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Vogue Brazil���s Contentious Photoshop Turned Able-Bodied Models Into Paralympians

Image via voguebrasil Vogue Brazil has launched a campaign to promote the 2016 Paralympics to be held between 7 and 18 September in Rio de Janeiro.

Retro-Looking Fujifilm X-A3 Is Specifically Designed For Selfie Lovers

Camera company Fujifilm has introduced its latest camera, Fujifilm X-A3, a retro-looking camera that comes with a compact and lightweight body.

Watch: The Humorous Blooper Reel From ���Captain America: Civil War���

[Click here to view the video in this article] Marvel fans, here���s one way to end your work week on a funny note.

Awww: This Carefree Baby Panda Enjoys Rolling Around In The Grass

[Click here to view the video in this article] Here���s something adorable to help kickstart your weekend.

Brilliant Tattoo Cover-Ups Transform Horrid Designs Into Gorgeous Artworks

���My first tattoo was a good lesson in getting what you pay for. Ten years later, I found a capable artist to blast over it with this gorgeous koi.

The Healthiest Dishes From Popular Fast-Food Chains Like McDonald���s, Subway

People love fast food because of its convenience and affordability. While they may be tasty, they are also packed with loads of fats and calories.

Watch: Death-Defying Video Of A Man Riding A Unicycle Atop An 840-Foot Chimney

[Click here to view the video in this article] Uploaded by unicyclist Flaviu Cernescu, the following video will definitely induce a serious case of vertigo in you.

Diverse Variety Of Breast Types Shown Through An Assortment Of Illustrations

���My boobs tend to be perky, but my nipples are always puffy and bigger than I would ideally like. My ribs show at the top of my ribcage, but I have quite a bit of tummy.

Infographic: Everything You Need To Know As A New Dog Parent

You might be considering adopting a new dog into your family, but have never owned a dog before. Welcoming a dog into your home is not simple.

Creative Sketches Made On Trash, Placed On Streets For People To Find

Living in the beautiful old heritage town of Dali, Yunnan Province, China, artist Wenyi creates stunning sketches on the trash she found on the streets.

NSFW Instagram Account Features Erotic, Surreal Black-And-White Illustrations

Those looking for a daily dose of erotica to charge up their Instagram feed need not look any further than the sensual illustrations of European artist Apollonia Saintclair.

For Font Fanatics: Find Out How Well You Know Your Fonts With This Fun Quiz

Printing company Solopress recently published an article about the most recognizable font in the UK. After conducting a survey with 1,000 people, Arial came out top as the most well-known typeface in the country, with 33% of the respondents being able to identify it correctly���another 55% chose it as the answer to other questions in the survey.

Bold, Colorful Tattoos That Combine Elements Of Nature And Cubism

Image via @peteraurisch German tattoo artist Peter Aurisch���s tattoo style is bold and colorful. With the tattoos��� thick lines and vibrant colors, the art style of cubism comes to mind.

This Instagram Account Matches Your Favorite Pok��mon With Nike Sneakers

���pokemonnikeid��� is an Instagram account that all Pok��mon and sneaker fans should follow. It matches all your favorite Pocket Monsters with a corresponding Nike sneaker���which are chosen based on the Pok��mon���s color palette.

Protect Your Camera From Rain And Snow With This Brilliant $1 DIY Trick

[Click here to view the video in this article] While most cameras are able to withstand a little wetness as photographers are expected to work in diverse weather conditions, when it is raining or snowing heavily, it is still wise to protect it to prevent damage.

Car Crash Survivor Shares Emotional Story With Teens Who Text And Drive

[Click here to view the video in this article] In ���No Good Reason���, a rather blunt PSA sponsored by AT&T, it confronts the issue of texting and driving by having teens meet a car crash survivor.

Women On Twitter Rename Their Vaginas After The Last Movie They Watched

Image via Twitter user @Christinaa_A Comedian Margaret Cho recently tweeted a picture that said ���Name your vagina by using the name of the last movie you watched!

Bad Habits You Should Break In Your 20s

Your 20s are the prime of your life, and to make the best of it, some sacrifices have to be made. In the long run, the changes made to your lifestyle can do you more good.

Top 10 Most Relatable Moments In Dating, Expressed Using Hilarious GIF Reactions

The dating world can be pretty harsh. Embarrassment, frustration and bewilderment are all emotions you���re bound to run into after passing the third date mark.

Fun, Quirky Photo Series Features Popsicles Made Of Anything But Ice Cream

[Click here to view the video in this article] From left to right: M&M, honeycomb, meat Is everything with a stick in it considered ice cream?