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Cute Kids Rooms By Fajno Design

There is no better place to celebrate the joy of whimsy and play than in a child’s room. With designs that are colorful and vibrant, a room can serve to inspire a child’s creativity and make them excited to spend time there alone and with their friends.

Steel, Concrete, and Stone Home with Central Courtyard

When an architect is allowed the freedom to create a space that he knows will work for this clients, that level of trust comes through in the final design.

Tamizo, the Masters Of Black & White Design

The first design is a house located in Torun, a city in northern Poland along the Vistula River. The majority of the interior is done in deep gray, black, and blinding white.

21 Relaxing Living Rooms with Gorgeous, Modern Sofas

When you visit someone’s home, one of the first place you will usually be welcomed is the living room.

Three Creative Lofts Fit for Stylish Artists

At one time, loft living was reserved for the truly avant garde. The term calls to mind images of Andy Warhol and his collective lounging around on cushions, barely protected from a dusty concrete floor covered in paint splatters.

Small Apartment Uses Movable Shelving to Create Endless Design Combinations

While we have featured many apartments of late that make creative use of small spaces, none of those have gone to quite the creative lengths that you will see in this Spanish apartment from PKMN Architectures.

Art Deco Elegance from Dream Design Studio

Though the simplicity of modern design is certainly en vogue, there is still something to be said for decadence that throws caution to the wind and brings in plenty of lush, luxurious glamour.

Two Apartments In Modern Minimalist Japanese Style (Includes Floor Plans)

As we have explored before, the Japanese style interior design aesthetic is highly tied to the idea of minimalism and negative space.

Contemporary New Delhi Villa with Amazing Courtyard and Water Features

While we love to celebrate smaller homes and their creative designs on this blog, there is no substitute for a sprawling, modern house that would make most design lovers’ dreams come true.

Delicious Interiors with Natural Materials and Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

Every space on this blog is carefully crafted by architects and designers, often in concert with homeowners and their own personal style.

Designing A Super Stylish Party Pad: The Oh!dessa Apartment

When entertaining friends and family is a key part of your lifestyle, that has to be built into your space.

Ultra Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Perhaps more than any other room in the house, the bathroom is a private retreat. It is a place where we perform important daily rituals and where we take the time to truly indulge ourselves with the wonderful luxury of solitude.

21 Cool Bedrooms for Clean and Simple Design Inspiration

While you might not consider a fireplace in the bedroom to be a bastion of simplicity, plenty of negative space a neutral color palette mean the room is peaceful in its own way.

Gorgeous Family Home in South Africa features Majestic Ocean Views

When it comes to designing a home that is situated near an incredible landscape, it is always a challenge to ensure the home is beautiful in its own right without detracting from its natural surroundings.

Open Apartments that Make Creative Use of Texture and Pattern

Anyone who believes that interior design is simply a matter of choosing furniture and painting the walls has probably never tried to design a room or a home.

Sleek and Simple Luxury in Luxembourg

There is a distinct luxury in simplicity. This Luxembourg house from architect Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska takes this idea to the extreme.

5 Kiev Apartments with Verdant Vertical Gardens and Other Natural Elements

With sleek lines and neutral color palettes, modern design can sometimes stand in stark contrast to surrounding nature.

Stylish St. Petersburg Apartment for an Artistic Professional Couple [Includes Floor Plan]

For a professional couple, the apartment they share should be a reflection of their values: beauty, style, and a little bit of fun.

Stunningly Beautiful & Modern Apartments By Koj Design

When your home is beautiful, everything in your life becomes a little bit easier. But beauty comes in many forms.

5 Lovely Homes in Poland with Soft, Feminine Elements

Successful interior design does not draw gender lines, but there are certainly elements that most would consider more soft and feminine.