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Hershey’s new logo looks like a turd

The Hershey company changed its logo a bit. The internal design team did the work, and overall I think they did a pretty good job.

Neil Simone’s surreal paintings merge facts and reality

Neil Simone creates paintings that are both spectacular and intriguing. With a mix of reality and facts, the British self-thaught artist creates clever compositions that will make you think twice.

What’s next with 3D printing? A concrete castle in your backyard

I slowly got used to the printing small objects, but the idea of being able to print some small (or big) houses doesn’t cease to amaze me.

Powerful campaign about littering

The city of Toronto recently started to broadcast a powerful campaign that visually plays with words and directly attacks litterers.

Clever: the Tripletter chair by Paul Menand

When you have limited space in your house or appartment, chairs can quickly become an issue. Either you don’t have enough chairs for your guests, or you have too many chairs that you don’t know where to put when you don’t have guests.

10 cool icon sets for app design

If you think of building an icon from scratch then most probably you are wasting your time. It is because creating an icon takes a lot of work and moreover, if you can already download more than 500s of icons for free then why waste your time creating it by own?

Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

10 inspiring typographic designs

There is a typographic quote which says, “Over thinking kills your happiness.” This is indeed true. Don’t let yourself in the maze of thinking for creating something which is already in the market.

20 cool graphics inspired by vintage designs

Here is the collection of 20 cool graphics which is a great mix of vintage these designs that will make you inspired with its creativity.

15 creative business card designs

If you are looking for some inspiration to design a beautiful business card then you are at the right place.

Great concept for recipe photography

Do you love cooking? If no then definitely after reading this blog, you’ll love it. Cooking indeed can be fun.

12 websites that use big typography beautifully

Big typography for web design has been very popular and trendy for a few years already. Its main advantage is the powerful impact it can have on the readers, and the efficiency in getting simple messages accross.

For our Swiss readers: 3D printing at the Contraste Gallery

If you are in Switzerland and not too far from the city of Fribourg, you may be interested in joining us on September 6, 2014.

Minimalist posters on design vocabulary

10 posters from the 10 keywords taken from Philippe Daverio’s history of design lectures at Politecnico di Milano.

8 free corporate identity mockup templates

When you are a graphic designer, doing a great job at creating visual identities is actually only half of the work.

Pro Wildlife: a campaign to save endangered species

Hunting endangered species is unfortunatly still a widely popular activity, whether it’s for rare parts of the animal or just as a hobby.

Exhibition of iconic film poster designer Hans Hillmann

I must admit it, I didn’t know Hans Hillmann before seeing this post on It’s Nice That. The German graphic artist worked from the 50s to the 70s as a film poster designer, and quickly made himself a name as one of the best designers.

A collection of awesome bookends

The devil is in the details, and your cool interiors will not only look good because of nice furniture.

Dragon Shoes by Saigon Socialite

Shoes meet handmade wood carving. This type of wood carving would more commonly be seen to decorate pagodas or houses in Vietnam or China, but this adaptation on shoes looks totally gorgeous.

Tea for two: a cup that splits in two

If you really want the feeling that you are sharing a cup of tea with someone, you should try the “Tea for two” cup.