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A Digital Inhaler that Displays Real-Time Medication Advice and Updates

Cardboard Helicopter developed a digital inhaler to include a digital readout to allow patients to know more about the inhaled dosage, the amount of pumps that remain, as well as insight about the optimal moments to use the device, all in real time.

Soon, You Too, May Bedazzle Your Home in Internet

Anyone who's experienced slow-loading videos and seemingly never-ending downloads knows the pain of a poor WiFi connection.

This Week: Join us in LA for the Core77 Conference, Analyze Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson's Relationship, and Get Your Textile On One Last Time

Jumpstart your week with our insider's guide to events in the design world. From must-see exhibitions to insightful lectures and the competitions you need to know about—here's the best of what's going on, right now.

Ever Wish You Could Photorealistically View Design Modifications While You Work?

Product designers have used photorealistic rendering of final designs for years. But one area has been impractical until now—using photoreal visualization early on during the design process, while still iterating on a product design.

Today Only: Ridiculously Inexpensive Shelf Brackets!

For those of you with workshops, nothing is more handy for organizing than building quick shelves. It uses up dead wall space and gets items off of your worksurfaces.

Design Job: Save Gotham Through Design as Mattel Inc.'s Sr. Action Figure Packaging Engineer in El Segundo, CA

Mattel, Inc. is seeking a creative Sr. Packaging Engineer to join its team of innovative packaging professionals within its Action Figures division.

A DIY Multifunctional Toilet Lid, Everything You Need to Know About Buying Chisels, a Folding Brass Key Set and More

Kreg Automaxx Clamps Demo Steve Ramsey does a sponsored video for Kreg, running down their Automaxx clamping system: Kids' Kitchen Step Stool The Wood Whisperer shows you how to make a sort of booster platform for kids, allowing them to participate with, or just watch, as you cook in the kitchen: Chiselology In this "Tool Talk" episode, the Samurai Carpenter runs down everything you need to know about buying chisels (with an emphasis on the Japanese variety): Raspberry Pi Media Center Bob Clagett makes a Raspberry Pi media center, rigging it up to look like a tiny version of his full-sized arcade machine build: Ring and Hook Game A short and sweet one from La Fabrique DIY: Chipped Plaster and Brick Wall Sandra Powell shows her skill at improvising distressed finishes by creating this faux brick-and-plaster wall: Folding Brass Keys Laura Kampf creates a wicked folding brass key set: One From the Archives: Custom Toilet Tank Lid This is hilarious.

A Shop Table Made from One Sheet of Plywood, a Folding Outfeed Table, Turning a Table Saw Into a Lathe and More

Brass Cannon This is nuts. Jimmy DiResta makes a functioning miniature cannon from scratch. The amount of fabrication here is impressive, and of course he fires the thing at the end: How to Use a Table Saw as a Lathe Years ago, Izzy Swan developed a jig that essentially turns a drill and table saw into a lathe: This year he's back with a new, improved version that can be used to quickly create spindles: Electric Reciprocating Solenoid Engine Mechanical problem solving: Matthias Wandel figures out how to create a motor powered by a solenoid.

100 Objects that Shaped Public Health, Behind the Scenes of Es Devlin's Latest Project and Some Unexpected Ikea Facts

Core77's editors spend time combing through the news so you don't have to. Here's a weekly roundup of our favorite stories from the World Wide Web.

A Table That Seamlessly Blends Walnut and Brass

Brass and walnut are two great tastes that taste great together. But I've never seen the two materials integrated in such a beautiful way as this: That's the Nola Dining Table by Brooklyn-based Wüd Furniture Design.

Attractive Baking Tools That Save Time and Reduce Mess

A2's newly-hatched brainchild, Bakelicious, is a creatively cohesive line of baking tools that adds a touch of personality to practical objects.

Surprise! Watching A $2.6 Million Watch Get Made Is Gorgeous

Nice watches live in a weird world of engineering and opulence. This video shows some of the tight tolerances, subtle labor and utterly bonkers design that went into Patek Philippe's 175th anniversary wrist watch: the Grandmaster Chime 5175.  If you aren't familiar, the Patek Philippe brand is legendary for skilled watchmaking and an objectively batshit level of mechanical complexity.

Medical Hackers Reveal How to DIY an EpiPen for Just $30

Since acquiring the rights to market the EpiPen in 2007, pharmaceutical company Mylan has raised the wholesale price of a two-pack from around 100 bucks to over $600.

Design Job: Clean Up Your Life. iRobot is Seeking a Sr. Industrial Designer in Boston, MA

iRobot, one of the world’s leaders in the design and development of AI technologies and consumer robots, is seeking an amazing Senior Industrial Designer to join our Industrial Design/User Experience (ID/UX) team in Greater Boston.

How To Make Affordable Student Housing: Stick It In the Bay?

How do we deal with skyrocketing rent and housing shortages? Housing start-up Urban Rigger wants to build more low cost apartments on fancy boats.

Conor Coghlan's Bow Spring Chair

Conor Coghlan might be an architect, but as part of his studies at Harvards' Graduate School of Design he participated in a furniture making workshop.

'Crocs With Rocks' and Other Questionable Footwear Collaborations 

Those of you keeping up with Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Weeks know that it's been a time for self-expression and boundary pushing design within the realm of footwear.

How to Grow Objects With Mushroom Mycelium

You might be familiar with Danielle Trofe's Mush-Lume lighting collection and the concept of growing objects with mushroom mycelium—we've covered both stories on our site before.

Hand Tool School #3: Difficult is Just Easy Work Done Slowly

What was the last difficult moment you had with a project? Was it a particularly complex joint or a nasty bit of figured grain?

Reader Submitted: A 3D Printed Box That Aims to Control Your Cigarette Intake

How many times a day do you crave for your nicotine shot, almost unconsciously? Can't remember how many smokes you had at the end of the day?