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Designer Describes His ‘Year In Words’ With Minimalist Typographic Posters

Founder and creative director of STUDIOJQ, Jonathan Quintin—whom we last featured here—wanted to document his “moods, actions and experiences� in 2014, including what went on with clients, projects and family life.

Designer Creates 60 Logos In 60 Days, Spends Just 60 Minutes On Each One

Based in Oslo, Norway, freelance graphic designer Karoline Tynes recently completed a personal challenge where she created 60 logos in 60 days.

This Designer’s Stylish, Minimalist Résumé Template Is Now Free To Download

If you are a creative who is looking to impress potential employers and clients with a functional and chic one-page résumé, this template by Spanish art director and freelance designer Fernando Báez may be just what you need.

Thought-Provoking Video Explains Why Time Seems To Speed Up The Older We Get

[Click here to view the video in this article] Do you ever get the feeling that time seems to speed up the older you get?

Graffiti Artist Turns Scaffolding Into A ‘Home’ That He Can Live And Work In

Considering that he already spends a lot of time on scaffoldings when painting buildings’ walls, it is not all that surprising that graffiti artist Fra.Biancoshock has transformed a scaffolding into a “real home� that he can live and work in.

Incredibly Cute Baby Foxes Found Playing, Dozing In Backyard

Princeton, New Jersey resident Philip Wang and his daughter Alice recently found a delightful surprise in their backyard—a litter of adorable baby foxes!

Interesting Website Lets You Imagine What Life Is Like In Other Countries

If you lived in the UK, instead of the U.S. ‘My Life Elsewhere’ is an interesting interactive website that lets you imagine how life would be like if you live in another country.

Apple’s New Ads Show How The Apple Watch Enhances Your Lifestyle

[Click here to view the video in this article] Last week, the Apple Watch was launched and although the new device did not create as much brouhaha as previous Apple products, that did not stop these amusing creations from popping up on the web.

Five Seriously Simple Ways To Go Green At Home

For those out there who find the concept of “going green� somewhat abstract and difficult to execute, here are some ways to start with your habits at home.

LOL: Jamie Oliver Shows Us A Swanky Way To Chop Onions Using Crystals

[Click here to view the video in this article] In this video by Yes it’s funny, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver demonstrates three ways to chop onions.

Cute Illustrations Teach You How To Say ‘Awww’ In Nine Languages

Following our recent feature on James Chapman’s hilarious illustrations on how to snore in seven different languages, here is another comic tutorial teaching you what to say when we see something adorable, in nine different languages.

20 Characters From Wes Anderson’s Films Illustrated As LEGO Minifigs

Matt Chase, a designer based in Washington D.C, pays tribute to the genius of Wes Anderson through the skillful "lego-fication" of some of the most iconic characters from his films.

Awesome Beach Towel Looks Like Giant Pizza, Comes In A Pizza Box

This beach towel will make other beachgoers hungry. ‘The Pepperoni Pizza Towel’ is an oversized round beach towel that looks realistically like a giant pizza pie.

Jared Leto's ‘The Joker’ Is Terrifying In First ‘Suicide Squad’ Photo

Image via David Ayers In celebration of the 75th anniversary of The Joker, director David Ayers has released the first official photo for the upcoming film Suicide Squad.

Funny Charts That Accurately Sum Up How We Use Work Email

BuzzFeed has come up with a collection of funny charts that accurately sum up how we use work email. From a tongue-in-cheek look at the contents of our inbox to an amusing breakdown of email sign-offs, they should be familiar to anyone who has ever had to deal with annoying reply-all emails and email anxiety on vacation.

Cake Looks Like A Giant Donut, Inspired By Homer Simpson’s Favorite Snack

Baker and DIY-er Luisa of Why Don’t You Make Me? has created a cake shaped like a super-sized donut, inspired by Homer Simpson’s favorite snack.

‘Times New Ramen’ Is A New Cheeky, Noodle-Like Font

Creative director of progressive brand marketing agency OKFocus, Ryder Ripps cheekily created the new font, ‘Times New Ramen’.

LOL: An Illustrative Guide To Cat Physics

Cats sometimes seem to lead an entirely separate existence from us and while their behavior and antics continue to intrigue us, this guide based on the basic laws of physics can help to de-mystify them.

A Mini Washing Machine Perfect For Small Homes, Works Without Electricity

[Click here to view the video in this article] ‘Drumi’ is a portable pint-sized washing machine by household design company Yirego, which is perfect for small homes, and camping trips.

Cheerful Boxes Filled With Sweet 3D Illustrations, Words Bring Instant Comfort

Illustrator and art teacher Kim Welling crafts encouraging words in small boxes that bring cheer to someone's day.