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Comprehensive Corvette Collection, Heartbreakingly Rotting Away in NYC, Gets a Second Chance

In 1990 Dennis Amodeo, a carpenter from Long Island, won a rather amazing VH1 giveaway: A collection of 36 Corvettes, one from each year from the model's birth in 1953 up to the then-recent 1989.

Designers of Organizing Products Look to Kickstarter

What kind of organizing products get funded (or try to get funded) on Kickstarter? Having written about the HYVE system, I wondered what else I'd find there.

Sitpack and Relax on This Pocketable, Pop-Out Chair-in-a-Tube

Hot on the heel-plate-attachment-points of Noonee's "Chairless Chair," the team at Mono+Mono has launched the "Sitpack" on Kickstarter.

Frank Howarth, the Architect Who Makes Things With His Hands

Portland-based Frank Howarth isn't your average ivory-tower paper architect, but a man who actually makes things with his hands—and shows you his design/building process.

Coming Soon to a Crash Test Near You: Out-of-Shape Crash Test Dummies

Like these envelope-pushing urban downhill cyclists, we American motorists are also stretching boundaries—unfortunately, of our waistlines.

Riding Bikes in All the Wrong Places: City Downhill's Insane Urban Race Courses

Cities like New York and Washington D.C. were designed with nice, rational grids. Cities like Tokyo and Kyoto were reportedly designed to confuse invaders with twisting, irrational angles.

Learning by Leaning: The Dreisch Tricycle Rides Like a Bike

I can't for the life of me recall where or when, but I once heard that you turn a bicycle ("cornering," as it's called) not by steering with the handlebars but by 'pointing your belly button in the direction you want to go.' Jersey City, NJ-based brothers Steve and Rich Thrush sum up the problem: As you probably know, the experience of riding a traditional tricycle or a bicycle with training wheels is quite different than riding a bicycle.

The ShopBot Desktop Warm-up Routine and How to Make a Spoilboard, Part 1[Core77 ShopBot Series, Episode 04]

We're finally ready to cut something on the ShopBot! And now that we're getting ready to cut, some of you may be wondering what the daily maintenance is like for this machine.

Formlabs Introduces New High-Resolution Resin Solutions: Castable & Flexible Allow for SLA-Enabled Investment Casting and Pliable Applications

The folks at Cambridge, MA-based Formlabs recently announced the introduction of two new materials that mark their first major release since they launched on Kickstarter with the FORM1 3D printer, which made nearly 30 times its funding goal in October 2012.

The Wolffepack: A Backpack Designed to Flip Around to the Front!

Messenger bags make you sore on one side. I can just about guarantee those of you that wear them have one shoulder that is constantly stiffer than the other.

Using Flexible Flatscreens to Yield a Virtually See-Through Airplane

You probably remember Richard Branson's April Fool's joke about Virgin producing glass-bottomed planes.

When You Understand People like Pensa Does, You Can Develop Truly Successful Brands and Products. Want to Work For Them?

Pensa is a design firm with a strong track record of developing successful products and brands. At Pensa, that success comes from gaining a deep understanding of people, the products they use and the contexts in which they use them.

Origin Laser Tools: The World's Most Bad-Ass Laser Levels

In the non-square, non-level, non-plumb world we live in, the Stanley FatMax laser level is one of the handiest tools I own.

Zoe Mowat on Interpreting Intuition, Taking Productive Breaks, and Why Large Rolls of Paper Are Her Most Important Tool

This is the latest installment of our Core77 Questionnaire. Previously, we talked to Peter Marigold. Name: Zoë Mowat Occupation: Designer and maker Location: Montreal, Canada Current projects: Recently I've been in my workshop a lot.

Picture This: Billed as Pandora for Photos, Fireside Offers a Smarter Digital Frame

Just launched on Kickstarter, Fireside is bicoastal startup that promises to revolutionize digital photography—not in how we create images and video but how we share and enjoy them for posterity.

Navigating Design Dichotomies: Rama Chorpash on Parsons's New MFA in Industrial Design

Students in the new MFA program will have access to the New School's University Center, which opened last January.

If You're Passionate About Cycling, SRAM Wants You on Their Team in Chicago, IL

Would you like to: Work on products that people love Work for a great company in a fun industry Have control of your design intent Work on an industry leading design team If you answered yes to these, love bikes and are an accomplished Graphic Designers, SRAM wants to hire you to elevate their mountain bike suspension, brakes, wheels, and drivetrain products through the innovative use of color, finish, branding, and graphics.

More Details About the Futuristic Unicycles in the New OK Go Music Video

In Casey Neistat's review of Google Glass, the filmmaker likens the wearable device to another much-lampooned gadget of a previous generation.

More Details About the Futuristic Unicycles in the New OK Go Music Video

In Casey Neistat's review of Google Glass, the filmmaker likens the wearable device to another much-lampooned gadget of a previous generation: Indeed, the Segway endures in pop culture, if only as a cautionary tale.

Casey Neistat's Google Glass Review

Google Glass: Some people love it, some hate it, and this guy became addicted to it. But overall they haven't gained much traction among the masses, presumably because there's no overarching unmet need they're fulfilling.