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A Self-Adjusting Marking Tool, a Rotating Materials Organizer, Matthias' Last Shop Tour & More

New Tool Invention: Self-Adjusting Straddle Square Izzy Swan is coming out with a new line of tools, starting with this clever invention: Setting Up Shop April Wilkerson has finally moved, and here she starts setting up her new temporary shop--which she has to share with her husband: Final Basement Workshop Tour Matthias Wandel gives us a final tour of his shop before he moves, explaining how he arrived at the layout and what the pluses and minuses of it are: Bandsaw-Cut Sign Jimmy DiResta produces an insanely labor-intensive brass and wood sign for a distillery: How To Install Handrail Posts, Quick And Easy Who could make a video of fabricating and installing a deck rail post sexy?

The Beauty Behind 'Knitted Glass', 1977 EPA Graphic Standards Reissue and How to NOT Spend $2K on an IKEA Bag

The Core77 team spends time combing through the news so you don't have to. Here's a weekly roundup of our favorite finds from the World Wide Web: Parametrically-designed folding chair in the 'digital minimal' style, by Carlo Ratti for Cassina.

Design Experience That Matters: How to Solve Hard Design Problems

1. Identify the Problem Clearly German mathematician David Hilbert said "a perfect formulation of a problem is already half its solution." What is true for math problems is also true for design challenges: without a well-framed problem statement, it's easy for the industrial design and detail engineering stages of the product to move very quickly in the wrong direction.

Automated Dispensing Cabinets that Prevent Medication Mix-Ups

Designed to easily optimize inventory, minimize stockouts, and reduce missing doses with smart drawers that have 50% more capacity compared with similar units on the market.

Here's What Went Down at Sketch Jam 2017

This article originally appeared on Coroflot, Core77's Design Job site. Visit their blog for more insight on working and recruiting in the creative professions.

Design Job: Take it Sky High! AERIA Luxury Interiors is Seeking a Aircraft Interior Designer in San Antonio, TX

AERIA Luxury Interiors is the VIP completion division of VT San Antonio Aerospace, Inc., an affiliate of ST Aerospace.

Elevating Voices

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)'s first Women+Design Summit (#IDSAWomenDesign)—focusing on the unique challenges and accomplishments of women in design—will be held on May 12, 2017 in San Diego.

The "Pan Am Experience:" Luxury Dinner, Circa 1970, Served in a Recreated 747

While the experience of driving is better today than it was fifty years ago, flying commercial has become worse.

A Reciprocating Saw Blade That's Designed to Break

Recip saw blades are typically thrown out when the teeth near the tang become dull—even when the ones near the tip remain sharp and new.

Hand Tool School #29: Plywood Tearout? Grab a Hand Saw

You may have heard that you can't cut plywood with a hand saw. That's a myth. Using a panel saw—10 p.p.i, teeth filed crosscut—on this 3/4" Walnut plywood produced not only a perfectly straight and square cut, but no tearing or fraying of the super-thin face veneer either.

Reader Submitted: An Interactive Light that Fights... Jet Lag?

For people facing jet lag, Jeggo offers a preventative and treatment strategy: It automatically synchronizes with a 'jet lag plan' to adjust your body clock to the destination time, and it reminds you when to avoid or absorb light through light effects mimicking sunrise and sunset.

How to Add Metal Inlay to Wood

Adding metal inlay is a nice way to provide visual pop to wooden objects or furniture: The art of inlay is something that used to take decades to master.

A Brilliant, No-Mess, Vacuum-and-Water-Based Dog-Washing Machine with a Fatal Flaw

Here's an interesting example of a company evolving new products around a central idea: Bissell got their start in the late 1800s producing carpet sweeping devices.

Design Job: Made in Detroit! Shinola is Seeking a Senior Digital Designer in Detroit, MI

The Senior Digital Designer is a multi-medium designer that will execute a range of graphic assets across many areas of the business including web, motion and experience design.

Live from Portland – Coroflot's Sketch Jam

Watch it live in this very post, or catch it at Coroflot's Facebook page. It's getting hot!

Tools & Craft #44: We're Hosting the Festool Road Show This Saturday in Brooklyn

I like to talk about tools and craft period, so I try not to make these posts too sales-like. But at the same time I do sell tools for a living, and Core77 has covered Festool a fair bit, so I thought this was relevant.

Less is More with This Modern-Day LED Chandelier

The form factor of chandeliers has grown ever bulkier since its first iteration. What started out as a simple overhead platform to hold candles has steadily grown more ornate, gaudier and heavier.

An Accurate and Automatic Device for the Detection of Chemicals on Food Produce

Today, scanning for food contaminants, such as pesticides, can only be done using equipment that is: expensive to buy, expensive to operate, immobile, requires skilled personnel, and does not supply immediate results.

How to Dip Your Foot Into the Design Entrepreneur Pool: Make Useful Components, Not Finished Pieces

If you're not ready to be a full-blown designer/builder, there is a way you can ease yourself into the marketplace.