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Eileen Gatt Jewelry

Another find from Justine at London Design Week - she spotted the beautiful jewelry of Eileen Gatt at Scotland: Craft & Design. Roundup

So much good stuff this week over on! Feeling excited and inspired for all that is coming this fall!

London Design Week: Green Inspiration

As promised - there was so much living green inspiration at London Design Week that Justine found, it deserved its own post!

Memento Mori Faceted Skulls

One of the more breathtaking pieces Justine found during London Design Week, the glowing green Nude Glass Memento Mori Faceted Skulls by Ali Bakova.

London Design Week: Patterns

London Design Week 2016 has come and gone already! And while Shawn and i were driving back across the US, Justine went and took lots of pictures to give us all a peek at what was going on! Roundup

Inspiration roundup time from! Click the squares to find out more. (Want more visual goodness?

Plumen 003

New Plumen bulb! The 003! They really do take bulbs to a beautiful new level with every launch. This latest bulb has stunning golden facets which combined with LED lighting gives off a warm, textured ambient light while also providing a downward spotlight. Roundup

Fall is here? Already! As is London Design Week!!! As we inch away from summer - here’s a roundup of inspiration from!

Inspiration: Nashville Creatures

Our @NOTlabs Instagram while in Nashville is basically composed of the Nashville House Project, urban inspiration and silly details, and CREATURES!

Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (V)

This may be the last update before the house reveal! We’re that close to having it all done! Subdivision is finally in and accepted and we’re just waiting on them to register the mylar! Roundup

Hello, September! 2016 is flying by, and our summer of Nashville is nearly coming to a close, and we’ll be getting back to more of our usual inspiration after another cross country roadtrip home to LA!

Green Door Gourmet Local Farm Box CSA

On finding things that are uniquely local - i’m currently obsessed with the Green Door Gourmet in Nashville, TN - particularly their CSA Local Farm Box! Roundup

So much manual labor the last week - but so much fun, and we’re closing in on finishing up the NOTCOT Nashville House Project - and it’s nearly ready to rent (know anyone looking in East Nashville? Roundup

So much good stuff this week! Explore the inspiration - click the squares to find out more!

Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (IV)

Yes - here’s yet ANOTHER one of our Nashville + Project House Instagram filled updates, but less house this time, as we’re in a little bit of a holding pattern and needed a bit of a break as we wait for flooring to arrive, and we focused on sorting out surveying, prepping for a planning commission meeting, hiring a gardener and more. Roundup

August! Already! Can’t believe fall is just around the corner. Here’s another dose of inspiration a la

Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (III)

It’s been a truly eye opening adventure the last few MONTHS (?!?!?!) here in Nashville. Unfortunately we’ve been taking the time to tackle less visually inspiring process for the recent leg of the NOTCOT Nashville Project House - so the posts have been extra sparse as we slog through it to lay the foundation for SO MUCH CREATIVE POTENTIAL! Roundup

This one’s a bit long overdue - but things have been a bit crazy on the life front (and a bit slow on the creative inspiration front) so it’s been a bit of a mini vacation here on as life catches up. Roundup

Wow! It’s been quite a summer “vacation” - aka a break from the norm (not that our normal day to day lives have ever been THAT normal) But this year it’s meant a month or two out in Nashville, learning all about everything from buying/fixing up a house to lessons in botany as we figure out what is and isn’t an invasive superweed to metro council adventures and diving into the world of city planning, overlays, developers, surveyors, and a sub-contractor and dumpster shortage… to learning to drive a bobcat and more.

Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (II)

Yes, believe it or not, we’re STILL in Nashville - and still happy, exhausted, and working our butts off on the NOTCOT Nashville Project House!