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RotterZwam: Abandoned Water Park Turned Indoor Mushroom Farm

[ By SA Rogers in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ] Bags of old coffee grounds hang in the dank dressing rooms of an abandoned Rotterdam water park, growing oyster mushrooms.

End of Elevated Parks? UK Garden Bridge & US Pier 55 Projects in Doubt

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ] It has been a challenging few weeks for architect Thomas Heatherwick, whose proposals for elevated green urban spaces in both London and New York City face uncertain futures.

Rage Rooms: Hourly Russian Service Lets You Vent Aggression

[ By SA Rogers in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ] Has life in the modern world given you a simmering sense of resentment, anxiety and anger you wish you could unleash upon some highly breakable objects?

High Design: 13 Blazing Hot Marijuana Dispensary Interior Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ] Moving way beyond grungy illegal sources and the psychedelic hippie aesthetics of head shops, modern marijuana dispensaries often look more like luxury hotel lobbies, high-end speakeasies and Apple Stores.

Shaolin Flying Monks Temple: Wind Tunnel Facilitates Midair Kung Fu Fighting

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] Mixing modern architecture and traditional arena theater design, the Shaolin Flying Monks Temple features a massive wind tunnel that lets combatants in rural Henan, China, fly and fight in front of hundreds of fascinated observers.

THE HAUS Berlin: Abandoned Building Taken Over By 165 Street Artists

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] Set to be demolished in June to make way for an apartment building,THE HAUS in Berlin is a formerly abandoned 5-story building filled with site-specific works by 165 street artists.

Transparent Intentions: 13 Glass Additions to Historic Architecture

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] Transparent additions to historic architecture physically expand the space while making the subtlest possible changes to the building exteriors, allowing you to see the original structures right through the glazed walls.

Sleeves Are For Nerds: Geeky iPad, Tablet & eReader Covers

[ By Steve in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ] Tablets, iPads and eReaders are so ubiquitous, nerdy owners are employing extreme acts of graphic personalization to imbue their devices with unique geek chic.

Digital Knitting Machine: Kniterate is a 3D Printer for Custom Apparel

[ By WebUrbanist in Gaming & Computing & Technology. ] Borrowing logic from the 3D printing industry, Kniterate lets users turn ideas and designs from digital files to one-off wearable garments in hours.

Selective Hearing: These Earplugs Let You Turn Down Sounds of the World

[ By SA Rogers in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ] We’ve all had moments where we wished we could tune out a particular person or muffle loud music without losing the ability to hear a friend’s voice, but standard earplugs don’t exactly allow for a lot of fine-tuning.

Collecting Inspiration: 3 Must-See Data Artists & Designers at Eyeo 2017

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ] Jenny Odell collects and organizes all kinds of things, from meticulously sorting digital finds on Google Maps to tracing the origins of everything she used, wore, ate or bought on one particular day in 2013.

Fractal Fruit: Produce Carved into Elaborate Geometric Patterns

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ] S The mathematical precision of the patterns cut into raw fruits and vegetables is almost too perfect to be real, but on top of that, Japanese artist Gaku has to work as rapidly as possible to capture a photo of the finished product before it starts to turn brown.

Visionary High-Rises: Winners of the 2017 eVolo Skyscraper Competition

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ] The way we design and engage with our built environments will rapidly change as we grapple with climate change and develop new technological innovations, and in some cases, radical new ideas will be required.

Still Life with Smoke Bombs: Artist Live-Paints Berkeley Protest Violence

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] This past Saturday, Trump supporters and counter-protesters from the left clashed violently in liberal Berkeley, all while one intrepid street painter captured the scene live on canvas.

Guitar for Modern Nomads: This Digital Instrument is Designed to Travel

[ By SA Rogers in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ] What if you were to eliminate the unwieldy parts of a guitar but maintain its resonant sound and the same exact way of playing, in order to make the instrument are more convenient traveling companion?

Faith Lift: 14 Modern Churches Reinvent Religious Architecture

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] The classic silhouette of a church may be iconic and instantly recognizable, but modern-day religious architecture proves itself to be adaptive after all, evolving into a broad variety of dramatic shapes that frame views of the natural world and prioritize a sense of community.

Labyrinthine Loophole: Bar Entry Maze Beats 500 Meter Minimum Distance Law

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Offices & Commercial. ] Following a supreme court ruling that bars must be a minimum of 500 meters away from highways, one intrepid watering hole wrapped itself in a 250-meter maze to effectively circumvent the law.

NK INK: North Korea Graffiti, Stencils & Street Art

[ By Steve in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] North Korea may be making the headlines like never before but the world’s graffiti artists have been featuring the Hermit Kingdom’s leaders for years.

Steampunk Micro-Home: Mobile Shabby Chic Trailer Rocks Lofty Aesthetic

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] Borrowing stylistic details from urban warehouse lofts and rustic rural cabins, this 200-square-foot home manages to look weathered and sophisticated at the same time.

A Taste of Japan: Immersive Animated Restaurant Shifts with the Seasons

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Installation & Sound. ] The exclusive experience of dining at this Tokyo restaurant, which serves just eight patrons a day, is not really about the food – though Saga Beef restaurant Sagaya-Ginza is not necessarily lacking in quality.