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Pre-Order These Trusco Toolboxes Now

Four years ago we spotted the Trusco Toolbox on one of our favorite designer's website and, fully enamored, immediately made a sourcing mission of securing it for sale at volume.

Hand Tool School #20: My Favorite Chisel

I was recently asked by a Hand Tool School member to provide a list of good chisel brands to aid him in buying.

Meet Your Jury Captains for Strategy & Research, Built Environment and Consumer Product

Our Core77 Design Awards deadline is inching closer and closer—less than two weeks left to send your entry in under our Regular Deadline!

Affordable Japanese Stand-and-Dine Steakhouse Comes to NYC

Margins are thin in the restaurant business, and most of them survive on volume. As a server I learned that turning tables over is both art and science; in addition to subtle interpersonal machinations enacted by the waiter, the chairs provided are not too comfortable and the background music isn't too pleasing.

Announcing the Core77 x A/D/O Design Residency

Designers: do you have a professional or passion project you're ready to get off the ground, but are lacking the space and support to make it happen?

Reader Submitted: A Sleek Bamboo Charcoal Filtered Water Bottle

Over 50 billion disposable plastic water bottles are thrown away around the world every year. BU Water aims to bring you an innovative alternative to single­ use bottles by encouraging people to conserve resources with a reusable bottle that filters water on the go.

Striking Lighting from Humble Parts

A recent interior design collaboration by Marta Ayala Herrera and Cito Ballesta resulted in some of the more dynamic lighting I've seen so far this year. Working for the Casa Encendida creative space, the product designer/architect duo aimed to emphasize honesty and simplicity from the materials through their use.  The entire resulting project is a lovely synthesis of modern and contemporary thinking.

Design Job: Off to the Races! The New York Racing Association, Inc. is Seeking a Graphic Designer in New York, NY

Job Overview: Responsible for creative design for various New York Racing Association properties while maintaining and implementing brand guidelines.

How to Negotiate Your Own Licensing Agreement

For the past few months, I've been describing what is needed to license simple ideas for new products.

Ford's Super-Strong, Lightweight Shelf Made From Honeycomb-Structured Paper

For their new EcoSport model, the designers of Ford have incorporated an adjustable rear cargo shelf that weighs just six pounds, yet can hold nearly 700.

Danish Design Team Creates New, Saucer-Shaped Multi-Directional Form Factor for Smart Lighting

That the traditional light bulb form factor still exists is purely a function of incumbency. On its own it's effective for general illumination, but not much else; it must be aimed, guided and/or reflected with shades and housings to provide the results we want, whether it's ambient lighting or task.

Tools & Craft #36: I Learned Something New - Native American Woodworking

Isn't it great to learn something new! This past Sunday we took my son to the National Museum of the American Indian for an hands on crafts event and then we wandered the exhibits.

Designing adaptable furniture for the Parsons Making Center

The Parsons School of Design Making Center, spanning 2 floors and 35,000SF, is a sprawling, dynamic hub for students to work side by side on projects as diverse as fashion, product design, architecture, print making - with the goal of “fostering a new generation of creators”.

The Clock That Tells Time With Hair

Bina Baitel is an artist and designer with an odd take on material. Her work often ranges into the whimsical and fantastic, but this piece feels a bit sinister.

Jay Leno and Direct Metal Laser Sintering: 3D Printing Replacement Parts for His Rare Car Collection

You wouldn't suspect a comedian and former talk show host would be an early adopter of 3D printing. But regular viewers of "Jay Leno's Garage" know that for years, Leno has been using a 3D printer to help keep his collection of 286 rare vehicles up and running.

Design Job: Set the Table For a New Career! Town & Country Living is Seeking a Junior Industrial Designer in New York, NY

An established privately owned Home Textile company with a Product Innovation Department is seeking a highly creative Jr.

Reader Submitted: Modefi: A Bike Designed by You 

Modefi is a bike designed by the user. Bike commuters share a common purpose, but not a singular way of use.

Chinese Power Company Rigs Up Drones That Can Spray Fire

"Drones" is a broad term, encompassing both the friendly multirotor type that carry GoPros over snowboarders, and the more menacing UAV type that fires rockets into convoys.

Cover Your Old Car Personality With 'New Car Smell' Cologne

Want to seem like you're into cars, without having to actually give a damn about cars?* Ally Financial debuted some conceptual "New Car Smell" scent options at this year's NAIAS that might be able to help you out.    Their fine line of auto-themed scents first showed up at last year's Detroit Auto show, where it drew bigger crowds than an auto financing vendor's booth should be able to.

Davis Furniture Industries' Sexy Wall Hooks

Last week we looked at unusual hanger designs, this week I'm looking at hooks. Specifically the ones from North-Carolina-based Davis Furniture Industries, which licenses European designs.