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Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Many people today spend most of their time on YouTube, whether for learning purpose or watching some cat videos.

Most Valuable Brands of 2017 in a Country [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered just which is the biggest brand in the world? If you do, then this infographic made by will interest you as it is a map that shows off the most valuable brands of 2017, as well as its brand strength, in a number of countries around the world.

Chime – Amazon’s Answer to Skype and WebEx

The video conferencing sector has gotten a lot more interesting as Amazon has introduced its own alternative to Skype and WebEx the table: Chime.

Google Now Lets You Search For Fun Facts

Doing Google search for a subject isn’t exactly the most interesting task to do. Google itself are probably aware of that, as the folks behind the search engine have decided to make it a little more interesting by giving bits of trivia to people who use Google to search for fun facts about living things.

How to Install (and Run) Android on PC

Do you wish to run Android on your PC? Though people love using Android yet they can’t experience it on their PCs because this operating system is not built for that.

19 Home Automation Gadgets You Should Know

Looking for a gift idea for your tech-savvy friends and family members? How about smart IoT based home automation gadgets?

Add Autosuggest Search Bar in WordPress with Search by Algolia

We all know WordPress is a great platform: free, powerful, and comes with plenty of features right out of the box.

Spanner, Google’s Global Database is Now Open to Everyone

Back in 2007, Google developed its own global database called “Spanner”. Since its inception, the company has relied on this database for many of its own products, ranging from Google Photos to Gmail.

Fresh Resources for Web Developers — February 2016

The Fresh Resouces for Web Developers series has run for around 4 years now, and maintaining this series has greatly given me insight on how the web progress over the years.

Create a CSS-Only Image Reveal Effect with Transparent Borders

A CSS-only image reveal effect can be solved in different ways. It’s actually quite easy to code a design in which the image stands out of (is overflown by) its solid background —you just place an image over a smaller element with a solid background.

Make All Embedded Content Responsive with Reframe.js

The trickiest part about embedding videos is getting the width & height correct. These numbers define the aspect ratio and when they’re off you’ll get a wonky video player.

Get The Right Subtitles for Your Favourite Shows With Caption

Want to enjoy a foreign language movie through subtitles? Then Caption app will soon be your go-to application for acquiring subtitles in different languages.

Facebook Is Rolling Out Job Postings For Businesses & It’s Free

It is no secret that some companies use Facebook as a way to recruit new employees, considering the fact that the social network service is visited by millions of people.

This Creepy Tool Reveals Just How Much Facebook Knows About You

It is no secret that Facebook tracks your browsing habits. By doing so, the social network service is able to feed you content that you’ll likely find relevant.

“Beach Mode” May Be Facebook’s Solution to After-work Notifications

For companies that use social media platforms as a way to keep its employees informed, employees receiving notifications about their company on their smart devices is a common nuisance, particularly if said notifications arrive after office hours.

"Zoom, Enhance" Could Become a Reality, Thanks to Google

When it comes to artificial intelligence, Google is no stranger to its possibilities. As the company has previously experimented on its own offerings such as Google Photos, Google is now looking to turn what was once considered a television-only feat into a reality.

20 Gorgeous Space Themed Web Designs For Your Inspiration

Nothing comes even close to the fascinating beauty of space. All those planets, stars, satellites and rockets are the attributes of space that we love so much.

20 Gorgeous Space Themed Web Designs For Your Inspiration

Nothing comes even close to the fascinating beauty of space. All those planets, stars, satellites and rockets are the attributes of space that we love so much.

Petal Is An Organized & Lightweight CSS UI Framework Running on LESS

From Bootstrap to Foundation it seems like there’s an endless stream of CSS frameworks to pick from. But few run on LESS and even fewer are as well-organized as Petal.

Leaflet.js is The Simplest Map Library You’ll Ever Find

Google Maps is certainly the most popular embeddable map widget for web designers. But what about adding custom features such as tooltips and pin markers?