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Nigel Langley Jr Lands Design Job at adidas' Brooklyn Creator Farm Through Instagram—At 17 Years Old

In many cases, the millennial generation has been forced to grow up way too fast, thanks to the ever-evolving social media phenomenon. What used to be back and forth AIM messages at 2AM while your parents sleeping has quickly morphed into full-fledged profiles aiming to show the world detailed versions of exactly who you are—or in many cases, who you aspire to be.  As a whole, millennials are characterized as self-absorbent, especially when it comes to online presence.

Holy Cow: Dubai Police Have a Freaking Hoverbike

Remember how Dubai's police department uses a fleet of supercars as their cruisers? Now the flashy force has added another head-turning vehicle: A Scorpion 3 hoverbike built by Russian company Hoversurf.

New Design for Sofa That Transforms Into Bunk Beds

You remember this couch that folds into bunk beds? That one, called the Doc, was featured in our most popular video of all time.

Design Job: Be at the Heart of Employee Experience as LUNAR Design's Professional Development Coordinator in San Fransisco, CA

LUNAR is an award-winning design firm that has spent 30+ years creating stand out product experiences, including everything from 360 degree cameras to DNA sequencers to ice cream scoops.

Turning Children's Sketches Into Architectural Renderings

British retailer asked a bunch of pre-teen kids to draw "what homes might look like in the future." The company then commissioned an illustrator to render them, and surprisingly, some of these don't look that far-fetched: Alannah, age 7, Woking This home features fluffy carpet walls, and its windows are made out of melted strawberry lollipops.

The New Materialism of the Home 

Modernist Studio focuses on strategy and design work for big brands. In working with these companies, we've seen a theme around "owning the consumer." Each company is fighting to become front and center in people's lives, with a particular focus on the home.

A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winners

A' Design Award & Competition, one of the most well-known international annual juried competitions for design, is currently accepting submissions for its next cycle.

Instead of Just Teaching Kids to Code, These Tiny Robots Aim to Naturally Build Passion for STEM Experiences

The robotics buzz may be endless, but it’s rare to see cutting-edge technologies come to market in a meaningful way.

Up Your Halloween Decorating Game With Downloadable Holograms

Let's face it: Last year your neighbor did a way better job with their Halloween decorations, making your lame cobwebs and un-scary zombie statue look inferior.

Improvised Survival Solution: Trapped by Santa Rosa Fire, Elderly Couple Submerges Themselves in Neighbor's Pool for Six Hours

The devastation of the fire that tore through Santa Rosa this month is hard to comprehend; entire neighborhoods have simply vanished.

Do You See These Sneakers as Teal and Grey, or Pink and White?

Take a look at this photo: What color are these shoes? I see teal and grey, and while many others do as well, apparently another chunk of the population sees these shoes as pink and white.

Design Job: Design Lift Trucks & Material Handling Equipment as an ID'er at The Raymond Corporation in Greene, NY

The Raymond Corporation, a part of Toyota Industries Corporation, has been a proud innovator of material handling solutions for more than 90 years—designing and building the best lift trucks and material handling equipment in the business.

Linda Jiang on Designing the Essential Smartphone at Just 27 Years Old

Having the opportunity to design a smartphone that will go straight to market in under two years sounds like a daydream you'd have during an endless design school critique.

Reader Submitted: Gantri 3D Prints Table Lights Designed by Independent Designers Across the Globe

Gantri fuses 3D printing with design to create inspired table lights created by independent designers from all around the world.

Casio Designs Dastardly Line of "Perfect Selfie Cameras" That Are Selling Like Hotcakes

While the French government has decreed that retouched photos must be labeled, in hopes of reducing eating disorders, Casio is going in the opposite direction.

How Can North Korea Possibly Build Nukes? Because They Have 15,000 CNC Machines

Constructing a nuclear missile requires access to precision manufacturing techniques. Isolated North Korea, saddled as it is with poverty, starvation and maniacal leadership, is not known as a manufacturing powerhouse.

Here's a Trick Old-School Photographers Used to Figure Out Other Photographers' Lighting Set-Ups

Here's a fascinating trick a professional, old-school film photographer once told me: In the days before digital retouching, he said, a photographer's personal repertoire of lighting techniques were closely guarded secrets.

Idea For a Super-Compact Laptop Design: Use Spinning LED "Fans" As the Screen

The thing that dictates the precise size of every laptop is the screen. Pixels are relayed to us through a static piece of glass, and we carry this rectangle around with us.

Reader Submitted: BeamCNC Works with Common Materials to Help Produce Grid Beam Projects 

BeamCNC is a CNC mill originally developed for making a construction system called Grid Beam, but it can also perform custom tasks via gcode files.

Furniture Designers: Here's a Very Cool Feature to Add to a Desk

As someone with a messy desk, I so want this feature added to it: This desk was designed and built by Rob Day and Jeremy Kehoe, whose firm was called Carroll Street Woodworkers.