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Open Air Neighborhood: Co-Creating Outdoor Spaces for All

Open Air Neighborhood (OAN) started off as a collaboration between KaosPilot Theis Reibke and architect Louise Heeboell, back in 2011.

Unusual Storage Design, Part 3: Small Parts Storage with Twist Tubes

For small parts storage, I use the cheapie Stack-On containers we covered here. They're useful and inexpensive, but their design also dates back at least several decades.

Core77 Photo Gallery: Martino Gamper, 'Design is a State of Mind'

Photography by Brit Leissler for Core77 Designer Martino Gamper guest curated an exhibition presenting a collection of objects from the personal archives of his friends and colleagues at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London.

Insane $2 Million Naturalistic Feature-Packed Swimming Pool

Animal Planet calls Anthony Archer-Willis "the best in the world for what he does—designing and delivering the ultimate swimming experience." That's why they gave Archer-Willis, a British landscape architect with a specialization in swimming pool and water garden design, his own show.

Reading Rambow: Book Posters and More by Seminal Graphic Designer

The book publishing industry may be shifting tectonically and perhaps irrevocably as we speak, but, as with vinyl, the cover endures as a canonical canvas for graphic design.

In the Details: Making Weather-Controlled Lights for a Subtle Long-Distance Connection

If you've ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know firsthand the challenges of coordinating across time zones to connect with parents, friends and partners.

Alphaclamps: Robb Goddshaw Asks, "Why Stop at the C-Clamp?"

The gag being a one-liner, I thought this video would be dumb from the description, but it's pretty funny.

Who Knew? The Wearable Chair Was Actually Invented 37 Years Ago

Left: Courtesy of Gary Cruce; Right: Drawing for patent D249,987 So it looks like the honor of Design Crossover Hit of the Week goes to Noonee's Chairless Chair, and while the mainstream media took to hailing it as a futuristic exoskeletal paramedical breakthrough, it so happens that the basic idea dates back to the late 70's.

Inspire West Elm Customers With Your Furniture Engineering Skills in Brooklyn

West Elm is a dynamic, fast-paced brand with an exciting growth strategy. They value imagination, diversity and giving people the opportunity to explore, grow and shape their future.

Making the Most of Wall Space, Part 2

We've talked about using the walls to keep papers close at hand, and to store knives—but walls can be used to store all sorts of odds and ends.

Unusual Storage Design, Part 2: The Open Top, Stackable SYS-Toolbox

My favorite carry-all for tools and materials is Festool's Open Top SYS-Toolbox. It's just a classic example of nuts-and-bolts ID: Simple, strong, reliable, and a perfect use of materials.

This Is Happening: James Murphy Remixing Tennis (the Sport), via IBM

"I hear you're buying a synthesizer and an arpeggiator and are throwing your computer out the window because you want to make something real." –LCD Soundsystem, 'Losing My Edge' Well this is weird and fun: The data wizards at IBM have partnered with the U.S.

Unusual Storage Design, Part 1: Snowpeak's Stacking Shelf Container

Outdoor goods company Snow Peak was started in Japan's Sanjo City, a place "known locally as a hardware town." So it's no surprise that their Stacking Shelf Container 50 has got that "tooled" look.

Flotspotting: BloomSky, Taking the Inaccurate Meteorologist Out of the Forecasting Equation

I don't know what you thought of your local weather reporter when you were growing up, but for me, he played a bigger role walking in the city parade than as an accurate forecaster.

A Great Product Idea Undone by Human Factors: The NoMix Toilet

When it comes to recycling, pee and poo oughtn't mix. We think of them as the same thing—human waste—but in fact they are not mixed within the body and shouldn't be mixed afterwards, though we often do so out of convenience and the design of modern toilets.

Life's Good When You Work as a Senior Industrial Designer for LG

LG Electronics is looking for talented Senior Industrial Designers to join their award winning North American Design Studio team located in Edgewater, NJ.

What Makes a Product Design Video Go Viral? The Case of the Origami Stroller

Last year we posted about 4Moms, a Pittsburgh-based company that makes unique baby products. The cake-taker is probably their power-folding Origami stroller.

Sit Happens: Noonee's So-Called 'Chairless Chair' Offers Wearable Seating Solution

Some are calling it an invisible chair while others are going with bionic pants—semantics, perhaps, but considering that the chair is a canonical example of industrial design, it's worth examining the distinction when it comes to Noonee's "Chairless Chair." "Based on robotic principles of Bio-Inspired Legged Locomotion and Actuation," the exoskeletal assistive device consists of a pair of mechatronic struts that run the length of the user's leg, with attachment points across the thighs and at the heels of the user's shoes.

New Technique for 3D Printing Epoxy-Based Resin Yields Super Strong, Lightweight Parts

Photo credit: Brett G. Compton & Lori Sanders) Wind energy is gaining support in the U.S., both on ground and in the ocean.

On Lightness: Sketches on the Connectivity of Art, by Marc Hohmann

Chiaki Arai, Kadare Cultural Center, 2012 // Photo: Taisuke Ogawa, courtesy of Chiaki Arai Office By Marc Hohmann, Design Partner, Lippincott "I would sum up my fear about the future in one word: boring.