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Material Matters: A Handy Wood Durability Chart

Our entries on the types of wood used for boardwalks might have you wondering: What types of wood are more durable than others?

In the Details: Turning Aluminum Foam Into Meteorite Shoes

When Microsoft approached Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves last November, offering to partner with them to realize a project of their dreams, it probably goes without saying that the duo jumped at the opportunity.

More "Playable Art" from John Edmark: Interactive Kinetic Sculptures

You've seen John Edmark's trippy Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures, which bring animation to 3D-printed pieces via a turntable.

Where Dead Space, Darth Vader and Dieter Rams Meet: In UI Designer Dino Ignacio's Work

We all know that your average, workaday industrial designer's work often goes unsung. The same could be said of the guys who design UI for videogames.

A Full Coverage Cupping: New HES Aprons And A Visit To Barista

New American-made Hand-Eye Brand aprons are here! We've been using and curating work aprons long enough to know what really works (and what really looks great), and this new mini collection features our favorite designs and fabrics.

Why 2015 is Making Us Think Differently About Sensory Impairment

If you haven't seen it already, BeMyEyes is a wonderfully promising and impeccably presented app allowing fully sighted individuals to 'lend their eyes' to someone with a visual impairment to help them through their day.

Jeff McWhinney's Intelligent "Active Wedding Rings"

This past weekend I was at a martial arts training session. With twenty of us in the room, we rotated through partners for the hand drills.

Cologne Design Week: KISD's LABOR Design n+1 exhibition for Passagen

Klanglichter by Onat Hekimogulu and Tobias Kreter Our first stop during Cologne's design week is Passagen, a collection of 190 exhibitions scattered throughout the north part of the city.

10 Stools with Storage

Professional organizers are always looking for good places to stash the stuff our clients need, so furniture that comes with storage always catches my attention.

Industrial Design Espionage is No Joke

As I was marched over to an unfamiliar bank of elevators towards the back of the building, I realized I was the prime suspect.

What is Maker Speed Dater and Is It Coming to a Town Near You?

Maker Speed Dater is the brain child of the folks at Scottish maker-movement movers and shakers Make Works.

What, Wood Filler? No no, WOOL Filler...

Having witnessed a few of my nearest and dearest succumb to the mediative delights of knitting, I'm beginning to cultivate an appreciation—for the materiality and intricate skills of the art—that I might have normally reserved for wood or metal work.

Material Matters: What Happens to the Valuable Wood Removed from Boardwalks? (And How Can You Get Some?)

We know that both Coney Island and Atlantic City used valuable Ipe (and in AC's case, later, Ipe-like Cumaru) to make their boardwalks, starting in the 1960s.

Awesome Posters of Graphic Designers' Homages to Braun

Hey Maybe you've already read our five-part series on the history of Braun design, which covered Electric Shavers, Timepieces, Audio Products, Kitchen Appliances and Haircare Products.

Enko's Energy-Returning Running Shoes

I'm skeptical, but very curious to see how these Enko shock-absorbing, energy-storing, foot-boosting running kicks come out.

Ambitious Product Designers in Boise, Idaho - Fly Racing Wants to Hire You!

A division of Western Power Sports and backed by 55 years of experience, Fly Racing has become one of the fastest growing brands in the power sports industry.

China's 3D-Printed Housing on the Rise. Literally

Remember last year, when the Chinese engineering firm WinSun 3D printed a bunch of houses? It made the news because they printed them so quickly—ten structures in less than 24 hours.

Tanya Aguiñiga on Designing Outside Your Own Reality and Using Craft as a Way to Diversify Conversations in Society

This is the latest installment of our Core77 Questionnaire. Previously, we talked to Sebastian Wrong.

Tale of Tales on Revolution, Mid-Century Architecture, Graffiti and Sunset

This post originally appeared on Kill Screen, a videogame arts and culture website. Story by Jess Joho for Kill Screen Tale of Tale's upcoming game Sunset has beguiled us since we first saw it—a vision altogether more assured, colorful and inviting than the vast majority of games we come across.

Project Ara, Google's Modular Smartphone, to Begin Trials This Year

When we last looked in on the Phoneblok modular smartphone, it was just a concept video. Fast-forward to 2015 and it's...a new concept video.