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Imperfect Restaurant Materials

Designed by Sr. y Sra. Wilson Printed by I am Nuria An interesting combination of materials -- kraft and gold stock -- printed simply in one color are given some added dimension through unexpected angled trims that add to the imperfect-ness of the name.

University of Pécs Faculty of Arts Book

Designed by Simon Peter Bence Printed by Pátria Press Gradients can be a visual crutch for designs that lack their own strength but, here, the gradients are what give this piece that visual kapow, with a lovely mix of silver-ink gradient on the cover, color gradient on the spine, AND more gradients in the gutter of the book.

Daniela & Rui Wedding Invitation

Designed by Gen Design Studio Printed by Tipografia Priscos All passengers are welcome to board this lovely combination of mint-colored stock and copper foil, made to look like a boarding pass.

Hagopian Ink Business Cards

Designed by Hagopian Ink Printed by Decoupage & Assemblage Marbling and gold foil stamping is a combination I can look at all day, every day...

Benjamin & Catalina Wedding Announcement

Designed by Ben Clark Printed by Copper Willow Paper Studio Most often, print areas are left clear for foil stamp to hit against the paper but, here, a lovely monogram in rainbow foil strikes against black letterpress typography for a great layering effect and richness of textures and finishes.

Craft Beer Branding Guide

Designed by CODO Design Printed by Faulkenberg Printing Personally I don't care about beer given my dislike for the flavor--yet the packaging is another story, it fascinates me.

University for Fine Arts Campaign

Designed by Nearest Nieghbour Printed by Drukkerij Tielen Bright colors and vivid patterns unify these set of materials and some off-center scoring leads to some unconventional finished shapes on the flyers and it's a maneuver cleverly folded into the digital expressions.

Syros International Film Festival 2016 Poster

Designed by Manthou Kostantia Printed by Manolis Angelakis Crumpled paper recreated on paper never looked as good as it does in this halftone, split fountain achievement.

Procter & Gamble Singapore Management Guide

Designed by Qu'est-ce Que C'est Design Printed by Dominie Press What could have been a mind-numbing corporate document gets a lovely treatment inside an out, with a great gold foil stamped cover, sewn binding, and charming illustrations and solid typography inside.

TBD × E.S 2016 Poster

Designed by The Birthdays Design Eleftheria Straka Printed by MAMA Silkscreen To be honest, I'm not sure what's going on in the poster but abstract graphics in white ink on black paper with silver type?

The Great Divide Poster

Designed by Delicious Design League Printed by Delicious Design League Print Shop To complement a dimensionally layered installation at Typeforce 8 (shown in the second half of the pictures below), the poster uses some serious halftone action and only three spot colors to recreate the layering effect of the installation in a rich, energetic way.

University of California, Berkeley Poster

Designed by Shirong Gao Printed by California Lithographers This unexpected combination of blue, black, and gold inks unfolds into a vibrant geometric illustration that frames and highlights the content in an engaging manner.

Live Current Vol.10 + Cover to Cover Album Artwork

Designed by Friend & Fort Printed by Studio On Fire Why should you be limited by the size of the press?

The Spatial Beauty of Memory Book

Designed by Ákos Polgárdi Printed by Inkredible Letterpress The beautiful photographs in these books are further highlighted by careful and considerate printing.

Scrapbook Self-promotion Book

Designed by Nate Harris Printed by Nate Harris An experimental project that while not mass produced, or sold, allowed one designer to explore a particular style while repurposing materials and playing with a printing press.

The Colour of Things Notebooks

Designed by Tom Crawshaw Printed by Jonathan Savory, Ambrose Press It should not surprise you to know that we have an extensive collection of blank journals and notebooks at UCllc.

Sandor Petofi Book

Designed by Marton Borzak Printed by GyomaPress Poetry, history, and design come together for this book in a series of contrasting elements.

RockDesign's Automatica Business Card

Designed by RockDesign Printed by RockDesign With a tone-on-tone foil stamp on a heavy stock this business card can be yours if you want it.

Type-Face Game Packaging

Designed by Goods & Services Branding Printed by Flash Reproductions This game is for the type geeks out there who are up for a challenge and a good laugh.

Carnival of ScenesM/em> by Zean Cabangis Art Prints

Designed by Inksurge Printed by Primex Printers A limited edition set of prints from an exhibition that can be enjoyed as a book or, given the handy perforations, as individual sheets.