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Sina Gentsch Business Card

Designed by schoener Printed by letterjazz Printing on the same material Sina Gentsch uses on her day-to-day projects adds a tactile connection to these business cards that are impossible to not play around with.

"Let's bite Till Die" Book

Designed by HandhandHand Printed by YSD I wish I had more information on how this project was produced, the day-to-day steps in getting it accomplished.

IAB Leadership Summit 2016

Designed by O Street Printed by J Thomson Colour Printers Using colored paper with white ink, and white paper with metallic ink, this set of materials provide attendees with conversation starters and several items to take home for continued use.

Faculty of Architecture, Art & Design Brochure

Designed by Alejandra Amenabar Printed by Salesianos Impresores This informational brochure, printed in bold colors, uses duotones and bold typography to share the various bits that prospective students need to know about the faculty.

Dyslexia: A Mind of Gold Graduation Thesis

Designed by Param Jain Printed by Kolor Kode Dyslexia: A Mind of Gold is a thoughtful and highly visual thesis project geared towards parents of kids dealing with dyslexia.

Elizabeth and Lee Wedding Invitation

Designed by Southpaw Creative Printed by Small Fires Press This wedding invitation is letterpressed and bound into a neat little booklet perfect for those out-of-town guests that want to keep it all in their back pocket.

Via Padova Stationery

Designed by Studio Nugno Printed by flyeralarm A simple icon full of meaning stands proudly on each of the stationery items developed for Via Padova, an area in Milan that needed to come together under a unifying message.

Correspondence in D Minor Book

Designed by Rigsby Hull Printed by Workhorse Printmakers Wetmore Printing A challenging letterpress cover, and a consistent color interior make this small run book a crafter's pride in the technical minutia that separate it from others like it.

Rollover Reaction Packaging

Designed by Blackhand Design Printed by Anugrah Offset Printing A smear of make up? or an artistic expression?

CHOCO Packaging

Designed by Season of Victory Printed by A lively explosion of color and pattern that might, just might, mimic the flavor expression of each chocolate bar.

Site Design Group, Ltd. Slip Case, Book and Mini Book Insert

Designed by Bark Design Printed by The Fox Company (Printer) From the die-cut on the slip box that creates movement when you take out the book, to the exposed binding, the varnish details, and the smaller parts, this promotional is sure to keep you busy for a while.

Galamb Tailoring Identity Materials and Packaging

Designed by Kevin Harald Campean DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio Printed by From the lapel, to the dove, to the feather, to the selection of papers and printing techniques, these identity materials are luscious to a fault.

Summer Studio Stationers Greeting Cards

Designed by Tom Froese Printed by Everlovin’ Press I almost want to use these greeting cards for decorating instead of shipping them out in the post, but then nobody would have the pleasure of ripping open an envelope and finding a perfect bit of letterpress in it--and that would be a shame.

Jack and Jill of Hearts Poster

Designed by Wattle & Daub Printed by SteadyCo Go ahead and lose yourself in the intricate details of this illustration that showcases many topics.

Tenacious Landscaping Stationery

Designed by Studio Nugno Printed by flyeralarm The use of monochromatic colored paper, from light to dark, creates great contrast across the various parts of this stationery.

Twist Packaging

Designed by Communal Creative Printed by Design Packaging, Inc. Simple at first glance, but not so simple to manufacture, this package is one that plays with your sense of touch, needs your hands for interaction, and shares details with your eyes via discreet varnishes.

Amanda Coogan Book

Designed by Studio Nugno: Design by Oonagh Young, Design HQ and Design Assistant Eleonora Bigi & Luca Amoriello Photography by Paddy Cahill Printed by The designers were carefully aware of the powerful images being placed within the pages of this book and allowed them to be the center of attention--keeping the design elements to a minimum and letting the uncoated stock do its magic.

Buckley Systems Business Communication

Designed by Transformer Printed by CFS (Client Focused Solutions) Illustration, photography, and typography all come together to showcase a rich history and a solid present for a company that has many moving parts.

Jewish Holiday Calendar

Designed by One Plus One Design Printed by We Do Printing A simple illustration-based calendar showcasing the important dates for the full year doubles as a work of art with information, illustration, decor, and conversation piece all in one.

Tinta de Verano - Solar Prints

Designed by Senyor Estudi Printed by Self printed If you have ever been on press you know it can be an exhilarating experience, one that can drag on for days.