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Are you struggling to draw rooms, buildings and landscapes in accurate perspective? Discover essential techniques to transform your work from flat to fully dimensional with Craftsy’s How to Draw with Perspective.

Paris Through Pentax: An Adventure Through A Viewfinder

When visiting an unfamiliar city it’s always fascinating to see it through the eyes of a local. A resident of the city has an ability to show you the special places, avoiding the cliché destinations and nonsense that interests the common tourist.

Atmospheric Landscapes by Artist Peter Eastman

The South African artist Peter Eastman has been living and working in Cape Town for a number of years.

High Contrast, High Impact Photpgraphy by Kilian Schönberger

One of the founding principles of art is understanding the balance of light and dark and how the two define shape.

Fluid, Abstract Characters and Scenarios by Mark Gmehling

German artist Mark Gmehling has an elastic view on life. He makes fine art prints from 3D renderings of abstract characters and bizarre scenarios, all illustrated in a playfully fluid manner.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Eric Hurtgen

Eric Hurtgen 1280×800 1440×900 1680×1050 1920×1200 2560×1440 iPhone iPhone 5 iPad Charlotte based artist and designer Eric Hurtgen creates work that utilizes detail and nuance at it’s core.

Elizabeth II, A Beautiful Home in Amagansett by Bates + Masi Architects

Architectural firm Bates Masi + Architects LCC have had roots in New York City and the East End of Long Island for over 50 years.

“Rideaux Lunaires,” A Magical Piano Track by Chilly Gonzales

I usually listen to music while I work, but I tend to put on albums with limited or no words, it’s easier to write that way.

Maria Svarbova’s Photographs Reflect on God and the Human Form

Illusion. Reflection. Vulnerability. These are the things I see when I look at God’s Mirror, a photo series by Maria Svarbova.

Erik Spiekermann: “Being Obsessive About Detail Is Being Normal”

I have some very strong opinions about the very strong opinions of Erik Spiekermann. To me he comes off as a cranky old man most of the time but he certainly deserves credit for his long-standing work as a typographer and designer.

Titillating Luxury: A Champagne Glass Shaped After Kate Moss’ Breast

Historically champagne has been known as a symbol of wealth and opulence. In the 17th century the champagne coupe was invented, elevating the act of drinking champagne, which became in fashion in the 1930s.

‘In The Sea and Near A Girl’, An Abstract Tale of Love by Masanobu Hiraoka

It’s hard to accurately describe love. It’s messy. It’s confusing. It’s a frenzy of emotions that can wash over you in an instant.

MUJI Lulls You to Sleep With Its Minimalistic New App

MUJI, Japan’s super successful minimalistic “brandless-brand” has recently released a new app, MUJI to Sleep.

Feeling Disorganized? Try Mise-en-place, It Works For Chefs

Mise-en-place is a French phrase which means “putting in place”, as in set up. For many chefs this phrase is not only a helpful saying, it’s a motto to live ones life by.

Snøhetta Creates The Upscale Condo of Beehives

Bees are an important of our ecosystem, so why wouldn’t we create special places for them to live in our cities?

Artist Olafur Eliasson Turns a Gallery Into A Riverbed

Just a little north from Copenhagen you will find the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Currently it’s home to a solo exhibition by the Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

Start Out The Week With An Ambient Mix by Deru

“Put it on as the sun goes down.” That’s the way Deru describes his newest mix which contains a number of unique tracks.

Neverclear: Re-Imagining The Worst Alcohol on Earth

Everclear, an alcohol bottled the American spirits company Luxco, is renowned for it’s deadly alcohol content, 95%, which is basically ethanol, which is commonly mixed with gasoline.

Wearables Are Out, Earables Are In

The nonstop talk about wearables, specifically devices that will be worn on the wrist, is reaching a fever peak.

Interview with Daryl Villanueva, Founder of Bandit9 Motorcycle Design

I first came across Bandit9 Motorcycles and the work of Daryl Villanueva back in 2012. I don’t know much about motorcycles or the culture but I know good industrial design when I see it.