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Sarina Nihei – Illustrator – Tokyo, Japan

Sarina Nihei is an award winning animation director and illustrator living in Tokyo. She started making animation at Tama Art University in Tokyo and graduated with a BA in graphic design.

Yvonne Niewerth – Düsseldorf, Germany

"In addition to technical functions such as protecting the product, delivering information about its content and shipping, good packaging tickles the impulse to want to own what’s inside."

BONNSU – Adam Bonnier, Ai Su Bonnier – Taipei, Taiwan

BONNSU strive to give objects more personality and meaning, often incorporating themes of cultural overlapping and sustainable development methods.

Pepper & Cinnamon – Benjamin Koh Ju Ren – Singapore

Koh is a firm believer in the intrinsic capacity of humans to be emphatically and emotionally engaged with great design solutions and thinks that even the simplest of gestures should touch us in a very human way.

Kevin Harald Campean – Budapest, Hungary

In my opinion, a good package design is timeless and functional.

Cat Stevens – Photographer – London, UK

Cat Stevens is a photographer based in London, UK. Her works have been widely exhibited in shows such as: ’Uncertain States’ Bank Gallery and ’Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams’, Claire de Rouen, Exit Gallery.

Ploomers – Crunch (0:49)

Exclusive video for IdN

Monica Sutrisna – Artist/Designer – Melbourne, Australia

Monica "Mon Mon" Sutrisna is a "designer with an artists' mindset", based in Melbourne, Australia. Her style is fixed on creating monochromatic portraits contrasted by an intense color palette and unusual pattern designs.

SCAD Hong Kong presents: Andri Tambunan for a discussion about his work as a photojournalist – Hong Kong

Andri Tambunan is an Indonesia-based photographer specializing in reportage, portraiture and travel photography.

First edition FORMOSA ART SHOW: 15-17 May 2015 at Humble House Taipei – Taipei, Taiwan

"Classic and Focus" with the quintessence of modern and contemporary art in works of diverse media, will be constituted by distinguished galleries around the globe; "Up and Coming" focuses on artists under 40 years old with high potential in artistic experiments to discover the future art trends; "Limited and Unlimited "concentrating on Photography, print, sculpture and video art of limited editions to further explore the unlimited possibilities of the works, and renew the current trend of art collection!

Studio Otwarte – Cracow, Poland

"Actually, at Studio Otwarte we are not packaging experts, rather graphic designers specialising in branding.

Marcin Owczarek – Don Quixote – Belgium

Marcin Owczarek latest project ”Paradise Lost” is series of photographs which links the idea of the degradation of the first humans with the degeneration of humanity through the centuries up to the present day.

Aqua Gallery presents: Design is Dead, Aqua is Life – New York, USA

Aqua Creations, artisans of light, proudly announce the opening of a permanent New York gallery! AQUA GALLERY will also show limited edition photographic prints by Albi Serfaty, designer and founder of Aqua Creations.

Yurko Gutsulyak – Kyiv, Ukraine

"Packaging design is a kind of game. It has its rules, but it allows for the freedom of improvisation.

Eggplant Factory – Seoul, South Korea

“Practical appearance, simple message, originality never seen anywhere else before.”

FUNNYCROSS by Christo Guelov – Madrid, Spain

FUNNYCROSS uses zebra crossings to intervene in the urban landscape. The metaphor “A bridge between two shores” is the starting point of this artistic intervention.

Bend – Athens, Greece

"Our interests lie in the wide spectrum of visual communication but we specifically work in the fields of graphic design, illustration, typography and interactive media."

Paul Kooiker – Nude Animal Cigar – Berlin, Germany

Paul Kooiker is among the most interesting conceptual photographers currently working in the Netherlands.

Gero Doll – IdN Opening by Gero Doll (0:22)

Exclusive Opener for IdN

East Wing presents 'Fragile States' – Solo exhibition of work by George Awde – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fragile States chronicles the transitory existence of a group of young men and boys - many of them migrant laborers, emigrants from Syria and Syrian Kurdistan living in the context of Beirut.