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20 Amazing Drones Shots

Drones are perhaps the most innovative technologies of our times and the most useful tools for photographers.

You Can Now Save Instagram Live Broadcasts to Your Phone

Like many other social network services, Instagram has its own live video broadcast feature. Unlike other social network services, Instagram has never implemented an option that would allow users to save their live broadcasts.

Tappable Shortcuts are Coming to Google

Looking up information with Google is about to get more streamlined as the company will be introducing tappable shortcuts to both the Google app, as well as the mobile web version of the search engine.

"Chrome Home" Moves Tabs & Shortcuts to Bottom of the Screen

Chrome Home, a feature on Chrome Canary that moves the address bar to the bottom of the screen, has received some huge changes recently.

Fresh Resources for Web Developers – March 2017

With CLI (Command Line Interface) we’re able to streamline and automate web development workflows. And that’s why in this installment we’ve included quite a number of awesome CLIs that you can install on your local computer or to run some stuff on the server.

Compare Fonts Right in Your Browser with Flipping Typical

Every designer needs to know a little about fonts. They’re the building blocks of content and they can make or break a readable web page.

5 Apps to Increase Your Design Team’s Productivity in 2017

If you’re like most web design professionals, you spend a portion of your time looking for ways to do things faster and better.

iziModal.js – A Truly Dynamic Modal Window jQuery Plugin

Most modal windows seem to distract and annoy the visitor with opt-in fields and unwanted deals. These modals often take over the whole page, look terrible, and don’t offer a clear way to close the window.

15 Useful Slack Tips You Should Know

Slack‘s simplicity and versatility quickly made it one of the most powerful productivity tools of our days, on which many teams rely in their day-to-day communication.

This Gallery of Pure CSS Icons is What All Frontend Developers Want

Adobe designer Wenting Zhang created an interesting web app for generating pure CSS icons. It’s simply named “CSS Icon” and it may be one of the coolest icon generators for frontend developers.

Supersonic – Voice Messaging App by Google’s Area 120

Not long after releasing the iOS-exclusive video sharing app called Uptime, Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, is back with a brand new app.

Chrome for iOS Now Comes With Read Later Option

Chrome for iOS users who would like to save articles for perusal later will finally get their wish as the Chrome 57 update brings with it the “Reading List” feature for Google’s browser.

5 Free Android Apps to Remote Control Your Computer – Best of

Do you wish to access your PC remotely or remote access your Mac from another device? Remote control apps help remotely access and securely control your desktop, a mobile or a server.

Forget VR and AR, Mixed Reality is The Future

A lot of tech consumers immediately jumped into the bandwagon that was Pokemon Go as its much-awaited release finally happened during 2016.

Free Zip Code API Every Developers Should Know

The US is full of zip codes regulated by the USPS. These can pose a confusing mess to organize manually.

Anybody Can Build an App (or Bots) Easily With This New Coding Site

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code, but felt that the barrier of entry is way too intimidating?

How to Publish to WordPress Using Google Doc

Google Docs is the go-to document creation tool for both teams and individuals. It offers advanced editing and collaboration tools for free without any limitations.

Create Flow Diagrams in Sketch With User Flows Plugin

Interface designers quickly fell in love with Sketch as a UI/UX design tool. Right out of the box, it can whip up simple interfaces much quicker than Photoshop or Illustrator.

How to Block Ads from Instagram Feed

Much like any social networking system, Instagram employs ads in order to generate revenue for the company.

Design to Code Services for Your Web Development Projects

There are some web designers who prefer working on their website-building projects from start to finish.