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Redesigning Business at the 2014 AIGA Gain Conference

Following the pre-conference workshops on Wednesday, this year's GAIN Conference was in full swing in NYC today, bringing together a great lineup of thinkers and doers to address the idea of redesigning business from a wide range of perspectives (hence the "Design and Business" moniker).

Working with Your Hands, Full-Scale: Hank Butitta's Bus-to-Tiny-House Conversion

Like the vlogger in "Why I Quit Studying Industrial Design," Hank Butitta found himself dissatisfied with his chosen course of study.

Designing for an Organized Garage, Part 2: Using the Walls

Garages protect our cars, serve as our workspaces—and often store an amazing amount of stuff. Making the most of garage space, for yourself or for an end-user, might mean using the ceiling, but it might also mean using the walls.

A Look Inside The New Hand-Eye Supply

Hand-Eye Supply has leveled up! After realizing we were rapidly outgrowing our small Chinatown space, we had a choice: find a bigger rental, or walk our DIY talk with an ambitious project of our own.

HP Inc.'s Sprout Computer to Feature a New Type of Interaction Design

HP making magic? Earlier this month it was reported that Hewlett-Packard was breaking up into two companies.

Łód&#378 Design Festival 2014: Zieta 'Hot Pin' demonstration

You're likely familiar with Polish designer Oskar Zieta—if only for his 2010 'Chippensteel' chair and other inflated steel furniture, often spotted in glistening chrome or copper.

Making the World Smile Begins With You When You Work For Hasbro in Burbank, California

Hasbro does more than create some of the world's most beloved brands. They are a global, fast-moving and innovative company where employees have the freedom to think big, lead bravely and achieve success.

Desktop CNC Milling: How to Install a Bit and How to 'Zero' a Bit[Core77 ShopBot Series, Episode 03]

The ShopBot Desktop CNC mill can perform a variety of cutting tasks in a variety of materials, all depending on what kind of bit you're using.

A Kickstarted Hoverboard! With a Catch

With a lot of folks buying the Back to the Future 2 hoverboard prank earlier this year, it's no surprise that a purportedly real hoverboard just got funded on Kickstarter.

Book to the Future: The 'TBD Catalog' Extrapolates on the Way We Live Now (and Ever After)

As an industrial design publication, we publish both hypothetical and extant products; as such, we receive a fair share of inquiries, via e-mail or comments, from net noobs about the possibility of ordering these products.

Łód&#378 Design Festival 2014: 'Terma' Radiator Design Competition

Although Poland might not currently rank too highly in the Top Design Nations List (that I've just made up), our experiences in Poland at Łódź Design Festival show many promising signs of local manufacturers keen to collaborate with the country's emerging generation of design talent.

Jacmel, a Leader in the Jewelry Industry, is Looking For a Junior Production Artist-Packaging Designer in NYC

For almost 40 years, Jacmel has revolutionized the way that popular priced jewelry is merchandised and marketed in this country with its innovative packaging and in-store marketing campaigns.

Design Week Portland Recap: Highlights, Lowlights and Dorky Delights

With three years under its belt, Design Week Portland is starting to take on a clear character. With a central theme as broad (bordering on meaningless) as 'design,' it's natural that every city and organizing body will produce a distinct festival.

Watch the Living Room Evolve Over 100 Years

Sure, it's an advertisement, but if we're going to have goods hawked at us, this is how we'd prefer it be done.

Tonight at Curiosity Club: Niko Courtelis presents 'Stamps Ate My Brain'

Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply's Curiosity Club we get tiny, tacky and passionate as we hear Niko Courtelis present the talk "Stamps Ate My Brain." 6pm Pacific at the new Hand-Eye Supply location, or streaming online on the CC page.

Inventables Launches 3D Carving Machine on Kickstarter, Reaches Funding Target in Minutes!

These are exciting times for those looking to get into digital fabrication, as the technology really is starting to trickle down.

Łód&#378 Design Festival 2014: 'Algaemy' Blonde & Bieber

A key event of the Łódź Design Festival is the international design competition Make Me! showcasing work of up-and-coming talent from Poland, Europe and the rest of the world.

Brilliant Design Thinking: Boyan Slat's Solution for Ridding the Ocean of Plastic Waste

We all know the oceans are filled with plastic waste, and we've seen the horrific photos of dead animals that have ingested the stuff.

How to Draw a Perfect Circle

Drawing is about muscle control, and muscle control comes from reps. Which is why Professor Gary, our Drawing teacher at ID school had us draw hundreds, then thousands, of cubes in perspective.

Łód&#378 Design Festival 2014: 'Brave Fixed World' Fixhub Prototype

With London Design Festival having wrapped up only a couple of weeks ago, we headed over this week over to the other LDF in Łódź, Poland.