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London Fields Soap Company Package Design by One Darnley Road

London based design agency One Darnley Road have made bar soap sexy, which in my mind is quite a challenge.

Damien Hirst Creates Overviews of International Cities With Surgical Tools

An artist like Damien Hirst will always be polarizing simply because of the work or “work” he produces.

Machiko Ono’s Beautiful, Large Scale Live-Painting

Art at a large perspective never fails to impress me. Much of my own work is done tweaking the pixels on a subtle UI or for a mobile app, which is such a tiny world when compared to art pieces.

The Fox Is Black UK Adventure

Every now and then I have some amazing opportunities offered to me and my upcoming week is no exception.

Meet James Tucker, One of Mount Gay’s Original Spirits (Sponsored)

Mount Gay, the world’s oldest existing rum house from the island of Barbados, has created four video portraits of Original Spirits who share Mount Gay’s values of heritage, craftsmanship and hands-on artistry — demonstrating that they still have a place in our lives. They include Pete Raho, owner of Gowanus Furniture Co; Brock Willsey, owner of fashion boutique Vividbraille; photographer Ernesto Roman; and James Tucker, Co-founder of the celebrated letterpress studio – The Aesthetic Union.

Is this Simple But Elegant Home the Perfect Lake-Side Retreat?

Almost 20% of the total area of the Netherlands is water, with many parts of the county reclaimed from the sea through an extensive system of dykes that date back as far as medieval times.

Landing On The Surface of a Comet

It’s pretty astonishing that, as of a few hours ago, the European Space Agency was able to land a robot on the surface of a comet.

Curiosity and Eccenticity in Oskar Proctor’s Photos from Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders

London is getting a new museum and to call it eccentric may just be an understatement. Opening this month The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities is no doubt unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Country Fictions: Juan Aballe Photographs the True Face of a Pastoral Utopia

Have you ever thought about packing it all in and moving to the countryside? If you live in a city I’m sure that at some point in life you’ve considered leaving the fumes and smog behind and heading out in-search of fresh air and clean living.

Learn How to Draw Animals with a Free Guide From Craftsy (Sponsored)

Animals inspire love and awe in all of us, but drawing them can be a challenge. With this free illustrated primer from Craftsy, you’ll discover an array of easy-to-use techniques for sketching animals.

The Coffee Pour Over Becomes Automated Thanks To Poursteady

The pour over coffee has a kind of mythic quality to it. While it’s not the most labor intensive process it’s still time consuming, meaning a lot of people don’t have the patience to make it themselves or wait for a barista to do their magic.

You’ve Never Seen Anything Quite Like the Maps of Sohei Nishino

For a number of years the Japanese artist and cartographer Sohei Nishino has been mapping the world’s cities.

Is Banksy A Woman? An Interesting Perspective by Kriston Capps

Kristin Capps writing for The Atlantic’s CityLab has a theory that Banksy is in fact a woman. Hadn’t really thought about it before, but perhaps Banky’s gender is the best scam that she/he has ever pulled?

Holly Herndon’s “Chorus” Is My Type of Music

Music discovery has always been an interesting problem for me. I feel like my taste is pretty eclectic though these days I listen to mostly sort of abstract electronic music, a clear influence of my partner Kyle.

Artists Use 27 Miles of Scotch Tape To Create An Amazing Installation In Paris

Berlin-based art collective Numen / For Use used a crazy amount of tape to build this one-of-a-kind installation at Paris’s Palais de Tokyo.

A Great Looking Flat Pack Swedish Cabin

If you think of Sweden I’m sure you can think of a lot of great things. Maybe it’s their fantastic contribution to the world of pop music; maybe you prefer their existential cinema or perhaps you’re simply salivating at thought of their delicious meatballs?

Ridiculously Clever Halloween Costume Ideas by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien, French illustrator who’s now located in New York, offers up his ideas for creative Halloween costumes.

Every Frame A Painting: A Film Form Masterclass

Dedicated to the analysis of film form, Every Frame a Painting is a fantastic series of video essays created by the filmmaker and editor Tony Zhou.

A Hidden Cubby Hole Of Chocolate: Compartés Opens In Melrose Place

In the world of cool, young chocolatiers in the United States, only a handful of names will come to mind because those are the only chocolates you see in stores.

3 Rules For A Happy Designer by Gradiate

It’s important to keep a sense of perspective in your work and your life, and Gradiate’s 3 Rules For A Happy Designer are a few strong points we should all keep mind.