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Tips for Creating Hand-Drawn Typography

Hand drawn typography has grown into a field of its own.  Illustrators, designers and letter artists are working with multimedia to make their own contributions to this growing trend.

These Japanese memo pads will excavate objects as they get used

If you thought that paper notes blocks could not become a form of art, the Japanese will prove you wrong with the Omoshiro Block.

Stock Photo Tips and Tricks Every Designer Must Know

The sample images or photos you use can make or break your designs; there are times when choosing stock photos that really match the overall theme of the designs is important.

Design deals for the week

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6 Tips for Getting Web Design Right

Source: Pixabay Whether you’ve been a web designer for a decade or just a couple of months, the early days of getting started on a web development and design project can be nerve-wracking.

Some Advice on Using Illustrations When Designing Websites

An illustration is a versatile means of expressing a message.  Used in web design, illustration helps to provide a visual representation or example of what is being shared, making it a message clear.  It also offers an attractive or aesthetic element to a website.

The surreal conceptual illustrations of Andrea Ucini

If you are a reader of notorious magazines such as Wired, Entrepreneur Magazine, LeMonde, Die Zeit and New Scientist, you may have already stumbled upon Andrea Ucini’s work.

Impressive pendentive dome created by Yu Momoeda using fractal geometry

This minimalist chapel in Japan may have ugly benches and a boring external shape, its internal wooden structure is pretty amazing.

How to Be Better at Designing Vectors

Vectors are an effective way of creating online illustrations which can be blown up to large sizes without losing quality.  If you’ve ever looked at an image and believed it would look great as a vector, but wondered where to start, these helpful tips are for you.

Design Deals for the Week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

How fitness wear designs are incorporating style and functionality

Many folks who tell you they want to get fit also say they don’t like going to the gym. Often you’ll hear the opinion that it’s because they can’t stand to be around all those Lycra-clad people who appear to be in fabulous shape and have no need to work out at all.

Frank Kunert creates scenes with a dark sense of humor

Frank Kunert is a German photographer based in Frankfurt. He creates carefully crafted 3D models that he then photographs.

How to Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

When you are creating a website, it’s no secret that you want it to stand out. An outstanding site gains points over the competition and is impressive to potential customers.

World Design Rankings, the Olympic Games of Design

Ever discussed with your designer friends about which countries have the best designers? This kind of argument will always be heated as pretty much any point of view will be biased.

How to impress by creating a website with great typography

When you are working on a website, you’re aware that great typography helps to create a message, keeps viewers engaged and adds to your design.

9 Easy Ways to Keep Your Website Visitors Longer

Your website’s bounce rate, or the rate at which people leave shortly after arriving, is used by search engines as a measure of the fit of the site with the user’s query.

Multi-Lingual Web Design – 7 Essential SEO Elements to Keep in Mind

In an increasingly international business climate, it is becoming more important to make your website accessible to all of your customers, regardless of the language they speak.

Street art on trees by Evgenia Dudnikova

Tired of urban landscapes and depressing greyish landscapes, take a stroll in the woods and enjoy the poetic street art on trees by Evgenia Dudnikova.

Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

How to create a landing page that converts

When you’ve got your website up and running, you’ve taken out the search engine and Facebook adverts you need, and you are getting lots of traffic, and people are landing on your page, what do you do when your viewers go no further?