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10 awesome multifunctional furniture that are perfect for small spaces

Multifunctional furniture is often very practical, and it also needs to be ingenuous to work well. In this post I share some of the coolest furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

Pantone-inspired beer packaging

The simplest ideas are often the best. Txaber Design Studio created some packaging for beers that just matched the color of the liquid inside using the corresponding Pantone color.

Clever doodles that interact with their environment

Amsterdam-based French illustrator David Troquier released a series of drawings that interact with each other or with their environment.

Get the Eveleth letterpress font family for only $9

Another amazing font released with a huge discount by Yellow Design Studio on MightyDeals. For only $9.- (that’s a 82% discount on the original price), you get a uniquely vintage professional font family.

Gorgeous illustrations on industrial silos

Two Brazilian graffiti artists, Os Gemeos, recently decorated some industrial silos in Vancouver with giant illustrations.

12 awesome print designs for your inspiration

If you are searching for some inspirational print designs then here you go. Below listed are 12 awesome print designs that we have selected just for you.

Watch post-it notes

Created by Doriane Favre, these post-it notes can be fixed to your wrist. Their design that looks like a watch is perfect to keep the post-it note and have it available with you all the time.

10 cool designs made with pallets

If you want to decorate your room with cost effective yet classy and elegant look then you should try pallets.

How 3D printing is rescuing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Annie Pfeiffer chapel

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most admired architects of the 20th century, and one of his masterpieces is on a Florida campus.

12 great design freebies for your resources library

Design freebies are a blessing sent to us by the Internet and kind designers who are willing to share some of their work for free.

7 jQuery plugins for better typography on screen

jQuery with a motto of write less, do more has made the life of programmers and developers much easier and time efficient with its several plugins.

Are Swiss watchmakers really f*cked?

So the iWatch is here, or Watch, as they call it. Honestly I’ve been a bit disappointed as I was expecting a real game-changer.

3 professional tools to create your own typeface

As a graphic designer, creating and publishing fonts has always been something I wanted to do. While I was studying, I would often take a day to make a handwritten font, but I never found the time and courage to create a really good font, one that takes more time and dedication.

Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

8 themes to create a directory site with WordPress

WordPress themes have made the designers’ work easier and simpler. They do not have to start from the scratch for building a website.

5 printing companies to get your marketing material at a low price

A marketing budget typically covers costs for advertising, promotion and public relations. This can cost you very expensive but for your benefit, below I have researched five printing companies that help you get your marketing materials at a low price.

3D printed letterpress font created by London Design Team

This is the kind of projects I like, using modern technology to perpetrate traditional techniques. This project, created by A2-Type and New North Press, uses 3D printing to create “plastic blocks” that can be used for printing.

The 5 website builders you need to know

Technology is never constant. It keeps evolving. The web technologies have also evolved in such a way that at current scenario, there are several tools available to designers for creating their websites.

15 gorgeous necklace designs

Women’s are passionate about Jewellery as it is a symbol of femininity and even social status. It makes them feel beautiful, attractive and confident.

Spectacular forest landscape carved in wood

A splendid piece that took almost two years to create. The result of the hard work of Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth, aka Tugboat, an artistic duo based in Pittsburgh.