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Moroso — Romantic Chic — Udine, Italy

Be inspired by the creative MOROSO world of the romantic touch with floral patterns, damask embroidery and picturesque designs.

Zeixs — 52Aces III — Köln, Germany

52Aces – “The Original” in its third edition — is a limited poker deck (999 Decks), were all 54 cards were created unique by international artists in there own style.

Peter Lindbergh — A Different Vision on Fashion Photography — Rotterdam, Netherlands

The international travelling exhibition ‘Peter Lindbergh. A Different Vision on Fashion Photography’, an initiative and product of the Kunsthal Rotterdam, in cooperation with curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot and Peter Lindbergh, has opened.

Bravo Creative Studio — Singapore/New York

We really want to re-brand the S-League, Singapore’s domestic football competition. It has trouble engaging football fans and attracting people to matches.

SNASK — Monkifesto — Stockholm, Sweden

Monkifesto is a value-driven campaign empowering women all over the planet. This is a bold and important campaign containing 10 statements delivered by 10 brilliant and edgy women — Kiran Gandhi, Karley Sciortino, Rita Popova and many more.

Ploomers — Do/Able (1:40)

Filmed and rotoscoped around Borough Market, London and then chewed up through Afx.

IdN v23n3: Type & Lettering in Posters — The Writing’s on the Wall? Yes and No…

As with vinyl records and collectible magazines, it seems that rumours of the death of the printed poster have been greatly exaggerated.

Tatbi Studio — Le Brass — Valencia, Spain

Le Brass is a Sleek & Stylish Homeware Brand, born in Australia. The company asked Tatbi Studio to create a feminine, minimalist brand, with a touch of elegance and luxury.

SignNature — Knife Fight (0:16)

Culinary Show on Friday! TV Channel for Russian chef, Konstantin Ivlev.

NODUS — Himalayan Allover Rug — Milan, Italy

The Himalayan Allover rug collection is designed by studio Bartoli Design for NODUS and is produced by local craftsmen in Nepal.

Sciencewerk — Surabaya, Indonesia

Geocities, Angelfire or Tripod. Coming from the first generation of the Internet era, we have fond memories of those DIY blogging sites that offered free 2mb hosting.

Lucas Zanotto — YATATOY – Loopimal (00:57)

Animation sequences for YATATOY

Transmission — Min: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design — Brighton, UK

MIN, The New Simplicity in Graphic Design, authored by Stuart Tolley, is the first thorough look at this rebirth of simplicity in graphic design.

DELTAt — SoRa Wrist Watche — Hong Kong

DELTAt is inspired with the objective of creating instruments for recording time differences. With excellence in horology and driven by the wheel of time, time and change have a dependable witness.

MOMENTS 2016 — Malaga, Spain

MOMENTS 2016 is an INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of underground culture in the art school of Malaga. It is a festival with EXHIBITIONS, TALKS, FILMS and WORKSHOPS created to educate teens about culture — focusing on: skateboard, punk rock, street culture, surf, music, photography, history and more.

Kaldor Public Art Projects — Jonathan Jones — Sydney, Australia

Kaldor Public Art Project’s most ambitious project to date and the first to be created by an Australian Aboriginal artist was unveiled in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden for a 17-day, free-to-the-public presentation 3 OCT 2016.

Menta — Laura Méndez — Guadalajara, México

I would love to re-brand a local museum in Guadalajara, as it would involve many disciplines, such as a knowledge of history, local understanding of our culture, semiotics, etc.

Lisson Gallery — Tony Cragg — London, UK — 1 OCT - 5 NOV 2016

This exhibition is Tony Cragg’s fourteenth with Lisson Gallery since his first solo show in 1979. Spanning both London venues, it will feature the latest works in Cragg’s career-long pursuit of his interest in developing specific groups of sculptural themes and forms.

Carriageworks and Sydney Architecture Festival present The Architecture Lunch — Sydney, Australia — 1 OCT 2016

The Architecture Lunch offers a fascinating exploration of heritage architectural reinvention and the repurposing of industrial Sydney into artistic, commercial and creative contemporary destinations.

Juan Díaz-Faes — Becker Pack 24 (0:30)

Spot TV para campaña Pack 24 latas Becker (Chile)