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Beach Chic Ideas to Try at Home

Want to bring the coast right to your home? If so, giving your home beach vibes may be the way to go.

These 15 Basement Bar Ideas Are Perfect For the “Man Cave”

Is your beau creating a macho escape for himself – and the buds – down below? These 15 basement bar ideas are perfect for the “man cave” in your home.

15 Dream Kitchens We All Hope To Have One Day

Glistening countertops and cabinets for days, there is something so luxurious about kitchens that include every bell and whistle around.

15 Awesome Wallpapers For Creating Wow-Worthy Accent Walls

Wallpaper isn’t a trend of the past, in fact, it’s more in style than ever! Thankfully, there are tons of prints and patterns out there that fit our unique tastes and eclectic visions.

15 Pool Designs To Check Out Before Deciding On Your Own

Are you thinking about getting a pool put in your own backyard? Before diving into that big decision, here are 15 pool designs to check out first!

Gazebo Ideas Your Home Needs

A gazebo always somehow has the ability to transport us to our favorite romantic novel or even another era.

15 Kitchen Islands With Seating For Your Family Home

When you’ve got a larger home with a larger kitchen for your larger family, you’ll need to think about all the details involved in their comfort.

These 15 Corner Vanities Will Add A Bit of Luxury To Your Bedroom

Just because you don’t have a super master suite, doesn’t mean you can’t create a space for a bit of pampering.

40 Modern Beds That Will Transform A Drab Bedroom

Whether you’re moving into a new place or revamping the guest room, there are lots of ways to create a sense of newness inside the home.

40 Velvet Sofas That Add A Bit of Sex Appeal To The House

If you’re a fan of textures throughout the home, then you’ve got to add a velvet piece into the mix. Whether you’re trying to spice up the home office or the foyer, these 40 velvet sofas will add a bit of sex appeal and femininity to the house.

Lighten Up Dinner Time With These 15 White Dining Room Tables

Metal, glass and wood, we’re used to seeing our dining room tables dipped in dark tones or shining metallics.

40 Modern Chairs For Any Room Of The House

Are you looking for some slick new additions to the corners and the tables around your home? Whether it’s for your home office or as an accent in the bedroom, we’ve compiled a beautiful list of ideas to choose from.

15 Super Simple Back Porch Ideas

Sometimes all you need is a no-nonsense plan to make things happen. And if you’ve been struggling on what to do with your outdoor space, we’ve got you covered.

Blue Paint Colors to Use in Your Kitchen for a Chic Upgrade

Your kitchen may be one of the last places you may consider adding a bold color to. However, you may want to consider different shades of blue for your kitchen space.

40 Gray Bedrooms You’ll Be Dreaming About Tonight

There’s something a bit romantic and hopelessly relaxing about the right shade of gray. And when it’s used in the bedroom, you get the benefits of both of those warm and enveloping feelings.

Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White Room

Modern, chic, elegant and classic are the best words to describe the color white when it comes to interior designing.

15 Tile Showers To Fashion Your Revamp After

Tile showers have a certain bit of luxury attached to their design. And fortunately enough, they’re easy than you think to design and create.

Ignite The Night With These 15 Brass Chandeliers

Whether it’s the foyer or the dining room, it’s okay to add an extra bit of “fancy” to your home. Ignite the night with these 20 brass chandeliers.

Colorful Décor That Will Make a Statement in Your Home

When it comes to interior designing many homeowners know exactly what concept they want their home to adapt.

Simple Ways to Incoporate Pattern into Your Home

Patterns just like bold colors can be a bit daunting when it comes to adding them to a room. Many of us have no idea how to play up the appeal of pattern or even how to incorporate pattern into the décor we already have.