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Core77 Introduces DiResta's Cut, Episode 01

Most of you have seen a Jimmy DiResta video by now.  As 220,000 subscribers agree, it's fun watching him turn piles of wood, metal, plastic, leather, etc.

Ten July 4th Ideas for Your Most Inspired Festivities 

Happy Fourth of July! As we salute our fine nation, most of us will partake in at least a couple of the activities that define this summer holiday: a little bit of BBQ, maybe a day trip to the beach, and probably, whether on a screen or live, we'll watch some fireworks.

Your Car is Probably More (or Less) American Than You Think

Every year on Independence Day, millions of Americans tackle the same series of questions: Where can I go to see the fireworks?

Japanese Bathrooms are Designed Really Differently From Western Ones

As an American living in Japan for a year, I expected the apartments to be smaller. What I didn't expect were the functional design differences in living styles.

Volvo's New Child Seating Design: Safer for the Child, More Ergonomic for the Parents

A few months ago, we showed you a Volvo concept where the designers ripped the front passenger seat out and replaced it with a multifunctional cabinet.

How Bicycles Can Stay Balanced by Themselves

Of all the mean-spirited games we played as children in the '70s, perhaps none was more cruel than the "Coastie" or "Ghostie." (I was never clear on what the correct title was, both made sense.) It consisted of you being pushed off of your bike, and the other kids picking it up, setting it on two wheels, and firing it down a hill to see how long it would stay balanced before crashing into something or falling over.

Organizing the Silverware When There Isn't a Drawer

TITLE: Organizing the Silverware When There Isn't a Drawer SUBTITLE: Cutlery caddies to the rescue We've talked about tools for organizing a silverware drawer.

Tupperware's Ripcord-Based, No-Electricity-Required Food Processor

I cook three nights a week out of necessity and I hate it. I am a horrible cook. The prep work takes me forever, and I lack the patience and dexterity to chop, dice or mince vegetables into consistent sizes.

8 Visions of the Future of Transportation Design from RCA

True to form, the RCA's 2015 MA Automotive Design show featured some challenging abstract concepts that shun outright technical feasibility for provocation of thought.

The Transforming Cubrick Cabinet Comes from "Chaos Technique"

What would the Fletcher Capstan Table look like if it wasn't a table at all, but a storage cabinet? It would probably be this: That's the Cubrick, the result of a collaboration between industrial designer Cairn Young and cabinet maker Ian Spencer.

The MIMIC Wall: Rethinking the Workplace

From standing desks to open plans, the modern workplace has become a leading site for design innovation, swapping the generic office structure of past decades for more flexible and friendly alternatives.

Three Ways to Identify Different Wood Types

When the wine shop across the street from me packed up to move, I saw a new dumpster out front and a huge stack of empty wooden wine cases inside the store.

Ultimate Product Testing: Toyota Employees Take Massive Five-Continent Roadtrip

In a bid to better understand how their vehicle technologies hold up in real-world conditions, Toyota has launched the Five Continents Driving Project, whereby they send their engineers on epic road trips through varied terrain.

SALt : A Lamp That Runs on Salt and Water

During a recent trip to the Philippines, I had the great pleasure to encounter some amazing people working within the fields of social innovation and development.

Yea or Nay on These Edge-Guided Scissors?

More than a few press outlets have called this product design a "genius" invention, but it's left me scratching my head.

FormLabs Creates New "Tough Resin" for 3D Printing

Formlabs are continuing to create new resins for their Form 1 3D printer. Last year they rolled out their Functional Resins in "Flexible" and "Castable" flavors, and this year they're adding "Tough Resin" to the line-up.

Incase's Moses Aipa on Bridging the Gap Between Product and Graphics

Name: Moses Aipa Occupation: VP of brand and creative at Incase Location: Southern California Current projects: We have a ton of things going on right now.

Alternative Early Traffic Signal Designs

A traffic light is designed to provide three pieces of information: Red, yellow and green. But a subset of impatient drivers want more information.

Save the Date! The Core77 Conference Comes to LA October 23, 2015

Save the date, folks! Our second annual Core77 Conference is happening on October 23rd, 2015 at the beautiful Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles.

A Table Saw that Flips Over to Become a Miter Saw

During Core77's Festool trip in Germany, our hosts brought us to a massive power tool dealership and showroom called Miller Maschinen und Werkzeug (Miller Machine and Tool).