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Typendium: Typography History in an App

“Discover the history behind some of the world’s greatest typefaces with Typendium, an elegant collection of short essays and illustrations.” Typendium is a recently launched iPhone app that features stories about some of the world’s greatest typefaces and the designers behind them.

Cute Coffee Cups that Change Moods

A group consisting of talented artists was tasked with creating a limited series of souvenir cups to help establish the identity of Gawatt takeout coffee shop.

WikiWand: Wikipedia Redesign in a Swish and Flick

“Good Old Wikipedia, Great New Look” Wikipedia hasn’t change much since it was built because the developers want it to work on computers with low-resolution monitors or slow internet connections with the same efficiency as it does on modern devices.

Funny and Honest Brand Slogans By Clif Dickens. The last one is SO true!

Company image is very important especially for its customers. It should have a good feedback to make other people go to them. However, even the biggest brands have some qualities which do not exactly enhance their brand’s value. Clif Dickens, a graphic designer thought of a way on how to make fun of these famous global brands, replacing their original slogans with something a little bit more honest feedback.

Tutorial Tuesday – Collage Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Good day artists! In this issue of Tutorial Tuesday, You The Designer will show you how to create a collage photo manipulation artwork created by our resident graphic artist Romel Belga.

Keep Fresh, Stay Rad Typography Cards by Friends of Type

These postcards are not only bold, refreshing and every bit a dream come true for every typography fan but it certainly beats the generic Hallmark card out of the competition.

Beautiful Handcrafted Posters on the Principles of Design

How closely do you follow the Principles of Design? It’s important for every designer – whether you’ve just started getting your feet wet, or have immersed yourself in the ocean of design – to master basic concepts.

Gorgeously Lettered Greeting Cards from Horrible People

Sometimes, when looking at a sea of Typography – it’s nice to take a break from insightful quotes and vague one word brush pen doodles of encouragement.

Realistic Pencil Drawings of Jono Dry

South Africa-based artist Jono Dry was born in Pretoria and raised in the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus, where he pretty much spends time drawing beautiful things.

Amazing Keyboard Art by Guy Whitby

Guy Whitby, aka WorkByKnight is an artist based in Australia who makes art using various pieces of buttons that can be found in different electronics such as keyboards,typewriters, phones and calculators.

Silly Sundays: Make My Logo Bigger Cream

And other clinically proven design enhancing formulas. Agency Fusion, a web design and development agency, created the Make My Logo Bigger Cream website featuring fictitious products to cope with the cringe worthy revisions we all endure from our clients.

A Wall Calendar Showcasing The History of a Typeface Every Month

What other way to show your ultimate love for typefaces other than celebrating the history of how some of the most iconic typefaces are created on a daily basis.

20 Typographers to get you Inspired

I’m an unapologetic type nerd. I love anything to do with type. I think there’s something really magical about the way text can be modified and arranged to give another level of depth.

Free One Page Website Template (PSD)

Hey Creatives. Here’s another One Page Website template to brighten up your weekend. This is a free, easy to use website template for your brand or to practice with.

15 Awesome Guardians of the Galaxy Posters

When I first saw the trailer of the Guardians of the Galaxy on cinemas, I thought it was another flop movie that is full of computer graphics.

You! Be Inspired! – The enchanting art of Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt, a graphic designer, illustrator and hand letterer from Portland Oregon has been making waves in the Illustration community for her cute quirky style and interesting choices of colour palettes.

A Nifty Flow Chart On Image Usage Rights

Creative Commons? Commercial? How do Image Uasge Rights even work? As constant creators and people who continuously work to churn out pixel perfect image after image – it’s important to know the rights behind each form of content that we publish.

The 5 Choices of Comics Theory and What It Has to do with You

Hi. My name is Hoogie Espinosa. I’m the Senior Editor of YTD’s sister blog, You the Entrepreneur. If You haven’t met me on any other platform, you probably don’t know that I’m deep into arts: most specifically, comics.

Cardinal Sins of Design

What do you consider as the “cardinal sin” of design? According to the latest “Adobe New Creatives Report (June 2014)“, over-designing or not knowing when to quit was considered as the “cardinal sin” of design.

Game of Thrones Transit Maps

Graphic designer produced detailed rail transit maps of Westeros and the rest of the Known World from the fictional universe of “Game of Thrones”.