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Closer by Zucchetti is a Wall Mounted Overhead Shower

The new and modern Closer Showerhead reinterprets the wall mounted shower experience into an overhead expression of softly cascading water for a gentle spa like soak - or a powerful spray that invigorates the soul.

Artistically Exciting Roma Roma Wallpapers by Yo2

The Roma Roma collection by Yo2 is a digitally printed series of wallpapers with three colour variations per design.

Orwell Sofa by Goula Figuera is a Domestic Refuge

The Orwell sofa was designed as a piece of furniture that has the combined attributes of a sofa, bed and "cabin", as it was called before being renamed after the author of the classic novel, 1984.

Dynamo Rainbow Shower by Cristina Lights Up with Water

The Dynamo Rainbow Shower has a turbine placed within its shower head to produce electrical energy from the water cascading through it.

Wersailles by Beau&Bien is an Elegant and Ethereal Chandelier

A new way of looking at chandeliers, the Wersailles by Beau&Bien edits out many of the standard parts of chandeliers - replacing them with a suspension system that is barely there.

Oh, Them Bones! Life Size Philippe Lamp by Zia Priven is to Die For!

Zia Priven's new Philippe skeleton floor lamps have a look you'll die for! These chilling, life size, creepy-cool lamps will get you into the Halloween spirit, but we love this look all year round.

AXOR Citterio E Bathroom Fixtures Wow with New Slender Figure

Designer bathroom brand Axor by Hansgrohe has teamed up with Antonio Cittero to present the new AXOR Citterio E.

Fabulous Fluid Quark Coffee Table Collection by Emmanuel Babled

Designed by Emmanuel Babled, the Quark collection is a series of low coffee tables, consisting of organic and fluid forms in such materials as wood, plexiglass, bronze, copper and marble.

Jeans Label Rug by Kings of Sweden is Upcycled Awesomeness

Scandinavian design company Kings of Sweden created an area rug that is about as unique as you can get.

Wildly Whimsical Domestic Trophies Knitted by Rachel Denny

Rachel Denny loves to knit the great outdoors and the results are wildly whimsical representations of Mother Nature's wilderness creatures.

Skinny Suspended Fireplace by Focus has Low Environmental Impact

Focus has developed a new model of wood burning fireplace called Slimfocus, using advanced technical features to create a natural fire with an energy efficiency of 85% and emissions of only 0.09%.

Skull Von Bronze Backplate Hardware for Doors by Faucetto

Shattering Conventionality is the catch phrase that Faucetto uses for their Skull Von Bronze series and while a skull plate for your door might be unconventional, it's the perfect touch of fugly Goth.

Self-Bearing Concorde Staircase by Marretti is Functional Art

The Concorde Staircase by Marretti cantilevers its treads out from both sides of its self supporting spine and in so doing almost takes on the imagery of a dinosaur spine - very cool!

Skull Von Bronze Backplate Hardware for Doors by Faucetto

Shattering Conventionality is the catch phrase that Faucetto uses for their Skull Von Bronze series and while a skull plate for your door might be unconventional, it's the perfect touch of fugly Goth.

Sensational Ocean Kitchen and Aquarium by Robert Kolenik

At first glance this amazing aquarium seems to have but one function - that of dazzling the viewer with its crystal clear water, LED lighting, select pieces of underwater geology and of course the ever moving and always beautiful fish.

The Body-licious Dune Bathtub by Caroline Beaupere

Wrapped in porcelain waves of imaginary wind sculpted dunes and majestic mountains the Dune Bathtub by Caroline Beaupere is a stunning oasis of calm and tranquility.

Kitchen AK_04 by Arrital is Geo Style Perfection

There is so much to love about the AK_04 kitchen by Italian manufacturer, Arrital. First there is the harmonic balance between man made materials with clear finished wood veneers, then there is the asymmetrical geo style that is composed of both closed cabinetry and cantilevered counters and of course there is also the super functionality of the kitchen's composition.

Beyond Exotic: The Special Tree Sideboard by JSB

An incredibly exotic sideboard, The Special Tree is part of the Beyond Memory Collection from Insidherland by JSB.

Living Sculptures from Opiary Rock Your Garden

Is it art, or is it botany? Only your gardener knows for sure. These incredible living sculptures are a delicate combination of animate and inanimate, of art and botany, of fluid and solid.

Concrete Furniture with Pockets for Living Plants by Opiary

What better way to view this amazing collection of indoor / outdoor furniture by Opiary then on an outdoor Country Terrace that not only did Opiary design, but also oversaw the construction of.