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Visually Arresting GIFs and Next-Level Cinemagraphs

It was on the photography-based PetaPixel website that I first heard of what are called cinemagraphs.

In the Details: Bringing the Classic Leather Armchair Into the 21st Century

When Poltrona Frau turned one hundred in 2012, the Italian furniture maker decided it was time to rethink its classic armchair, which had been around since the very beginning.

Big Ass Lights: How Direct Sales Can Lead to Better Product Design

We've periodically covered Big Ass Fans (here and here), the Kentucky-based company that shrewdly changed their name from High Volume Low Speed Fan Company.

Clever DIY Solution for Sorting Loose Hardware

I'm cheap, so I save all hardware and fasteners that aren't bent out of shape or stripped. As I disassemble one DIY project and prepare to move on to the next, all of the old screws and such go into the sad "system" you see below, a collection of plastic containers.

VetiGel: A Plant-Based Polymer That Stops Bleeding in Seconds

I once got stabbed in the head with a wooden knife. It was an accident that occurred during a martial arts training exercise.

Decorate Cookies Like a Pro This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, there's something about being a creative industry professional that makes you a prime target for delegation of certain tasks requiring an appreciation for the visual and delicate hand-eye coordination.

Designing for Gift-Giving: Consumables

As a professional organizer, I often recommend that gift-givers consider consumables—things that will get used up, and won't become clutter.

World Against Toys Causing Harm, the Watchdog Org Trying to Keep Toy Design Safe

When children fall victim to a gunman, that generates press interest. But the media being what it is, eleven children dying because of a toy does not get much ink.

Expectations and Empathy: The Future of Product Design

A "product" today is rarely just physical, but consumers' expectations for meaningful product experiences are greater than ever.

Standing and Texting Turns You Into an Emotionally Weak Loser with a Sixty-Pound Head

There was no time to stop before the tall man slammed into me. I was slowly carrying two fifteen-pound, nine-foot-long tubes of photographic backdrops from the supply house to my studio (it looked like I had a huge double bazooka on my shoulder).

Jellyfish Barge: StudioMobile's Masterpiece of Waterborne Self-Sufficiency

Photos by Matteo de Mayda Architects Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto of StudioMobile in Treviso, Italy, have created what has been dubbed a "floating agricultural greenhouse" that produces food, almost miraculously, without consuming land, fresh water or energy.

Birding the Flip: Max Kessler's Curious Coin-Toss Contraption

Well, here's a rather fun self-proclaimed "stupid pet project"—a literal brief if there ever was one—by SVA IXD student Max Kessler.

Desktop CNC Milling: The Point Cutting Roundover Bit [Core77 ShopBot Series, Ep. 07]

Rounding edges over is a common part of many a woodworking project. But the bearing-guided roundover bits you'd use in a router are not suited to a CNC mill.

Highlights from the 2014 Good Design Award Exhibition in Tokyo

This is the second part of a two-part recap of the 2014 Good Design Awards; see Part 1 here. While the historic design exhibition represented a museum-worthy look at decades worth of design, this year also saw the debut of the Good Design Japanese Furniture Selection.

What Are the G-Mark and Good Design Award?

Since 1957, the Good Design Award has taken place in Japan to evaluate, encourage and promote design in industry.

The Best Idea from Norway's Currency Design Competition: Let Kids Design the Money

Earlier this year, Norway's Norges Bank held a design competition for the country's future currency. Entrants were asked to stick with the them "The Sea," but other than that, were given free reign.

Finally, a Reusable Bottle That Unscrews in the Middle for Cleaning

You can show up at your gym drinkless and buy overpriced beverages there, or you can save a few bucks (and the environment) and carry your own refillable bottle.

New People On the Block: Limited-Edition Sculptures by Andy Rementer for Case Studyo

Last time we checked in with Case Studyo, the Belgian limited-edition art purveyor, we took note of Grotesk's "6FT - 6IN" lamp.

Tonight at Curiosity Club: Joshua Lifton Presents 'The Open Steno Project'

Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply we'll learn about the history and future of stenography. Don't know anything about stenography?

Revealing the Future of Design for Manufacture through a Crowdfunded Picture Frame

In a previous post, Paul Hatch shared the origin story and mission behind DesignHouse, LLC.: to bring the power of design to small manufacturers.