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The Fox Is Black is visiting Milan – April 1-6

Though I don’t do it as often as I’d like to, I love traveling. The pleasures of exploring the unknown, the excitement of having your first conversations in a foreign language, these are exhilarating feelings that can only be attained through traveling.

Anicorn’s new watch collaboration highlights the ephemerality of time

As I mentioned in my previous post, gradients are quite the thing these days. It was then funny to see this Kickstarter project pop into my inbox, which furthered confirmed my point.

Whimsical metal paintings and drawings by Gemma Gené

Gemma Gené, an architect and visual artist from Barcelona, has created a stunning series of paintings and drawings with a simple conceit: objects wrapped in or made of metal.

Fantastically colored embroidered gradients by Zoe Gilbertson

Gradients are quite “in” these days as they’re able to bring a feeling of movement and a depth of color that’s always attractive.

‘Analogue Loaders’ materializes our digital waiting times

Raphael Vangelis, a London based director, created this super inventive video titled Analogue Loaders which brings the digital concept of waiting into a fantastic physical world.

Don’t Work With Assholes

A wonderfully laid out poster with a truly important reminder, regardless of your profession. Nice work from Hamburg based designer Donnie O’Sullivan.

Dana Tanamachi’s creates stunning nature-inspired pieces for Instagram headquarters

When I think of the most talented people in lettering my list includes Louise Fili, Jessica Hische, Erik Marinovich, Gemma O’Brien, and of course the incredible Dana Tanamachi.

House Industries set to release new book, ‘The Process is the Inspiration’

One of my fondest memories of early design inspiration was receiving type catalogs from House Industries.

Geotic releases “Actually Smiling,” dance music for when you’re alone

A lot of electronic music is made to dance to. Whether you love Karl Kox, Underworld, Black Madonna or even Skrillex, they make music that’s loud and is truly meant for large venues where people dance in the dark.

Netflix teases upcoming documentary series, ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’

At this point there’s a documentary about nearly every topic these days, and now thanks to Netflix, design is continuing to become more mainstream.

The dreamy, fictionalized worlds of Charlie Schuck

Photographer and director Charlie Schuck caught my eye with his knack for composition as well as his use of color and texture.

Powerful floral portraits by Ayumi Takahashi

I’m a sucker for bright colors, plants, and strong women, which means Ayumi Takahashi’s work is right up my alley.

Time To Inspire

Today is a difficult day for me, and I believe a lot of people feel the same way. It’s hard to imagine what the next four years are going to look like.

How to have the most #00000 Christmas

#00000. Most designers are familiar with this hexadecimal code and understand it represents the color black.

Johanna Goodman pieces together fantastic, high fashion collages

Flowing gowns made of pink smoke. Haute couture hobbled together with blocks of wood. This is the idealized world Johanna Goodman is creating in her series The Catalouge of Imaginary Beings.

Mark Pritchard’s “Beautiful People” featuring Thom Yorke

Since 1991, Mark Pritchard has been making genre-spanning electronic music that ventures from House, to Ambient, to Drum and Bass.

Get ready for 2017 with these minimally designed calendars

2017 is nearly upon us (honestly, it can’t come soon enough) and now it’s time to start thinking of the year ahead.

One-of-a-kind rainbow drawings by Christopher David Ryan

The world needs nice things these days, small gestures to brighten one’s day, and I believe Christopher David Ryan agrees.

Funky, graphic illustrations by Sara Andreasson

Really feeling these pieces by Sara Andreasson, an illustrator and designer who’s based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Stunning new typeface from @sawduststudio called Quainton ???Looks so luxe

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