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Matera's Surnames Poster

Designed by Francesco Paternoster Printed by Ars Grafica & C. srl Designed using the Open Data of the City of Matera, Italy, designer Francesco Paternoster's typographic infographic depicts residents of the city of Matera that have the same last name.

2014 Founders Circle Packaging

Designed by Hector Silva Printed by Bestype Imaging A happy accident lends a splash of imperfection to an otherwise high-end invitation to join the prestigious Tribeca Film Institute Founders Circle.

Boab Design Business Cards

Designed by Boab Design Printed by Taylor'd Press Laser-cut, foil stamped, duplexed and offset, these business cards for Darwin, Australia-based Boab Design reflect the company's passion for custom creations.

Cranky Pressman Crank Letter

Designed by Graphite & Lead Printed by Cranky Pressman C.P. Pressman's complaint letter—sent to a select group of graphic design industry professionals—eschews "internet culture" in favor of "proper professional activities".

Das Spinnennetz Poster

Designed by Boltz & Hase Printed by Kid Icarus Featured in Canadian typographic exhibition Creative Type 5, designer Sascha Hass' woven ampersand and accompanying letterforms delicately demonstrate a sense of strength and connectivity Production Details Client Creative Type Five, Toronto Quantity Produced 25 Production Cost $350 Production Time 1 week Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth) 22 × 30 in.

Holiday Happy Hour Survival Coasters

Designed by Spoolia Design Printed by Boxcar Press If only I had come across these helpful tipsy tips before the holidays, I could have saved myself a lot of pain and embarrassment!

Infinite Lunar Tracking Device

Designed by KeeganMeegan & Co Printed by KeeganMeegan & Co KeeganMeegan's awe-inspiring infinite calendar and moon-phase-tracker is a giant step for design-kind.

"The Man who Agreed - Apple Terms and Conditions" Booklet

Designed by Florence Meunier Printed by Screaming Colour Have you ever read the Apple Terms and Conditions?

Big-Giant 2014 Holiday Cards

Designed by Big-Giant Printed by Fairweather Press Big-Giant's textile inspired holiday cards are each signed, numbered, and come in a wide variety of color combinations thanks to their friends at Fairweather Press who changed out the ink colors throughout the run.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Print

Designed by Alex Pearson Printed by Baker Prints "Bad Dads" is an annual group exhibition held by contemporary San Francisco gallery Spoke Art in tribute to American filmmaker Wes Anderson.

JuLee and Dave Save-the-Date Poster

Designed by Wes Kull Printed by Craig Dransfield at Abnormal Allies Originally envisioned as gold metallic on white, designer Wes Kull's Art Deco inspired Save-the-Date poster for Gatsby-, Hemingway-, and Radiohead-lovers Julee and Dave looks just as striking on all the other paper stocks with which he experimented .

"The Man who Agreed - Apple Terms and Conditions" Booklet

Designed by Florence Meunier Printed by Screaming Colour Have you ever read the Apple Terms and Conditions?

Puzzle Calendar 2015

Designed by Buerorama Printed by Interior: Risographique Binder: Baumgarten & Grüzmacher Berlin-based design duo Buerorama finds intrigue in every day objects with their clue-based, tear-away risograph calendar.

London Studio Visits: Thank You Book

Designed by Harry Lee, Matt Caldwell, Harry Ingrams, Tom Austin Printed by Harry Lee, Matt Caldwell, Harry Ingrams, Tom Austin This DIY gratitude project by Falmouth University graphic design students brings their studio visits full circle.

Flaunt: Digital and Self-promo Samples

Designed by Printed by Development of the second edition of Flaunt continues and we are looking for more samples of two specific things: 1) Examples of DIGITAL ways of displaying creative work.

Share The Warmth 2014 Card

Designed by Sarankco Printed by Masterpiece Printers The team at Sarankco loves any excuse to celebrate, and the holidays are no exception.

Jessica Little Photography Rebrand

Designed by Natasha McDiarmid Printed by Ever Lovin' Press A blind impression and golden edges are a perfect marriage on this business card for wedding photographer Jessica Little.

"A Registry of Life & Death in Sons of Anarchy" Poster

Designed by UnderConsideration Printed by Capital Printing [SPOILER ALERT: THIS POSTER HAS EVERY SINGLE DEATH IN THE SHOW] As a full-on fan of Sons of Anarchy I had a great time geeking out over the design and layout of this poster.

USA Glyph Print

Designed by STORMFREED Printed by Broken Press Representing each state in the union as a glyph, this poster is a fun puzzle to decipher and explore notions of state pride.

Pamella Roland Invitation

Designed by Conduit Studio Printed by The Printery Intricate, ephemeral and sparkling, this origami-inspired invitation is six sides of sexy.