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Developers: Larder is The Bookmarking Tool You’ll Love

GitHub is a powerful resource for developers to connect and share work. But, it’s not the best organizational tool for saving and sorting through libraries.

20 Free SEO Ebooks To Improve Your Website

The field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is changing at a very fast pace. The era of yearly algorithm updates has pretty much ended.

Create Custom Right-Click Context Menus with justContext.js

Every web browser has a default context menu. This appears when the user right-clicks anywhere on a page and it usually has the same options, such as “copy”, “save”, or “inspect element”.

Using OneDrive ‘Files on Demand’ in Windows 10 Insider

Back at Build 2017, Microsoft previewed a new OneDrive feature called Files on Demand. If you’re a participant of the Windows 10 Insider program, you can now get your hands on the feature as Microsoft has rolled out Files on Demand to those who are part of the Fast Ring of the Windows 10 Insider program.

Get the Firefox Focus Experience Now on Android Smartphones

Remember Firefox Focus, Mozilla’s privacy-based web browser? Well, it has finally made the jump over to the Android operating system after making its debut on iOS devices.

Are Ready-made Websites Killing Web Design?

More often than not, you would meet someone who is not as acquainted to the comings and goings of web design and tell you,”I can do the same thing you do, using Squarespace“.

Search Emojis in Gboard Using Doodles

Gboard for Android users will no longer need to scroll through the entire emoji library to find that specific one they need as an update Google has enabled the keyboard to make emoji search a lot easier.

Intently Replaces Traditional Ads with Beautiful Graphics

Ad blockers are some of the more useful tools available that help filter out ads from apps, games or browsers which may annoy and distract the users.

5 HTML Features You Might Not Know About

For a language so simple and easy to learn, HTML surely offers an unexpected amount of useful features, many of which most of us don’t even know about.

Run & Share Snippets With

There are dozens of browser-based IDEs but most of them focus on frontend languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Facebook now lets you Co-edit Your Albums with Friends

Are you the type of person who likes to keep track of their activities over the course of a trip? If so, Facebook’s latest update to its Albums feature will make it so much easier to keep a log of your tours or trips as it now lets you store photos, posts and more in it.

20 Event Invitation Designs That’ll Impress Your Guests

From grill parties to weddings and birthdays, an invitation card is almost as essential as the event itself.

Firefox 54 Could Very Well be Mozilla’s Best Browser

There was a time when Mozilla’s Firefox browser was the browser of choice for those who refused to use Internet Explorer.

Google to Replace Google Drive With Something Much Better

Within the next two weeks, Google will be bringing the Google Drive client offline. In its place, the company will be introducing a brand new system called Backup and Sync, and judging from the look of things, it appears that the new system is miles better than the current Drive client.

5 Great Hosting Services & How to Choose the Best One for Your Website

Selecting a web hosting service is all too often done in a matter-of-fact way, where pricing is often the driving factor.

5 Great Hosting Services & How to Choose the Best One for Your Website

Selecting a web hosting service is all too often done in a matter-of-fact way, where pricing is often the driving factor.

50+ WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Better Productivity

Knowing your computer’s keyboard shortcuts can enhance productivity manifolds. Similarly, your efficiency of working on WordPress can also get an instant boost if you know how useful certain keyboard shortcuts can be.

IcoFont Gives You 2100+ Free Icons in a Single Font File

With the rise of web fonts and embeddable CSS fonts, it’s much easier nowadays to create truly unique websites from scratch.

Create Your Personal Floor Guide with Path Guide

Navigating a large building for the first time can be very disorienting, particularly if you’re actively look for a particular sport in said building.

This Cassette Tape is Actually a Cool Music Player

Once upon a time, the cassette tape was one of the early technologies that shaped today’s digital media world.