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40+ Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers

Complete UIs and elements, textures and brushes for Photoshop, HTML templates, background designs, icons, fonts and tools make our lives as designers and developers easier, saving us the time we would otherwise be spending on creating them.

9 Online Sites To Create Your Own Magazine Cover

Who doesn’t want to be featured on the cover of a magazine and be considered a celebrity? You may think that this is an impossible thing but it’s actually within reach.

30 Cool Dads That Did Parenting Right [PICS]

When it comes to parenting, jokes and folklore say that the person who faints in the labor room, pukes while changing a baby’s diaper, and shies away from the birds and the bees talk is, the dad.

5 Best Podcast Apps for Android

Podcast is a digital audio file which is mostly available in the form of episodic series. The podcast resides on the server of the distributor as a web feed, and listeners like you and me must install an application, commonly called as a podcatcher to access this web feed The podcatcher also checks for updates in the audio series and downloads any new files are uploaded in the series. We’ve previously written about setting up your own podcasts but for this post, we’re looking at the best podcast apps to get, for Android devices.

50 Cosplay Costumes That Will Blow You Away

In recent years, the cosplay community continues to grow and become a creative outlet for lots of fans to create and show off their awesome self-made disguises, beautiful craftsmanship, and their favorite fictional characters.

7 WordPress Themes to Build Your Own Crowdfunding Website

Crowdfunding is a great way to get funding without the hassle and red tape delays. All you need to do is create your product, and play with your creativity while you’re at it.

10 Simple & Smart CSS Snippets

CSS is the underlying language that gives websites its look. Although CSS is a straightforward language and easy to learn, it can be difficult to harness in some cases.

Web Developers: 10 Best Podcast Channels You Need To Subscribe To

Web development is a fast ever-changing industry. To stay in the loop, you have to constantly stay informed with the latest and greatest, and one of the best way to do this is by subscribing to a podcast.

Here Are The 10 Coding Initiatives That Prove Girls Can Code Too

One of the biggest conversations that is rife in cyberspace is about the ratio of women in tech. The issue wasn’t that there aren’t great women in tech but that there aren’t enough of them.

10 Essential Windows Phone Apps for Avid Travelers

Traveling around the world sounds (and actually it is) a lot of fun. We are going to discover new attractions, foods, people, and more importantly tasting places.

Mind-Blowing Street Art By Smates

Whether you love or hate it, street art is something that is here to stay. Going beyond just traditional canvases and materials, street artists are constantly pushing the boundaries and and playing with ideas to make you stop in your tracks.

10+ Collaboration Tools for Designers and Developers

Web designers and web developers are no strangers to collaborative projects. Perhaps you work in a small or medium-sized company, and have had enough of checking your inbox for new messages from your co-workers from the umpteenth meeting you have had in the first week of the month.

Samantha Lee Plays With Her Food With Deliciously Stunning Results

There are plenty of creative people out there who work with unconventional mediums. For Samantha Lee, her medium of choice turned out to be food.

10 WordPress Plugins To Improve User Management

Working with WordPress you probably are familiar with the different roles you can assign members of your team.

10 Hidden CSS3 Properties You Should Know

CSS3 have made designing web more exciting with the introduction of new properties. While you might know of the popular ones, such as the box-shadow, border-radius, and transform, there are plenty more properties that you may not have heard of or tried, but would be glad to know of its existence.

5 Internet Acts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Tired of the bad vibes you have been getting all year long? If it feels like your peaceful life is being uprooted from its core with disheartening news, take a break.

30 Tree Tunnels That Will Take Your Breath Away

Tree tunnels are one of nature’s curious and beautiful phenomenon. By definition, a tree tunnel is described as a road or street that has rows of trees grown on both sides.

10 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps

Maps are handy for a lot of reasons. Not only do they help us navigate through certain areas, they also enable us to learn more about the world and what it has to offer.

8 Free Apps To Monitor Your Kids’ Smartphones Activities On Android

These, days, there is no stopping a child from growing up without the influence of tech gadgets, online content, and the Internet in general.

8 Ways How Freelancers Can Launch Your Startup

These are great times to work as a freelancer. The freelancing industry is catching on like wild fire, with more and more money being poured into the mix.