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10 Projects You Shouldn't Miss In February

February is the shortest month of the year but that doesn't mean we do not enough awesome packaging to show!

Creativity Stationary (Concept)

Designer: Cheng Yuan Chieh Project Type: Concept Additional credits: 陳威仁, 鄭原傑, 羅盛迪 Location: Taiwan Cheng Yuan-Chieh, born in 1991 in Taiwan.

ASKYR Skincare Product (Student Project)

Designers: In-young Bae, Hsiao Han Chen, Jiaru Lin & Sungmin Kim Project Type: Student Project School: Pratt Institute Location: New York, USA ASKYR is a premium men's skincare brand based in Greenland.

Tuna For Kids

Agency: Can design Designer: Ana Lisa Luças Project Type: Concept Location: Portugal Packaging Material: Paper This project has the intention to attract kids and making them eat fish.

Santa Rita Floresta

Agency: Estudio Iuvaro Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Santa rita Location: Chile The challenge for the communication of this premium wine was to achieve a design that integrates the definitions of brand and the personality of the wine with the concept of "Parterre".

The Greatest Rock Tea (Concept)

Designer: Vad Bunkoff Project Type: Concept Location: Moscow, Russian Federation Packaging Material: Carton Tea bags for true connoisseurs of rock music.

Argenties & Escaudies

Label Design: The Labelmaker Bottle Design: Martin Barasategui Photo: Jordan Jelev Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Argenties & Escaudies / Chateau d'Argenties Location: France Packaging Materials: Textured paper, gold hot-foil, embossing Argenties & Escaudies – an exquisite premium wine label Argenties & Escaudies premium wine label is a wrapping self-adhesive one.

Nash Product

Agency: Times Branding Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: Moscow, Russian Federation Nash product — it is a private label of one of the biggest hypermarket chains of Russia.

Legurmê Puro Sabor

Agency: IndustriaHED™ Designer: Eduardo Andrade Client: Legurmê Puro Sabor Location: São Paulo, Brazil Project Type: Commercial Work Legurmê is a gourmet antipasti brand created by IndustriaHED, a creative and branding consulting studio based in southern Brazil.


Agency: NOMONO Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Birbant Brewery Location: Poland The Birbant Red AIPA packaging brief was to capture a sense of the beer style that being an American IPA and at the same time create something minimalistic and clean as possible.

Kentish Pip Cider Re-brand

Agency: Kingdom & Sparrow Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Kentish Pip Cider Location: UK Kentish Pip is a family run, Canterbury-based cider and fruit juice producer.

J2O Spritz

Agency: Identica Design Director: Keith Davie Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Britvic Location: London, UK Identica is appointed by J2O to design the logo and packaging for the new sub brand J2O Spritz, created to take the brand into new occasions.


Agency: STUDIOIN Creative team: Yurkov Kirill, Pimenov Pavel , Inkeles Roman, Schreiber Arthur, Usov Vladimir, Lopatnikov Denis Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: Russia The STUDIOIN was issued a challenge to increase the premiality and strengthen the international status of vodka «KREMLYOVSKAYA».

Wool Balls Structural Packaging

Designer: Andrew Zo Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Batten Industries Location: Vancouver, Canada The structural design packages 3 wool balls securely using strategically placed cutout windows .


Designer: Marina Porté Project Type: Self Promotion Location: Barcelona, Spain Packaging Materials: Foil, gold, emboss DELIZET is a chocolate brand that comes from small cocoa plantations from Jamaica.

Vedernikov Winery

Agency: Unicorn Studio Moscow Designer: Nikolay Kupriyanov Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Vedernikov Winery Location: Moscow, Russia Russian design bureau Unicorn Studio Moscow has created an identity design for top russian wine-maker Vedernikov Winery.

Core Flavored Water (Concept)

Designer: İbrahim Özen Project Type: Concept Location: Turkey Packaging Material: Glass Awards: WPO Worldstar Student Awards, Certificate of Merit, 2013 Core is a brand which produce flavored water.Core wants to show freshness and naturalness of flavored water.For this reason most important tool is


Designer: kissmiklos Photos: Bálint Jaksa Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Burger&Love Location: Budapest, Hungary Packaging Material: Paper The main concept comes from the idea that the burgers are from the street of America, and it became one of the favorite symbols of pop art.

Museum of the Moving Image Chocolate Bars (Concept)

Idea & Art Direction: Vadim Skorobogatyy 3D Visualisation: Massimo Brugnera Project Type: Concept Location: Moscow (Russia) & Lausanne (Switzerland) Chocolate bars range for the Museum of the Moving Image based in NYC to be distributed as a gift/bonus to a purchase in the museum’s souvenir shop.

Nongfu Spring Mineral Water

Agency: Horse Country: United Kingdom Horse designs new premium mineral water for Nongfu Spring Independent UK design studio Horse has designed the packaging for a new premium mineral water for Nongfu Spring, the leading bottled water manufacturer in China.