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A quick roundup before heading back to Nashville to dive into our new NOTCOT Project House! This one is becoming an adorable green!

Patagonia Provisions

Whoever says it’s difficult to eat healthy, didn’t realize you could grab pouches of delicious, organic food at Patagonia… and the hardest step might be adding hot water. Roundup

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! (And to all you other moms out there too!) Here’s a big dose of inspiration!

Magazine Addict: Free Reads from the LA Public Library + Amazon Prime + ISSUU

Did you know how many FREE resources you have to read DIGITAL books and magazines these days? And i’m not talking weird, creepy, random zines and ebooks you never wanted in the first place… i mean everything from bestsellers and cookbooks to italian fashion magazines and newspapers around the world! Roundup

Extra amusing, extra silly, extra fun round up of inspiration from this week! Click the squares to find out more.


On fun stylistic juxtapositions ~ i just found these amazing paintings on wood by NoseGo. So far there are 9 in this series, and following on instagram @nosego you can watch more in progress (both in stories and in the general feed! Roundup

Happy May Day! Here are a few of my favorite things this week - lots of fun products, packaging, and inspirational reads!

Tokyo Smoke: Unfortunate 3D Printed Pipe$

Tokyo Smoke angered the internet this week. Especially the cannabis community - but the design community can’t be too far behind. Roundup

25 squares of inspiration from! Click the squares to find out more… (Want more visual goodness?

hmbldt #GO420 Kit

Have you noticed how the mystical and intergalactic seems to be inescapable these days? And no, it’s not just because it’s “festival season” - it’s like a throwback to hippie, natural goods and styles with a modern twist mixed with a fascination with outerspace, from galaxy imagery on workout leggings to cakes as the eccentric uber-wealthy book trips to space. Roundup

Happy Tax Day? Here’s a burst of inspiration to distract from it all! Click the squares to find out more!

Unboxing: BioLite SiteLight Mini and XL

BioLite makes the great outdoors so playful and FUNCTIONAL! What started with their first product the CampStove (that was innovative in letting you not only utilize all the twigs and material found around camp to power your stove while also let you charge your devices! Roundup

What’s the difference between a hobby and a dream job? Another round up of inspiration from!

Unboxing: Vertty Backpack

For anyone that loves triangles, facets, and popping colors ~ there’s Vertty. I wrote about their super fun towels back in 2014… and now they even have backpacks and bikinis! Roundup

A grid of goodies that are currently inspiring us over at! Don’t let the digital silences deceive you… this newest phase of NOTCOT (for the first time in 12 years?

Custom Miir Camp Cups

Adorable as they are, are you exhausted by the enamel camping cup trend yet? I love the look, but don’t love the way they feel, and definitely don’t use them other than out adventuring… in fact, i think i’ve started using more of mine for plants these days!


test (Want more visual goodness? See + Roundup

Inspiration from! Click the squares to find out more. (Want more visual goodness? See +

Unboxing: Fidget Cube

The folks at Antsy Labs launched their Fidget Cube Kickstarter back in August 2016, and it was one of the highest funded projects yet, raising nearly 6.5 million dollars!

Distiller Inspired: Stunning, Delicious Spirits

I’m thrilled to have our NOTCOT sponsor, Distiller, present this post on gorgeous, delicious spirits!