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Debbie Millman at AIforGA Poster

Designed by Layout and Event Info: UnderConsideration Poster: Debbie Millman Printed by Industry Print Shop When I saw Debbie's artwork I knew it would be perfect for printing on mirror paper as it had heavy ink coverage but lots of gaps where you could see your reflection.

Pirelli 2013 Annual Report by Cacao Design

Designed by Cacao Design Printed by Grafiche Antiga Pirelli's annual report literally reinvents the wheel with a container that stands up on its own, begging to be taken for a spin.

FACTOR 2013-14 Annual Report

Designed by ALSO Collective Printed by Colour Code Printing The benefit of laying flat often does not outweigh the cheap appearance of coil binding, but in the case of this 2-color, risograph printed annual report for FACTOR, The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings, the designers at ALSO Collective took the time to make sure the binding did not appear as an afterthought.

Exceptionally Great Espresso Posters

Designed by Stellavie Design Studio Printed by POP Werbeteam Stellavie Design Studio's extraordinary, large format guide to Exceptionally Great Espresso is giving me a contact buzz.

Forager, A Subjective Guide To Miami's Edible Plants

Designed by Topos Graphics & Flying Pyramids Printed by Original Impressions Miami Exquisite full bleed photography, pale pink paper and fashion-magazine type make this book feel like an illicit and nutritious romp through your neighbor's backyard.

BFA Thesis Project Booklet

Designed by Sam Wood Printed by BYU Print & Mail Sam Wood's BFA thesis asks, "What makes a space sacred?

BLOW Poster

Designed by Tyler Deal Printed by Tyler Deal What's better than lickable wallpaper? An insufflatable Blow poster!

Field Print Series

Designed by Tad Carpenter Creative Printed by Vahalla Studios Husband and wife design team Tad and Jessica Carpenter take textile design into their own hands with their Otomi Indian inspired Field Print series.

Project Passion Call for Entries Poster

Designed by Design Faculty at Minnesota State Univeristy, Mankato Printed by Project Passion Project Passion's lust-worthy call for entries for their juried exhibition of self-initiated design boasts a colorful combination of methods and papers that certainly has me feeling submissive.

FA Design Business Cards

Designed by FA Design Printed by Domenech Paper At first I thought the ink splatter was part of this design, and now I can't stop wishing it was.

Echo Capital Group Business Cards and Stationery

Designed by TRÜF Printed by MOO Los Angeles branding agency TRÜF utilizes printed business cards alongside single-color, offset printed stationary to create a clean image that distinctly avoids any echo clichés ...


Designed by Mike Ley Printed by Linco Printing Surreal collage is complemented by green newsprint, creating this curious package begging to be ripped open.

Florence Meunier Greeting Cards

Designed by Florence Meunier Printed by Florence Meunier Florence Meunier's inkjet printed and embossed double meaning greeting cards help you both mean what you say and say what you mean.

Palazzo Avino Packaging

Designed by Thomas Manss & Company Printed by ITALTIN Palazzo Avino is a 5-star resort located on Italy's Amalfi coast.

Shawn & Andi Wedding Materials

Designed by Kyle DeGroff Printed by Grand Rapids Printing Company Robin Dana Shawn and Andi's refreshing summer cocktail of letterpress and love invites guests to celebrate their union by toasting with the couple's very own custom citrus concoction.

Facades Art Prints

Designed by Transfer Studio Printed by Tuckshop Thanks to patient registration, these hand-silkscreened posters of architectural patterns create limitless playgrounds for imagining new structures.

Meers Business Cards

Designed by Meers Printed by Skylab Letterpress Designed to be personalized, Meers' edgy business cards speak for themselves.

Summit Brewing Co. Repeal Day Poster

Designed by Not Swords Printed by Karl Engebretson The craftsmanship with which this poster is composed leads me to believe that the designers at Not Swords held off celebrations until after printing was complete.

Magnetic North Poster

Designed by Shannon Adams Printed by Mama's Sauce Representing her own epic journey from Kentucky to Massachusetts, illustrator Shannon Adams' version of the massive, mythological sea creature Kraken will either earn her funds for her move or serve as self-promo in a new part of the world.

Hello Artists 2014 Promo

Designed by Together We Create Printed by DCC Debossed and foil stamped, this fine gift box lends weight and importance to the art within.