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‘Delicious’ Hybrids Made With Animals, Fruits, And Vegetables

Hippotato Fancy eating a ‘Frovacado’? Or how about something sweeter, like a ‘Penguimelon’? Artist Sarah DeRemer has created a strange illustrated series of food hybrids made with animals, and various fruits and vegetables.

An Eye-Opening, Inside Look At How Fujifilm Makes Its Lenses

[Click here to view the video in this article] Japanese photography and imaging company Fujifilm has released a behind-the-scene video that gives us a peek into the delicate process of making their XF series lenses.

10 Stunning Image Picks This Week

Image: Ron Jautz Inspiration can be found everywhere—many pictures tell different stories and adventures, as long as we know where to look.

Google Releases 750 Cool Icons That You Can Use For Free

Good news designers, Google has released 750 different icons for free which you can use for building websites and apps.

Infographic: What Type Of Logo Is Right For You?

If you’ve always wondered what kind of logo best suits your brand, fret no more. New York-based The Logo Company has come up with an infographic helping you to determine which logo type is right for you.

Striking Eye Donation Ads Show Children Who Are Unable To Imagine

Creative agency Propeg has produced a series of striking print ads for Brazilian organization Fortaleza that aims to raise awareness for eye donations.

Mom Dresses Up Adorable Daughter As Different Characters For Halloween

It seems Halloween really brings out people’s creativity. After this mother dressed her baby in different costumes, photographer and mom Gina Lee is on a similar mission to dress up her child as well.

Infographic: Tips On Getting Free First Class Upgrade When Flying

Cheapflights has revealed some handy tips for getting a free upgrade to flying first class. Taking the effort to plan at least six months ahead, talking to the right people with a good attitude, and looking smart are just some of the many ways to secure an upgrade.

If Disney Princesses Were Real...

[Click here to view the video in this article] Following their viral video of imagined Disney princes, Buzzfeed has created a new short that shows us how Disney princesses, such as Cinderella and Pocahontas, would probably behave in real life.

These Album Covers Reveal The Hidden ‘Bigger Picture’ Behind Them

Creative digital agency Aptitude puts a fun spin on popular album covers by revealing the hidden, ‘bigger picture’ that goes on behind-the-scenes.

Infographic: Twitter Versus Facebook

If Facebook and Twitter were pitted against each other, who would fare better? An infographic created by Forbes and Statista compares the two social media platforms, listing details about the number of monthly active users they have, their respective revenues, and other fascinating facts.

Powerful Ads Show How The Pain Of Child Abuse Lasts A Lifetime

To highlight how the pain of child abuse lasts a lifetime, Leo Burnett Thailand created two powerful ads for Bangkok-based Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation that show a young boy and a girl being sexually abused.

A Funny Animation Of A Mob Of People Falling And Struggling To Get Up

[Click here to view the video in this article] Have you ever been guilty of laughing at someone tripping?

A Hypnotizing Video Of A Drone ‘Dancing’ Elegantly In Choreographed Movement

[Click here to view the video in this article] Drones are everywhere. They are even masquerading as “dancers” in this music video directed by Richard Johnston for Marconi Union.

More Adorable Animal Logos Cleverly Created With Negative Space

Graphic designer George Bokhua, who we featured previously, returns with more of his adorable animal logos that were cleverly created with negative space.

‘Cat Circles’: The Curious Phenomenon Of Trapping A Cat In A Circle

Yesterday, we featured an amusing and truthful look at how life differs before and after getting a cat.

Loving Dad Creates An Awesome Minnie Mouse LED Halloween Suit For His Daughter

[Click here to view the video in this article] After creating this awesome LED suit for his daughter last Halloween, California-based photographer Royce Hutain is back with a new and improved version for this year’s holiday.

A Clever Canister That Forces Air Out With Its ‘Piston’, Keeps Food Fresh

[Click here to view the video in this article] If you simply hate eating stale cereal or chips, this cool line of canisters will help you keep your food fresher—by keeping it away from stale air.

Naughty Print Ad Likens A Wallet To A Vagina

To promote the affordability of German online sex shop’s love-making products, Hamburg-based ad agency Jung von Matt created a naughty print ad that likens a wallet to a vagina.

Adorable Dachshund Dresses Up In Different Halloween Outfits

‘Crusoe’ is a celebrity dachshund. And he knows it—judging from his latest amusing blog post, in which he shows off his best Halloween outfits.