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Another Table Design Inspired by Natural Bodies of Water

Do you remember Greg Klassen's River Collection of tables? To refresh your memory, the Pacific-Northwest-based craftsman used two slabs with live edges to make one tabletop—but he flipped the live edges over to the inside.

Google's AI Has Conquered Tetris. Next Up? The World.

Let’s say you met a caveman and wanted to teach him Tetris. How would you go about it? You and the caveman would probably sit down on a couch one afternoon and, after a perfunctory description of the rules, just start playing.

Production Methods: How to Turn a Flat Metal Disc into a Bottle-Necked Scuba Tank

Plastic bottles are made by blow-molding, a beautiful, elegant process that can create a full-bodied shape with a narrow little neck.

Tools That Change the Way We Design & Build: Jory Brigham on the Festool Domino's In-Shop Impact

In our Introduction to the Festool Domino piece, we discussed the tool's design and listed some examples of the public response to it.

Tech Specs: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

This is the third of our ten Tech Specs interviews. Previously, we talked to Local Projects' Paul Hoppe.

The Real Smart City

The Smart City is a huge, vague and ubiquitous idea. The phrase—so insistent yet so slippery—suggests a way we can understand how cities work and how we might get them to work better.

Hackaball: A Toy for 21st Century Launched on Kickstarter

We've had an eye on the "Hackaball" project by London based agency Made by Many since we heard wind early last year.

Core77 Techtacular Forum Frenzy: Automation Arguments

A controversial tech topic showed back up in the forums over the last year: the onward march of automating design.

How Ikea is Managing Their Natural Wood Push

Ikea recently launched their NORNÄS line, "a modern collection in raw, untreated, high-quality pine from slow-growing forests in Northern Sweden." When they announced it earlier this year it was a bit of a surprise, for two reasons: One, the company is known for using MDF or particle board more than natural wood; and two—how can they possibly manage, from a resource standpoint?

Tools That Change the Way We Design & Build: The Festool Domino

For our Tech-Tacular Design & Technology special, we sought out game-changing power tools: Ones of such unique utility and intelligent design that the capabilities of the tool itself actually change the way we are able to design and build.

Tech Specs: Paul Hoppe, Art Director at Local Projects

This is the second of our ten Tech Specs interviews. Previously, we talked to Bresslergroup's Thomas Murray.

Design for All Life

By Prasad Boradkar, Co-Director of the Biomimicry Institute, Arizona State University It was sixty years ago that pioneering industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss first introduced us to Joe and Josephine in his seminal book Designing For People.

Jenny Nordberg's Five-Minute Furniture

In design and in building, we all know that speed is bad. Particularly where power tools are concerned.

The Sweater Stone, Patagonia, Product Longevity, and How to Keep Customers for Life

"Sustainability" is a popular buzzword, but I think we should also consider "longevity." When a company has sustainable practices but you must re-buy their products every few years, it seems obvious that we should be leaning more towards longevity.

Embracing the Wild World of Wearables

There’s something about the current design buzzword, “wearables,” that is spectacularly mesmerizing. As a tech nerd, I’ve seen it coming for some time, and have been intrigued to see its recent explosion in new product launches and popular media coverage.

Tech Specs: Thomas Murray, Senior Industrial Designer at Bresslergroup

This is the first of our ten Tech Specs interviews. Read the series introduction here. Name: Thomas Murray Job title: Senior Industrial Designer at Bresslergroup in Philadelphia (and industrial design blogger at StudioClues) Background: I've been at Bresslergroup for two years now.

Introducing 'Tech Specs,' Our Interview Series on Designers' Digital Tools

In Core77’s 2015 Tech-tacular—launching today!—we’ll be reviewing some of the latest software offerings for industrial designers, as well as considering the wider implications of wearables, autonomous automobiles, so-called Smart Cities and other big-picture design-tech developments.

Welcome to the Core77 Tech-tacular!

Illustration by Kelsey Dake for Core77. With the January rush of CES and NAIAS behind us and SxSWi just a few weeks away, this is the time to reflect on the state of design and technology.

Making It Count

This is the latest installment of In the Details, our weekly deep-dive into the making of a new product or project.

The World's Most Beautiful Staircase is in Portugal

Inside what may be the prettiest bookstore in the world… …is what has got to be one of the world's most beautiful staircases.