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Cork-Operated Lamp Emulates the Moon’s Cratered Surface

The moon's craters give it a mysterious, rather romantic look to those who love gazing at its surface.

Genius Marketing Plan Uses Roller Coaster to Sell a House

If you've ever gone house-hunting, you know how exhausting and sometimes boring it can be. Dutch brokerage firm Verter Met Wonen decided to make the experience far more fun by installing a mini roller coaster to take prospective buyers on their house tour.

Simple Space Heater Warms Up Your Space for 10 Cents a Day

The cost of heating homes in cold weather can be too much for some households to handle. This ingenious little space heater can heat your home for just ten cents a day and uses no electricity.

Rapidly Deployable Shelters Go From Flat to Hurricane Proof

Tents have always been the go-to temporary shelter for emergency victims, but their relative fragility is no match for hurricane-force winds.

Glass House: Classic London Home Gets a Transparent Addition

A gleaming glass cube adds over 1,000 additional square feet to a 'poorly planned' traditional Georgian house in London, opening the back of the house to the garden.

Leaning Loop: Upright Organizer Corrals Entranceway Clutter

Between shoes, coats, sunglasses, handbags and umbrellas, entranceways can get cluttered quickly. Organizers made for these spaces tend to be bulky or require drilling holes in the wall, but the Leaning Loop corrals all sorts of small items in one slender silhouette that fits virtually anywhere, even if you're dealing with a small living space.

Design a Shelf For Your Storage Needs with Rope Supports

Custom-design a cabinet that stores or displays absolutely any items that can fit within the four wooden walls with 'Nó,' a collaborative furniture project that uses strung and knotted rope in place of shelves.

Swirly Ceramic Lamp is Inspired by and Kind to Nature

This fractal-inspired lamp isn't just pretty to look at; it also happens to hide a couple of intriguing secrets inside its curvy ceramic exterior.

Puzzle-Like Table Slides Into the Perfect Configuration

Designer Bernard Vuarnesson designed a series of tables for Resource Furniture that look and act like movable children's puzzles.

Multi-Story Treehouse Tents Are a Quirky Way to Camp

Remember slumber parties when you were a kid? There was nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of friends all night, telling ghost stories and playing games.

Distorted Clay Vases Marry Nature and Hand Craftsmanship

Martín Azúa and ceramicist Marc Vidal paired traditional artisan craft with raw natural materials in the Vase with Stone series.

Angular Insert Adds Dual Staircases to Apartment Interior

This apartment in Budapest, Hungary is home to a young couple who wanted the interior to reflect the duality of the occupants.

Soft Gorilla Breaks Up Into Suite of Lounge Furniture

Curling up with a huggable cuddle buddy can be the best way to melt away the stresses of the day. When you don't have a cuddle buddy available, though, the OOH OOH lounger from designer Karson Shadley - in cooperation with design collaborative Lift and Lucid Design - is a fantastic substitute.

Redaction Home Edits Out Unsavory Neighborhood Views

A home that provides a great view of beautiful surroundings is enviable. One that can also edit out the less-attractive parts of its environment is just genius.

Modern Fairytale Tower House Features Five Staircases

Building a new house for a young couple on an irregular family plot, very close to the existing two-story home, Studio Velocity came up with a solution that also manages to provide a little privacy: a multi-level round house.

No More Wardrobe Waste: 7-Day Closet Promotes Outfit Planning

How much time do you waste each morning sifting through all of your clothes, trying to decide what to wear?

Sky Bridge House Blurs Boundaries Between Indoors & Out

A series of bridges, both open-air and glass-enclosed, unite two halves of a striking ultramodern concrete home in Singapore.

Balanced Meals: See-Saw Table Makes It Impossible to Sit Alone

You'd better hope that you and your dining partner like each other enough to sit through an entire meal without getting up if you take a seat at this table, which will knock one person to the floor if the other leaves.

Farmhouse Gets a Retro-Futuristic Spaceship-Like Addition

An aging farmhouse in Ghent, Belgium has been given an oddly appealing extension that is straight out of the retro-future.

Cartoon-Like Lounge Chair is a Big Goofy Relaxation Spot

Design duo Ivar Gestranius and Kevin Lahtinen designed this big, soft, cuddly chair for LoOok Industries.