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Behind the Signatures of Tech’s 25 Biggest Names

Ever wonder how much you can tell from someone’s handwriting or signature? Whether a signature is of a full name, a nickname, just the initials or a scribble, each type says something about the person’s personality, as do undotted "i"s, pronounced capitals, legibility of the name and surname, or even the use of a period in the signature.

15 Voice-Controlled Gadgets

As modern technologies become more intuitive, manufacturers create devices which can be activated and controlled by touch, specific gestures, and even your own voice.

Display Time and Web: How to Do It Right

We come across them dates and time… well, every day. When it comes to the Web, you can spot them in your mobile apps, in emails, in your messaging apps and many other places.

How to Serve Google Fonts For Visitors From China

The reason we are using Google API to serve libraries such as jQuery and Web Fonts is that it serves fast through Google’s reliable infrastructures.

50 Astrophotography Photos

The Earth is a beautiful place; the Universe, spectacular. Nothing could make whatever problems and worries you have, seem and feel less significant than the thought of Earth being a mere speck in the vastness of the Universe.

25 Chrome Extensions For Awesome New Tabs

We previously wrote about new tab browser extensions that you can get for Chrome and Firefox. Since then, more and more extensions are popping up, offering a variety of content that will display itself whenever you open a new Chrome tab on your browser.

10 Cool Things HTML Tags Can Do

At the moment there are a total of 142 HTML elements standardized by W3C excluding the ones in the initial phases of standardization and those that went obsolete.

10 Free Sketch Plugins for Web Developers

Sketch is getting a lot of traction among web designers and developers. This is probably because it is intuitive, easy to learn and comes with many features that makes it a lot easier to create a website prototype.

Could More Vacation Time Improve Your Productivity? [30 Countries Compared]

Japan, known for its workaholic culture made headlines when its government was reported to be considering passing a law which force its workers to take leave.

How To Create SVG Animation Using CSS

Animating SVG can be done through native elements such as and . But for those who are more familiar with CSS animation, not to worry, we can also use CSS Animation properties to animated SVGs as well.

The Internet’s Most Hated Innovations Of All Time [Infographic]

The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away. The modern world is no stranger to major innovations making its mark and ruling the world before being dethroned by the next successor in line.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Done Right In 20 Examples

There are thousands of cosmetic brands and natural beauty products available on the market these days.

20 Most-Wanted Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

Have a question on how to do something on your new Apple Watch? Seeing as how this is the first generation of the Apple Watch, you probably have many questions on how to use it.

14 Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes to Check Out

Looking for WordPress themes that can work for any purpose your clients can throw at you? We consider the multi-purpose WordPress themes presented here to be among the very best in the market today.

25 Best HD Games for IOS and Android

Mobile gaming is on the rise as big game companies and independent developers focus more attention to producing games for smart devices like the iPad and iPhone.

A Definitive Way to Format Dates for International Sites

Date formats vary with region and language so, it is always helpful if we can find a way to display the dates to the users, specific to their language and region.

Freebie Release: 5 Sets of Infographic Banners by Freepik

If you love to create infographics, then you might have come across our previously published ultimate infographic resource kits for designers post.

5 Wedding Invitation Trends for 2015

Spring is creeping up on us and with April showers come May flowers – and weddings. Odds are you might know someone who was recently engaged.

15 Useful CSS Tricks You Might Have Overlooked

If you have been a frontend web developer for a while, there is a high chance that you have had a moment when you were trying to find out how to code something and realised after a bit of googling, that "there is CSS for that".

Showcase of Cool Hipster Business Card Designs

A business card serves a simple purpose: it bears your name, the name of your company or product, and contact details should the client want to get in touch with you.