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2 Single Bedroom Homes With Warming Wood Tones

We all like to feel cosy and relaxed when we’re in our homes, and the colours that we fill our place with is a great place to set the tone.

Unusual Home Layout with Creative Accent Colours

This 114 sqm (1227 sqft) home based in Lviv, Ukraine uses small pops of bright colour to lift a neutral backdrop.

A Modern Take On 1940s Home Style

Ever wanted to know how to inject a bit of nostalgia into the interior of your home without compromising on contemporary aesthetics?

40 Gorgeously Minimalist Living Rooms That Find Substance in Simplicity

Minimalism. What does it mean to you? Does it say white walls, wooden floors and wide-open French windows?

40 Stylish Living Rooms That Use Concrete To Stand Out

Concrete has long acted as a foundation for many homes. Its practical applications are certainly common knowledge as an affordable and durable basis for buildings of all types.

Cool Product Alert: Furniture & Accessories With Wireless Phone Charging

In the war against wires, wireless phone chargers have always been game chargers. Even though you still need these chargers to be plugged into power sockets, having the ability to keep your phone untethered brings in real advantages in terms of convenience.

Integrating Comfort With Industrial Style: A Home Tour

This metropolitan loft in Moscow, Russia is an amalgamation of modern styles by ONI Architects. The homes backdrop has an industrial style vibe, tying in with the character of an industrially developed city.

Yellow Accents In Scandinavian Style Interiors: 3 Examples That Show You How

Here we have three Scandinavian style homes that use happy notes of bright sunshine yellow in varying proportions.

36 Cool Copper Table Lamps To Warm Up Your Interior

Don’t like the cold tones of silver and chrome? Find gold and brass furnishings appear too tacky? Sophisticated copper is the element for you.

Three Cozy Apartments that Maximize a Small Space

No matter how big your home, you want to be able to maximize your use of the space. In a larger area, this is a bit easier to do with the careful placement of furniture and organized storage solutions.

50 Awesome Animal Sculptures & Figurines For Home Decor

Been itching to go on an animal safari, or take a trip to the farm? With a bevy of animal sculptures decorating your interior, you can bring the jungle and grasslands to your front door.

Cool Product Alert: Duck Shaped Colander Set

Check out this adorable duck colander set to help you wash your fruits and vegetables with ease. $18BUY IT $18BUY IT Get it on Amazon.

Three Contemporary Interiors Making The Most of Light Wood

Light-wooden furniture and flooring are as common as décor staples come. How can you make your light-wooden features special?

A Luxurious Home Interior with Pretty, Muted Pastel Colors

While we may often think of pastel colors as appropriate for nurseries or children’s rooms, the truth is they can take on a much more mature feel in the hands of the right team.

3 Homes with a Modern Botanical Vibe

When designing contemporary homes, the result can sometimes come off as a little synthetic-a million miles away from our natural roots.

30 Cool Headphone Stands & Earphone Holders To Make a Feature of Your Beats

You’ve got the latest headphones. You’ve got the latest sounds. There’s one thing you’re missing: a unique stand to showcase them on.

2 Masculine Interiors in Shades of Grey Black And Brown

Two tours around two open plan apartments that are distinctly masculine in approach, each with a grey, black and brown colour scheme.

Cool Product Alert: The Alluringly Beautiful Crassula Capitella Succulent

Sometimes you come across plants that just blow you away with their natural beauty. This south African succulent Crassula Capitella (Campfire plant) is one of them with its neatly stacked red-edged stemlets that radiate out.

Calming Tranquil Interior Uses White Space, Plants and Art

When faced with the brief of designing a decor scheme for a young couple who just love to travel, the Marra Group came up with a light, clean space where the couple could feel free and inspired.

2 Homes in Mediterranean Rustic Chic

Two home tours from the Med take us on an voyage of rustic decor discovery. Where rough stone and wood crash up against marble and sumptuous upholstery.