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This Is Your Brain On Drugs—Minimalist Posters by Meaghan Li

Despite all the bad effects of drugs both physically and emotionally, there’s no question about the visual stimulation it can give to a user.

Design Exercises To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

The creative mind is like the human body. Creativity by Alex Norris Creativity is something that should be trained everyday, or else it would get out of shape.

9 Generic Logotypes You Should Avoid When Designing A Logo

One of the most crucial aspects of designing a logo is making elements reflect what the company really is.

Illustrator Turns Your Deepest Fears Into Cute Comics

They are called intrusive thoughts—disruptive fantasies of anger, hate, and most of all, fear. In psychology, intrusive thoughts are negative ideas that’re automatic, frequent, upsetting or distressing, and difficult to control or get rid of.

The 7 Original Godzilla Posters by Noriyoshi Ohrai

Godzilla is one monster, or kaiju, we all recognize from childhood. He is one of the most recognizable icons of Japaneses popular culture, and is the face of Japanese kaiju film subgenre.  Last year, Godzilla was featured in an American film and retells his origin as an ancient alpha predator whose existence was hidden by the US government since the 50s.

The Controversial Joker-Themed DC Covers Are Morbidly Beautiful

Let’s put a smile on that face It seems like DC Comics is making the variant covers a monthly affair.

“There’s nothing in this program!”—Experts’ Reactions on Photoshop 1.0 Are Priceless

It’s quite easy to take for granted the convenience and capabilities of image editing software Adobe Photoshop for today so much that we fail to take into account that the previous generations of graphic designers relied on the first iterations of the software.

Sources of Inspiration for Creatives

Creatives always look for inspiration to kickstart their personal or commissioned projects. Digital media such as social networks, websites, and films are currently the top sources of inspiration.

Negative Space—Thought-Provoking Illustrations by Noma Bar

One of the core tenets of minimalism is the use of negative space. But what is negative space really?

On Patreon And Supporting The Creators You Love

Arguably, the greatest works of art in history are those commissioned by the patrons of the arts i.e.

These Crappy Designs Will Make You Feel Good About Your Visuals

What is the purpose of design? A good design incorporates both function and aesthetics. A well-designed object does not differentiate between form and function, but rather incorporates them into one single, coherent concept.

Nintendo’s 1993 Character Designs Will Make You Want To Color Like A Kid

There’s no question that Nintendo redefined the video game genre for years to come. Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang have been a part of our childhood and hearing that classic Mario tune makes one quite nostalgic.

Freelancing: Work From Home versus Office Work

There are two types of freelance designers, or workers in general. Those who work from home, and those who work in an office.

Pokémon Branding—Pokemon Reimagined as Companies

We all live in a Pokémon world! Who didn’t grow up imagining Pokémon were real and wanted to befriend or even battle with them?

Why Contemporary Art Sucks

“Master after master from Leonard, to Rembrandt, to Bierstadt produced works that inspired, uplifted and deepened us.

99.9% Of People Who Thought They Are Tetrachromats Are Wrong ;p

It started with this photograph, the blue and black (or is it white and gold?) dress that sent the internet into a vicious furor, breaking close friendships and ruining long-standing relationships on whether what they were seeing was real, or a great practical joke that they did not know.

The Bézier Game—Think You Can Master The Pen Tool?

It’s the bane of every beginner in Photoshop and Illustrator. With a very steep learning curve (pun intended), the Pen tool is one of the hardest tools to master, but learning how to use it would definitely make your work quick and efficient.

Don Hertzfeldt: The Most Innovative & Creative Stick Figure Animator

Don Hertzfeldt has been making animated shorts by drawing on paper and photographing his work on 16mm or 35mm film cameras before turning to digital.

The Influences of Modern Minimalism

I’ve explained in a previous post about the difference between minimalism and simplicity. For a tl;dr, simplicity is a reduction of complexity while minimalism is a reduction of quantity.

These Oscars 2015 Title Cards Are Frigging Awesome!

The best part of the Oscars 2015 was the title cards. No question about that. It was a treat to the eyes every time the nominees for each of the Oscars categories were presented.