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A Midcentury-Inspired House with a Few Fun Accents

Mad Men may be coming to an end this year, but the midcentury modern design craze is far from over. The clean lines, simple and chic designs, and cool color palettes are still absolutely of the moment as we can see in this house from HerZu Design.

Two Taiwan Homes Take Beautiful Inspiration from Nature

The first project is called “Urban Palace” and it is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It combines elements of a palatial estate suited for royalty from the Qin or Han Dynasty but also with plenty of natural materials, particularly wood.

Amazing Translucent Concrete Opens a New World of Design Ideas

When you think of concrete design, you may have images of dark, industrial-inspired interiors and drab, warehouse style exteriors.

Minimalist Luxury From Asia: 3 Stunning Homes By Free Interior

When a home is allowed to celebrate the beauty of minimalism, it can end up feeling sparse or even cold.

A Set of Extraordinary Knives

Whether you are a professional-level home chef or just someone who likes to mess around in the kitchen, a proper knife is absolutely essential.

8 Luxury Bedrooms In Detail

Unless you yourself are part of the 1%, it’s hard to not be at least a little curious about how those lucky people live.

A 2 Bedroom Flat in Kiev with Sleek Contemporary Features [Includes Floor Plan]

With 198 square meters (2131 square feet) available, plenty of design work went into creating this open and vibrant two bedroom loft in Kiev.

A Dramatic Glass Home Overlooking the L.A. Basin

When it comes to luxury houses in Los Angeles, there is always architecture to consider but perhaps nothing is quite as attractive as a spectacular view.

Beautiful Bedrooms Perfect for Lounging All Day

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a mansion, there must be a place where you retreat at the end of every day.

Apartment Designs For A Small Family, Young Couple And A Bachelor (All Under 50 Square Meters And Includes Floor Plans)

Small spaces are perfect for many different applications. While a tiny apartment is a natural choice for a bachelor, it may be surprising just how well a young family can fit snugly into a home that measures less than 50 square meters.

Luxury Beachfront Condo Development in Pattaya

The beaches in Pattaya, Thailand are among some of the most beautiful in the world with white sandy beaches and miles of glimmering coastline.

Italian Apartment Renovation Brings Open Space to 1960s Home

The main living area is the “day” area of the apartment, proving space for entertaining, relaxing, cooking, and eating.

Three Luxury Homes in Cool, Neutral Tones

There is something distinctly luxurious about a cool, neutral color palette. It reminds you of a beautiful woman in linen pants coming in from an afternoon stroll on the beach.

Minimalist Inspirations from Oporski Architektura

This is hardly the first time we have mentioned minimalism on this blog, but few designers do minimalism quite as well as those at Oporski Architektura, who we have featured before.

Modern Home Exteriors with Stunning Outdoor Spaces

Although most homeowners will spend more time inside of their home than outside admiring the exterior, there is still something to be said for curb appeal.

A 60s-Inspired Apartment with a Creative Layout and Upbeat Vibe

There’s no question that design inspired by the funky colors and general freedom of the 1960s is entirely on trend right now.

10 Modern Kitchens That Any Home Chef Would Envy

Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. After all, it is where meals are prepared and often where family and friends gather at the end of a long day.

3 Stylish Industrial Inspired Loft Interiors

Loft living is all the rage and its no surprise. After all, these types of homes can be extremely spacious with vaulted ceilings, lots of natural light, and endless design possibilities.

Stone and Wood Home with Creative Fixtures

While there is always a place for color, perhaps there is nothing quite so soothing as a neutral color palette, especially when those neutral colors come from nature.

Ultramodern Lake House with Luxurious Details

When you think of a Canadian lake house, this is probably not what usually comes to mind. Without an expose roof beam or hand hewn deck in site, this home on the edge of British Columbia’s Okanagan Lake gives new meaning to vacation home with its stunning, ultramodern architecture and interior.