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Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (IV)

Yes - here’s yet ANOTHER one of our Nashville + Project House Instagram filled updates, but less house this time, as we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern and needed a bit of a break as we wait for flooring to arrive, and we focused on sorting out surveying, prepping for a planning commission meeting, hiring a gardener and more. Roundup

August! Already! Can’t believe fall is just around the corner. Here’s another dose of inspiration a la

Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (III)

It’s been a truly eye opening adventure the last few MONTHS (?!?!?!) here in Nashville. Unfortunately we’ve been taking the time to tackle less visually inspiring process for the recent leg of the NOTCOT Nashville Project House - so the posts have been extra sparse as we slog through it to lay the foundation for SO MUCH CREATIVE POTENTIAL! Roundup

This one’s a bit long overdue - but things have been a bit crazy on the life front (and a bit slow on the creative inspiration front) so it’s been a bit of a mini vacation here on as life catches up. Roundup

Wow! It’s been quite a summer “vacation” - aka a break from the norm (not that our normal day to day lives have ever been THAT normal) But this year it’s meant a month or two out in Nashville, learning all about everything from buying/fixing up a house to lessons in botany as we figure out what is and isn’t an invasive superweed to metro council adventures and diving into the world of city planning, overlays, developers, surveyors, and a sub-contractor and dumpster shortage… to learning to drive a bobcat and more.

Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (II)

Yes, believe it or not, we’re STILL in Nashville - and still happy, exhausted, and working our butts off on the NOTCOT Nashville Project House!

Nashville Craft Distillery + Naked Biscuit

Field Trip! We’ve been trying to mix up construction worker schedules and manual labor exhaustion from the Nashville Project House with mini adventures to keep the random inspiration flowing… today i convinced Shawn to swing by the brand new Nashville Craft Distillery!

Mudchute Park & Farm: Foxes!

Just in from London - I woke up to these adorable, amazing photos from Justine! The baby foxes are back at Mudchute Park & Farm in London!

Custom Lay's Instagram Chips

On ridiculous things - these custom Lay’s Bucky BBQ Potato Chips just arrived! I had forgotten that 6+ weeks ago i got curious about an instagram ad, and ordered a free bag of customized Lay’s!

Barista Parlor Coffee Packaging

Coffee packaging just keeps escalating to more and more beautiful, fun designs - how could we resist picking up one (and almost the whole collection) of the letterpressed boxes of coffee beans from Barista Parlor x Isle of Printing?

Nicoletto's Pasta Co & Italian Kitchen

Nicoletto’s Pasta Co. is my latest Nashville discovery/obsession/craving. Another reason to add to the list of reasons we love East Nashville and started the NOTCOT Project House! Roundup

Ooooh so much good stuff this week! The more I mix the digital work and searching for inspiration with manual labor and crazy design challenges with the Nashville house - the more i’m realizing that true luxury is being able to constantly evolve, explore, and experience new things!

Inspiration: Nashville + Project House

This post is long overdue! But WOW. (As you can see on @NOTlabs Instagram…) Real life got a bit crazy the last two weeks - Bucky, Shawn and I hopped in the car and drove from LA to Nashville… for a whole new adventure!

Seersucker Candy Co for Bourbon Lovers

Mmmmmmm… good scotch and dark chocolate are a favorite pairing of mine. Bourbon and caramel is another delicious one. Roundup

What a week! We’ve been fixing up a house in Nashville non stop the last week - and hiding in the air conditioning with internet to stay inspired between manual labor bursts… see what we’ve been loving on lately!

Columbia Survival Labels

Columbia Survival Labels - a series of special informational hangtags printed on laser perforated/etched/cut steel!

Icebox Coffee Concentrate

We’re currently in Nashville - and as usual, gave in to a packaging based impulse buy! Check out this Icebox Coffee Concentrate! Roundup

Phew! Just made the drive from Los Angeles to Nashville in 3 days… but still finding inspiration everywhere we could!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Product Madness

Cinnamon Toast Crunch has been on a roll the last few months with absurd, ridiculous, real products. There’s the Selfie Spoon, Squadbowls, and Cruiser. Roundup

25 little squares of awesomeness you should totally click on from! (Want more visual goodness?