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Mardi Zine

Designed by Camille Charbonneau Printed by Camille Charbonneau Some projects come to be just because.

Arctic Paper Sample and Swatchbooks

Designed by JUNO Printed by Göteborgstryckeriet Paper samples offer a unique opportunity for designers to showcase capabilities for the creative team and the production team.

We Choose Hope Scout Books

Designed by Scout Books Team Printed by Scout Books From heartache beauty can emerge. From worry, and outlet can be created.

"Selfie Beard" Promo

Designed by CSA Design Printed by Franklin Press If you ever wondered whether a mustache and beard could be formed from hand-lettering then made into a mask then here is your answer: Yes.

Stolen -- Volume Five

Designed by Lucy Guernier Printed by Image PPM There is a lot of care in the production of this volume, that was quickly apparent when I opened the package with the book a couple days ago.

Athleta Zine

Designed by Viela Creative Studio Printed by Risotropical A zine that changed and morphed based on budget feedback and production considerations but still came to be with care and attention.

2017 Minimal Wall Calendar

Designed by Knoed Printed by Rohner Press As far as decorative calendars go, this is one of my favorites so far--minimalistic in grid, typography, and color.

Royal Bank of Scotland Currency

Designed by O Street Printed by De La Rue With many layers of production and design details this bill marks the beginning of a new era for Scottish currency, where beauty and technology need to come together.

Slanted Magazine #28 -- Warsaw

Designed by Slanted Publishers Printed by Stober Verlag & Druckerei With a bright cover the latest issue of Slanted includes many observations and interpretations of Warsaw with heavily inked pages in many styles.

Divine Mag 001: What It Takes

Designed by Jillian Adel Printed by HP Envy 7640 The inaugural issue of Divine is both a subject matter exploration and a production exploration as the designer challenged the content and the process--the lessons learned are sure to inform subsequent issues.

No Posts This Week

Designed by Printed by We will be on a rare family vacation all of this week so there will be no posts until next Monday, November 28.

For the Common Good: Volume One

Designed by Chase Kahn Printed by Perfectly Acceptable Risography is one tricky beast, and this zine does a great job of embracing the quirkiness from the technique and the unpredictability that comes with it.

Devon & Mike Wedding Invitation

Designed by Mike Salkewicz Printed by Mike Salkewicz Having the opportunity to do a small run project while having access to various tools of the trade, Devon & Mike spared no detail in creating one-of-a-kind wedding invites for their quirky event.

Letterpress Workers Book

Designed by Officina Tipografica Novepunti Printed by Officina Tipografica Novepunti To avoid repetition, and to fully understand this project, you must read the right side column of this post -- there you will read where this multi-part book comes to be, and how it all comes together.

NEIGHBOR Identity Materials

Designed by NEIGHBOR Printed by Chuan Boon Printing Co. Neutral tones and subdued patterns are matched with gold elements and fluorescent details that provide a carefully crafted personality for the firm.

CI Studio Logo Book

Designed by CI Studio Printed by Nicholson Bass This small-ish booklet has a wonderful feel, starting with the three different papers in contrasting sizes that serve as an elegant cover.

It's OK Portfolio Newspaper

Designed by Ozan Karakoc Design Studio, Inc. Printed by Newspaper Club By keeping the use of CMYK solely on project images, and black and yellow for the elements that inform and/or communicate, the hierarchy of this portfolio is neatly maintained through out the entire publication.

Festively Opportune Wrapping Paper

Designed by UnderConsideration Printed by Classic Color Due to the positive reception and feedback of the wrapping paper we designed as part of the identity of the 2016 Brand New Conference in Nashville, we took the plunge in producing 1,500 sets of the six designs to help as many gifts as possible look their best this holiday season...

Pantheon Anniversary Poster II

Designed by schoener Printed by der oberhammer Taking advantage of a colored surface and its natural substrate below, this laser-etched poster delivers high contrast and vast detail.

The Hideout Stationery

Designed by The Hideout Printed by Identity Print White foil on white paper gives this stationery a unique visual--something that was not easy to attain without proper communication with the printer.