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Lots of fun inspiration over at this week! Click the squares to find out more! (Want more visual goodness?

Nashville - Solar Eclipse Totality Merch

The Path of TOTALITY! What a phrase. Can you believe the hype and merch madness going on across the US in preparation for tomorrow’s solar eclipse? Roundup

Back from Nashville - we’ve been so deep in real estate, research, and other projects not yet ready for public sharing, all the public NOTCOT action is still focused on right now. Roundup

Currently in Nashville (again!) - it seems that our little real estate side project has been growing faster than expected.

Made by NOTCOT: Coca Cola Invitations

New NOTlabs project in the wild! Here are the invitations for the 2017 Coca Cola CMO Leadership Summit! Roundup

Sorry it’s been a little quiet - all the less shareable online parts of life have been taking over. From less visually creative seeds being planted for future (super creative! Roundup

HAPPY 4th of JULY! (Want more visual goodness? See +

NOTLABS: Passiflora Experiment

How mesmerizingly beautiful are Passiflora Flowers? AND they produce delicious Passion Fruit?!?! I’ve been looking for an excuse to plant some for a while, but didn’t want to have an area where the vines could engulf surrounding trees. Roundup

Round up time! Some favorites from ~ click the squares to find out more! (Want more visual goodness?

1964 Supply Company (Cannabis + Art)

1964 Supply Company! There’s such a natural connection between art + cannabis, i’m surprised we haven’t seen more collaborations so far! Roundup, etc.

First a dose of what’s been fun and inspiring over at… as usual, click the squares to find out more… And next… some randomness from the @NOTlabs Instagram! Roundup

No matter what madness is happening in the world ~ here are 25 things that keep me inspired, hopeful, and balanced enough to take on the rest.

Nashville Adventures + Project House #2

Go Preds! Stanley Cup madness is becoming quite the party throughout Nashville right now! What a trip… just back from yet another Nashville trip. Roundup

A quick roundup before heading back to Nashville to dive into our new NOTCOT Project House! This one is becoming an adorable green!

Patagonia Provisions

Whoever says it’s difficult to eat healthy, didn’t realize you could grab pouches of delicious, organic food at Patagonia… and the hardest step might be adding hot water. Roundup

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! (And to all you other moms out there too!) Here’s a big dose of inspiration!

Magazine Addict: Free Reads from the LA Public Library + Amazon Prime + ISSUU

Did you know how many FREE resources you have to read DIGITAL books and magazines these days? And i’m not talking weird, creepy, random zines and ebooks you never wanted in the first place… i mean everything from bestsellers and cookbooks to italian fashion magazines and newspapers around the world! Roundup

Extra amusing, extra silly, extra fun round up of inspiration from this week! Click the squares to find out more.


On fun stylistic juxtapositions ~ i just found these amazing paintings on wood by NoseGo. So far there are 9 in this series, and following on instagram @nosego you can watch more in progress (both in stories and in the general feed! Roundup

Happy May Day! Here are a few of my favorite things this week - lots of fun products, packaging, and inspirational reads!