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Minimalistic Compositions Of Everyday Objects That Always Feature Turquoise

The last time you saw Italian artist Benedetto Demaio, he was carefully arranging household items in eye-catching, colorful compositions.

For Crazy Cat Ladies: This Quirky Shirt���s Collar Looks Like A Curled Up Kitty

Do you love cats? And if you do, do you love them enough to wear one around your neck? Fashion brand Moozoo has created the adorable ���Kitty Collar Blouse������this simple white button-down shirt has a fun detail that will delight the crazy cat lady in you.

Ranking: The Most Popular IKEA Products Of All Time

Image via IKEA USA Furniture giant IKEA is a favorite amongst many not only for the aesthetic appeal of its products but also the affordability put forth by its offerings.

Artists Imagine Pok��mon Crossbreeds That Should Be Included In Upcoming Games

Image via too-much-green Since its release, Pok��mon Go has not only captured the interest of gamers and fans of the animation worldwide, but has also inspired artists around the globe.

Amusing, Literal Illustrations Of Female Bodies As How The Media Describes Them

Apple Body image as portrayed by the media has been a much talked about topic for some time. It isn���t just women who feel the pressure to conform to unrealistic expectations of beauty, but men as well.

Artist Turns Trash Into Animal Sculptures To Talk About Environment Destruction

Portuguese artist, Bordalo II, begins work on his artworks in junkyards or abandoned factories. He looks out for car tires, bumpers, door panels, plastic bumpers, or even whole vehicles, for his works.

Watch: Pitfalls Of Online Dating That���s Relatable To Anyone Who���s Tried It

[Click here to view the video in this article] ���Despite the anonymity that the internet grants its users, there is still anxiety that comes with trying to connect with people online.��� Anyone who���s attempted online dating can likely relate to this amusing short titled ���Find True Love��� by animator Victoria Vincent.

Artist Fuses Sensual, Vintage Portraits With Predictions From Fortune Cookies

Take a look at the works of New York-based artist Kalen Hollomon and you���ll find yourself browsing through unconventional visuals that���ll likely evoke a sense of curiosity.

Watch: Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, More Celebrities Read Hilarious Mean Tweets

[Click here to view the video in this article] Celebrities reading mean tweets may not come often on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but it sure is an audience-favorite.

Important Things Clients Should Learn From Designers

In a client-designer relationship, both parties have skills and protocol that need to be learnt by the other.

Cute Photos Of Matching Pet ���Brothers��� From Other Mothers Will Warm Your Heart

Warren Photographic, an image library of nature and pets, doesn���t just provide regular cute animal photos in its gallery.

Hilarious Comics Cleverly Depict The Day-To-Day Struggles Of Parenthood

Parenthood is a wonderful and rewarding experience, but it also comes with frustration and exhaustion.

Flight Attendants Share The Things They Would Like To Tell Passengers But Can't

Being in the service line is not an easy job, and doing it while up in the air makes it even tougher.

How People Judge You Based On Your Facial Features, According To Science

Image from Changing the Personality of a Face: Perceived Big Two and Big Five Personality Factors Modeled in Real Photographs by Mirella Walker and Thomas Vetter, image compilation by Mike Nudelman via Business Insider While it���s natural to form an impression of somebody based on his or her appearance, such judgments may not always be truthful.

This Unique Bicycle Has Running Shoes As Tires

Here���s something you don���t see every day. Unveiled at the Prudential RideLondon, a world-class festival of cycling in London, this unique bicycle has tires that are made out of running shoes.

Infographic: 17 Ways To Tell If Your Colleague Hates You

Considering that we spent the bulk of our time at work, having good relationships with your colleagues can make life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Watch: 10 Things You Did Not Know The Use For

[Click here to view the video in this article] Have you ever noticed a loop on the back of your shirt, and wondered what its purpose is?

Hillary Clinton Appears On Funny Or Die���s Interview Show ���Between Two Ferns���

[Click here to view the video in this article] In what is perhaps a smart marketing move, presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared on Funny Or Die���s painfully awkward mock interview show, Between Two Ferns.

Infographic: How To Create A High Impact CV In 4 Simple Steps

It is no secret that an impressive CV is very important when one is job-hunting���to stand out from the competition, you should invest some time and effort to make your CV attractive to hiring managers and recruiters.

Infographic: 21 Google Hacks You Never Knew Existed

It may be difficult to imagine how we get the information we need before Google came along���many of us use the popular search engine for both the big and small questions that life throws up.