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Marc Newson Designs Follow-Up to Beretta's 486 Parallelo Shotgun

When shotguns fire "shot"—a multitude of small pellets as opposed to a singular slug—the wielder gets "a good spread" with a single pull of the trigger.

Sam Jacob on His New Design Studio, the Demise of FAT Architecture, and 'the Long-Term Benefits of Messing Around'

This is the latest installment of our Core77 Questionnaire. Previously, we talked to Brad Ascalon. Name: Sam Jacob Occupation: I'm the principal of Sam Jacob Studio, a design, architecture and urbanism practice based in London.

Open Toys by Paris's Le FabShop: Saving Plastic... Wasting Vegetables?

It's about this time of year that you start to see stall owners gearing up for Christmas in the local high street markets in East London—every inch of wall and ceiling space weighed down with yet more shining dancing Psy action figures, Angry Bird backpacks and fluorescent loom-band kits.

Designing for a More Creative Apocalypse

It's that time of the year. Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, it's growing cold and bleak. Though you may be beginning to think of snowy holiday cheer, delicious food roasting amid family and attractive gifts, I have a better option.

Design Partners in Dublin Want You to Be Their New Model Maker and Creator

If you are naturally creative and express yourself through fluent craft and hand work rather than through a computer, Design Partners in Dublin has a very exciting new opportunity for an innovator and prototype maker who is ready to broaden the fluency and creative output of their model shop.

From High-Speed Bug Removal to Hydration, F1 Helmets Have a Crazy Amount of Design in Them

Imagine you're a Formula One driver doing 240 m.p.h. when a bug slams into your helmet's visor. By chance the smear is directly in front of the pupil of your dominant eye, and this obstruction of your vision is enough to cost you the race (and maybe much more).

Come 2016, You'll Be Able to Charge Your Phone in 30 Seconds

Last week I upgraded my cracked-screen iPhone 4S... with a 5S. I think the iPhone 6 is pretty, but it's simply too big for me.

MFA Products of Design: Open House Video & 14 Reasons to Apply

If you missed last week's Open House/Info Session at the MFA in Products of Design at SVA, the videos have been posted online.

Wack Hacking: You've Been Doing Lifehacks COMPLETELY WRONG!

It's easy to hate those lists of obviously untested "lifehacks" and bluetooth-strapped "innovations," but if you do nothing to combat them aren't you effectively condoning them?

Gaza Parkour: A Positive Ripple Effect Amongst the Ruins

Yasser Fathi Qudih Some projects can create a surprisingly extensive ripple effect. They can inspire the creation of new projects or light a spark of curiosity within a single individual.

The Johnson & Johnson's Global Surgery Group Needs a Talented Industrial Designer in Cincinnati

With annual sales of $11 billion, the Johnson & Johnson Global Surgery Group is the world's largest, most innovative surgical company.

Visually Arresting GIFs and Next-Level Cinemagraphs

It was on the photography-based PetaPixel website that I first heard of what are called cinemagraphs.

In the Details: Bringing the Classic Leather Armchair Into the 21st Century

When Poltrona Frau turned one hundred in 2012, the Italian furniture maker decided it was time to rethink its classic armchair, which had been around since the very beginning.

Big Ass Lights: How Direct Sales Can Lead to Better Product Design

We've periodically covered Big Ass Fans (here and here), the Kentucky-based company that shrewdly changed their name from High Volume Low Speed Fan Company.

Clever DIY Solution for Sorting Loose Hardware

I'm cheap, so I save all hardware and fasteners that aren't bent out of shape or stripped. As I disassemble one DIY project and prepare to move on to the next, all of the old screws and such go into the sad "system" you see below, a collection of plastic containers.

VetiGel: A Plant-Based Polymer That Stops Bleeding in Seconds

I once got stabbed in the head with a wooden knife. It was an accident that occurred during a martial arts training exercise.

Decorate Cookies Like a Pro This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, there's something about being a creative industry professional that makes you a prime target for delegation of certain tasks requiring an appreciation for the visual and delicate hand-eye coordination.

Designing for Gift-Giving: Consumables

As a professional organizer, I often recommend that gift-givers consider consumables—things that will get used up, and won't become clutter.

World Against Toys Causing Harm, the Watchdog Org Trying to Keep Toy Design Safe

When children fall victim to a gunman, that generates press interest. But the media being what it is, eleven children dying because of a toy does not get much ink.

Expectations and Empathy: The Future of Product Design

A "product" today is rarely just physical, but consumers' expectations for meaningful product experiences are greater than ever.