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Victoria and Sasha Wedding Invitation

Designed by Victoria Macey Printed by Alissa Bell We don't see enough letterpress cacti on FPO so, in tandem with a lovely piece of lettering, this invitation satisfies that void in our archives.

United States Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security Book

Designed by Stephanie Archuleta Printed by Goetz Printing A historical review with quality printing and a few production surprises along the way lead you through years of images and information.

Fast & Four Skateboard Deck Invitation

Designed by Laura Coggins Printed by Laura Coggins We don't often find DIY duplexing -- much less triplexing!

Northtech Solutions Collateral

Designed by Boab Design Printed by Gunn & Taylor I am a sucker for a tone-on-tone solution and this geometric pattern does not disappoint.

How To Ink Collateral

Designed by The Workbench Printed by How To Ink There are so many hand-made elements in this project it is hard to know where to start.

Totally VIP Kit

Designed by OneSource Virtual In-House Design Team Printed by Millet From the colors, to the paper, to the precise construction, this VIP kit is one awesome ode to the 1980s.

KieferNümann Mailing

Designed by KittoKatsu Printed by Druckerei Vogl An interactive piece to announce a name change, thus creating a personalized experience to ease with the transition.

Brew Nord Poster

Designed by Matt Erickson Printed by Ambient Inks A perfect example of listening to the expertise of the printer, and following their recommendation.

Bell Rio Invitation

Designed by Zulu Alpha Kilo Printed by Flash Reproductions When a vision is placed in a designer's mind, sometimes it doesn't matter how many attempts and revisions it takes to make it work.

2016 Brand Nieuwe Conference Program

Designed by UnderConsideration Printed by Cerovski Since Cerovski in Zagreb was the print sponsor for our Brand Nieuwe Conference we knew we could ask for something crazy and they would be able to do it.

Cyrus Clark Coleman's Graduation Announcement

Designed by Cyrus Clark Coleman Printed by Cyrus Clark Coleman A moment to celebrate and commemorate a life achievement takes center stage in this announcement that required a few rounds of experimentation before finding the exact method of inking and stamping to yield the best results.

Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec book

Designed by Caserne Printed by Atelier Bang bang If you ever read one corporate book about Quebec pig breeders make it this one, laid out in a beautiful combination of light blue, gold, and brown colors on the inside with a striking debossed cover.

Vic and Eva Wedding Invitation

Designed by Yi-Hsuan Li Printed by Wei yang printing company (Taipei) The design of these invitations would look great in offset or even digital printing but doing four different foil colors on four different earthy colored stocks takes it to a whole other level of greatness.

Australian Book Design Association Award Catalogue 2016

Designed by Alissa Dinallo Printed by Opus Print Group From tone-on-tone to contrasting colors in a pattern, this catalogue stands out in more ways than one--but still lets the work shine through.

The Films of Judy Garland Poster

Designed by Raphael Geroni Printed by Skink Ink Raphael Geroni had a production goal with this poster and through it all he stuck with it.

Lesli Ink Holiday Cards

Designed by Lesli Ink Printed by DT Print Solutions Complex in design, simple in production, fascinating out in the wild.

Thibault Magni Micro-edition Self-promotion

Designed by Thibault Magni Printed by Thibault Magni This small but memorable self-promo designed and printed by Thibault Magni packs a punch.

OAK Master Packaging

Designed by Álex Monzó Printed by Vidremar A bottom-heavy glass bottle is emulated with a bottom-heavy design that is silkscreened all around.

8 Million Stories in a Naked City

Designed by Lui­s Rodrigues Printed by Blissett Bookbinders A stunning cover with a black and white offset photograph is amplified with a hit of red silkscreen for the title setting the tone for the rest of the elegant layout inside that allows the photographs to tell the story of the building.

Citywide Electric Visual Identity Materials

Designed by The Birthdays Design Printed by Printing house A great combination of white and sand-colored paper stocks accentuate the simplicity and starkness of this monospaced identity printed in a red and blue color palette consistent across materials.