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Neenah "Fresh Takes on Classic Type on CLASSIC® Papers" Promo

Designed by Willoughby Design Printed by Independent Printing Company If you like your paper promos with small and big pieces that pull in and out or assemble and disassemble then this latest effort by Neenah will satisfy that craving six times over.

Addepar Form Studies Book

Designed by Nick D'Amico, Ryan Smith, Craig Gephart Printed by Blurb Through 114 pages this book shows a deep exploration on a logo as a means to communicate thorough thinking and an approach that is deeply genuine to the team behind it.

Wrong Color Subway Map

Designed by Triboro Printed by Even if you don't have a fascination with subway maps, especially the New York subway map, these two versions by Brooklyn, NY-based Triboro are a sight to behold.

Kim Scodro Interiors Mini Brochure and Business Cards

Designed by Knoed Creative Printed by Graphic Arts Studio The designers behind this brochure did not give up on their ideal design based on feedback from the printer.

Slanted Publishers Calendar

Designed by Slanted Publishers Printed by seltmann+söhne, Kunst- und Fotobuchverlag This calendar is sure to get your creative juices going on any given day through it's sticking photography and exquisite production.

Hard Headed Letterpress Print

Designed by Ben Harrison Printed by M.C. Pressure It is no secret that small type is a challenge when printing via letterpress.

Walt & June Wedding Invitation

Designed by Cory Ingwersen Printed by An assortment of materials that are all different but somehow feel perfectly cohesive with one another are delivered to each guest attending this non-traditional wedding at Camp Ahmek.

Bocanegra Studio Identity Materials

Designed by Bocanegra Studio Printed by Flyeralarm Bold in color palette and bold in typography, the identity materials for Bocanegra design studio are sure to create an impression on future and existing clients alike.

Universal Favourite Self-promo

Designed by Universal Favourite Printed by Universal Favourite raised the stakes in the self-promotion category by sending an unconventional set of fragrances that will have their clients saying "smell you later" to the design firm's competition.

Momo Tokyo Book

Designed by Kati Forner Printed by Print West Beautiful photographs of Tokyo as captured by a first-time-visitor with a great sensibility for color and composition.

2016 Brand New Conference Program

Designed by UnderConsideration Printed by Classic Color For a full explanation of where the identity behind the program come from, you can read this post on Brand New.

VIJITO Notebook

Designed by Vijit Keomisy Printed by Hemlock Printers A new set of blank notebooks is calling your name.

Mira Malhotra Self-promotion Zine

Designed by Mira Malhotra of Studio Kohl India Printed by William Arts, Mumbai, India A small-in-size strong first impression reveals a much larger piece that explores social issues in India by incorporating the traditional Saree with research and commentary.

Manifesta't Publication

Designed by Fardoe Mercedes Ruitenberg, Lorena Manhães, and Martí Gisbert Printed by Newspaper Club There has been a surge of newsprint publications in the last couple of years, and it is refreshing to find a new take on the format.

2016 Brand New Conference Badges

Designed by UnderConsideration Printed by Industry Print Shop For a full explanation of where the identity behind the name badges come from, you can read this post on Brand New.

Erickson Design Co. Business Cards

Designed by Matt Erickson Printed by Spark Letterpress 5-point-type with foil stamping. That is all you need to know to realize what a nice printing job this is, for that is a feat that is hard to accomplish.

Molly Taylor & Co. Identity Materials

Designed by Studio of Christine Wisnieski Printed by Oliver Printing Co. With lots of dainty details to produce, this team quickly realized that printed on pre-made envelopes can be tricky but they did not give up and found a cumbersome but worthwhile solution to the challenge.

"Letting Type Talk" Poster/Booklet

Designed by Mike Sulick Printed by Waldwick Printing Company A typographic exploration that matches the 8-panel challenge of flipping through a booklet that unfolds to a large poster.

427 Press Booklet

Designed by immaginato - Vladimir Soto Printed by Messaggerie Subalpine_Tipografia Black ink on white paper, and blind debossed textures accentuate the materials used and the content presented in this press kit.

Make Your Mark on Cougar® Promotional Brochure

Designed by Squires & Company Printed by Blue Ridge Printing This paper promotion is full of great examples that are easily translated to the day-to-day projects most of us face.