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Gabriel Nazoa — Paris, France

“For my Weather App, I re-thought the usual weather icons with a minimalist, modern conception. If you see a sun in the sky, you understand that it is a sunny day, but I think that if you see a yellow circle you can also see a sun.

SocioDesign — London, UK

“The website for ‘A Splash Of Colour’ was one of our best interactive designs. The design solution was set up to clearly communicate the concept behind ‘ASOC’ by bringing the multi-coloured nature of the brand to the foreground.

Your Majesty Co. — New York / Amsterdam

“Five years ago, before Google had gone beyond cities with its street views, we were approached by the food brand Nature Valley.

Immersive Garden — Paris, France

“Last year, we worked with Acme to re-design the brand’s websites. The idea was to make the subject more attractive – we’re speaking of a pallet-racking provider – and create an emotional and innovative experiment.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery — Art Light — New York, USA — 26 JAN - 4 MAR 2017

Carpenters Workshop Gallery New York is pleased to present ART LIGHT. After its great success in Paris in 2016 and celebrating the gallery’s 10 year anniversary, the exhibition will feature works from artists Atelier Van Lieshout, Sebastian Brajkovic, Nacho Carbonell, Vincenzo De Cotiis, Ingrid Donat, Johanna Grawunder, Stuart Haygarth, Mathieu Lehanneur, Frederik Molenschot, Random International, Giacomo Ravagli, Studio Drift, Studio Job, Charles Trevelyan, Morgane Tschiember and Erwin Wurm.

Side B — Cape Town, South Africa

“I would have to pick the ‘Starbucks Experience’ [as our favourite]. The idea looked at how coffee is part of people’s daily routine and what part the weather and location play in the coffee-ordering process.”

Moment Factory — Montréal, Los Angeles, London, Paris

“Each of our projects leads to fresh ideas and new ways of thinking, approaching or exploring, so they’re all important.

Territory Studio — London, UK

“The unique aspect of creating fantasy UI and holograms for films is that they are designed to tell a story.

Baianat — Damietta, Egypt

“ itself is the project we are most proud of as we had a great many challenges to overcome.

FIELD — London, UK

“We have two pieces that we are very proud of. Both are similar in that they immerse viewers using motion that mimics Nature in a seemingly very simple way.

Broomberg & Chanarin — Trace Evidence — Milan, Italy — 20 JAN - 3 MAR 2017

Broomberg & Chanarin’s first solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery Milan provides a broad overview of the artists’ work through eight different photographic series from 2006 to 2016, presented alongside a new work created especially for the show.

Sorin Voicu — Los Angeles, USA

“My main approach to interactive design is from a story-telling perspective; it can be either a protagonist, a supporting character or an antagonist (bad design).

Avinash Tripathi — New Delhi, India

“Working on the Micromax native-music project was a really satisfying project from the perspective that it required the entire user story to be told to the client, creating a pitch and finally creating a design that was highly interactive, where users seamlessly connected between their offline and online music.

Paul Maheke — What Flows Through and Across — London, UK — 18 JAN - 25 FEB 2017

Assembly Point presents a solo project by French artist Paul Maheke, titled ‘What Flows Through and Across’, one of three exhibitions that form his ongoing international project: ‘Becoming a Body of Water or How to Unlearn Resistance as Opposition’.

London Art Fair 2017 — London, UK — 18-22 JAN 2017

The 29th edition of London Art Fair takes place from 18-22 January 2017. Annually launching the art world year, the Fair provides a supportive environment for collectors of all levels.

Park.Agency — South of France, Los Angeles

“We have had the good fortune to work with many fine artists, among whom I’d like to make special mention of Enrique Iglesias.

Martin Vlas — Emmen, The Netherlands

“Interactive design is not about what project is best. Every project has its own value and therefore a unique purpose.

Universal Everything — Sheffield, UK

“We’d pick ‘Together’, which was part of the Digital Revolution touring exhibition commissioned by the Barbican, London.

Justin Fitzpatrick — Condo 2017 — London, UK — 14 JAN - 11 FEB 2017

As part of Condo 2017, Seventeen London/New York is pleased to present new works by London based artist Justin Fitzpatrick, continuing the artist’s enquire into painterly forms of representation, populated by existential animals, bodies and liquids.

InternoItaliano — Buti Pocketknife — Milan, Italy

A folding pocketknife with a rounded tip: therefore not “mean” but perfect for use at the dining table.