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Patricia Piccinini Redesigned A Human To Survive Car Accidents

What would it take to make car travel safe? Rather than waffle over where to put airbags, sculptor Patricia Piccinini redesigned a human who can withstand a standard road collision.  Piccinini's project yielded "Graham," an otherwise normal guy grotesquely reconfigured for maximum durability on the road.

Who Turned Conan O'Brien Into a Superhero for Comic-Con? A Look Inside Ironhead Studio

Of all the fields an ID skillset will allow you to enter, Hollywood movies might be one of the more fascinating.

Got an Idea for a Lego Set? Submit Your Design and Earn Royalties!

Last year Lego overtook Ferrari to become "The World's Most Powerful Brand," according to strategic consultancy Brand Finance.

A 2,900-Mile, Car-Free Bicycle Path Running from Maine to Florida is Underway

Remember Germany's Radschnellweg? That's a 100-kilometer cycleway that, once completed, will link nearly a dozen cities.

It's Always Happy Hour Somewhere! Somabar is the Robot Bartender We've Been Waiting For

Somabar is the world’s first app controlled robotic bartending appliance created for the home kitchen.

These Hand-Painted Leather Vessels Revive Tradition Through a Contemporary Aesthetic

Never Too Much is the name Swiss designers Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo gave to a series of leather bowls they created last year—a name that immediately suggests the wide-brimmed, candy-colored vessels are nothing short of just right.

This Week Explore a New Twist On a Corbusier Masterpiece, Kickstarter's Fun Fest and Two Very Different Coffee Competitions

Jumpstart your week with our insider's guide to events in the design world. From must-see exhibitions to insightful lectures and the competitions you need to know about—here's the best of what's going on, right now.

Design Job: Ball 'Till You Fall Working as the NBA's Senior Director of Advertising in New York, NY

The NBA is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Senior Director, Advertising. The Senior Director, Advertising will be responsible for leading the advertising, promotional and creative campaigns for the NBA, WNBA, D-League, and USA Basketball.

A Sundial That Lights Itself

Maarten de Ceulaer's striking Sundial Chandelier takes cues from both ancient time-tellers and astronomical bodies.

Adding Storage to a Bicycle, Improving Your Designs Mid-Project, How to Make Parts Fit Together, a Clever DIY Camera Dolly and More

Router Bit Storage and Mid-Project Modification This is a great example of designing on-the-fly and making adjustments when your first idea doesn't work out.

Why Headphones Aren't Just About Music Anymore and How Some Companies Are Profiting off of the Pokémon Go Craze

Core77's editors spend time combing through the news so you don't have to. Here's a weekly roundup of our favorite stories from the World Wide Web.  The New Science of Cute Kumamon is not a cartoon character or a brand icon, but he sure is giving Hello Kitty a run for her money.

What Are You Most Interested in Learning at the 2016 Core77 Conference?

The people have spoken.  With over 50% of the votes, the Core77 community responded to our first Twitter Poll about the 2016 Core77 Conference with a definitive answer to our question about what you want to learn at this year's event in September: More strategies about design and social change.

These Finalists Are Getting One Step Closer to the Core77 Conference

Designing Here/Now, Core77's annual conference, this year will explore how design-led co-creation can equip designers with strategies and tools for innovative new ways of working.

Check Out NYC's Redesigned Hi-Tech Subway Cars and Stations

For a so-called world capital, my hometown of NYC has a downright embarrassing subway system. We don't have the convenience of London's Oyster card, the beauty of Paris' stations, the tidiness of Tokyo's platforms.

Trace is an Action Sport Enthuthiast's BFF

Trace is a small, durable and sophisticated piece of action sports technology. It combines inertial sensors and GPS technology to give detailed information about users’ surfing, snowboarding, and skiing sessions.

How Icelandic Designer Hanna Whitehead Designs for Joy

There's certain designers whose design language you simply appreciate, even though you might not know what it is or how to use it.

Tesla Drops "Motors" from Name, Musk Reveals Central Point of Secret Master Plan

The true point of Elon Musk's "Secret Master Plan, Part Deux" is actually well beyond the vehicles we covered in our previous analyses.

A Backpack With Power... And A Face 

There's a lot of competition going for daily carry backpacks, and it's rare that a new design adds much to the field.

Design Job: "Google" This! Google is Hiring a Visual Designer in Mountain View, CA

Google is searching for a Visual Designer to create visual designs for Google products and features.View the full design job here

Need Some Beauty This Week? Watch These Dancers Walk Up Walls

No matter your country, background, taste in music, or political persuasion, 2016 continues to deliver disasters small and large.