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Booze Truck: A Citröen Type H that Comes with an On-Board Bartender

While food trucks are all over NYC, and the cocktail trend continues to spread across the city, we've never seen anyone combine the two and create a Booze Truck.

A Brief History of Citröen, Part 3: World's First Food Truck Borrows Production Methods from the Luftwaffe

As the Nazis occupied France and commandeered production at the Citröen factory, Citröen's design team was still secretly working on their own projects.

In the Details: A Children's Backpack That Incorporates Toys—and Can Become a Toy Itself

While studying abroad in Denmark during the fall of 2013, Meg Czaja toured Lego Headquarters and was disappointed with what she saw.

Lasers, Fire, Robots: Igniting the STEAM Generation - Two Bit Circus to Host Carnival in Los Angeles, October 25-26

Right now the buzz term in education is STEM, which is composed of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Mobile Interface Design: "Thumb Zones" for the new iPhones

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus roll out today, and uptake will be massive. In addition to the insane sidewalk lines you'll shortly see on the news, Apple has racked up a staggering 4 million pre-orders.

Moments of Truth in Designing a Differentiated Product

Advertorial content sponsored by Dassault Systemes "The MP3 player wasn't a new thing when the iPod came out, nor was the iPhone the first smart phone," observes John Maeda, Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and former president of the Rhode Island School of Design.

London Design Festival 2014: The First Law of Kipple

When it comes to week long festivals of design, it is often off the beaten track and around the fringes—at a safe distance from the frantic hype and clamouring furniture brands—that you find the most interesting things going on.

Bags Designed for Designers

Design students face the same challenge as many other students and professionals: how to best carry the materials and tools needed on a day-to-day basis.

The Human Hamster Wheel Standing Desk Treadmill

We previously covered industrial designer Robb Godshaw's work here and here, and now the self-described "interactive artist, tinkerer and designer" has created something blogworthy yet again.

The Un-School of Disruptive Design Kicks Off Their Fall Program with a Bash at the AIGA National Design Center

It's always interesting to revisit past Core77 Design Awards honorees and learn what they've been up to since then—while we'd certainly be flattered if a C77DA honor was a designer's greatest accomplishment, we hope that they continue to grow and explore.

A Brief History of Citröen, Part 2: The 2CV - Designed in the 1930s, Built Until the 1990s!

Part 1: Ignoring War and Sabotaging Nazis on Their Way to Producing Funky, Iconic Cars Do you think it was harder, or easier to design cars when your main competition was horses and carriages?

London Design Festival 2014: Lee Broom launches 'Nouveau Rebel'

Lee Broom opened doors at his Shoreditch studio last night to launch an opulent new collection of lighting and objects under the tongue in cheek title, 'Nouveau Rebel.' Recognized on the design scene for his contemporary twists on classics and high-end finishes (see his Crystal Bulbs from 2012) Broom's collection this year shows some creative and incredibly crafted use of marble—thin tubes of the stuff, for example, making even strip lighting look swanky.

As Scotland Votes for Independence, Will the Design of the British Flag Change?

Tomorrow Scotland will hold a historic vote on whether to break away from the United Kingdom or not. Never mind the social, political, economic ramifications of secession—if the Scots bail out, there will be a bit of a graphic design problem to address.

A Look at Materials for Additive Manufacturing (a.k.a. 3D Printing)

If you are a fresh industrial design student, you'll most likely have your first try at 3D printing this semester or this year.

A Brief History of Citröen, Part 1: Ignoring War and Sabotaging Nazis on Their Way to Producing Funky, Iconic Cars

The key characteristic of a Military-Industrial Complex is that armaments manufacturers want wars to keep going, so that they can keep making profits.

London Design Festival 2014: Highlights from LDF14 at the V&A

With festivities now in full swing, first stop for many (us included) on the London Design Festival trail is a whiz 'round the various goings-on at the illustrious Victoria & Albert Museum in the city's Brompton district.

Peering Into the Future of Design Education (and Design in General): Five Key Insights From Our ID-Centric 11-Part Interview Series

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Photos by Kyle Oldfield, winner of our design school photo contest Yesterday we published the last installment of our D-School Futures series, in which we interviewed the chairs of 11 leading industrial design programs about the evolution of ID education.

How Can Adding Bike Lanes Actually Improve the Flow of Car Traffic, While Increasing Overall Safety? In Two Words, Clever Design

As someone recently introduced to regular bicycling by Citi Bike, New York's bicycle share program, I love bike lanes.

If You Have a Global Perspective on Fashion and Style, The Rockport Company Wants to Hire You

The Rockport Company is seeking a Men's Footwear Designer with a global perspective on fashion, performance and lifestyle trends who will be responsible for the ideation of new concepts and the creation of compelling footwear designs that reflect Rockport's unique heritage of product innovation, style and comfort.

This Isn't Your Average Lighting Fixture

, a high-speed optical Internet service provider in Japan, has created what may be the best commercial I've ever seen.