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What Candy Hearts Would Say If They Were Truthful

Writer Chrissa Hardy of news site Bustle has created a series of candy hearts that accurately say what a gift of candy hearts really mean.

Space-Inspired, 'Out Of This World' Dinnerware

Italian brands Diesel Living and Seletti have designed and produced a set of dinnerware plates. Named ‘Cosmic Diner’, this11-piece set of space-inspired plates represent moons, planets, and the sun.

The Correct Ways To Pronounce Tricky Brand Names

Chances are, there are some brand names, especially ones in foreign languages, that you have trouble pronouncing.

Stylish Apple Watch Ads Look Straight Out Of A High Fashion Shoot

In anticipation of the Apple Watch’s release in April, Apple has unveiled a lavish 12-page spread in the March issue of Vogue.

‘Quokka Selfie’, Latest Photo-Taking Trend May Be The Cutest & Happiest Yet

Image via teensy88 There’s a new selfie trend catching on lately, and it may be the cutest and happiest yet.

Wearable Tech Charges Gadgets With The Energy Produced By Masturbating

[Click here to view the video in this article] Pornhub is creating a wearable that looks like a fitness tracker called the ‘Wankband’.

Luxurious Food Served In The First And Business Classes Of Different Airlines

Virgin America First Class, Chicken and Artichoke Apart from the luxurious treats, privacy and comfortable beds that come with flying business or first class, airlines also make a lot of effort with the food that they serve.

Sweet Parents Get Tattoos To Match Their Daughter’s Unique Birthmark

We have recently featured stories of proud dads getting tattoos of their children’s doodles, but this heartwarming story trumps them all.

Expressive Watercolor Portraits Of Kurt Cobain, Other Legendary Musicians

Kurt Cobain Artist Natalia Vallès from Barcelona, Spain, has created a beautiful collection of art prints that feature expressive watercolor portraits of legendary musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Elvis Presley.

Spider-Man’s Love Interest Gwen Stacy Returns In New Comic Book Series

Best known as Peter Parker's love interest before Mary Jane, who met her end in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #121, Gwen Stacy returns to the comic book world, very much alive.

Funny Video Teaches You How To Be A ‘Filmmaker’ In 32 Easy Steps

[Click here to view the video in this article] YouTube channel IFHT, previously featured here, has released an amusing short that teaches you how to be a “filmmaker� in just 32 easy steps.

Flowchart: Do You Have What It Takes To Be Your Own Boss?

Being your own boss has its unique perks, such as the freedom to run your business according to your own ideals and goals.

Watch: The Brand Evolution Of ‘Sesame Street’ Condensed Into Three Minutes

If you grew up watching popular television series Sesame Street, this three-minute video will be of interest to you.

Awesome Batman-Inspired Hotel Room Lets You Sleep In The ‘Batcave’

The Eden Motel at Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, lets you live out your dreams of sleeping in the famous Batcave, with its amazing Caped Crusader-themed room.

Fascinating Posters Reveal The Average Faces Of Batman, Other Superheroes

Batman Over the years, different actors have taken on the roles of popular superheroes like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, and it is interesting to see how their faces seem to bear striking resemblances, and also noteworthy differences.

10 Stunning Image Picks This Week

Image: Matti Ollikainen Inspiration can be found everywhere—many pictures tell different stories and adventures, as long as we know where to look.

Amazing Pop Culture-Inspired Mini Sculptures Carved From Tips Of Pencils

In a similar concept as these mini sculptures carved from crayons, Russian artist Salavat Fidai carves his intricate sculptures out of the fragile tips of pencils.

Photographer Explores The Diverse Concept Of Family In Heartwarming Portraits

Brooklyn, New York New York-based photographer Michele Crowe’s series ‘The Universal Family’ explores the diverse concept of family in the US.

Ai WeiWei's LEGO Phone Cases Draw Attention To Silenced Political Prisoners

Well-known Chinese artist and activist Ai WeiWei has come up with an unusual way to draw attention to politically mistreated persons.

A Simple Tool That Lets You Grow Your Own Avocado Trees At Home

The ‘AvoSeedo’ is a nifty tool that would help you grow an avocado tree at home. Shaped like a bowl, the avocado pits will be kept at the right position during its germination, having optimal amount of water at the bottom while keeping dry in the sunlight at the top.