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Prove you’ve traveled through video game worlds with Pixel Passport

Video games can make you feel like you’re visiting far-off lands. As gaming systems get more powerful the worlds presented become more immersive and engaging, like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Watch Dogs, or even Skyrim.

Tycho releases stunning video for his Coachella-debuted song, ‘Horizon’

Over the weekend Scott Hansen aka Tycho debuted a new song at Coachella called Horizon. It’s a peppy, guitar driven electronic track, exactly what you’d expect from Tycho.

Antoni Tudisco’s serves up a fishy pair of Nikes

If you aren’t familiar with the work of Antoni Tudisco you should, he’s pretty much a 3D graphics god.

Jessica Hische’s poster ‘How To Live Life’ gives damn good advice

Inspirational quotes strategically placed in one’s home, or place of work, can be extremely valuable.

Get high to Sigur Rós thanks to Lord Jones’ Sigurberry Gumdrops

Getting high and listening to Sigur Rós is an obvious combination and the group themselves seem to agree.

Mästerverk, a new webshop focusing on artists from Scandinavia

Based in Malmö, Sweden, Mästerverk presents fine art prints, in super limited editions, from emerging Scandinavian artists.

Keith Haring’s Easter mural at the White House

On Easter day in 1988, Keith Haring painted an 8′ X 16′ mural on the White House lawn, and then donated it to the Children’s Hospital, National Medical Center, Washington, D.C.

Restaurant A.T, where chef Atsushi Tanaka melds eating with design

The officially unofficial tagline of the site for the last ten years has been, “Eat. Drink. Design.” These are the elements that I’ve focused on to ensure a happy and healthy life.

Zolloc animates the things of dreams and nightmares

This is the work of Zolloc, aka Hayden Zezula, an artist and animator in New York who makes these super weird looping animations which I love.

The top 10 coolest things at Milan Design Week

I had a wonderful trip to Milan thanks to the awesome folks at Lexus. If you follow me on Instagram it seems like a bunch of pretty pictures made easy.

Interview with Lexus Design Award winner Hiroto Yoshizoe and Snarkitecture

As I wrote about yesterday, the Lexus Design Award and Event is a hub of creative ideas. The contest itself garners hundreds of entries from around the globe which are curated down to twelve, and then to four lucky prototype finalists.

Brian Lotti paints the feeling of Southern California

It’s hump day, I’m in Milan, and honestly I have so few worries (except for how much my feet hurt from all this walking, first world problems).

The Lexus Design Award and Event, a fount of light and creativity

My first stop during Milan Design Week is the Lexus Design Award and Event which is located in La Triennale di Milano, a beautiful design museum, which I can say is fitting after touring the exhibit.

Mount Kimbie and James Blake release new video for “We Go Home Together”

It’s been nearly four years since Mount Kimbie released their last record Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, now they’re back with a new track/video featuring vocals from none other than James Blake.

The four hidden beauties of Milan

I’m here in Milan for the Lexus Design Award and Milan Design Week and though it’s only been a day and a half I’ve done some serious exploring so far.

10 years later

As I write this I’m riding on a train in the middle of Italy, headed to Milan for a week of design and inspiration.

Kilian Eng’s tribute poster to ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a mysterious and ambiguous film that’s truly a bizarre masterpiece. The 1975 film was directed by Peter Weir, who you know from Dead Poet’s Society and The Truman Show, about a group of schoolgirls that disappear on Valentine’s Day of 1900.

The Fox Is Black is visiting Milan – April 1-6

Though I don’t do it as often as I’d like to, I love traveling. The pleasures of exploring the unknown, the excitement of having your first conversations in a foreign language, these are exhilarating feelings that can only be attained through traveling.

Anicorn’s new watch collaboration highlights the ephemerality of time

As I mentioned in my previous post, gradients are quite the thing these days. It was then funny to see this Kickstarter project pop into my inbox, which furthered confirmed my point.

Whimsical metal paintings and drawings by Gemma Gené

Gemma Gené, an architect and visual artist from Barcelona, has created a stunning series of paintings and drawings with a simple conceit: objects wrapped in or made of metal.