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Positive Patterns

Designed by Camille Charbonneau Printed by This project was initiated by a then student, but it really came together in the attention to detail in its final presentation and package.

Element Three New Employee Welcome Kit

Designed by Element Three Printed by Box: Welch Packaging This Welcome Kit is a good way to get a new hire stoked about joining the team.

True Grit: Concho 2016 Annual Report

Designed by Squires & Company Printed by Millet the Printer A unique metaphor is used in this Annual Report to convey spirit and message, not just content.

Oteyza Business Cards

Designed by Tara Rego Printed by A clever use of die-cutting to mimic the look of an unfinished piece of fabric, made even more convincing by using a linen-textured paper.

Paperless Post Wedding 2017 Promotion

Designed by Paperless Post Printed by Mercury Printing Beautifully crafted and thoughtfully presented brochure where no detail was spared, from prop styling to gatefold measurements.

Younite Promotional Cards

Designed by Brooke Gabrek Printed by Tribune Showprint Letterpress split fountain... now that's not something you see every day; the small footprint of the card lent itself well for it though and the initiative's logo in black contrasts nicely against the black, abstract patterns.

Berlin Design Digest Book

Designed by Brousse & Ruddigkeit Printed by Stober GmbH Germany Foil stamping, Risographs, and crazy die-cuts are great but sometimes it's hard to beat a nicely-designed, straightforward offset job.

a Magda Szabó Book Cover

Designed by Farkas Anna Printed by Keskeny Nyomda Start the week with a heavy dose of holographic foil stamp, served by this book cover.

Marina Cardoso Business Cards

Designed by Marina Cardoso Printed by Selva Press The playful, abstract patterns and illustrations by Marina work perfectly with the imperfect texture of risograph printing and take great advantage of its overprinting capabilities with the striking pink and blue combo.

Karipidis Winery Brochure

Designed by Luminous Design Group Printed by A lovely combination of white, black, and copper present the beautiful photography in this brochure in a restrained, elegant way.

Singapore Teachers' Academy for the Arts Box

Designed by Do Not Design Printed by Dominie Press If only all card games came in such a sturdy and good looking box...

Unfiltered Magazine

Designed by Group SJR Printed by Prestone Printing Not so long ago as designers we were challenged with translating print for the web--for this promotional piece it was the other way around.

We are Moving! (No Posts this Week)

Designed by Printed by Over the course of the Summer, UnderConsideration headquarters will relocate from Austin, TX, to Bloomington, IN.

Book of Scary Proportions

Designed by Academie Artemis students Printed by Academie Artemis students Most of what we publish on FPO involves numerous copies of a single piece, but every now and then we have to share one-of-a-kind projects that you should know about.

Singapore Teachers'€™ Academy for the arts, Ministry of Education Box packaging

Designed by Do Not Design Printed by Dominie Press If only all card games came in such a sturdy and good looking box...

Passover Haggadah

Designed by Dani Balenson Printed by Laser printer at friend's office When working on a project it is important to have lots of ideas.

Reticence Stationery

Designed by Erwin Bindeman Printed by Edina Rempress If your foil isn't working don't give up on it. Research, ask, and try different kinds as you strive to make your vision a reality.

United States Schematic Maps

Designed by Transit Authority Figures Printed by Kirkwood Wilmington, MA This is the work of a dedicated and determined mind, as each state is added to the collection--cities located and connected as if by subway lines.

Zaumau Wine Packaging

Designed by Brandsummit / Alex Monzó Printed by Etygraf In a field saturated by opposing styles it is often the simplest one that will stand out as a respite from the rest.

Omorovicza Holiday Card

Designed by Anna Hidvegi Printed by Inkredible Letterpress Bits of snow, bits of info, these cards share with you a moment in time through your fingers and your eyes.