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This Week in Booze-Based Designs: Liquor-Loaded Shoes, a Moustache Protector and a DIY Whiskey Flight Server

The holiday season is when we start seeing some wacky promotional products, and this first one's a cake-taker.

In the Details: Building the Perfect Spork

When Micah Baclig embarked on his senior degree project at the Rhode Island School of Design last year, he wanted to create an object that spoke to the ideals of our modern society.

Hand-Eye Holiday Hits: Tosa Kitchen Knives

These beautiful and affordable chefs' knives are hot off the presses in Tosa, Japan and ready to head straight into the hot mess of your kitchen.

Rectangular Expandable Table Designs

We've seen the design approaches taken by Jupe and Fletcher to create a circular expanding table. Now let's take a look at the more common table form factor, the rectangle, and some different approaches used to make it expandable.

Only Three Days Left to Kickstart "Design for People"!

Scott Stowell's Design for People was one of our Gift Guide picks this year, by way of Etsy Creative Director Randy Hunt.

Pforzheim Design Students and Hankook Tire Team Up for Futuristic Wheel Concepts

It's time again for Hankook Tire's biennial design school team-up, where they task ID students with developing futuristic tire concepts.

Christmas, Handmade in China: A Photo Essay

This post includes photos and an excerpt from the original photoessay Christmas, Handmade in China by designer Gemma Lord for Make Works.

Core77 Obtains Exclusive Star Wars Script Explaining Millennium Falcon Design Discrepancy!

With all of the hullabaloo over the new lightsaber design, fans may have missed another important detail in the trailer for the new Star Wars movie.

Soaragami Aims to Be a Friendlier Version of the Knee Defender, For Your Other Mid-Limb Joint

Owners of the Knee Defender may be able to purchase a companion device next year, albeit one from a different company.

Michael Bierut Gives His First-Ever "Slide-Free" Lecture at MFA Products of Design

Michael Bierut, certainly one of the most insightful and entertaining design lecturers there are, visited the MFA Products of Design department at SVA last month with a talk that was unprecedented for him: No slides.

Shredder Design, for Function and Fashion

Photo: Rainy Day Magazine Professional organizers will tell you that any papers with confidential information should either be shredded or taken to a shredding service (or perhaps composted).

Holiday Pop-Ups Galore: Your Guide to Last-Minute Shopping in NYC

In the broad spirit of co-working spaces and the sharing economy, 'tis the season for the retail manifestation of nimble business practices: namely, the ever-popular holiday pop-up shop.

Procrastinating Present-Givers: Hand-Eye Has You Covered

Deadlines are drawing nearer to make your loved ones even dearer! If you haven't had time or inspiration for those last folks on your lists, it's not too late.

Bass-Ackwards: Civilians to Get Humvees, Terrorists Using U.S. Civilian Cars

The U.S. Army announced that starting today, a batch of decommissioned Humvees are going to be auctioned off to the general public for the very first time.

At Beretta, Robots and Italian Craftsmen Working Side-by-Side

What a five-axis CNC mill can do fascinates me as much as what a craftsman from Brescia can. And at their production facility in Gardone Val Trompia, firearms manufacturer Beretta has both, working in tandem to create their high-quality firearms.

Man's Best Friend Gets Man's Best Technology: 3D-Printed Prosthetic Limbs for Disabled Dogs

Derby the dog could be considered unlucky, born as he was with stunted, non-functioning front legs that lack paws.

Ryan Higley's Self-Assembling Basement!

There are makers with video cameras like Matthias Wandel, who can show us things like his crazy motorized scaffold being built.

Jerry Seinfeld Nails Consumerism

It's a sad fact, but true, that most of us industrial designers know the feeling of working on something that we don't care about.

Hand-Eye Holiday Hits: Limited Edition Clampersand

Tough editors and refined designers can be hard to shop for, but we made it easy. Get your favorite typography-lover an extra glam Clampersand!

Woodworking by Tron? Filling Wood Voids with Photoluminescent Resin

In our series on Beetle Kill Pine, we showed you how some designers are trying to find useful functions for undesireable, fungus-damaged wood.