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Brilliant Rain Boots Roll Up Into a Tiny Portable Package

When you take rain boots - or wellintons, depending on where in the world you reside - with you, it has to be a very deliberate choice.

Cascading Staircase is Like an Indoor Frozen Waterfall

This cascading set of stairs in a Mumbai home is a perfectly executed example of architecture that mirrors nature.

Origami-Inspired Wardrobe Folds Flat for Easy Transport

Dutch designer Renate Nederpel's Pop-Up Linen wardrobe is reminiscent of a large piece of functional origami.

Tilt Tableware Strikes a Delicate Balance at Meal Times

The concept of a "balanced meal" gets a whole new meaning with designer Dor Tal's Tilt Tableware collection.

Quaint Urban Home Gets a Grown-Up Modern Extension

This existing family home in Stavanger, Norway needed to grow to accommodate the expanding family within - but city building authorities had some word in the expansion.

Simple All-in-One Wooden Furniture Series Grows with Kids

A clean and simple series of modular furniture elements avoids all of the bright colors and fuss of typical children's bedroom sets, offering everything kids need from early childhood through the teenage years.

Apocalypse-Mobile: World’s Most Advanced Expedition Vehicle

When the zombie apocalypse comes, you're going to wish you had one of these. The world's most advanced expedition vehicle, created by a team of engineers, artists and scientists, can store three weeks' worth of food and water onboard for three people, scale 45-degree slopes, desalinate salt water and deploy its own drones.

Floating Writer Studio Suspended from a Concrete Canopy

A sort of futuristic floating treehouse hangs among artificial steel trees in a striking sculptural canopy at the Maison de l'Ecriture in Switzerland.

Cute Tap Attachment Gives Kids Hand Washing Instructions

As any parent knows, living with a toddler can be a simultaneous delight and nightmare. They are squishy and funny and full of life, but they can be frustratingly slow to learn (or just plain stubborn) when it comes to simple hygiene tasks.

Naturally Imperfect: Gorgeous Sculptural Furniture Pieces

Dutch artist and furniture designer Bente Hovendal is a deliberate, careful artist who puts great thought into each and every piece she creates.

Minimal Auto-Feeder Keeps Your Pet Full + Your Home Lovely

Your pets - all pets, really - love to eat. Next to cuddles, it's probably their very favorite thing in the world.

Concrete + Teak + Glass = Sophisticated Minimalist Home

The approaching 2020 Olympics in Tokyo have caused a shortage in building materials and a huge jump in building expenses.

Inflatable Car Mattress Turns Your Backseat Into a Bed

Although sleeping in your car is never an activity that you look forward to, there are plenty of perfectly valid reasons that you might someday have to.

Ping Pong Coffee Table Combines Fun, Function + Storage

Whether you're waiting in a doctor's office or watching TV at home, a coffee table is likely to be nearby.

Transustainable House: Fresh Shape for the Urban Landscape

Half translucent, half rusting iron, this unusual split-gabled house in Tokyo offers an evolving space that can change with the residents' needs and whims.

Coffee Alarm Clock: Wake Up to the Smell of Bedside Brew

Nothing could be more refreshing to wake up to in the morning than a bedside cup of coffee, made automatically while you sleep - as long as you're not a violent snooze-button-hitter.

Tom and Jerry-Inspired House is One Big Indoor Playground

Inspired by the classic cartoon Tom & Jerry from the 1940s, this fun vacation home for a family with four children features lots of space to run and hide.

High-Tech Table Glows with a Touch of Your Smart Phone

Multipurpose furniture doesn't always have to be highly practical, incorporating various important functions into one piece to save space.

Polish Home in the Woods Fits Around the Existing Trees

Humans tend to cut through obstacles in order to build what we want, where we want it. But this lovely home in Poland was built by Jakub Szczęsny of Centrala Designers Task Force specifically to leave the existing surrounding trees intact and unharmed.

Whale-Shaped Pot Strainer Boasts Giant Kitchen Adorableness

It has always seemed amazing that the blue whale, the largest mammal on the planet, subsists entirely on teeny-tiny ocean krill.