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Time flies! Remember when we went with the Free Universal Construction Kit to Linz, Austria in 2012 for Ars Electronica?

Kelly Denato #drinkanddraw

One of my favorite things on Instagram has become Kelly Denato’s @NoPunchBacks #drinkanddraw. While her paintings are stunning (see two of my favorites on the next page!

Círculo de Oro 25: Publicis Mexico

WOW. Congrats are in order for Publicis Mexico! Last month at the 25th Círculo de Oro 2014 Advertising Awards in Acapulco - Publicis Mexico really cleaned up on awards!

Random: DTLA + KINGS + Silver Lake

Staying local in Los Angeles lately, i’ve noticed a bit of randomness surfacing on Instagram worth rounding up here! + Tasteologie Roundup

The duality of all things NOTCOT used to be… is the blog, is the submissions page.

Moss Ring

Inspiration comes from the randomest of places… including turning on the garden hose and finding this amazing little ring of lush mossiness! + Tastologie Roundup

So much awesomeness this week! Here’s just a taste of some of what goodies can be found on… and just a taste of Tasteologie… Click the squares to find out more!

A Decade of NOTCOT

Just wanted to take a moment and say WOW. HAPPY NEW YEAR! IT IS 2015! That means… 2005 - 2015 = Decade I of NOTCOT done! + Tastologie Roundup

Happy Almost 2015!!!!! Not feeling all these 2014 roundups and look back at the last year - too excited to keep moving forwards to all that 2015 has to offer!

Concrete Cowries of Melik Ohanian

Instagram (or any social media?) can lead to fun and unexpected connections and inspiration. In this case - i was following GrayShape’s explorations of Miami Art Basel, and he posted these awesome huge concrete cowries, which are one of my favorite shells!

On amex points + meat/veggies + a challenge...

In early November, Shawn and i also decided to try a little challenge, and see if the month leading up to my birthday we could go carb free (yup, no rice, pasta, tortillas, etc! + Tastologie Roundup

Just some of the many things that caught our eye this week… explore them all by clicking the squares to find out more and see even more at and Tasteologie.

Packaging + Design of BioLite

Ok, so by now, it’s pretty well known that BioLite with it’s “Energy Everywhere” tagline - has everything you need to not only survive, but charge your gadgets whether you’re camping or weathering inclement weather. Roundup

Inspiration of the week from!!! Explore and click the squares to find out more! (Want more visual goodness?

Cadillac: Driven By Design, Los Angeles

This post is in partnership with Cadillac. Last time they brought us to Atlanta for Road to Table: A Cadillac Culinary Experience. + Tastologie Roundup

So many things inspiring me this week - click the pictures for a peek at some of them… or go explore more at (my happy place!

Break Bar: Dandelion x Snarkitechture

WANT! Cool Hunting’s latest CH Edition goes Willy Wonka with their Break Bar: a Chocolate bar done only the way Dandelion Chocolate x Snarkitecture can. + Tastologie Roundup

Here’s what’s inspiring me over at and Tasteologie - click the squares to find out more! (Want more visual goodness?

NOTFZJ80: ARB Outback Solutions Drawers

Here’s the latest in our adventures with the NOTFZJ80 - we realized it was time to get more organized before the next trip! + Tasteologie Roundup

A peek at what’s inspiring me over at and Tasteologie - click the squares to find out more!