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Twin Issue X

In our tenth edition Twin celebrates trailblazers. Head of the pack is Jane Bown the prominent portraitist, now 89, whose powerful imagery is celebrated in a new documentary.

Brandly – Btv Main ID (0:42)

Main station identity for Btv, 2014

Ori Toor – Kingdom Crumbs: Evoking Spirits (2:32)

Official Music Video

Believe in for Loka – A new energy company for London

Believe in was founded in 1996 by creative director Blair Thomson.

Adam Rix

Rix brought his creative ideas to life across a number of record releases from the English band James.

Coté Escrivá – Designer and Illustrator

Coté Escrivá is n freelance illustrator and designer based in Valencia, Spain. His work have been featured in many international publications including Lamono, Arteuparte and Kult from Singapore.

GPO – 1970 Rotary Retro Telephone

A veritable British design classic, perfect for your décor, and yet brought up to date with modern technology to ensure they work on any standard home telephone line.

Aqua Creations – Lighting & Furniture Atelier

Aqua Creations Atelier presents an installation of new lamps and new ways of working; showcasing one of a kind and limited edition pieces, digitally printed crushed silk lamps, unique furniture.

Conrad McLeod – Animography Monthly No. 11 – 'Ploof!' (0:41)

An animated typeface collection.

LWZ – LWZ Ident (0:29)

Exclusive identity animation for LWZ, 2014

'Multi styles FuittFuitt' by bülbooks

Stop restart, eighteen years after giving homemade publishing and DIY spirit a try, Nicolas Robel launches a new editorial project, bülbooks.

Rikako Nagashima

“‘Making things better’, ‘Adding something with a creative mind to make things work’ and ‘Giving pleasure to people’ – these are the elements I value for my design.

Woof Models by Sum Leung

Sum Leung is an Art Director based in Sydney, Australia. She created the project "Woof Models" which is a range of illustrations and custom portraits centered around dogs who like the more fashionable side of life.

eyeball – "Bachstock: 30 Days of Peace and Music." (0:15)

Branding for WQXR 105.9 FM, New York’s only classical station

Acne Paper #15: The Actress

Isabelle Huppert, one of the greatest actresses of our time, is having a cup of tea in between takes, playing the part of Greta Garbo for the cover story of this issue.

'Drifting' by Olivier Valsecchi

French photographer Olivier Valsecchi's new Drifting series is a journey through art history where each picture merges the tradition of the reclining nude with the still life painting genre from Flanders.

ico-D – Capital D for Design

After serving the international design community for more than half a century, Icograda, the International Council of Communication Design has changed its name to better reflect its mission and activities and is now ico-D, the International Council of Design.

Mark McGrotty – Radiohead: Codex MV (3:43)

Tenebriated's Forgotten Remix

IdN v21n5: Maximalism


Cristian Acquaro – MTV Awards Bumper (0:20)

Video bumper for MTV Awards 2013