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Free Badges PSDs & Vector Sets For Your Future Projects

Badges can be quite handy for a designer as it can be incorporated into various items such as banners, landing pages and other things.

5 Hyperlapse Alternatives For Android

After Instagram released Hyperlapse, iPhone users are having a ball of a time making creative videos.

Annoying Web Design Trends That You Should Avoid (Or Do In Moderation)

People love to follow trends. And there is nothing bad about that. In fact, in order to be “cool” following trends is a must.

Simple And Gorgeous Android Wear Watch Faces

With the release of the first Android Wear watches, many developers have started releasing apps that work with the wearable.

25 Examples of Brand Identity Design Done Right

Identity branding is an intergral part of business. After all, you have make sure that you can market yourself properly.

The Real Meaning Behind These 25 Cleverly Designed Logos

Logos, as you all know, play are a major part in branding. A good logo can help the masses associate and identify your product or service.

40+ Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers

It’s always good to have a bunch of resources available when you need to look for something in particular.

70 Worst Photoshop Mistakes In Magazines And Advertisements

In this day and age, who doesn’t love Photoshop? With it you can manipulate any picture you want, however you want.

20 Smart Devices For Better Health And Fitness

There’s a wide variety of factors involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, this makes it quite hard to identify whether or not you’re on the right track.

20 Best Hyperlapse Videos So Far

It has been almost a month since Instagram released Hyperlapse. The hype over the app is still going strong as Instagram (and iPhone) users continue to shoot timelapse videos on their phones.

How To Give Back To The Design Community

We’ve all seen example after example of perfectly rendered designs that tickle our imaginations, and sometimes even make us a bit jealous.

20 Artists Who Took Art To The Next Level

Where there is an idea, there is a way to express it – at least when it comes to art. Artists can come in many forms disguised as your regular barista who can make amazing latte art, 2D and even 3D, digital artists who make stunning QR codes that jump out at you, or very patient people who make amazing origami strucures from paper or dollar bills.

A Guide To Better Google Search Techniques

The Internet is so full of information that it’s nearly impossible to check its limits. That’s why, search engines were developed to maintain a search-able database of the web’s content.

How Internet Acts To Restore Faith In Humanity – Part III

It was not long ago that we highlighted some stories of how people touch other lives through the use of the Internet and social media.

12 Apps For Longer Battery Life [Android]

There are plenty of different smartphones on the market these days and they come loaded with all sorts of features.

PDF Files: 10 Most-Wanted Tips

Most of us are frequent users of PDF. Whether we use it for work or for personal matters, it’s a format that is widely used as it’s reliable, trusted, accessible and is also adopted globally making it more convenient for people to share documents.

Freelance Vs. In-House: Which Produces The Best Designers?

One of my favorite things, besides design, food, and writing about design and food, is perturbing my fellow designers with strange questions.

18 Blatant Product Placements In Movies & TV You Probably Missed

There is advertising everywhere. Commercials on TV, billboards across the highway, page long newspaper ads, the dreaded pop-ups of the Internet.

20 iOS 8 New Features & Tips You Need To Know

If you’re an iOS user and have recently upgraded to the latest iOS 8, you may be confused as to what is actually new.

4 Creative Photoshop Artists Who Cleverly Manipulate Landscapes [PHOTOS]

A lot of artists have different tools that they use to create a particular form of work. Some people use paper as a medium whilst others prefer a more digital art form.