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10 Influential Tech Entrepreneurs And Their Contributions

Entrepreneurs build many of the things you use and love today. Think about it. Someone had to come up with an idea and then make the effort to build it up.

Realistic iOS App Icons For Your Inspiration

Generally when we look at the designs of icons for iOS apps, we don’t pay much attention to it, especially after we get used to looking at it on a daily basis.

6 LinkedIn Alternatives To Grow Your Professional Network

Whether you’re a well educated person with adequate job experience or a fresh graduate with no experience at all, you may need a little bit more help in projecting yourself to the right people.

10 Smart Home Devices For Home Automation

Ever thought of turning your home into a smart home? Wouldn’t you love to be able to switch off the lights you left on even after you’ve got to the office?

Fresh Resources For Designers And Developers – September 2014

We’ve journeyed through the depths of the Internet and yes, we are back with a bunch of new tools for you to choose from.

Creating New Projects With Google’s Web Starter Kit [Guide]

Google have just released a boilerplate named Google Web Starter Kit. Web Starter Kit is aimed to help web developers to start a new web development project quickly.

15 Must-Have Apps for College Students

College is one of those points in a person’s life that takes awhile to get used to. New classes, new environment, new knowledge… It may be a problem organizing your notes, completing a given project or even keeping yourself updated on general knowledge.

Design Vs Art – The Difference And Why It Matters

Design versus art. What’s the difference, and how does it affect your career as a designer? We all know there is a difference, and those outside our industry might not be able to see it.

15 Social Media Tools To Help You Publish At The Right Time

Do a simple Google search and you will find an abundance of infographics and studies telling you the best time to post per social network.

Web Design Trends: How To Decide What Works

Designers love to complain about “superficial” design trends that they don’t feel have any staying power or contribute anything meaningful to the industry.

25 Wedding Escort Card Designs For Your Inspiration

When it’s your wedding day, you want to make sure that every detail is perfect. The right photographer, the theme that you want and even the stationery will remain in your memory long after you’ve said ‘I do’.

5 Things You Can Do When Someone Steals Your Idea

Theft of ideas happens all the time in the creative industry. When you come up with something fresh and exciting that attracts attention, it’s inevitable that you will be ripped off at some point by others looking to ride on the coattails of your success.

20 Things About Jeff Bezos You Probably Didn’t Know

You most likely know of or have heard of Jeff Bezos. After all, he’s the man behind, the largest e-retailer in the world.

This Paradox Might Personally Cost You One Billion Dollars

So you’ve decided you want to be an entrepreneur. You’ve read all those motivational articles about billionaire entrepreneurs who’ve failed in the past.

8 Practical Tips to Secure Your Cloud Data

No more having to bring your thumb drives or portable hard disks along wherever you go because cloud-based storage services are here to stay.

Dynamic Design: Don’t Get Arrested By The Style Police

Designers, put your hands up! Today, we’re busting the widely held myth of the style, that elusive ‘je ne sais quois’ that creative professionals everywhere dream of achieving.

Makeup Magic That Leaves You In Awe

A little bit of make up can go a long way when it comes to transforming someone’s appearance. Some girls use it to cover their blemishes while others use it as a form of self expression.

8 Non-Governmental Spaceflight Companies Aiming For The Stars

Space is big. Really big. And until recently, space exploration was a domain that only involved world governments, as they are the ones that had the capabilities and resources to undertake such a task.

How To Make Your Content Hard to Replicate

Did you know that the Internet has approximately 3.3 billion indexed pages at the moment–and counting?

Top 10 Free Windows 8.1 Security Apps You Should Get

Windows 8.1 might have enhanced its built-in security features compared to its predecessors, but you might still need third-party apps that are optimized to help you secure your sensitive data to get the job done right.