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17 Modern Sinks to Enhance a Home

Look no further than these modern sinks when looking to enhance the interior of a home. Think about all of your options, your kitchen sink, master bathroom sinks, guest bathroom sinks, and even laundry rooms.

40 Cool Wall Clocks For Any Room Of The House

Whether it’s in the kitchen, craft room or home office, wall clocks work! Thankfully, there are tons out there that not only add the functional of telling time but they add personality and style too.

20 Ways to Maximize a Small Outdoor Space

You don’t need a large backyard space to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want to sit outside in the springtime or cozy up in the fall, your geographical location does not matter when it comes to a balcony or patio space.

20 Front Door Designs To Revamp Your Welcome

A splash of color or something even more unique, these 20 front door designs will revamp the welcome into your home.

18 Victorian Homes to Make You Swoon

See yourself in a Victorian home with one of these beautiful houses! Whether it is a Victorian house built in the style of that area or a restored home that was refreshed after being run down, these homes are stunning.

Change the Entire Look of Your Living Room with These Modern Sofas

The living room: the most lived in space yet the easiest to become mundane with the same décor time and time again.

17 Traditional Desks for Every Home Office

More and more professionals work from home or bring home work for the weekends. You deserve to have a welcoming, warm, and nice office you are happy to get work done in.

12 Modern Pieces of Furniture That Look Good With Your Family Heirlooms

All too often, family heirlooms clash with personal design aspirations. This does not have to be true.

Modern Living Room Ideas

A modernized living room can fulfil many different purposes, from a casual seating space to a formal living area.

23 Built-In Bookshelves to Strike Your Fancy

Reduce clutter and commit to the love of reading with built-in bookshelves designed like these options.

Bedroom Changes That Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Sleep is an extremely important aspect in everyone’s life. It is said that most individuals spend one third of their lives sleeping.

These 20 Tile Shower Ideas Will Have You Planning Your Bathroom Redo

Jazz up shower time with some extra style and vision. These 20 tile shower ideas will have you planning your bathroom redo and renovation in no time.

20 Unique Bookends For Yourself Or Your Bestie

Whether you’ve got your own library at home or you want to jazz up your mantle in an offbeat way, some stylish bookends should be warmly welcomed.

Country Modern: Is This the Right Style for You?

A country modern house gives your home a lived-in, curated feel but still is clean, full of bright spaces, and designed to impress.

The She Shed: Modern Styles for Your Backyard

Have you heard about the growing craze behind the ‘she shed’? This is simply when you build and design a shed in your backyard to suit your personal or creative needs.

Modern Upgrade by Adding These Modern Pieces to Your Home Décor

Whether you’re moving into a small apartment with traditional vibes, or you are trying to modernize your parent’s home that was passed down to you adding modern pieces can give your home the edge you seek.

10 Modern Beach Homes You’re Sure to Love

Do you dream of living on the beach in your beautifully designed home? Modern beach homes have never been more desirable.

On-Trend Modern Furniture to Add to Your Home

With the right pieces of furniture, you can redefine the feel of any space. These modern pieces of furniture run the gamut of sizes and functions, but all are in the modern style.

40 Large Coffee Tables For Your Spacious Living Room

Instead of an ottoman or a slew of poufs, focus your relaxation and seating around a different kind of piece.

19 Japanese Soaking Tubs That Bring the Ultimate Comfort

Built with a bench right inside, these beauties will transform your bathroom into a more luxurious retreat.