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The July font bundle by The Hungry Jpeg

The July Bundle is here and includes 26 Fonts, as well as 22 Graphics Packs. At only $29, this amazing pack is 97% OFF regular retail price.

The evolution of graphic design in the gaming industry

As a gamer, you may not spend all that much time thinking about the components that go into making your favorite games, but were you to, one element that would spring readily to mind is graphic design.

Street art by Nevercrew

Nevercrew is a Swiss street artist that creates spectacular murals around the world. You can see more of his work on DeviantArt.

A smart IKEA campaign that emphasizes on the products’ low prices

For IKEA, the price is one of the key advantages that allowed them to become so huge as a company. People often buy IKEA because it’s cheaper than the alternatives.

Cat dreams by Hugo Martinez

After moving to New York, Californian artist Hugo Martinez decided to get a cat to keep him company. He started to quickly create poetic and funny images with bright colors and the cat as a star.

Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

Gary Hustwit is working on a documentary about Dieter Rams

When I hear the name Gary Hustwit, two words come to my mind: “Design” and… “Kickstarter”. The independant director is notorious for his Helvetica movie, but also Objectified, or Urbanized.

Moleskine releases a writing set that digitizes as you write

Moleskine is making a step toward the digital world with its new set: Smart Writing Set. The set is comprised of a notebook (obviously), a pen, and an app.

Photographing the divide between the rich and the poor

We all know that there are dramatic differences between the rich and the poor, even in Western countries.

A 3D printed chair made to your measure

3D topic is at the center of plenty of innovation in the medical field. We have seen prosthetics, shoes, bones, or teeth being printed, among other things.

A logo for gratuity free restaurants

When you come from Europe, the tipping culture is a somewhat surprising part of American culture. Tipping culture means that waiters are not getting paid well if the restaurant has little business.

Artistic packaging for Marou chocolate

The National Gallery of Singapore teamed up with a Vietnamese chocolate brand, Marou, to create a limited edition of packaging.

Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

Transported by Design: famous studios and designers create posters for Johnston Sans’ anniversary

Patterns, by Thomas Matthews. On Designer Daily, we already shared Monotype’s redesign of the Johnston font: Johnston 100.

Illustrations and posters by Julei

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Justina Leisyte is a talented illustrator who creates colorful artworks.

Clever typographic ads for organic food

For advertising, you need to catch people’s attention immediately and to have a message that’s quickly understandable.

Fernando Reza creates posters for movies that never happened

Unfortunately, not all great movies saw the light. Some movie projects with great film directors were predicted, but never happened for one reason or another.

The power of negative space in advertising

I’ve always thought it was important to educate clients on the importance of white space. Having design-sensitive clients will make your life easier, it will make most processes shorter and relationships with them better.

Monotype releases the redesigned Transport for London typeface

If you’d ask me what’s the most famous British font, I’d probably tell you it’s Gill Sans, at least for graphic designers.

Simon Stalenhag’s visions of a Brave New World

Swedish illustrator Simon Stalenhag takes a look at our relationship to technology in his worrying work.