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POP: Re-Defining Los Angeles Iconism

This project tackles the status of the icon in Architecture as they can pop up anywhere. The role of icon when thought of in a non-architectural sense can be related to icons in a logo sense which is a representation blurb of a company, application, commands, signs, etc.

Twelve Digital Etchings For The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

Johan Voordouw and Aisha Sawatsky have completed 12 digital etchings currently exhibited at the Rotterdam Kunsthal for IABR 2014 “Urban by Nature” biennale.

Multifarious Formations

Multifarious formations is is a set of ongoing experiments in fabrication and modelling done by Daniel Caven, at the Southern California Institute of Architecture Robotics lab.

New York Tomorrow

Attacking the conventional residential tower model, characterized by anonymity and isolation, this building provides a living experience that would match social and urban dynamics of New York tomorrow.

Santiago Calatrava-Designed Florida Polytechnic University Set To Open

The new Florida Polytechnic University – whose 170 acre campus and iconic central building were designed by architect Santiago Calatrava – will formally mark its opening on August 16 with a ceremony at the campus in Lakeland, Florida.

The Revolution Tower And The Square of 14 Janvier In Tunis

Initiated by the foundation Symboles, the project is situated at the intersection of two main axes in central Tunis.

Purification And Redemption At The End Of Oil Era

For some time now there has been a plan to design a museum of oil in Italy . The site of Vallezza , starting from the first drilling in 1905 , has established itself as a strategic center for the extraction of hydrocarbons in Italy; it has played a very important role during the two world wars of the first half of 900; his unique yellow oil , with natural characteristics similar to those of an already refined product, was pumped directly from the reservoir to the tanks of vehicles.

Fab Housing For Rome

Fab-Housing is the Master’s degree project presented by Eugenio Aglietti, Luca Beltrame and Jessica Tiberi for the final thesis of IN/ARCH Post-graduate Master Course ‘Expert Designer in Emerging Technologies’.

La Cattedrale: Interactive Religious Architecture

Man’s obsession with grandeur and indulgent creations has led to iconic absurdity. We are the generation that will suffer at the hands of the creators of a wasteful era.

Paris Flood Prevention Spillway Pavilion Bar

The pavilion bar designed by Margot Krasojevic is part of Paris’ flood control infrastructure. An enclosed circular glass bar rests over a bell mouth spillway which allows water to enter from it’s entire perimeter, directing the water throoughout the design, into the spillway.

Sonic Scape: The House Of Hungarian Music / Aaron Neubert Architects

The proposal “Sonic Scape” – The House of Hungarian Music, by Aaron Neubert Architects, is conceived as a tribute to the esteemed figures within the influential musical history of Hungary.

Exuberant Bridge Breaks Linearity And Explores Directional Dynamic Forces

The architectural fundamental principle the design attacks is linearity , which describes the dominating directional dynamic .

Environmental Exuberance: Dubai’s Amphitheater

A multi-disciplinary sports complex & camel track located at the centre of the old creek district of Dubai designed by Thomas Hopkins at Bartlett School of Architecture The design accommodates types of racetracks and sports facilities, tailored for the population demographics.

Pina Is A Exploration Of Fabric’s Behavior In Lighting

“pina” is a part of the series of exploration by Taeg Nishimoto of fabric’s behavior in lighting, with three variations (#1 – #3.) The shade uses the fabric 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Digital & Parametric Architecture

eVolo_06: Digital & Parametric Architecture Title: eVolo_06: Digital & Parametric Architecture Cover: Perfect Bound Size: 9″ x 12″ Pages: 312 ISSN: 1946-634x ISBN: 978-1938740060 Digital & Parametric Architecture explores the development of the latest digital tools including advance-modeling software and computer aided design in the production of architecture.

Twilt Tower For Rome

The Twilt Tower – twisted and tilted, is a design proposal by Paolo Venturella. The site for the tower is “E.U.R.” (Esposizione Universale Roma, in 1942) and is provoked by the “Eurosky tower” by Franco Purini, in author’s opinion a strange, box-like residential tower with photovoltaic panels on top, not integrated in overall design at all.

FLOS String Lights Are The Perfect Match For Modern Architecture

FLOS String Light. Photo: Graham Carlow The appeal of FLOS STRING LIGHTS by Michael Anastassiades should not be lost on anyone who appreciates a clean and modern construction.

Flex Towers Twists To Capture NYC Sunlight

Flex Tower is visionary proposal by Italian architect Paolo Venturella for 2040. New York City, whose population grew unexpectedly and there is need for new and innovative typology.

Photovoltaic Solar Sculpture Is Flexible Energy Solution

The “Solar Loop” by Paolo Venturella is a photovoltaic solar sculpture that can be placed in urban and suburban areas in different context.

Fuzhou Cross-Strait Cultural Art Center

The project by Synthesis Design + Architecture is a “cross-strait” cultural center in Fuzhou, designed to commemorate the connection between China and Taiwan.