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The Craftsmen of Ireland

At the end of last year, I was delighted to hear that Jameson had invited me to Ireland to interact with some of their local craftsman, tour their incredible distillery, and—of course—enjoy some delicious Irish whiskey.

Sonos Doesn’t Have A New Logo, It Has A Beautiful New Visual Identity

It’s been nice to see Bruce Mau Design’s work for Sonos get the recognition it deserves, the team has done a beautiful job.

Bold, Folksy Branding for Mibici, A Used Bike Non-Profit

Really like the boldness of this brand identity for Mibici, a small non-profit that brings used bikes from the U.S.

The Top Title Sequences Of 2014

Good title sequences are much rarer than they should be, an aesthetic often only considered by those making the opening credits of a Bond movie or the show True Detective.

The WarkaWater Tower: Drawing Water From The Air

When I was working on a now cancelled socially conscious news show, I was responsible for producing a few segments that were high tech shows-and-tell that showed how technology can benefit the developing world.

What Does 2,000 Calories Look Like?

You know that old, very Dad saying, “I’m not watching my weight, I’m watching my weight.“? The phrase usually comes with a gregarious thump on the belly and a few laughs shared around whatever decadent food is being served.

Tao Lin Photographs The Awkward, In-Between Moments In Life

At a certain time of day, usually in the afternoon, both of my dogs get up from a nap and stretch in unison.

Sufjan Stevens Releases New Album ‘Carrie & Lowell’ on March 31

Incredibly it’s been five years since the last album from Sufjan Stevens came out, the challenging, sprawling Age of Adz.

Many Little Lattes Were Used To Make A Lovely Little Video

With how fast technology in film has advanced, you would have thought that creating using stop motion would have become a thing of the past.

Typefacts Chooses The Best Fonts of 2014

Christoph Koeberlin is a Berlin based typographer, graphic and type designer who on the side runs Typefacts, a blog dedicated to the world of type.

Daily Routines of Famous Creative People, Told Interactively

By now you’ve probably seen or heard of Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, which explores how famous creatives structured their days.

An In-Depth Look At Why Colonizing Mars Will be So Difficult, with Beautiful Illustrations by Josh Cochran

A well-known effect on astronauts out on long missions is the dip at the halfway point, when the excitement has worn off and the return home seems unbearably distant.

A’Design Awards Present their 2014 World Design Rankings in Arts, Architecture and Design (Sponsored)

The A’Design Awards have published their annual World Design Rankings for 2014. The U.S. takes the top spot, followed by Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy, and Great Britain.

Tycho Makes A Mixtape for Vice

Was digging through Soundcloud this morning and stumbled upon this mixtape by Tycho which he created for Vice’s music blog, Noisey.

Brye Kobayashi Gives iTunes The Redesign It Desperately Needs

I was complaining on Twitter yesterday about the sad state of iTunes, lamenting the fact that it’s current state is confusing and makes me feel like I’m inept.

This Charming Charlie: Playfully Combining Peanuts With The Lyrics of The Smiths

What happens when you combine the soulful, emotional lyrics of The Smiths with the beautifully drawn world of Peanuts?

Learn to Paint a Floral Still Life With a Free Class From Craftsy (Sponsor)

Capture nature’s brilliance on canvas. It’s easier than you think with Craftsy’s free online video class, Painting Flowers in Acrylic.

My Favorite “Ceramicists”: Cody Hoyt, Ben Medansky, & Eric Roinestad

An interest of mine that has been rekindled over the past year is the area of ceramics. There’s something about the tactility and the unknown nature of the craft that makes it seem like such an incredible challenge.

My Favorite “Pair of Shoes”: Singh and Son Kishtee Slip Ons

As a design-y guy my shoe collection tends to lean toward the eclectic. For me the most standout shoes I own would be my Nike Flyknits with their variegated patterns and unusual construction.

My Favorite “Vision of the Future”: ‘Wanderers’ a short film by Erik Wernquist

Being a science fiction fan I can always appreciate the concepts of people who envision the future. This is especially true of Wanderers, a short film crated by Erik Wernquist that explores what our future expansion into the Solar System could look like.