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Fillets: When to Use 'Em, When to Lose 'Em

Fillets are one of those design features for which there seems to be no middle ground, or at least not one that is widely known.

Three Friends, One Designer Have Redesigned a Modern Trans Am--and It's In Production

To a certain generation, the Pontiac Trans Am was the muscle car that was the envy of the neighborhood kids.

A Bodycam Designed for Use in the Field

The Zepcam professional bodycam is a body-worn video camera for professional use. The small, rugged and lightweight camera is capable of filming day and night.

Reader Submitted: A 3D Printed Alternative to Traditional Tattoos

Project "Metamorphosis" explores the feasibility of using 3D printing technology to develop a tattoo design which is not only used for decorative purposes, but engages the tactile sense as well.

So THIS is What "Mixed Reality" Can Do

VR, AR, MR: It seems certain our future will be filled with [something]-reality, and my guess is that augmented reality will have the most practical applications.

Design Job: Design Experiences People will Never Forget as Local Projects' Art Director in New York, NY

We have a roster of fantastic projects in front of us and are looking for a passionate Art Director who can lead the Visual Design point of view for our highly interactive public space projects.

Mid Century Modern Find of the Week: Candy-Striped Model 97 Rocker

This gorgeous Danish modern rocker was designed by Holger Georg Jensen for Tønder Møbelværk in 1958.  This piece is known as Model 97, and these surface occasionally, but this particular piece is a bit special as it retains its colorful original candy striped wool upholstery.

Space Saving, Eco-Conscious Gear for Campers & Road Trippers

The official first day of summer was this week, and with that begins plans for epic outdoor adventures.

POV from the Cockpit of an Autonomous Race Car, a 3,000 Year Old Prosthetic Toe and the Process of Restoring Vintage Hot Wheels Cars

The Core77 team spends time combing through the news so you don't have to. Here's a weekly roundup of our favorite finds from the World Wide Web: Check out YouTube channel "Bare Metal HW" - he restores vintage Hot Wheels cars.

A Cohesive Line of Cuisinart Products Focused on Intuitive Operability

Beginning with the design of the CBT500 Blender in 2002, Big Bang has worked closely with Cuisinart to define, implement and evolve their visual brand language on over 60 kitchen electric products ranging from the category leading Griddler™ to the prosumer, Elite™ line.

Reader Submitted: A Student's Take on Multi-Functional Furniture for the Ever-Evolving Millennial 

Designed for the millennial generation, Cilla encapsulates multi-use, through surface and storage. I wanted to change the way we look at common storage—the way it opens and the way it hides things.

A Video That Finally Explains the 4th Dimension in a Way We Can Understand

Geometry was my best math subject, and it served me well during my CAD jockey years. But one thing I could never wrap my head around was the notion of a 4th dimension.

IKEA's Recipe Sheets are the Paint by Numbers of Home Cooking

IKEA has been getting a lot of design attention lately, but can we please take a moment to talk about their Easy Recipe Series instead of those godforsaken Frakta bags?

Design Job: Make a Splash this Summer as a Product Designer at Swimways Corp

Swimways Corporation, located in Virginia Beach, VA, is a leader in outdoor recreational products. Recently Swimways has joined with Spin Master to create an outdoor Global Business Unit which is key to driving innovation and growth within the category.

Watch This Making of an Equus Alligator Watch Strap Video

Most of you reading this blog, and most of us writing it, know what it is to make things. And we've all seen tons of videos of other people making things.

Hand Tool School #35: What to Do While the Finish is Drying?

I co-host the WoodTalk podcast with Marc Spagnuolo and Matt Cremona, and it's a running joke on there that I never put finish on anything.  That's not entirely true, but I do tend to put it off a lot.

What Happens When You Intentionally Crash a Work Van?

Hidden within the specs of many products are the performance standards they are required to meet. It's easy enough to ignore these things until you see what happens when something goes awry—as in the crash of a work or delivery van.

Sex Toy Storage Beyond the Nightstand

There are plenty of ways to store sex toys without using products specifically designed for that purpose.

Reader Submitted: EXEO Modular Gaming Controllers Allow You to Design Your Own Controller for Each Game

EXEO is a range of modular gaming controllers focused on providing ultimate realism to the gamers of today by recreating in-game interactions in real life.

This Animation Perfectly Sums Up What's Wrong with Social Media Users

Instagrammer Coolman_coffeedan has been taking the piss out of the Internet. By posting (self-aware) photos of him in yoga poses, contrived partying shots and a purposely-badly-Photoshopped image of him with attractive models, he's making a sly commentary on the banality and artifice of social media—though it's not clear if all of his followers get it.