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12 corporate fonts that won’t let you down

Are you looking for corporate fonts in order to design your company’s brochure, magazine, pamphlets, logo, website or for advertising/packaging purpose?

13 awesome key holder designs

How many of you are victim of losing keys quite often? Maximum of you, isn’t it? Today in this post, we are introducing you 13 awesome key holder designs that will make you think twice before losing any key.

10 great websites to find free stock photo

You can find good images while Googling but are those safe to use? Probably no! It’s because the owner can claim the copyright issue.

3D typography by Rizon Parein

Rizon Parein is a graphic designer who specializes in creating stunning 3D lettering. He gets many prestigious clients that contact him for his 3D skills.

10 gorgeous typographic posters to inspire you

At the core of communication, there is the need to transmit a message. Images are powerful for that and can convey some things better than letters.

Spectacular glass sculptures inspired by Shayna Leib

Shayna Leib‘s sculptures are inspired by wind and water, two elements that the artist confronted during her trips around the globe.

8 high-quality PSD themes

Who wouldn’t love the free resources? Probably the number would be zero. Especially designers, what if you get a high quality PSD themes for free?

Gorgeous redesign for the Norwegian passport

As a Swiss, I can’t complain too much about the design of my passport, but this gorgeous redesign of the Norwegian passport by Neue really makes me want to move to Northern Europe.

Impressive multi-layered anamorphic illustrated illusions

Ramon Bruin‘s 3D anamorphic drawings can be a bit kitsch sometimes, but they do show a real mastery of illustration and perspective.

20 great articles to learn graphic design theory

Being a designer, you might have gone through designing several creative designs in Photoshop and sliced them with CSS styles but have you ever wondered the design theory behind what you create?

The best 10 typography boards on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks where users can organize and share images around the web.

Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

30 awesome tutorials for Photoshop

Below given are 30 awesome Photoshop tutorials that will definitely help you to master your knowledge and skill for any of your photo editing task, graphics design, 3D modeling, animation or any illustration work.

10 awesome websites for graphic design inspiration

When a designer is in lack of concept, it consumes lots of time for him to initiate his work. But browsing the web can make his work much simplified as there are several websites for his inspiration.

15 gorgeous free all caps fonts

With so much of compelling fonts available in the web, it’s sometimes very difficult to make a decision on which font to choose for your design.

Surreal illustrations by Matthias Leutwyler

Matthias Leutwyler‘s illustrations look like a mix of drawing, collage and painting. He doesn’t say much about himself, but his work speaks for itself.

20 well-designed packaging designs

Looking for some packaging design inspiration? Then here we introduce you 20 well designed packaging designs that are amazing and high quality artworks from great designers around the globe.

Art that goes against the frame

A cool art project by Steven Guermeur, who decided to break the conventional frame and to make it a part of the artwork.

Amazing sculptures by Kanemaki Yoshitoshi

Spectacular sculptures created by Japanese artist Kanemaki Yoshitoshi. You can see the whole creation process of a sculpture on this page.

10 advertisings with a powerful message

Advertising is a way to popularize your brand and create awareness among your consumers via a powerful message associated with it.