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3D printed tableware to reinvent the eating experience

The people of TourDeFork are… culinary creative consultants! They try to find new ideas for making the stuff you use at the table more cool.

Beautiful typographic layouts taken from vintage Japanese newspapers

Big, bold typography is one of the web design trend I’ve enjoyed the most recently. If you look at these vintage newspapers from Japan, it seems that the trends dates from quite a while ago.

Azuma Makoto installed a dozen of iced flowers

Flowers and plants beauty is hard to capture, as the vegetals always grow and keep changing. Japanese artist Azuma Makoto found a temporary solution: freezing the flowers and plants into massive cubes of ice.

Get Adagio Sans Family for only $20

If you are looking for a great sans-serif font family but don’t have the budget for Helvetica or Futura, then you should definitly consider this deal for Adagio Sans.

Spectacular surreal self-portraits by Joel Robison

Joel Robison likes to take self-portraits, but he doesn’t do it the way selfies-takers do. Not only Robison is a good photographer, he is also an excellent user of Photoshop.

20 gorgeous iPhone apps website designs

The beauty of iPhone is not limited to hardware only. Even the iPhone application websites are very gorgeous in design.

6 excellent young illustrators

A designer is always seeking for inspiration and new ideas to add creativity in his/her design. To add enthusiasm to your design list, here we have 6 excellent young illustrators with fresh and innovative design techniques.

A collection of incredible houseboats

Having an awesome ride on a houseboat is listed in every adventurous people’s wishlist. One of the reasons behind this is a serious upgrade that houseboats have made in today’s environment.

Eliska Podzimkova creates new worlds by adding illustrations to photos of New York

Based in New York, Czech illustrator Eliska Podzimkova likes to draw on every day life scenes photos to add some peotry to it.

15 cool examples of good typography and lettering

Creativity never ends for designers, but sometimes it’s hard for them to start a design without having a look at some cool inspirational designs.

Cityscapes extruded from 3D printed texts

It’s rare to see a project that satisfies both typography-lovers and 3D printing afficionados. I remember being extremely happy when I first discovered the 3D printed letterpress font, I had the same feeling when stumbling upon Hongtao Zhou’s 3D printed textscapes.

10 most creative scarves for winter

I hate to quote dead Game of Thrones characters, but upon finally seeing some snow this morning, I thought: “Winter is coming”.

15 websites that use white space the right way

Whenever anyone says white space, then we literally visualize white blank/empty spaces in our mind (white space can be of any color though).

ZumZum, the coolest balance bike to arrive on the market

On first look, the ZumZum bike looks awesome. On second look, it is much more than that. It has a great design, yes, but it also has many features that make it more usable, more healthy, and good for your child’s development.

Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

Lightmark: the bookmark that will lighten up your books

For those of you who enjoy bed time reading, you will surely love this incredibely cute bookmark. Lightmark is a bookmark that looks like an office lamp.

A selection of 2014’s best fonts

If you are not a Typography Daily subscriber yet, you may have missed yesterday’s post. I made a selection of my favorite fonts of 2014.

8 great icon design resources

Welcoming the New Year 2015, doesn’t mean you forget the creative design resources from the past year.

Street art by Millo

Gorgeous and very illustrative street art by Francesco Camillo Giorgino, an Italian artist who goes by the street name Millo.

Paintings for ants: tiny art by Lorraine Loots

After publishing Taylor Maze’s little landscapes, I had to write something about Lorraine Loots and her amazing tiny paintings.