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Little Brave Shop Identity materials

Designed by The Bakery design studio Printed by Any identity that incorporates an elegant mongoose is going to catch my attention.

Voltalab Sound Studios Identity Materials

Designed by Fieldwork Printed by The colors used for this identity are strange on their own, but so striking together that I can't help but want a full suite of my own.

Design Papers 2016

Designed by Metaklinika design studio Printed by Like many designers, we have a long shelf lined with paper samples from various companies but, this, this is one we don't have and how I wish we did.

Lyndon & Nick's Wedding Materials

Designed by Nick Adam Printed by Artistry Engraving Every detail of this project is thoroughly thought out and considered as you can read on the sidebar, and I can vouch for the pleasure received in touching theses materials--the level of thinking about each detail is extended to each materials and printing technique with beautiful artistry.

Other People's Words Book

Designed by Clémentine Tantet Printed by I am enthralled by the photographs, their duotone, and the contrast created by the white and text-heavy insert pages that are placed throughout this book for artist Markus Hansen.

Michelle Maguire Book

Designed by Michelle Maguire Printed by Michael Weigman Salami Dreamin', an artist's book about family, cured meats, pro sports, and more.

Alison & Sam Wedding Invitation

Designed by Tiny Bold Creative Printed by Alison Sustarich Read on the the production lessons on this DIY wedding invitation that showcases the firehouse wedding venue, to learn how sometimes you need more than love to get the job done well.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Cover

Designed by Kao Wei Che Printed by With a nice balance between nostalgic design and a modern take this book cover would be a nice addition to any bookshelf.

Letters from Sweden Book

Designed by Malmsten Hellberg Printed by TMGSthlm Letters from Sweden's font library and custom fonts are catalogued across 80 carefully-paced and information-packed pages while being carefully bound in a perfectly Swedish cover design.

CoMa Business Card

Designed by Universal Favourite Printed by With contrasting tone-on-tone patterns and bold-colored edging, these Australian business cards pack a punch of attention grabbing and touch-me-now moments.

Collected Coffee Packaging

Designed by Fivethousand Fingers Printed by Pack Plus (Bags) With a refreshing color palette, this coffee packaging and informational booklet bring a breath of fresh air in a brown-dominated market.


Designed by Fable Printed by Kin Yiap Press The introduction of a photographic challenge is met by the introduction of carefully considered, yet unusual materials that add meaning to every step of your interaction with this book.

Renty and Adji Wedding Invitation

Designed by Adji Herdanto Printed by Studio Selamat Pagi Traditional in color palette, restrained in design, careful in production, this understated wedding invitation is a clear reflection of the happy couple.

Maas Studio Business Cards

Designed by Maas Studio Printed by The Mandate Press Blind debossing and contrasting letterpress never get old.

It's OK (or An Optimistic Approach for a Pessimistic Brand Owner) Self-Promotion

Designed by Ozan Karakoc Design Studio, Inc. Printed by SmartPress Bold and simple this is a studio promotion that does not revolve on showcasing work, instead it is based on personal experience with client questions, fears, and unknowns about a process designers often understand well, but don't always explain in detail.

Victoria and Sasha Wedding Invitation

Designed by Victoria Macey Printed by Alissa Bell We don't see enough letterpress cacti on FPO so, in tandem with a lovely piece of lettering, this invitation satisfies that void in our archives.

United States Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security Book

Designed by Stephanie Archuleta Printed by Goetz Printing A historical review with quality printing and a few production surprises along the way lead you through years of images and information.

Fast & Four Skateboard Deck Invitation

Designed by Laura Coggins Printed by Laura Coggins We don't often find DIY duplexing -- much less triplexing!

Northtech Solutions Collateral

Designed by Boab Design Printed by Gunn & Taylor I am a sucker for a tone-on-tone solution and this geometric pattern does not disappoint.

How To Ink Collateral

Designed by The Workbench Printed by How To Ink There are so many hand-made elements in this project it is hard to know where to start.