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Top 10 Free Windows 8.1 Security Apps You Should Get

Windows 8.1 might have enhanced its built-in security features compared to its predecessors, but you might still need third-party apps that are optimized to help you secure your sensitive data to get the job done right.

10 Most Asked Questions About Linux

You have probably heard of Linux as the free alternative to Windows and OS X. It’s one of the most popular free PC operating systems out there and chances are, you are already using it without realizing.

5 Things Your Brand Must Have Besides A Logo

Lots of people, many designers included, think a “brand” is just a nice looking logo. Wrong. So, so wrong, designers.

Should You Hire A Web Designer Or Use a Web Builder?

Web builders are basically a magic toolbox for non-web designers. What was once out of people’s reach can now be grasped with just little effort.

15 Examples of How Technology Innovates Fashion

It was the great Coco Chanel who once said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” Well, regardless of your thoughts on the matter, there’s anothing thing that changes along with fashion.

How To Best Manage Your Direct Report

Today, we’re going to have a little crash course in creative direction. After you’ve been designing for a while, you may find yourself in charge of another person on your team, whether it’s another designer, or a programmer, a copywriter, or other professional.

10 Websites To Create Animated GIFs For Free

Whatever your mood or fancy, somewhere in the online world, there’s probably a GIF out there to showcase how you really feel.

8 Things You Didn’t Know Are Making You Less Productive

The regular remedy to uplift moods for higher motivation and productivity is getting enough sleep, exercising and spending time with loved ones.

Why “Just Write” Is the Best Writing Advice You’ll Ever Get

When I first started out as a professional writer, I read every resource I could grab on the subject.

8 Awesome Drones You Can Buy To Shoot Aerial Videos With

The use of drones is increasing in popularity these days and they have many uses. The most common use though is for people to be able to capture beautiful aerial shots.

10 Good Habits to Develop an Innovative Mind

If I could sum it all up, creativity is really about being able to see associations when others couldn’t.

How To Turn Wikipedia Pages Into Ebooks

If you are like me, you probably love binge-reading Wikipedia, everyone’s favorite web encyclopedia. It contains a huge database of content on almost any topic under the Sun, and in a variety of languages.

Extraordinary 3D Beach Art by Jamie Harkins

There’s nothing quite like going to the beach to soak up the sun and the sand. There are plenty of people who use sand as a medium to create stunning works of art but none quite like artist James Harkins.

Top 10 Video Apps for Windows Phone

Nowadays, we shoot videos with our mobile phones during various occasions. With the help of mobile apps, we are also able to record and edit the video immediately before sending it out or sharing it on social networks.

Feedly Alternatives: 5 Other RSS Readers You Should Try

RSS reader apps are essential to anyone who wants to keep up with all the news and happenings that are going on all across the world.

How to Display Data as Table in Browser Console

Console is a browser built-in tool that logs errors that happens on the website. If there are any errors – such as broken links, incomplete JavaScript functions, or unknown CSS properties – the browsers will show error messages within the Console.

These Internet Acts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

As lives change and we live behind the screens of laptops, tablets and smartphones, we start to lose a sense of our humanity and what essentially makes us compassionate creatures.

10 Collaboration Apps For Project Managers

Chances are a lot of your work and projects are done online. However, you and your boss may have a hard time prioritizing tasks that are more important than others.

Designers: Why Writing Your Own Copy Helps

Designers tend to freak out when they hear the word “writing.” That’s not my job, someone else will get paid to do that – right?

Historic Freelancers Who Changed The World – Part 2

We’ve already talked about the likes of Ray Kroc, Walt Disney, Alfred Nobel, Ernest Hemmingway and Charles Dickens and how they were some of the historic freelancers who have changed the environment they were born in.