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An Architect’s Attic Apartment with Custom Furniture

If you spend your life ensuring that other people have beautiful places to live and timeless building where they can thrive, it can be difficult to find the time to make your own space what you really want it to be.

A Modern Summer Cottage Utilizes Tons of Gorgeous Walnut

The two story house features a common design with communal living spaces on the ground floor and private rooms on the upper level.

A Rooftop Oasis Anchors an NYC Remodel

In many cultures, caviar is synonymous with luxury. Only the highest society can afford to indulge in it.

Bel Air Estate Made for Design Conscious Royalty

The neighborhood Bel Air conjures images of all kinds of luxury, but perhaps none so memorable as the Roman columns of Will Smith’s house on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Wild for Wood: The House of Life

Any style minded person looking for a new space often has natural hardwood floors high on their list of must haves.

Wondrous White: Three Lofts with Clean, Bright Interiors

White is a reflection of all colors. So when something is white, it is not actually lacking in color but rather it is every color.

A Super Small Apartment That Adapts To Its Owner’s Needs

When a sociable urban couple moves into an apartment that’s just 35.7 square meters (384 square feet) there are a lot of questions for their chosen interior designers.

Stunning Home Perched on a Slope with Atlantic Ocean Views

An essential part of any architect’s job is to take full advantage of the site they are working with.

Three Sleek Apartments Under 1500 square feet from All In Studio (Includes floor plans)

All In Studio is a Bulgarian architecture, interior, and product design firm. The team at All In Studio is extremely talented in creating spaces that are beautiful, sleek, and most importantly that meet the needs of their clients.

Designing For Small Spaces: 3 Beautiful Micro Lofts

In design, as in life, bigger is not always better. In microlofts – urban apartments that can measure as little as 200 square feet (less than 20 square meters) – it is about what you do with the space you have rather than how much of that space there is.

Dark Themed Interiors: Using Grey Effectively For Interior Design

A grey day is dreary and cool and can put you into a bit of a funk. So why would you want to bring that drizzly, damp color into your home?

The Beauty of Simplicity: Minimalist Interior with Maximum Style

The main living area downstairs consists of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The original space had these rooms clearly delineated, but the new design opens up the space so that they all flow together.

A Sleek, Modern Home with Indian Sensibilities and an Interior Courtyard

In a country with a history and culture like India’s, it is always interesting to see how designers and architects bring that context into their modern efforts.

Bright And Compact 1 Bedroom Apartment For Young Family [Floor Plan Included]

Starting a new family comes with many challenges, not the least of which is finding a suitable place to live.

Style & Simplicity in a Japanese Countryside Prefab Home

As we have seen before on this blog, the simplicity of Japanese design is one that appeals across cultures and borders.

Ultimate Studio Design Inspiration: 12 Gorgeous Apartments

Artists, young professionals, and just those people who want a simpler life are all good candidates for a studio apartments.

Mellow Yellow: 7 Soothing Apartments with Sunny Accents

Yellow can be a polarizing color. Some people would love nothing more than to wake up to a room full of the bright, sunny shade while others keep it out of their homes altogether.

3 Creative Top Floor Rooms with Wood Accents

Sometimes living in a smaller space is the best choice for people with a creative spirit. It challenges the mind to simplify and to do more with less, both of which can be important skills for artists to have.

3 Ideas for a 2 Bedroom Home [Includes Floor Plans]

The size of a home can have a big impact on the design choices that make sense for that space. Even if two homeowners have similar sensibilities, their homes will take on very different styles if one is much larger than the other.

Inspirationally Modern Interiors From Pavel Voytov

All interior designers want to create a space in which the furnishings, floorings, colors, and light exist in harmony.