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Single Estate

Creative Agency: Openmint Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: JAF TEA Location: Moscow, Russia Packaging Contents: Tea Packaging Materials: Tin-plate Single Estate is the new limited edition collection of the premium Ceylon tea launched by the Jaf Tea brand.

Hookahs Cobra

Art director, calligrapher, designer: Pavel Drakunov Illustrator: Victor Pushkarev Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Point-art Location: Russia, Moscow Packaging Contents: Hookahs Packaging Materials: Paper cardboard In most of the stores selling hookahs they are unpacked and it is very difficult to attract the customer's attention .

Cut Ground Coffee

Creative Agency: Our Revolution Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Cut Ground Coffee Location: Sydney, Australia Packaging Contents: Coffee Packaging Materials: Biodegradable coffee bags Background Cut Ground Coffee is a boutique blend brand with a distinctive, rich taste that prides itself on using ethically sourced beans of the highest quality.

Vertzamo Wines

Creative Agency: noon design+branding Photographer: Iraklis Soliopoulos Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Vertzamo Location: Thessaloniki, Greece Packaging Contents: Wine Packaging Materials: Paper Noon design+branding redesigned a trilogy of wines that are produced in Lefkada, a cosmopolitan island in the Ioanian Sea, close to Odyssea's Ithaka and known from the Homeric epics as Nirikos.

Lipa Pulp Carbonated Beverage

Creative Agency: Damir Design Creative director: Damir Midžić Designer, Illustrator: Adnan Suljkanović Photography, Photo editing: Samir Sinanović & Damir Midžić Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Bihaćka Pivovara dd Location: Bosnia & Herzegovina Packaging Contents: Carbonated beverage with fruit pulp Packaging Materials: Glass One of the leading brands on the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market is Lipa water.

Jacote Kids & Gifts

Brand design: Openmint Brand strategy and project management: Jane Butyrina Creative Strategy: Alexander Brener Copywriter: Dina Silkina Photography Olga Pogorelova Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Jacote Kids & Gifts Location: Moscow, Russia Packaging Contents: Kids Wear Packaging Materials: Carton, Paper Jacote Kids & Gifts is a children fashion knit house based in Russia.

Duchy of Cornwall Brewery (Student Project)

Designer: Broklin Onjei Project Type: Student Project School: Art Institute of Vancouver Course: Dimension Design Tutor: Anne Ahmad Location: Vancouver, Canada Packaging Contents: Beer Packaging Materials: Bottle and Can Duchy of Cornwall Brewery is a fruit beer producing line establish by the Duchy Home Farm, run by the Duchy of Cornwall.

Sentos – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Designer: David Matos Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Quinta das Almoinhas Location: Berlin, Germany Packaging Contents: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Packaging Materials: Glass Bottle Sentos is an early harvest superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in small quantities by the Quinta das Almoinhas, a beautiful piece of land located in Muxagata at the heart of the Alto Douro (DOC) wine region in Portugal.

Blue Bunny

Creative Agency: Pearlfisher New York Founder and CCO: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher Founder and CEO: Mike Branson, Pearlfisher Head of Strategy: Karen Schnelwar, Pearlfisher Creative Director: Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher Design Director: Matt Sia, Pearlfisher Head of Business Management: Teres Rodney, Pearlfisher Business Manager: Rachel Cobian, Pearlfisher Location: USA Pearlfisher New York has redesigned beloved ice cream brand, Blue Bunny.

Quotidiano Pasta (Student Project)

Designer: Yen Vy Vo Project Type: Student Project School: Dawson Course: Packaging Location: Montreal, Canada Packaging Contents: Pasta Packaging Materials: CardStock The packaging design features a graphic language system that can grow with the product line.

Popcorn Thins

Creative Agency: Pivot Creative: Romina Kuppe Creative Director: Liz Schwartz Copy Writer: Ross Freedman Account: Heather Bult Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Hello Delicious!

Cry Me a River Gose for Driftwood Brewery

Creative Agency: Hired Guns Creative Printer: Westkey Graphics Photography: Sean Fenzl Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Driftwood Brewery Location: Nanaimo, Canada Packaging Contents: Beer, Nixe tears Packaging Materials: Glass, vinyl For our rebrand of Driftwood Brewery’s Gose – a rare style of wheat beer originally brewed with the slightly salty water of its namesake river in Germany – we developed a narrative based on the Nixes of German folklore, river-sprites who would lure sailors to their death with beautiful song.

Rooney's Burger Joint

Designer: Merril "Moyl" Cledera Project Type: Concept Location: New York, USA Packaging Contents: Fast Food Retro design with modern and minimalist aesthetic; Bukhari script by Indonesia’s Mikrojihad Inc., friendly color scheme, and simple, well-defined, iconography offer a fresh and innovative brand image consistent with established industry norms.


Company: Wheelys Café Designer: Helena Melander Manufacturer: Stefan Skoglund Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: Stockholm, Sweden Packaging Contents: Raw Chocolate Packaging Materials: Paper and coloured foil Wheelys Café, a Swedish Y Combinator startup operating hi-tech organic bike cafés in over 65 countries.


Creative Agency: Positivity Branding Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Hagelswag Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Packaging Contents: Chocolate Packaging Materials: Glass The Dutch eat chocolate sprinkles on bread for breakfast, an everyday treat too good to keep in Holland.

Марічка Green Tea Set

Creative Agency: P. S. Art Design Studio Creative Director, Designer: Alexander Stepanets Illustrator, Character Designer: Victoria Plotnikova Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Марічка Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine Packaging Contents: Green Tea with Pieces of Fruits and Berries Packaging Materials: Carton For Green Tea Set Packaging Design used hand drawn illustrations, which create warm and jolly image with some naivety.

Victorinox Rescue Tool

Creative Agency: Metsä Board Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Victorinox Location: Shanghai, China Packaging Contents: Multi-Purpose Knife Packaging Materials: Metsä Board’s fully coated folding boxboard- Carta Elega Metsä Board Packaging Services created and developed the structural and graphic design for Victorinox, while also assisting their purchasing team in connecting directly with trusted and long-term printing partners for the quotation and pre-production of the approved packaging solution.

Real Authentic Arak (Student Project)

Designer: Atir Singer Project Type: Student Project School: Bezalel Academy of Art & Design Course: Packaging Tutor: Adlai stock Location: Israel Packaging Contents: Arak Packaging Materials: glass We were asked to design a brand of Arak bottles (Arak is kinda the local Mediterranean vodka).

Lento RTD Coffee

Creative Agency: mousegraphics Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Uni-president enterprises Location: Athens, Greece The briefing: "We need to revisit our packaging design for bottled coffee, applying the name Lento and conveying the leisurely character of Italian coffee drinking." The target consumer: Mostly young consumers in China but also wider audiences worldwide The design: We retained the Italian coffee maker container which references the legendary Bialleti pot and we worked on creating a new logo and the respective packaging application.

Coconut Collaborative

Creative Agency: bluemarlin Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: UK A sense of cheekiness and fun thrives at the root of award winning brand design consultancy bluemarlin’s latest designs with leading yoghurt brand the Coconut Collaborative.