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Durham Brand & Co. Business Cards

Designed by Durham Brand & Co. Printed by Austin Dunbar Cheers to designer Austin Dunbar for hand-stamping and embossing his business cards.

Slanted Magazine #24: Istanbul

Designed by Slanted Publishers Printed by Letterjazz The 24th edition of Slanted Magazine explores 15 design studios in Istanbul, Turkey: the city where East and West collide.

Studio Post Office Stationery

Designed by Studio Post Office Printed by Studio Post Office takes a restrained, hand-crafted approach to their recent business card and stationary re-design by combining black-and-white digital printing with a rubber stamp and Speckletone French Paper.

Toni Edge Photography Business Cards

Designed by Serafini Creative Printed by The Mandate Press Optimizing for their print medium of choice, letterpress, Serafini Creative re-imagines a solid-fields-of-color design for Photographer Toni Edge with a more minimal, graphical approach.

Jonathan Wing Business Cards

Designed by Dain Gordon Printed by Coeur Noir Brooklyn-based film director and editor Jonathan Wing's straight-forward business cards take flight with an eye-catching gold foil stamp and dramatic black edge painting.

Everlovin' Press Christmas Cards

Designed by Tom Froese Printed by Everlovin' Press Nostalgic illustrations in 3-color letterpress acknowledge the oh-so-worth-it frustrations of the holidays with love and warmth.

The Counter Press Business Cards

Designed by The Counter Press Printed by The Counter Press The Counter Press greets potential clients with a hand-typeset business card that is one part introduction and one part type specimen.

The King of Who? & The Queen of What! Poster

Designed by Austin Dunbar Printed by Powerhouse Factories American designer Austin Dunbar lends depth and dimension to Royal Families everywhere with his one color, patterned, signed-and-numbered screen print series.

The Soufan Group Identity Materials

Designed by Gladstone Media Inc Printed by C.J. Graphics Black foil on black paper lends quiet mystery to these slick and serious print materials for security agency The Soufan Group.

Walking Fearless Business Cards

Designed by João Miranda Printed by M2 &mdashl Artes Gráficas Portuguese designer João Miranda celebrates his recent move to London with a new identity, a custom typeface, and some super sexy paper selections.

Dirty Bandits Calendar

Designed by Dirty Bandits Printed by Greener Printer Each year, designer Annica Lydenberg finds the wildest holidays and hand-illustrates them in a calendar.

Myodetox Identity

Designed by Chén Fan & Maxim Cormier Printed by Karmali Karmali Mysterious physiotherapy and lifestyle brand Myodetox employs an even more complicated identity system based on the principle of tensegrity, or tensional integrity, to represent the dynamic nature of their process.

Michael Bierut at AIforGA Poster

Designed by Layout and Event Info: UnderConsideration Poster: Michael Bierut Printed by Industry Print Shop In the last installment of the year for these posters, my former boss closes with an authoritative period printed in Pentagram's trademark — metaphorically speaking as they do not really own a trademark on it — PMS 032 Red.

New York Ophthalmology Business Cards

Designed by Dain Gordon Printed by Coeur Noir Designer Dain Gordon's tactile business card for New York ophthalmologist Neil Patel, M.D.

Year of the Tiger Event Collateral

Designed by Another Colour Printed by Burwood Press Sydney, Australia based Toronga Zoo's annual fundraiser, Zoofari, raises money for the conservation of endangered species.

The Dog And Pig Show Business Cards

Designed by Andy Luce Printed by Mama's Sauce Designer Andy Luce — with a little help from Mama's Sauce — demonstrates the fine line between timelessness and sh!

4A's Gold Forum Swag Bag

Designed by Meers Printed by In-house Silkscreened with metallic gold, the T-shirt and gift tag in this swag bag for ad agency execs make Kansas City shine.

Ella's Birth Announcement

Designed by Patrick O'Connor Printed by Sire Press Designer Patrick O'Connor celebrates two milestones with this quiet, 2-color announcement: bringing a new daughter into this world and losing his silkscreen virginity.

Ipiranga Seeds Varieties Brochure 2014

Designed by saad branding+design Printed by Centro Gráfico Ruy Barbosa Helping Brazilian seed producer Ipiranga Seeds re-position themselves as a premium vendor, saad branding+design creates a tactile, interactive brochure that appeals to Ipiranga's modest clientele while maintaining a sense of quality and attention to detail.

Typographic Heartland Map

Designed by Design Ahoy Printed by Graphic Arts Studio Minneapolis-born and Chicago-based designer Nancy McCabe pays typographic homage to her homeland, The Heartland, in large format, glossy grandeur.