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Algorithms in the Wild

[Image: Jasper National Park, courtesy of Parks Canada]. There's an interesting article over at Highline Magazine about a lost hiker named George Joachim whose subsequent behavior in the landscape was so spatially unexpected that he eluded discovery for ten days.

The Electromagnetic Fortification of the Suburbs

[Image: A drone from DJI]. It's hardly surprising to read that drones can be repurposed as burglars' tools; at this point, just take any activity, add a drone, and you, too, can have a news story (or Kickstarter) dedicated to the result.

A Cenotaph for Tailings

[Image: From "Mining Cenotaph" by Alexis Quinteros Salazar; courtesy of the RIBA President's Medals].

Colossal Cave Adventure

[Photo: "Mega Bike" at the Louisville Mega Cavern; photo courtesy Louisville Mega Cavern]. An underground bike park is opening up next month in a former limestone mine 100 feet beneath Louisville, Kentucky.

Brooklyn Super Food

[Image: From "Brooklyn Co-operative" by Yannis Halkiopoulos, University of Westminster; courtesy RIBA President's Medals].

Music for the Asset Bubble

[Image: Photographer unknown, via Root Blog]. Via some indirect links following an email tip from Sam Grawe, I stumbled on this collection of ambient music "mostly emanating from the corporate infrastructure of the 1980s asset bubble.

A City in the Glacier

[Image: Courtesy of Icecave Iceland]. There's an interesting construction/excavation project going on over in Iceland right now: an artificial tunnel and cave complex being dug into the Langjökull Glacier.

Spacetime Glitches Frozen Into The Built Environment

Back in the summer of 2012, Nicola Twilley and I got to visit the headquarters of GPS, out at Fort Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado.

Immaculate Ecologies

[Image: Via the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge]. "We will put up the mountains. We will lay out the prairie.


[Image: "Historical Monument of the American Republic" by Erastus Salisbury Field]. I just spent far too much time clicking around on Archi/Maps, where—amongst dozens of other images—this painting by Erastus Salisbury Field, showing a proposal for an "Historical Monument of the American Republic," seemed worth a quick post.

Under London

[Image: Bond Street platform tunnels, courtesy Crossrail]. Crossrail—the massive, 73-mile rail project currently underway in London, including twin-bore 13-mile tunnels—has released a handful of new photos showing the underground works.

The Neurological Side-Effects of 3D

[Image: An extraordinary diagram by Auguste Choisy]. France is considering a ban on stereoscopic viewing equipment—i.e.

Space Noir

[Image: The International Space Station at night, photographed by astronaut Alexander Gerst, courtesy of the ESA].

Just-in-Case Informatics

[Image: A screen grab from the homepage of Orbital Insight]. Proving that some market somewhere will at least try to find a value in anything, a company called Orbital Insight is now tracking "the shadows cast by half-finished Chinese buildings" as a possible indicator for where the country's economy might be headed.

Art Arm

[Image: "Untitled #13," from "Scripted Movement Drawing Series 1" (2014) by Andrew Kudless]. San Francisco-based designer and architect Andrew Kudless is always up to something interesting, and one of his most recent projects is no exception.

Etch a Sketch

[Image: Laser-etched wood panel, design by Kris Davidson, etching by Clear Cut Creation]. This laser-etched wood panel designed by tattoo artist Kris Davidson is pretty awesome.

Tales of the Crash: An Interview with Nick Arvin

Screenshot from a sample 3D car crash animation created by Kineticorp; visit their website for the video.

Spatial Basics

[Image: Red Bull New York offices by INABA; photo by Greg Irikura]. I got a handful of preview shots from the new Red Bull New York offices the other night, with interiors designed by INABA, and I thought I'd post them here.

"We don't have an algorithm for this"

[Image: Comet 67P, via ESA]. In the story of how European Space Agency researchers are scrambling to locate—and possibly move—the Rosetta probe, which they successfully landed on Comet 67P two days ago, there's an interesting comment about computer vision and the perception of unfamiliar landscapes.

Goldberg Robotics

[Image: From Science Daily/University of Oslo]. Robots emitting robots emitting robots: this is one way that machines will learn to navigate extreme spatial environments.