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Zombie Effect Tutorial in Photoshop

Good day artists! In light of the Halloween season, we are here to show you a terrifying zombie effect tutorial in Photoshop.

Freebie: 5 Halloween-Themed Labels

Halloween is nigh! Are you folks ready? We sure are! Anyway, last time we gave you lovely folks the 14 Flat Halloween Vector Set — perfect for children’s Halloween parties or making whimsical designs.

365 Paintings for Ants by Lorraine Loots

Since January 1, 2013, Cape Town-based artist Lorraine Loots got her hands full creating highly detailed paintings for her long running “small” project.

5 Things We Learned About Creative Briefs From Briefly

Every designer has had a problem dealing with a client’s requests. Some clients give too many details while others give too little to work with.

Whimsical Sculptures Created Out of Everyday Objects by French Artist Gilbert Legrand

Childhood was a time when our imaginations were simply limitless. Back then, we saw things in a manner that adults just can’t seem to appreciate.

Live in the Magical 3D World of Vinicius Costa

When the YTD team first came across these 3D works, we thought they were built by a million tiny creatures.

Advanced Selection Using Channels in Photoshop

Masking out images with complex edges from their background in Photoshop can be daunting for some designers and Photoshop users — especially working on images with very detailed edges and textures that even Photoshop’s pen tool, at its finest, can’t handle.

Everybody Needs To Go, Even Cartoon Characters

How many times does a child say “I need to go” in a car ride? When nature calls, it would be hard to ignore.

The Gorgeous Redesigned Banknotes of Norway

Featuring both traditional and modern motif, the newly unveiled banknotes of Norway are literally works of art.

4 Delightful Posters To Feed Your Walls

A perfect holiday gift, these delicious posters interpret popular art movements as mouth-watering sandwiches.

Unbelievable Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner

German artist Bartek Elsner has created impressive sculptures that will definitely make people say “Wow!

Design Principles From the Films of Wes Anderson

Every filmmaker and designer has heard of the guy who was able to make a cynical teen love story and a lobby boy popular.

You! Be Inspired! – 50 Stunning Vector and Vexel Portraits!

Gone are the days when portraits were created only in the form of  pictures, sketches, and paintings.

A Letter From An Old Graphic Designer To A Young Graphic Designer

  Dear Young Graphic Designer, When I search for “young graphic designers,” Google shows me at least 5 articles on how cool young artists are—about how brilliant you are, about how much talent you have in you—all the glorification that will propel your ego.

Wonderful Pencil Drawings by Stefan Zsaitsits

Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits creates strange but wonderful pencil drawings of human figures and storybook characters; they’re almost reminiscent of a child’s dream.

Nifty Map Posters to Zombie-Free Haven

Planning for the impending zombie apocalypse? These map posters by Design Different are not only informative and a perfect companion during the awakening of the dead, they also hang nicely on the office wall.

22 Mind-Blowing Book Designs by Iacopo Bruno

Well-formed typography, Tim Burton-ish illustrations, intricate details, and a touch of steampunk. These are the things that embellish this collection of amazing book designs.

This Colossal Tear-Off 2015 Calendar is also a Wall Art

“Why know what the date is when you could just know what month it is?” Currently funding on Kickstarter, “It’s a Month!

Modern Illustrations of Women by Kaloian Toshev

What is it about a woman that is hard to resist; Her eyes? Her lips? The curves on her back? Even a guy who has been drawing women for years couldn’t explain where his inclination comes from.

Futuristic Male Cyborg Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Good day, creatives! Cyborg-based photo manipulations have been around for quite some time now and still gaining popularity among Photoshop users.