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A grid of goodies that are currently inspiring us over at! Don’t let the digital silences deceive you… this newest phase of NOTCOT (for the first time in 12 years?

Custom Miir Camp Cups

Adorable as they are, are you exhausted by the enamel camping cup trend yet? I love the look, but don’t love the way they feel, and definitely don’t use them other than out adventuring… in fact, i think i’ve started using more of mine for plants these days!


test (Want more visual goodness? See + Roundup

Inspiration from! Click the squares to find out more. (Want more visual goodness? See +

Unboxing: Fidget Cube

The folks at Antsy Labs launched their Fidget Cube Kickstarter back in August 2016, and it was one of the highest funded projects yet, raising nearly 6.5 million dollars!

Distiller Inspired: Stunning, Delicious Spirits

I’m thrilled to have our NOTCOT sponsor, Distiller, present this post on gorgeous, delicious spirits! Roundup

Current inspiration over at! Click the squares to find out more… (Want more visual goodness?

TRUTH - New York Times Ad

We live in some pretty surprising times right now. Even those who claim to have seen it all coming, must be at least a little surprised how things keep playing out. Roundup

So much inspiration lately - both what we’re sharing online and what we’re working on (that’s not quite ready to share - yet!

Mucha Liga Tequila

How amazing are the bottles from Mucha Liga Tequila?!?!?! First thing it reminded me of is the Crystal Head Vodka bottle we reviewed back in 2008!

CURVES: Soulful Driving Magazine

I love a good road trip. Always have… ever since my first car and all those LA to San Diego trips and back during college… which quickly expanded to drives up and down the majority of California on a whim.

Unboxing: hmbldt bliss dose pen

It’s no secret i’ve been fascinated researching the current state of the Cannabis Packaging/Branding world lately (as is apparent from this ever-growing post from January! Roundup

February! Already! What a year… amongst all the chaos these days, here’s a peek at what’s keeping us happily inspired.

Bernardus Lodge & Spa - Carmel, CA

Just back from a quick trip up the coast to meet friends and try out the new Villas & Suites at Bernardus Lodge & Spa in Carmel Valley!

2017 Corvette Grand Sport

It all started with Shawn telling me about how we “could” drop Chevrolet LT1 E-ROD crate engine into our ‘96 Land Cruiser for our next step in our NOTFZJ80 Project… of course my first question was, “What does it feel like? Roundup

Roundup of awesomeness from! Click squares to find out more… (Want more visual goodness? See +

Cannabis Packaging/Branding Design

We’ve been finding so many interesting Cannabis products with great packaging/branding lately! So instead of hunting for them each time, or flooding with the links… here’s one big post of them! Roundup

A grid of inspiration from! Click a square to find out more. (Want more visual goodness? See +

Linksys Velop Unboxing

Full disclosure - Daniel Frysinger works on the Linksys Velop, and he also founded NOTCOT with me and we’ve been friends for nearly 20 years!

SPYTAIL Ginger Rum

SPYTAIL Ginger Rum!!! The most stunning press kit just arrived from our friends at Biggar & Leith - you know, the folks behind the delicious and beautiful Malfy Gin we tried last March.