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Super-Slim Arched House Makes the Most of Narrow Tokyo Plot

Built in 2004, the Lucky Drops House by Atelier Tekuto remains one of the most striking examples of the Japanese approach to building on extremely narrow plots of land.

Washbasin Turns Into a Suitcase for the Dedicated Traveler

There are people who can travel light, and there are people who have to take everything they own with them when they travel.

Italy’s Tiniest Home is Just Bigger Than a Walk-In Closet

Right in the middle of Rome, just around the corner from St. Peter's Square, sits an unexpected surprise.

Shape-Shifting Bandage Adapts to Different Hand Injuries

Adhesive bandages can be found in just about every home's medicine cabinet, but how often do we have just the right type or size?

Pop Art: Bubble Blowing Lamp Creates its Own Temporary Shade

We've always been a little fascinated by those toys that blow a constant stream of bubbles for the amusement of kids and pets.

Net-Zero Energy California Ranch Home Has Space for 16

The gorgeous rolling hills of rural West Marin, California are home to an expansive family ranch. On this land, Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects created the West Marin Ranch house, a sprawling home with space for plenty of company.

Sleek + Rustic: Divergent Desk With Integrated Phone Charger

The stark contrast between the materials used in the Katedra desk from designers Desnahemisfera makes for a visually striking and functional modern desk.

Lifted Floodplain Home Combines Utility and Clever Design

The Northwest Harbor House in Sag Harbor, New York is built on a flood plain just six feet above sea level.

Word’s Smallest Sauna Turns Your Desktop into a Spa

Desperate for a sense of tranquility in a hectic environment, some office workers will cover their desks in scented candles or purchase a small decorative water fountain to bring the ambiance of a spa to the workplace.

Tilting Floors Target Light and Views in Hillside House

Mimicking the shapes of the surrounding hills, floors sloping up to strategically located windows let light into a basement room and two other levels of this Japanese home while directing views upward beyond the neighboring structures.

Light Words: Books Appear to Float on Slanted Metal Shelf

The Fiction Bookstand from designer Sebastian Bergne is designed to both hold your fiction (and non-fiction) and appear to cause a fictional effect.

Giant Birds Nest Bed Hatches Smaller Sizes for Lone Lounging

The unusual and completely inviting Giant Birdsnest Bed from OGE CreativeGroup has been an internet sensation for quite some time now.

Sculptural Winding Staircase Makes a Stunning Focal Point

Of the innumerable ways to create a functional focal point in your home, a sculptural staircase might be the most visually stunning.

Oversized Mushroom Cap Roof Shields Home From Prying Eyes

HouseAA by Moca Architects in Nara City, Kansai, Japan looks like something you would find in a cartoon.

Minimalist 3D-Printed Tap Doubles as a Water Fountain

Witnessing her fellow students awkwardly try to drink water from a regular faucet prompted ECAL student Alice Spieser to re-think the standard water fountain design as her graduation project.

Tiny Maid’s Apartment in Paris Transformed with Built-Ins

Once considered undesirable, the uppermost levels of Paris' beautiful Haussmann buildings were divided into tiny rooms for maids, where aesthetics were sacrificed for efficiency.

Sliding Chipboard Dividers Define New Spaces on Demand

A small apartment in Madrid that offered very little space for multiple functions is transformed with the addition of a series of sliding chipboard units containing the kitchen, bedroom and storage.

Graceful Wooden Lamp Echoes the Curves Found in Nature

Nature can provide some of the best design inspiration for household objects. A group of students from Politecnico Di Milano used trees and natural materials as their inspiration for the Milano lamp.

Open Prefab Home Takes Small-Space Urban Living Vertical

Japanese retailer Muji is offering full-size prefabricated homes which address the unique challenges of living in a crowded urban area.

Simple Footed Umbrella Designed to Stay Where You Put It

Sometimes a tiny design tweak is all that's needed to turn a familiar design on its head. The Stay-brella from Nendo is a plain umbrella with just a little difference: its handle is gently bent at the end to form a little foot.