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Of Love & Law: The Story of Japan’s first LGBT Law Firm

Filmmaker Hikaru Toda is working on an intriguing documentary about Fumi & Kazu, who run the first openly gay law firm in Japan.

Manabu Ikeda Unveils a Monumental Pen & Ink Drawing Nearly 3.5 Years in the Making

The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan was one of the most devastating environmental events of our time, with its overall impact rippling across the globe for years to come.

Bujinga Sumi-e Portraits of Star Wars Characters by Masayuki Kojo

Bujinga is a very specific Japanese art form that evolved in the Kamakura period. Bujin (武人) means warrior and ga (画) is painting.

Using Augmented Reality to Makes Hachiko Meet-Ups Not Terrible

Shibuya Station | all photos courtesy Teruaki Tsubokura It’s perhaps Tokyo’s most-well-known and popular meet-up spot.

The Book & Bed Hostel Opens a 2nd Location in Kyoto

Book & Bed is a self-described “accommodation bookshop” with beds built into bookshelves. When the first Tokyo location opened last year, bibliophiles were obviously overjoyed because, for the first time, it was socially acceptable to wander into a bookshop, pick up a book, and then doze off to sleep.

Famicon Stationery Lets Adult Gamers Relive Their Childhood

Although I never considered myself a huge gamer, the Famicon certainly occupied a large presence in my childhood memories from growing up in Japan.

8 Ukiyo-e That Show How Fun Snow Was in Edo Period Japan

Yesterday, Tokyo woke up to their first November snow in over 50 years. The last time the first snowfall, called hatsuyuki (初雪) occurred in November was in 1962.

Now Open: The Sumida Hokusai Museum in Tokyo

the new Sumida Hokusai Museum designed by Kazuyo Sejima If you’re an Ukiyo-e fan, it’s time to get excited.

Interior Designer Shigeru Uchida: 1943 – 2016

We were saddened to learn that Japanese interior designer Shigeru Uchida passed away earlier this week on November 21, 2016 from pancreatic cancer.

Ginzan Onsen: An Old Silver Mine, Now a Magical Mountainous Hot Spring Village

all photos by spoon & tamago | taken with iphone 6 Ginzan Onsen is an achingly photogenic hot spring town in the Yamagata region of Northern Japan.

A Small Bank, Once Converted Into A Bar by a Legendary Art Director, Reopens

“The Bank” In 1928, Kamakura Bank opened an outpost in Yuigahama, a coastal town just south of Yokohama.

Minimal Wire Sculptures That Form 3-Dimensional Shapes by Mitsuru Koga

We’re big fans of the minimalist sculptor Mitsuru Koga (previously), so when we heard he had a new show in Tokyo we couldn’t pass up the chance to check it out.

The Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces

The Chichibu Chinsekikan | all photos courtesy Sankei Photo In Chichibu, Japan, two hours northwest of Tokyo, there’s an odd museum; perhaps the only one of its kind.

Following in the Footsteps of Matsuo Basho

the entrance to oku no hosomichi (the narrow road to the deep north) | all photos by spoon & tamago When the train doors opened there was 4 inches of snow I had to jump over to land in a shoveled away area and prevent my slip-on shoes from immediately getting soaked.

Airvase: a free-sculpting paper vase

left: the “party” airvase | right: the “Mt. Fuji” airvase The airvase is a revolutionary series of paper vessels designed by Tokyo-based Torafu Architects.

The Plight of Japanese Salarymen Expressed Through Art by Hiroaki Ito

a painting of a salaryman in deep apology, or dogeza Japanese businessmen are called salarymen in Japan and for years they’ve been the butt of jokes. Younger generations ridicule their corporate obedience and lack of independence.

Bake: A Renovated Kyoto Townhouse Turned into a Cheese Tart Shop

all photos by Takumi Ota Bake isn’t any ordinary pastry shop. Although its roots date back 33 years to a small pastry business in Hokkaido, today it functions more like a tech startup.

Japan’s 5th Blue Bottle Location Opens in Nakameguro

In May of last year, James Freeman’s Blue Bottle coffee roaster opened their first shop in Tokyo. The company is known for being disciplined in their expansion due to Freeman’s obsessive stance on quality control.

Miniature Worlds Encapsulated Inside Fantastical Beasts by Japanese Artist Feebee

“Three Wise Monkeys” (2016) by Feebe | click all images to enlarge The Japanese artist who goes by the name Feebee is an illustrator by trade.

Music Monday: The Sounds of Industrial Japan

Gears, springs, nuts and bolts: they’re the silent heroes of our gadgets and appliances, quietly playing a critical role in the shadows of technology.