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Modern Illustrations of Women by Kaloian Toshev

What is it about a woman that is hard to resist; Her eyes? Her lips? The curves on her back? Even a guy who has been drawing women for years couldn’t explain where his inclination is coming from.

Freebie: 14 Flat Halloween Vector Set

What’s up, folks! Halloween is still days away but that doesn’t mean we are not getting ready to dress up for the occasion.

Infographic: Shutterstock’s Color Trends 2014

Shutterstock’s new infographic dives into finding which colors are trending for this year through their new infograhic, Color Trends.

Adapted Movie Posters Featuring Cars Manufactured On The Same Year

Car enthusiasts, behold! It’s time we put the focus on old cars that should have made it to the big screens.

Celestial Cities: 9 Intricate Illustrations of Imagined Cities

A series of illustrations inspired by the solar system — individually printed by hand using engraved wood blocks.

Quotes on Shit by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman

Rescuing old, unwanted trash and making it new again. A collaborative side project by designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, Quotes on Shit is a collection of discarded objects that were repainted using solid colors and given a voice through witty but vulgar words.

Low Poly Art Portraits of Your Favorite TV Show Characters by Mordi Levi

Mordi Levi, a graphic designer and illustrator from Israel translates his love for polygons through low poly art portraits of TV show characters.

Make an Ice Cream Cone Art that Shows Your Personality

Who likes ice cream? I love ice cream, especially Rocky Road! With its sweetness and different colors, it makes my bad mood to good.

Doodles Will Never Die

The art of doodling has been around as early as the prehistoric era when cavemen would draw using stones.

9 Fonts Brands Should Avoid in 2014

Graphic designers use fonts on a daily basis. We have our favorites but we also run away from others. Some fonts have very little recall or have no commercial value, while others have become so popular, they should no longer be used in brand identity.

Cool Dragon Ball Z Vector GIF that will make you remember them

Bangkok based illustrator and graphic designer, Phuwadon Thongnoum, made Dragon Ball Z vector GIFs that will make us remember the show — maybe even watch it again.

17 Products You’ll Try Because Of Their Hipster Packaging

Hipsters are extreme about everything. They either want something minimalist or go for extremely graphic designs.

Logo Designs for Iconic TV Characters

Don’t feel sad if your favorite season ended, what you should do instead why don’t you use it to fuel your next project just like Pablo Canepa.

Freebie: 21 Food Vector Line Art

Hello creatives! This week we are going to profess our love for food through this freebie set of 20 vector line art illustrations.

9 Do’s and Don’ts of Typography

Typography is a trendy design technique recognized worldwide. More than a trend, it has become a staple in most print and motion works for personal and commercial use.

Fantasy Game Poster Tutorial Part I – Title Card

Good day, creatives! Welcome to part 1 of our 2-part Fantasy Game Poster Photoshop tutorial by our resident graphic artist, Niño Batitis.

Posters Aimed to Encourage Voting for Environment

Would tapping the power of art in the form of posters would help make voters vote in this upcoming midterm elections?

Infographic: 10 Commandments of Logo Design

A comprehensive visual about the basic principles of logo design. We previously posted an article about two absolutely clever infographic featuring the 10 Commandments of Typography and Color Theory.

Saul Bass-like Game of Thrones Title Sequence

“Since I love Saul Bass, the 60′s and HBO’s Game of Thrones, I made an alternative title sequence (like some others).” – Milan Vuckovic Created by Berlin-based multimedia designer Milan Vuckovic, this video shows us how the acclaimed Game of Thrones title sequence might look like if it was crafted by legendary graphic designer Saul Bass.

13 Iconic Robots in Screen Machines, an Infographic

An illustrated collection of Iconic robots and machines from movies, TV, and video games created by David Wildish.