindergartens, dance studios.

Photos Of the Kumamoto Castle Reconstruction Efforts

the steel arm built to support the guard tower at risk of imminent collapse Kumamoto Castle sustained heavy damage during a series of powerful earthquakes that struck Southern Japan in April.

A Darker Version of The Little Mermaid Brought to Life by Yayoi Kusama

The original Little Mermaid was written by Hans Christian Andersen and published in 1837. Since then it was been adapted in various forms with the most popular being the animated Disney film in 1989.

Music Monday: Suchmos

American musician Louis Armstrong’s affectionate nickname Satchmo has gone on to inspire everything from music festivals to restaurants and even an e-commerce framework.

Nigauri: the perfect rentable guesthouse in Uji (Kyoto)

In the year 1052, Fujiwara no Yorimichi built the Byodo-in Buddhist temple, effectively establishing the City of Uji in the Southern outskirts of Kyoto.

Puddle: a home in Japan designed to let the rainwater in

When we build a new home, one of the most important parts of the construction process is keeping rainwater out.

An Exhibition of Japanese Portable Record Players

all photos by Chika Takami The 1960s ushered in the golden age of record players as affordability made them a staple in almost every household.

Fascinating Historic Photos of Japan’s Wartime Acoustic Locators

the “Type 90 Large Air Sound Detector” being inspected by Emperor Hirohito (LIFE Magazine, 1936) Acoustic location is the technology of identifying the location of objects by detecting sound waves they emit.

Shinya Kato Breathes New Life Into Historic Cabinet Cards

Cabinet Cards were a style of portrait photography used in the late 1800s. They typically measured about 4 x 6 inches: large enough to be viewed from across a room when displayed in a cabinet, which is probably why it got that name.

Japanese and Swiss Craftsmanship Come Together to Create the Beautiful Arita-Yaki Wristwatch

Japanese Arita-yaki ware, also known as Imari porcelain, can be traced back to the year 1616 when an immigrant Korean potter discovered Kaolinite (the main component of porcelain) and set up kilns in Kyushu, which began producing blue and white porcelain.

Music Monday: Sakanaction

Sakanaction is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005 around and fronted by Ichiro Yamaguchi. He’s joined by the rather rare combination of 2 females and 2 males.

Surreal Acrylic Paintings by Takumi Kama Imagine Animals as Bonsai

“Giant Tortoise Bonsai” by Takumi Kama A twisted pine tree emerges from a mound of moss, which is actually the shell of a giant tortoise.

Outsu House: An Ode to Comfiness

When it comes to sustainable living, there is no universal definition of comfort. Cultural and historical factors are pivotal in determining the way different people might experience comfort in the home from airiness and brightness to even temperatures.