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Experimental project SYMMETRYSCOPE tryes get to the bottom of symmetry and reveal its possibilities. At first step the liner symmetry was investigated and several columns were made.

Nanling Exhibition Hall

We understand the whole as an exquisitely meticulous sculpture that contains space and hosts knowledge.

Walk-On Balcony In Gliwice, Poland

There are ideas that arise from the need of a particular moment. Such a need – another hot day of summer spent in the office and a thought “if only I could go for a walk” – became inspiration for a project of a path suspended in the air, a balcony Walk-on.

Urban Infiltration Skyscraper For Houston

This undergraduate thesis project by Camden Wade titled Urban Infiltration is a visionary and innovative tower that challenges the typical approach to the high rise typology in Downtown Houston by using “collective design.” In a downtown that lacks formal zoning regulations which creates an exaggerated autonomous mindset for high rise development and their primarily office programs, this design takes a paradigm shift through a more holistic approach to the typology.

Open Air Wine House

7004 house, designed by Daniel Caven, is based upon using natural materials as structural components, the 7004 house is an open air wine house (3 seasons pavilion).

Marfa Housing

Barker Freeman Design Office’s proposal for the design of multi-family housing in Marfa, Texas, consists of three rammed earth dwellings that are integrated into the landscape.

Istanbul Harbor Revitalization

The rapid population increase of the city in the past 10-20 years has resulted in a huge waste of public spaces.

Wooden Look-Out Tower In Italy

The main goal of the design was to create a structure that integrates and correlates with the surrounding woodlands.

Wine Culture Center

Wine Culture Centre is a recent competition entry designed by Urbanplunger studio. The main purpose of the competition was to rethink the concept of “winery” under a contemporary perspective, transforming the winery from being a simple storehouse / production facility to be a catalyst for culture, tourism and research.

Anamorphic Projections Within Architecture

Anamorphic Projections and its perspectival techniques offer a way to make a dynamic spatial experience that is three-dimensional and moves further beyond simple geometric projections.

Bolong Film Museum And James Cameron Avatar Experience Center

In recent years, China has become the second largest producer and consumer of movies. With this as a starting point, the Bolong 3D Movie Museum and Mediatheque is imagined as the cornerstone of a new media park in Tianjin.

Parabola Chairs Wins Red Dot And Good Design Awards

Parabola Chair in Polished Stainless Steel The Parabola Chair designed by Carlo Aiello for ENSSO wins the Red Dot and Good Design awards and launches Kickstarter campaign.

Copenhagen New Modern Library

The form of building reflects the idea of continuous and extended circulation from everywhere to everywhere.

Parametric Pavilion In Monterrey, Mexico

A group of 11 undergrad students from Tecnologico De Monterrey Campus Monterrey have constructed a Parametric Pavilion as a final exercise for the semester. The project started with an algorithm created by one of the students were a pyramidal shaped component was placed across a vaulted surface, creating a strong differentiation by changing its height. Another algorithm was elaborated to unfold all the 195 components to a flat surface to be laser cut and then folded to generate the pyramidal shape from a single piece of 3 millimeter Coroplast. The team carefully assembled all the components using an industrial staple gun and plastic cable zip ties and reinforced the structure with PVC pipes that were fixed to the ground. The pavilion will encourage future students to use digital fabrication techniques.

Veterans Memorial And Museum In Columbus, Ohio

Allied Works Architecture (AWA) today shared designs for the Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, OH.

Short-Term Housing Along The Seine River In Paris

Just like the other European capitals such as Rome, Venice, or Barcelona, Paris risks to become a city museum.

State Of The Art Office Tower For New York City

New York city is experiencing a new golden era, high-rise constructions are booming all over Manhattan, but most of new developments are residential.

Religious Idols Pavilion In India

Durga Puja being one of the biggest socio-cultural and religious festival in India, the temporary pavilions or pandals set up to house the idols act as public spaces.

Innovative Qatar Foundation Stadium

The stadium is part of the Health and Wellness Precinct, within Qatar Foundation Education City and is conceived as a proposed host venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ and one of the principal sports complexes in Qatar.

Arcus Center For Social Justice Leadership / Studio Gang

Historically, convening for social justice has taken place in the most informal settings, with many of this nation’s most important civil rights gatherings, for example, taking place in a church basement, a living room, or even around a kitchen table.