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Łód&#378 Design Festival 2014: 'Terma' Radiator Design Competition

Although Poland might not currently rank too highly in the Top Design Nations List (that I've just made up), our experiences in Poland at Łódź Design Festival show many promising signs of local manufacturers keen to collaborate with the country's emerging generation of design talent.

Jacmel, a Leader in the Jewelry Industry, is Looking For a Junior Production Artist-Packaging Designer in NYC

For almost 40 years, Jacmel has revolutionized the way that popular priced jewelry is merchandised and marketed in this country with its innovative packaging and in-store marketing campaigns.

Design Week Portland Recap: Highlights, Lowlights and Dorky Delights

With three years under its belt, Design Week Portland is starting to take on a clear character. With a central theme as broad (bordering on meaningless) as 'design,' it's natural that every city and organizing body will produce a distinct festival.

Watch the Living Room Evolve Over 100 Years

Sure, it's an advertisement, but if we're going to have goods hawked at us, this is how we'd prefer it be done.

Tonight at Curiosity Club: Niko Courtelis presents 'Stamps Ate My Brain'

Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply's Curiosity Club we get tiny, tacky and passionate as we hear Niko Courtelis present the talk "Stamps Ate My Brain." 6pm Pacific at the new Hand-Eye Supply location, or streaming online on the CC page.

Inventables Launches 3D Carving Machine on Kickstarter, Reaches Funding Target in Minutes!

These are exciting times for those looking to get into digital fabrication, as the technology really is starting to trickle down.

Łód&#378 Design Festival 2014: 'Algaemy' Blonde & Bieber

A key event of the Łódź Design Festival is the international design competition Make Me! showcasing work of up-and-coming talent from Poland, Europe and the rest of the world.

Brilliant Design Thinking: Boyan Slat's Solution for Ridding the Ocean of Plastic Waste

We all know the oceans are filled with plastic waste, and we've seen the horrific photos of dead animals that have ingested the stuff.

How to Draw a Perfect Circle

Drawing is about muscle control, and muscle control comes from reps. Which is why Professor Gary, our Drawing teacher at ID school had us draw hundreds, then thousands, of cubes in perspective.

Łód&#378 Design Festival 2014: 'Brave Fixed World' Fixhub Prototype

With London Design Festival having wrapped up only a couple of weeks ago, we headed over this week over to the other LDF in Łódź, Poland.

Design Week Portland: Sweet Student Work at U of O

Portland is a solidly 2D town. We do great graphics, our branding is beautiful, and the interactive design coming out of here is innovative and interesting.

Designing for the Medical Device Industry: The Future - Connected Health

Advertorial content sponsored by Dassault Systèmes The AliveCor heart monitor is the first FDA-cleared device to let patients monitor their heart rhythm through a smart phone, enabling cost-efficient, timely diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias for those at risk.

A 'Business Card' for Norway & More On the Business of Modern Banknotes

At top: Designed by Snøhetta, the reverse sides of all five denominations of Norwegian kroners form a continuous pattern; above: A proposed redesign of the U.S.

Change the Way Shoes Are Made Forever as a 3D Footwear Engineer with Feetz

In Chattanooga, TN, Feetz is challenging the most basic elements of the footwear industry. Mass Manufacturing is dead. Has His Finger on the Puls

Last we wrote about Black Eyed Peas' irrepressible frontman, he was dispensing nuggets of wisdom about logo design; earlier this year, he debuted a smartwatch on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, which he unveiled in earnest this week at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

One Motor to Rule Them All: The Troy-Bilt FLEX Line of Modular Outdoor Maintenance Equipment

If you live in a rural area with four seasons, you know that maintaining your property is a lot of work requiring a lot of tools.

In the Details: Building a Cardboard Surfboard

If you have ever shipped mass quantities of products worldwide, it's likely that you've worked with a packing solutions company.

Video #1: 'Why I'm Studying ID.'Video #2: 'Why I Quit Studying ID.'

This young student's name, country of origin, and the specific design school she attended are not important.

This Week in Aerial Imagery: Top-Down Typography and Killer Whalewatching

L: ABC Dataset Samples; R: Photo credit: NOAA, Vancouver Aquarium. We've long been enamored with the Eames' Powers of Ten short film, which is as much an introduction to aerial photography as it is to the math behind astronomy and biology.

More Pre-ID Design History: The Ingenious Louden Hay Carrier

The invention of a man named William Louden is a great example of industrial design in the era before the term "industrial design" was invented.