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Lesli Ink Holiday Cards

Designed by Lesli Ink Printed by DT Print Solutions Complex in design, simple in production, fascinating out in the wild.

Thibault Magni Micro-edition Self-promotion

Designed by Thibault Magni Printed by Thibault Magni This small but memorable self-promo designed and printed by Thibault Magni packs a punch.

OAK Master Packaging

Designed by Álex Monzó Printed by Vidremar A bottom-heavy glass bottle is emulated with a bottom-heavy design that is silkscreened all around.

8 Million Stories in a Naked City

Designed by Lui­s Rodrigues Printed by Blissett Bookbinders A stunning cover with a black and white offset photograph is amplified with a hit of red silkscreen for the title setting the tone for the rest of the elegant layout inside that allows the photographs to tell the story of the building.

Citywide Electric Visual Identity Materials

Designed by The Birthdays Design Printed by Printing house A great combination of white and sand-colored paper stocks accentuate the simplicity and starkness of this monospaced identity printed in a red and blue color palette consistent across materials.

No Posts until June 27

Designed by Printed by Due to the Brand Nieuwe Conference next week there will be no posts on FPO until June 27.

Fragrance FACES Packaging

Designed by Thibault Magni Printed by I know from experience that die-cutting vynil is a fairly easy thing to do, once you get the machine going.

Stephen Kenn Look Books

Designed by Weekday Studio Printed by Splash Print Two sets of booklets full of bells and whistles to help share a story--put together quickly, they come together nicely due to the technical difficulties presented and the production constraints that come with many processes coming together.

The Monogram

Designed by mardu Printed by Fotolio & Typicon It's all about the illustrations in this book. A self-promotion based on a love poem you are carried along by a dense black background, white typography and lines, and red details.

The Birth of Univers

Designed by Alexandors Kosmidis Printed by Printed in-house at the Arts University Bournemouth Most of the projects posted on FPO are actual projects--yet from time to time we take the liberty to show you a student project that we wish would become real.

L.A. Louver Catalog: Charles Garabedian

Designed by Stefan G. Bucher / 344 Design Printed by Typecraft You might not be able to touch the oversized art printed within the pages, but you can surely spend some quality time with the cover.

More Trees, Please! Scout Books

Designed by Worthwhile Paper Printed by Scout Books Scout books have been around for a while now, and are a favorite with designers.

Sakao Packaging

Designed by L'abricot Printed by L'abricot Trial and error, and a slew of human hands working together to create a unique set of packages makes this project extra special.

Gareth Jones Promotional Booklet

Designed by Gareth Jones Printed by Pressision A self-promotional piece showcasing typographic explorations by Gareth Jones who not only increased his knowledge and understanding of typography with this project but further expanded on his knowledge and understanding of production and what is possible to do when with a set amount of cash.

F + H Housewarming Invitation

Designed by Haley Garza Printed by Abbey Printing New home, new promises, new design challenges. Where one illustrates, and the other designs, and together they assemble, invite, and host the first of many.

S+N Invitation

Designed by Shaun Green (S) Nicola Johnston (N) Printed by Impressions Foiling A big leap for two young designers as they explored the limits of production, knowledge, experience, and design in the process of their own wedding invitation.

Crafted Taste Packaging

Designed by CODO Design Printed by Welch Packaging Indianapolis Miles Printing It is amazing how much you can achieve with a single color.

William Pacholski Business Cards

Designed by ENEM Creative Printed by Rohner Letterpress I can personally vouch for the attention to detail and fine line capabilities of Rohner Letterpress, and this business card is a fine example.

The Shipley School Booklet

Designed by Brownstein Group Printed by Prism Color Corp We often showcase the amazing things you can do with paper as you lay ink on it, but this booklet shows you another side to what you can do with paper to illustrate your ideas and share messages with your audience.

Jullien Brothers Business Cards

Designed by Jean Jullien Printed by Jukebox As a huge fan of Jean Jullien -- you should follow him on Instagram if you don't yet -- these business cards make perfect sense for him (and his brother).