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Dive Under the Waves With this Beautiful Video by Morgan Maassen

There’s something quite ethereal in the way that Morgan Maassen shoots water. The California native is a passionate surfer and through his photography he has earned himself great recognition within the surf world.

Kitsuné Sheds Light on Fresh Talent with Kitsuné Maison 16

I have a special place in my heart for Kitsuné—years ago the label’s flagship compilation releases turned me onto entirely new genres of music. Their “Sweet Sixteen Issue,” the sixteenth iteration, is due out November 3rd.

Peter Mendelsund Discusses Cover Design with NPR’s Fresh Air

World-class book cover designer Peter Mendelsund recently sat down with Fresh Air‘s Dave Davies to speak about his craft.

Take A Sip Of The Debut Release From Gene’s Liquor

“Gene’s Liquor” sounds like a reference your mother would make regarding your Uncle Eugene’s drinking habit.

A Client’s Desire for Lake Views and Privacy Lead to a Striking Japanese Home

Located in the beautiful surroundings of Japan’s Kansai region, Scape House sits on a hillside overlooking Biwa-ko, the country’s largest lake.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Nancy McCabe

Nancy M When I come across a well-designed pattern I tend to marvel at the time and effort that must have taken place to achieve such perfection.

High Tide Creates A Stunning Golden Invitation for Women’s Luxury Brand, Honor

Since my childhood the idea of the “golden ticket” has always seemed like a miraculous dream. Obviously I’m referencing the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and the way in which the children could get a tour of the fabled and mysterious factory.

How LA Design Studio notNeutral Changed The Way We Experience Coffee

When a delicious meal has been set before you have you ever stopped and wondered if the vessels it is being served in are enhancing the flavors, smells, and presentation ability?

Dangerous Popsicles: Would You Eat a Cactus or HIV Shaped Popsicle?

The old chef’s saying is that you with your eyes, and artist Wei Li’s collection of Dangerous Popsicles puts this adage to the test.

Seams is a Playful Celebration of Ceramics, Color, and Process

Seams is a collection of five molded ceramic tableware centerpieces designed by Benjamin Hubert Ltd for the Italian manufacturer Bitossi Ceramiche.

Places To Visit: Barcelona’s Delicious Looking Praktik Bakery Hotel

You know that underlying feeling of spontaneously running away from everything and living somewhere new and different?

Second Graders Eating a $220 Tasting Meal – You Can’t Help But Smile

The conceit is simple: Bring seven second graders to Daniel, a two Michelin star New York restaurant (it recently lost a star) to enjoy a seven-course meal valued at $220 a person.

Jonathan Ive’s 25 Minute Interview with Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter

In the last 20 years, there’s no other designer who’s pushed the boundaries of industrial design than Jonathan Ive.

Are You In or Out? The Design Gangs Series by Matt Stevens

North Carolina based branding designer Matt Stevens stumbled into a really fun person project recently, creating a series of “Design Gangs” which mixes “personal experience, a fascination with our shared design language/experiences, and a healthy dose of wanting to try some new techniques.” I’ve been watching his progress over on his Dribbble and it’s been rad to see him slowly grow and discover what the series is about.

Drew Tyndell’s Fantastic Looping Illustrations

There are two clear front runners for most important visual storytelling method: the emoji and the GIF.

Nicholas Krgovich’s ‘On Sunset’ Is A Record That Encapsulates Los Angeles

When you’re a guy like Nicholas Krgovich you’ve had a very interesting career. He made a name for himself with acts like P:iano and No Kids (who I put on this mixtape 5 years ago), though for me it was his appearance on Casiotone for the Painfully Alone’s track “Old Panda Days” that really sold me.

How Might We Grow Plants In Space?

I’ve never stopped to think about how we might grow plants in space. I’ve only really thought about those enormous geodesic domes that you see in sci-fi films like Silent Running, but I’ve never stopped to consider what a practical real-life equivalent of those might be.

Secrets for Drawing the Human Body: Get the Free Guide from Craftsy (Sponsored)

Learn how to draw the human body with lifelike realism. Improve your drawing skills and create incredible works of art when you unlock the secrets to drawing human anatomy with the free Craftsy guide Drawing the Human Body: A Primer.

‘The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records’ is the Ultimate Cabinet of Wonder for Vinyl Fanatics

Earlier this year Rolling Stone described Jack White as “Rock & Roll’s Willy Wonka” and it’s clear to see why.

Unique and Intriguing Portraits by James Chororos

Striking out and doing what you truly love is never an easy decision, though it can lead to true happiness.