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Seattle Artist Creates Sidewalk Messages That Only Appear When It Rains

Remember Green Street Media's no-spraypaint-necessary sidewalk advertising? To refresh your memory, the UK-based firm exploited the filthy nature of sidewalks by placing a stencil over them and blasting them with a pressure washer.

Organizing with Desktop Files

Desktop file holders work well for quick and easy access to the files a user needs most often—usually active files for bills, work in progress, etc.

This Man Designs and Makes a New Spoon Every Day

Which do you think is trickier: Dreaming up a form for an entirely new sort of object, or re-imagining an established form factor?

A History of the Arcade and the Arcade Goer

In 1867, Victor Fournel published a work in which he described the flâneur as (translated roughly) the image of the public, of the city, the antipathies and admirations of the crowd, public esprit; basically the figurehead of contemporary urban experience.

How to Make a Plastic Mallet—Using Milk Jugs and a Toaster Oven

Maker Peter Brown wanted a plastic mallet, but rather than buy one, decided to make one himself—using whatever he had lying around, no plastic-handling equipment in sight.

Frank Howarth's Self-Assembling Table Saw

For those of you that own table saws, have you ever had to take yours apart? I'm not talking about swapping out the blade, I mean actually getting inside the machine and removing parts to perform maintenance.

Kick-Ass TIE Fighter Short Animation

G-Force and Robotech were revolutionary in the animation world, and mind-blowing to those of us raised in the '70s and '80s.

If You Missed the Regular Deadline, Don't Worry. There's Still Time to Enter the 2015 Core77 Awards!

We get it. Things happen. Work piles up. Free time gets stolen by unexpected occasions and visitors. If, for whatever reason, you didn't catch the Regular Deadline for the Core77 Design Awards yesterday, don't worry.

LiquiGlide No-Stick Bottle Coating is Finally Happening

Consumer Reports once tested various bottles to see how much product is actually left when we consider it "empty." The results were shocking: Up to 13% of toothpaste, 15% of condiments, 16% of detergent and a whopping 25% of hand lotion gets thrown out with the bottle, as consumers find it too difficult to evacuate the rest.

Magnificent Fortress in Normandy Transforms Into an Island Every 18 Years

This is Le Mont Saint-Michel, a monastery in Normandy that's over 1,200 years old. The interior looks like something out of Game of Thrones.

Tonight at Curiosity Club: Michael Madigan of KitchenCru

Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply's Curiosity Club we're thrilled to feature Michael Madigan, a local heavyweight in the conscientious food community!

Holy Cow: OK Go Does a Commercial for a Chinese Furniture Brand

Content guidelines be damned, we always feel compelled to post OK Go's music videos because they're just so damned creative.

Ineke Hans on Designing Products That Are Clean, Clear and Clever

Name: Ineke Hans Occupation: Industrial designer Location: Arnhem, the Netherlands Current projects: We recently launched two new products: the Drawer Table for the Dutch brand Arco, and the Aline bar stool for the Swedish company Johanson.

For Microapartments and Tiny Houses, a Multifunctional Kitchen Sink

As microapartments and tiny houses continue to trend, we've seen all manner of beds that fold out and furniture that transforms into something else.

Can a Huge Tabletop Tablet Bring Families Together Again?

My local coffeeshops are all filled with people, none of them talking to each other; they're all staring into individual smartphones, tablets or laptop screens.

Nendo's Innovative Suitcase Re-design

The last time we looked at a suitcase redesign, it proved to be a smash success: The Trunkster was seeking $50,000 in crowdsourced funding and netted nearly $1.4 million.

Mike Basich Goes Off-Grid in Style

At his peak, professional snowboarder Mike Basich was clocking $170,000 a year, enough to get himself into a 4,000-square-foot house he ultimately discovered he didn't need.

Guns, Plastic and Baroque Furniture

Looking around your home or office—or anywhere, really—it's extraordinarily likely that you posses something constructed of a plastic polymer.

An Historic Reopening For Portland's Oldest Art School

This week a single grand opening ushered in a new life for two Portland, OR institutions. The Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) opened the doors of its new home in the beautifully restored and updated Federal Post Office building, now known as the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design.

How to Create the Perfect Core77 Design Awards Entry

Did you know that the regular deadline for the 2015 Core77 Design Awards is this Tuesday, at 9pm Eastern?