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Eve Warren – Lincolnshire, UK

As an emerging print artist, Eve loves to get her hands dirty rather than simply using digitalized technologies.

A-Ok – Full Graphic & Pocket T-Shirt – London, UK

100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

GMUNK – OFFF Cincinnati 2014 main title (4:37)

Main title for OFFF Cincinnati 2014

Suzan Drummen – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The thousands of objects in each of her artworks are placed by hand, making the intricate patterns that adorn gallery and museum floors.

Resonate Festival 2015: Belgrade – Belgrade, Serbia

Resonate festival in Belgrade is back for another year bringing artists together to drive a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

FITC Toronto 2015 – Toronto, Canada

FITC is the intersection between Creative Technologists, Designers, Developers and all-around awesome thinkers from various innovative industries across the globe.

Brosmind – OFFF Barcelona 2012 Main Titles (8:37)

Main title for OFFF Barcelona 2012

Yeongkeun Jeong – Seoul, South Korea

“The unboxing experience is important. This is the moment that connects the package and the product inside and is the very first stage at which consumers experience a new product.”

Ash Thorp – Ender’s Game (1:45)

Motion graphic reel for movie Ender’s Game

Thomas Squire

"Packaging with a unique personality is essential. Personality has the potential to show what is unique about a brand, and unfortunately this is often ignored due to the competitive nature of legibility and shelf shout."

Variable Studio – Fibers (1:34)

Visualization of Nike FuelBand data from the trainings preceeding We Own The Night – Nike Women’s 10K run

Cai-Siou Lai

“Most designers hope that the purpose of design is to create a better world, but I believe that a good design is one that satisfies a client and makes people feel happy because of my illustrations for it.”

James White – Signalnoise DRIVE poster (0:57)

Work in process of making Drive poster

Tough Slate Design

"A good packaging design is an exciting mixture of creativity, usability and material quality. Proportions are something like 20/40/40."

SNASK – Malmö Festival 2014 (0:49)

Largest physical grapic identity for Malmö Festival2014

Oddds – The New Anthropology

"A good packaging design should be attractive, sustainable, user-friendly, packaged altogether cleverly, and have the ability to create noise for its products among the others."

PostPanic – OFFF Barcelona 2011 Main Titles (6:22)

Main title for OFFF Barcelona 2011

Kashiwa Sato

“When I design a product package, I always try to grab the essence of the product, express that essence in a clear concept, then design that concept with dynamic impact.”

Joshua Davis – OFFF QC 2014 Main Titles (1:41)

Main titles for OFFF Quebec

Kokeshi MatchTeam

“We must not forget that packaging is also a part of the product at the same time.”