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Circular Wave Pools for Research—and Maybe Olympic Surfing

Last year Edinburgh University got a new pool. But it wasn't for the co-eds to take dips in; the circular 30-meter tank is ringed with 168 controllable paddles, enabling the precise creation of waves, choppy sea patterns, and even waterspouts.

Spraypaint-Wielding Drone Helps Pioneer a New Type of Vandalism

Last year street artist Katsu caused a stir with his Drone Paintings. Last week he caused a stir by turning the technology against advertising with a public act of vandalism.

Templates Are Dead: 5 Ways Scalable Design Will Change The Way We Build Websites

Websites, like works of art, are best at their most original form. But as templates continue to dominate the space, designers are left to wonder: how can we work to stop promoting the uniformity and unoriginality of templates?

Designers & Books Bringing Back "Perfect Reprint" of Iconic Graphic Design Book

The folks over at Designers & Books got their hands on a rare, largely unsung design classic: Ladislav Sutnar's Visual Design in Action, "one of the most beautiful and thought-provoking books on modern communications and graphic design." There's only one problem, and that's that the book has been out of print for over 40 years.

Adventures in Laser Kerf Bending

When Shaun Crampton designed a bentwood housing for his self-built radio receiver, he didn't go with steam-bending.

How to See if Someone's Infradrunk

Image Credit: Nadya Peek / CC 2.0 via PopSci Some folks hide drunkenness well, giving no indication that you ought take their car keys.

Forming a Hardware Habit: The Story of MOTI and Google's 30 Weeks Program

When is the last time you drank the recommended 8 glasses of water a day? Did you remember to exercise today?

The Avengers: Age of Technical Difficulties

The latest installment of The Avengers opens today in the 'States. As usual, the most unbelievable part of the movie will not be a man in a flying iron suit, an angry oversized emerald doctor or an alien attack.

Art Lebedev Studio's Valikus Patterned Paint Roller

Leave it up to Art Lebedev Studio to recast something as basic as the paint roller in an entirely new light.

Meet an Industrial Designer Who Ditched ID for Something Better

Ben Cramp is a man who had a career in industrial design, and ditched it—twice. The lure of the shop was too strong to keep him behind a desk, and while he still designs, now it's for himself, for objects that he will make in his own shop, with his own hands.

India Mahdavi's Bold Bisazza Tiles are Cement, not Ceramic

Bisazza may be known for their glass mosaics and ceramic tiles, but lately they've branched out into a new material: Cement.

Organizing the Dirty Stuff

Toilet brushes and plungers are items best kept close to where they're used. Not every bathroom has a nearby under-sink cabinet with room to stash this stuff—and not everyone would want to store these items in such a cabinet, anyway.

Buy It Now: The World's Last Mobile Cinema Is On EBay

Even the most romantic school bus to camper conversion pales in comparison with the Bedford SB3 Mobile Cinema.

The End of Product Failure

What are the odds a new product will still be around in two years' time? If you ask the Product Design & Marketing Association, they're not good: between 25 and 45 percent of consumer goods in its survey eventually fail in the market.

FakeID: A Preview of Pratt's MID Thesis Presentation 2015

To look at our class of 22 Masters of Industrial Design (M.I.D.) degree candidates who will graduate from Pratt Institute this May, one would see a collage of designers from a large span of backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets.

A Pen that Lets You Draw with Wine, Beer, Tea and More

Industrial designer Jessica Chan was working on a sustainable printer concept when she made an interesting discovery: "I learned that inks—even those made with vegetable and soy—used in traditional printers are not 100% biodegradable," writes Portland-based Chan.

Brilliant Design for a Transforming Open/Closed Sign

Admittedly, flipping a store sign from "Open" to "Closed" isn't a huge difficulty. But it still tickles us that this man came up with a more kinetically interesting way to change one to the other: Fine, so he left the "D" out and the "N" is backwards.

Desktop CNC Milling: Cutting Applebox Tops & Bottoms [Core77 Shopbot Series, Ep. 09]

To demystify the process of working with a CNC mill, here we'll show you what you need to learn to cut a basic part out.

The Ugly Airport Carpet that Spawned a Cottage Industry

Casino carpeting is pretty ugly, but the hideous floor covering at Portland International Airport gives it a run for its money.

America's Oldest Shopping Mall Converted into Microapartments

The Westminster Arcade in Providence is America's oldest existing shopping mall, with a structure dating back to 1828.