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A Sleek Smartwatch That Looks Like A Minimalist Analog Timepiece

A sleek, minimalistic smartwatch called ‘Névo’ has just been launched. Unlike other smartwatches, the Névo is powered by dual watch batteries and comes in a clean-looking design—its silent vibrating alarm would alert you when a call or text message is received.

Awww: ‘Munchkin’ Dog Runs On A Treadmill While Dressed In A Bear Suit

[Click here to view the video in this article] If you are having a rough day at work today, this video will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Watch: Five Great Ideas To Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into Yummy Treats

[Click here to view the video in this article] Instead of chucking the leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner into the bin, how about “hacking� them into delicious treats that are also easy to make?

Agency Holds A Two-Day Interview In Vegas, Looking For An Art Director

Colorado-based creative agency TDA_Boulder is looking to hire an art director, and it’s conducting the interview with the short-listed candidate over a two-day period in Las Vegas.

Lenovo Breaks MacBooks In Prank Ad To Promote Its New Laptop

[Click here to view the video in this article] Lenovo has a new laptop called the ‘Yoga 3 Pro’, which is able to bend backwards.

Potty-Mouthed Little Girls Drop F-Bombs To Fight Domestic Violence

[Click here to view the video in this article] “What’s more offensive, a little girl saying ‘f***’, or the f***ed up and sexist way society barely lifts a finger when men raise their fists?

10 Stunning Image Picks This Week

Image: Brian Benton Inspiration can be found everywhere—many pictures tell different stories and adventures, as long as we know where to look.

Quirky, Romantic Jewelry Featuring Real Flowers In Mini Glass Orbs

The delicate, whimsical designs of jewelry brand RubyRobin give a whole new meaning to the idea of “wearing flowers�.

Airbnb’s Wonderful Handmade Ad Was Shot In One Take & Features Real Listings

[Click here to view the video in this article] On the heels of the announcement of its print magazine for travelers, home rental platform Airbnb has unveiled a lovely handmade ad for its global digital campaign.

Fancy Having A US$62,000 Job As A Paintball ‘Bullet Tester’?

Image: Sergio Garcia Fancy having a job with ‘extremely flexible working hours’ coupled with travel expenses, and pays you an approximate amount of US$62,000 a year (£40,000)?

Vintage Barbie Doll Set Shockingly Encouraged ‘Starvation Dieting’

Would you buy these barbie doll sets, produced by Mattel 50 years ago, which encouraged starvation dieting?

Amusing Illustrations Of German Proverbs Translated Literally Into English

In German: Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten. What it means: Only the strongest survive. Artist James Chapman has created a series of amusing illustrations of German proverbs from their literal English translations.

KLM Surprises Passengers With Personal Messages From Loved Ones

[Click here to view the video in this article] Saying goodbye at the airport is usually a sad affair, and Dutch airline KLM understands this.

Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Characters Reimagined As Awesome, Cute Nesting Dolls

There is nothing like some well-designed design toys to spruce up the work desk—and if you are a Star Wars fan, this toy collection that features fresh interpretations of the beloved characters as adorable nesting dolls would definitely appeal to you.

Wonderful Body-Paintings Transform Human Bodies Into Beautiful Wild Animals

Florida Alligator with Baby Artist and body painter Shannon Holt has created a series of “paintings� that transform the human body into various wild animals.

Brilliant Deodorizing Toilet Seat Turns Bad Odor Into Scent Of Avocados

Now you can do away with the bulky air fresheners and odor cover-up sprays with the ‘Purefresh’ toilet seat, designed by Kohler.

Chart: The Meaning Of Famous Brand Names

Did you know that an employee suggested the brand name for Virgin Group? Find out more about the meanings behind various famous brand names in the following chart by translation company 7Brands.

Pizza Brand Creates 50 Ridiculous Ads From Bizarre Stock Photos

When pizza brand Totino’s Pizza saw BuzzFeed’s list of 50 unusable stock photos back in May, it instantly knew it had to prove the website wrong.

Official Trailer For ‘Jurassic World’ Features A Terrifying Hybrid Dinosaur

[Click here to view the video in this article] 24 years after the release of the first Jurassic Park movie, Universal Pictures has released its first official trailer for the fourth installment of the film franchise, titled Jurassic World.

Chart: The Top Issues That Cost Countries The Most Money

Click to view enlarged version The Washington Post has created a chart listing the top issues that cost countries around the world the most money.