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Polo. The Mint with a Hole (Student Project)

Designers: Ajinkya Barve, Vishwajeet Sawant Location: Pune, India Project type: Student Project The idea was to do team work and see how two different disciplines – Product Design (Ajinkya Barve) & Graphic Design (Vishwajeet Sawant) can come together and create.

San Paolo Wine

Designer: Nenad Dosen Client: CassarCamilleri Ltd Location: Paola, Malta Project Type: Commercial Work San Paolo is dedicated to Saint Paul’s shipwreck in Malta.

Mack Eplecider

Creative Agency: by north Client: Mack Brewery Location: Norway Project Type: Commercial Work Mack's Eplecider (Apple Cider) is a non-alcoholic cider.

Table of Plenty Muesli

Creative Agency: Boxer & Co. Client: Table of Plenty Location: Sydney/ Australia Project Type: Commercial Work Table of Plenty’s new packaging had to better reflect its values, to look more innovative, creative and caring.

Confetti Dried Fruit

Creative Agency: Prompt Design Executive Creative Director: Somchana Kangwarnjit , Prompt Design Design Director: Tiptida Treeratwattana, Prompt Design Designer: Honmaru & Mamew, Prompt Design Account Executive: Pimprae Boonmueng, Prompt Design Client: Sino-Pacific Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Oast House Brewers 2 Pack

Creative Agency: Insite Design Client: Niagara Oast House Brewers Location: Niagara-on-the-lake / Canada Project Type: Commercial Work Niagara Oast House Brewers makes incredible beer from their brewery in an old red barn in Niagara on the Lake Ontario.

Shopping List (Self Promotion)

Designer: Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya Akirash Location: Austin, Texas, USA Project Type: Self Promotion In the past the food we consumed as people was mostly organic.

Ikratkaya Caviar (Concept)

Designer: Джекил и Хайд Location: St. Petersburg, Russia Project Type: Concept Task: - To create a modern packaging concept for one of the most famous Russian products – caviar - Product of Premium class Solution: The idea for the name of the product involves a play on words that is difficult to explain if you do not speak Russian.

Umami Monster VS Mecha-Hop (Concept)

Label Design and Illustrations: Tim Gibson / Flying Whities Ltd Brewery: Garage Project Original Monster Concept Art: Greg Broadmore Product Photos: Michael Valli Location: Wellington, New Zealand Project Type: Concept Two extreme brewing techniques, two unusual beers launched as a set.

Sidekicks Gourmet Treats (Student Project)

Designer: McKenna Sendall Location: Oklahoma City, USA Project Type: Student Project Sidekicks – treats for dogs & humans, too!

potion67 (Concept)

Designer: Ana Novaković Font used: Futuracha by holy Location: Belgrade/ Serbia Project Type: Concept A self initiated branding & packaging project.

Silver Lake Ballet Company (Student Project)

Designer: Hannah Smith Location: Chicago/ USA Project Type: Student Project Silver Lake Ballet Company, located in Los Angeles, is a contemporary ballet studio that prides themselves on celebrating all forms of art and collaborating with their community.

Abellaires Empordanesos

Creative Agency: Senyor Estudi Photography: Marc Roca / Roger Lleixà Client: Abellaires Empordanesos Location: Empordà, Spain Project Type: Commercial Work Over and above their aesthetic aerial acrobatics, the dance of the bees is a precise system of communication that enables them to calculate distances and locations.

Pouch Packaging Services Meet Diverse Needs

Written by Randy Shaw, the CEO and Owner of Assemblies Unlimited, a full turnkey specialist in contract packaging, contract filling, and fulfillment services.

Club Colombia Special Edition

Designers: Julian Triana, Camila Venegas Client: Club Colombia Location: Bogotá /Colombia Project Type: Commercial Work General Inspired by the master craftsmen of the Sierra, Arhuacos, we converted the three icons of Club Colombia a symbol of lighting and art with a design that evokes the tradition through texture surrounding the package.

Altay Khan

Creative Agency: Wellhead Client: Bochkari Location: Russia Project Type: Commercial Work We had a task to create a pride of Altay region.

Coco Fruit

Creative Agency: Inketa Design and Illustration: Taiam Ebert Client: Coco Fruit Location: Sao Paulo / Brazil Project Type: Commercial Work Design agency, Inketa was charged with building a new identity for Coco Fruit, an independent Brazilian brand specializing in coconut water, to restate their products and value.

Apple WATCH Supercharged Packaging (Concept)

Creative Agency: Design Packaging Inc Conceptualization: Evelio Mattos and John Turner Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Project Type: Concept When Tim Cook released the Apple WATCH and iPhone 6 yesterday the first thing that came to mind was how often is the watch going to need charging?

SUMELAX Protein Powder

Creative Agency: Brand BLOSSOM Client: AOS corp. Location: Seoul/ Korea Project Type: Commercial work Design consultancy, Brand BLOSSOM created this package design of a unique range of protein powder for SUMELAX, made by AOS corp.

Hans Dampf (Student Project)

Designer: Andreas Welter Printing: Duktor Location: Trier, Germany Project Type: Student Project Hans Dampf is a German electronic artist.