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Auto Design Notes on the Tesla X SUV

This is the first in a series bi-weekly posts dedicated to examining design details in new vehicles. Tesla's march into new segments continues.

Ding Hopes to Solve the Modern Problem of Traditional Doorbells

In some instances, the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" just doesn't cut it; this is perhaps most true for designers.

Designing a Full Line of Cosmetics for a Company with a Quirky Personality

Benefit is well known for being a champion of beautiful brows everywhere. Having already established a global network of brick and mortar brow bars, the next step was to create a complete line of products that provide all of the tools needed to master the eyebrow.

Design Job: Fight for Design—Design Army is Seeking a Senior Designer in Washington, DC

We are looking for the best creatives in the world to join our team in Washington DC. Design Army seeks an innovative senior designer that can concept, lead, and design at the highest creative levels imaginable.

The Tricky Art of Martian Globe Making

Maps and globes have been valuable commodities since we figured out how to make them, but not all maps get the full globe treatment.

Leather Turntables, Yea or Nay?

I once had a certain famous designer as a tirade-prone ID professor. One time, a student presented an object that was typically made of wood, but instead he'd fabricated it out of metal.

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Harry Potter Themed Festival, Wizarding Weekend

Commonly touted as one of the best college towns—or places to retire—Ithaca, NY has had its fair share of press.

Brilliant, Low-Tech Design for Pain-Free Injections

This is the best of what design has to offer: A simple, presumably inexpensive device that easily solves a problem millions of people have through brilliant mastery of materials and form.

A Hyper Minimal Track Bike Inspired By Lamborghini

I might be the wrong person to ask for opinions on concept bikes, since I prefer bicycles that ride well first and look futuristic second.

Reader Submitted: MOJUHLER is Basically Life-Sized LEGOs For Your Home

Nearly 12 million tons of furniture is sent to U.S. landfills each year. MOJUHLER believes their new modular furniture system can reduce that number.

DING Promises to Solve the Modern Problem of Traditional Doorbells

In some instances, the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" just doesn't cut it; this is perhaps most true for designers.

Stargazing in Autumn... Or in the Mail

It's late October, the internet is in peril, the political world is a tiring tire fire, and it's getting cold and crappy outside.

Design Job: Look Into the Future as Topology Eyewear's Lead Product Designer in San Francisco, CA

Topology Eyewear is an early-stage fashion tech startup in San Francisco, designing and manufacturing custom eyewear.

A Drone on its Own: Using AI to Design and Fly a UAV

Someday in the not-too-distant future, a drone designed by a computer will be flown by a computer. That's Eli D'Elia's dream.  It's a dream he's working to make a reality by partnering with Autodesk to design the Hooligan 1000, among the first entrants in the newly emerging 1,000 mm drone racing class.

Flotspotting: Simon Williamson's Fantastical Vehicle Concepts

Simon Williamson is an ID professor at the Wentworth Institute of Technology. The fact that has chosen to educate the next generation of designers when, with his skill set, he could easily be doing entertainment design in Hollywood, a la Daniel Simon, or concept design for a major automaker, is laudable.

Nintendo's Switch: A Mobile Gaming Unit With a Social Design

It's been a while since Nintendo launched the monster hit that was the Wii. Can the company innovate on that scale again?

Cool Concepts For Phone Accessories

Andrew Walla's slick product concepts for phone accessory brand, Olka, have me crankily googling where I can buy them.  Hint: you can't yet.

Brush Better With Goby

Goby is a NYC based startup looking to revolutionize the oral care industry. They came to Prime Studio because of our proven track record of successfully working with startups.

Retrospective of the Multi-Creative Bugatti Family Opens at the Petersen

1900 Throne by Carlo Bugatti in vellum, wood, metal Talk about winning the creative gene jackpot. Giovanni Bugatti, born in 1823, was an artisan and stonemason.

17 Dutch Design Week Events to See This Week

Dutch Design Week is officially in full swing this week. With hundreds of design events happening throughout The Netherlands, it's difficult to narrow the list down to a reasonable amount.