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State Of The Art Office Tower For New York City

New York city is experiencing a new golden era, high-rise constructions are booming all over Manhattan, but most of new developments are residential.

Religious Idols Pavilion In India

Durga Puja being one of the biggest socio-cultural and religious festival in India, the temporary pavilions or pandals set up to house the idols act as public spaces.

Innovative Qatar Foundation Stadium

The stadium is part of the Health and Wellness Precinct, within Qatar Foundation Education City and is conceived as a proposed host venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ and one of the principal sports complexes in Qatar.

Arcus Center For Social Justice Leadership / Studio Gang

Historically, convening for social justice has taken place in the most informal settings, with many of this nation’s most important civil rights gatherings, for example, taking place in a church basement, a living room, or even around a kitchen table.

New Latin American Art Museum In Miami / FR-EE

LAAM is going to be situated within a residential complex, so it will work as the main access to the people living in the 111 apartments, which are going to be built later.

Timber Architecture – Osaka Dentistry

The location became a Housing Expo at around 90 years ago as its quiet ambience remains from the inherited residential surroundings.

Cultural Auditorium For The City Of Cuernavaca, Mexico

URBAN STRATEGY The urban strategy for the Cultural Auditorium of the City of Cuernavaca, Morelos, is based not only on the understanding of the historical, archaeological, social, cultural and environmental value of the site, but also in the potential of the urban context.

Gravity Restroom

In the midst of unprecedented chaos at Mongkok caused by Civil Unrest right next to Langham Place Shopping Center, one discovers a brand new Black & White Toilet with Futuristic Street Lamps called “Gravity Restroom” recently opened to the public.

Parametric Design In Urbanism

The bias of SO/AP agency was to design an urban pattern generated by tools for parametric programming.

X Pixelism Architectural Design Workshop Athens, December 2014

X|A ATHENS Winter Workshop 2014: 15th-23rd of December 2014 @ Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece X|Atelier is organizing an international intensive workshop of Advanced Architectural Design.

Plyground Is An Interactive Landscape Parametrically Designed

Taking a non literal approach to the idea of plasticity PLYGROUND designed by Daniel D. Gillen is made with only three materials, plywood, sod and bolts, it is 100%  recyclable and re-usable.

Stone Group International Wins 2014 “In The World” Best Communicator Award

“In the World” Category of Best Communicator Award 2014, the first Prize was granted to STONE GROUP INTERNATIONAL, with the project “Breathing Life into 12 Mythic Marbles” by Architect Michalis Theofilou.

Concrete And Corten Steel Abandoned Building Articulation

Mark is a speculative project by Atelier Crilo based on the reuse of an existing and abandoned building.

Aerelight OED Desklamp and Wireless Phone Charger

Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) has long promised to bring low energy, soft, and flexible lighting to our homes and work places but costs have been a major obstacle. Aerelight is a desk lamp which fuses in-house developed organic light emitting diode technology with a ground up design to express the viability of the technology for a mainstream market.

New Sports Campus In Canoas, Brazil

More than a public institution, a public space. This is the premise and guiding goal for the development of the new campus of UFCSPA by OSPA.

MPavilion / Sean Godsell Architects

Conceived as a kind of southern hemisphere Serpentine Pavilion, the MPavilion has just opened its first work, a 12×12 meter kinetic box by the local architect Sean Godsell.

Paradigms in Computing

Paradigms in Computing Title: Paradigms in Computing: Making, Machines, and Models for Design Agency in Architecture Editors: Dr.

Paradigms in Computing

Paradigms in Computing Title: Paradigms in Computing: Making, Machines, and Models for Design Agency in Architecture Editors: Dr.

Mao Statue Proposal

Since the first Chairman Mao Statue was built in 1967, there are hundred copies situated in China. The Mao Statue is located in Tianfu Square, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Plac Maku: Redesign of the Warsaw Poland Rotunda

Barker Freeman Design Office proposal to redesign the Warsaw Rotunda enwreathes the existing structure in a pleated Dupont Corian Terra canopy that provides a space for events, exhibitions, and performances.