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60% Off Web Hosting at

Every website designer or website owner need hosting for their projects. Today we have partnered up with Eleven2.

A Powerful Online Image will Revolutionize your Business

You have a business. But you know your business is unlike any other business. You know that your business is special.

Top 5 Uses Of VPS Servers In 2015

The VPS is a full virtual operating system that you can run alongside other virtual operating systems.

7 Ways to Improve a Small Business Website

As your small business evolves, you need to make sure that your presence on the web follows suit. Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean that you need to completely revamp your website every now and then, just that adding small improvements will over time help you build a great space for creating a strong brand and massaging that resonates with your target audience.

The Tools of the Graphics Design Trade, and Why Some Things Never Change

The more things change, the more they stay the same–or so it seems, at least in the graphics design trade.

Why Your Web Design Platform Really Needs To Be a Business Tool

Web design has never just been an easy to crack process, and has traditionally involved quite a few different pieces of software.

Get the Ball Rolling: Preparing Your Freelance Web Design Business

Nowadays, the internet has created a plethora of opportunities for individuals to make a living based on their passions, skills, and abilities.

Frequent Mistakes Graphic Designer Makes And How To Fix Them

In a world as competitive as Graphic Design it can be hard to get ahead. Having to vie for jobs, bid low and potentially work within strict deadlines are all troubles of the trade.

The Best Tools and Resources Available for Web Professionals

Are you on the lookout for the best tools and resources to help you with your work as a web professional?

15 Essential Graphics Tools for Online Designers

Great design is a process of hard work and inspiration. There are no shortcuts, but technology offers you plenty of tools to save time and increase productivity.

10 Reasons to be a Happy Designer Today (Hint: Freebies Inside!)

Sitting idle browsing through random channels on a Sunday? Why not take some time out to check out our 10 resourceful freebies that can be a saving grace for some (we promise it would be a lot and not just some) of your upcoming projects?

Graphic Design Can Make You Hate / Love a Brand: PayPal

If there’s one thing that can cause a brand to sink or swim it’s the design of its graphics, more specifically the style of a logo.

Introducing – A Crowd-Sourced Online Logo Maker

As a serial Internet entrepreneur, I have created countless logos for my new businesses. I hired professional logo design companies, launched logo design contests, and even tried online logo generators if I feel the logo I need is simple enough.

Be: Learn How to Spend Less Time on Each Web Design Project with Pre-Made Layouts

Don’t worry: you no longer have to outsource different parts of your web design projects. You can now transform your client’s project into reality by yourself, without coding, using a multi-purpose WordPress Theme.

Introducing Webdesigner News!

A new and exciting website has recently been launched for web designers and developers. You likely spend hours every morning browsing through hundreds of posts on your RSS feeds, hoping to stumble across relevant stories.

5 Tips on How Casino’s can Easily Improve their Websites

The online gaming industry is huge. I got pulled into it in 2009 by a friend of mine and haven’t looked back since.

Flip PDF Pro Redefines the Way you Build Flip Books

Ever had the ingenious idea of turning your PDF magazines, catalogs, brochures and photo albums into online flip books only to find that there wasn’t a super easy and affordable solution?

5 Tips for Creating a Stunning Business Card Design

No matter what kind of business/organisation you run, having a well-designed business card is critically important to your success.

Why Konica Minolta Printers Work Best For Your Creative Business

Printers often play an important role in a majority of businesses, whether you’re in an office or not, and it’s especially important to make sure you choose the right technology from the best suited supplier.

WixStores – Create your Online Store with

Introducing to you the latest offering from Wix, WixStores. People often times don’t understand why certain companies go out of their way to put their fingers into the eCommerce trade.