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7 Ways to Improve the Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping portals that retain customers stand to be far more valuable as compared to those who acquire new customers without taking proper steps to retain them.

20 Awesome Free Travel & Tourism Iconsets You Can Download

Looking for some tourism-themed or travel icons to add to the design of your travel site? I’ve got here in this post, hundreds of icons that you can use in your project.

How to CSS-Only Overlays Effect with Box-Shadow

Content overlays are a prominent part of modern web design. They help you hide an element on a web page, and later – with the user’s approval – reveal it, and display extra information or controls, such as buttons behind it.

Best Resources For Sketching Grid-Based Wireframes

The process of designing an interface always starts with idea generation. This includes visualization, researching other sites, and rapid prototyping.

25 Creative Pricing Table Designs for Inspiration

Pricing tables are usually used by companies which offer premium services and products during the sign up process.

Beginner’s guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages is Google’s initiative that intends to solve the biggest problem of the mobile web – speed.

10+ Essential Pokemon Go Tips, Charts and Infographics for the Trainers

If you have never been a fan of Pokemon until Pokemon Go became the app of the century, this is the post that can help you quickly catch up.

10 Coolest Hidden Firefox Settings You Should Know

There are plenty of settings that Firefox offers besides general ones you can find in the Options menu.

7 Alternative Painting Apps Digital Artists Should Know

Here’s something for all you art lovers out there. Technology has made pursuing art hobbies much easier.

15 Cool IFTTT Recipes for Github

IFTTT (abbreviation of If This, Then That) is a free service to connect different online services, such as social media sites, IoT, and online productivity tools, and automate typical tasks across them.

Five Analog To-Do List Systems for Better Productivity

We previously discussed the allure of productivity tools: do they actually work when it comes to increasing your personal productivity rates?

9 Best Tools to Optimize Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs, though fascinating and useful for displaying animations, use up a lot more bandwidth than JPG, PNG and other image formats.

10 WordPress Template Tags You May Not Know

WordPress is shipped with quite an abundance of Template Tags since its inception. These Template Tags in WordPress are PHP functions that can be used to output as well as retrieve a piece of data.

Fresh Resources for Web Developers – August 2016

In this article, we feature a list frameworks and tools that is geared toward web development. Interestingly, I’ve found a few of these tools and frameworks coming from behemoth corporations like Microsoft and Alibaba.

Responsive Headers & Logos – Tips and Pitfalls

The concept of responsive web design has permeated the web, and become a staple for frontend developers.

20+ Pokemon GO Tips & Tricks to Become a Pokemaster

With Pokefever in the air all around the world, it’s easier to come across a wild Pokemon than to meet a person who isn’t playing this addictive game.

CSS3 Animation – Creating a Fan-Out With Bounce Effect Using Bezier Curve

Did you know that geometric transformations added to HTML elements with the transformCSS property such as scale, skew, and rotate can be animated?

Google Rich Cards – Enhance Your Search Results for Higher CTR and Conversions

Google Rich cards was launched on 17th of May 2016 through a new markup format which is capable of displaying content (movies and recipes as of now) in a more attractive and visually stimulating manner.

Pokemon Go Problems: Commonly Asked Questions & Workable Fixes

Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomenon that has been making headlines for the past few weeks and while there are many headlines about Pokemon Go players getting into all sorts of adventures (some of them more troubling than others), many more players have been experiencing problems inside the game.

Improve Your Search Results with Rich Snippets & Vocabulary

Structured data makes it possible to present your search results in a more visually appealing and informative way.