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Tablecloth Only Reveals its True Pattern When Spilled On

If you're always the clumsy one who knocks over a glass of red wine at dinner parties, designer Kristine Bjaadal's Underfull tablecloth might help you feel a little less embarrassed after the next accident.

Exquisite Spinning Engagement Ring Box Fits in Your Wallet

When you are preparing to propose marriage to the one you love, you want everything to be absolutely perfect.

Organic Skyscraper Grows as Occupants Generate Garbage

The fact that humans are producing non-biodegradable waste at an alarming rate is hardly contested. There is, however, an ongoing debate about what to do about the problem.

Showy Shade: Solar-Powered Cloud Keeps You Safe From the Sun

When someone says that you walk around with a cloud over your head, it typically isn't a compliment. But having a cloud - or other shade-throwing device - over your head can actually protect you from the sun's harsh rays.

Simplified Faucet Washes its Own Handle Every Time it’s Used

When you use traditional faucets, you typically end up touching the handles with dirty hands, and then touching them again with wet hands to turn them off.

Home’s Shape is Distorted and Augmented by Its Own Shadow

If you watch the shadows thrown by a house on a sunny day, you might notice that they tend to form an almost entirely separate (imaginary) structure.

Gabled Concrete Home Pays Tribute to Archipelago Landscape

A long and narrow series of gabled volumes mimic the boathouse architectural typology commonly seen on the Stockholm archipelago in this modern residence by Swedish firm Tham & Videgârd Arkitekter.

Stick Insects: Create Your Own Furniture with Basic Components

Have you ever fancied yourself a furniture designer, but lack the skills required to actually make anything?

Work Sofa: Transforming Multi-Purpose Office Furniture

A series of rectilinear components come together to create anything from an unusual-looking desk to a cozy corner sofa or a combination of the two.

Flatpack Water Bottle Fits Into Your Bag Like a Notebook

Ten years ago we were all carrying around single-use plastic water bottles purchased at convenience stores and gas stations.

Flat Spoon: Polygonal Measuring Tool Reduces Kitchen Clutter

A single piece of inexpensive, durable polypropylene folds into various volumes of measurement depending on the way you hold it.

Beautiful Handheld Object is Multi-Sensory Anxiety Relief

It takes someone who has had panic and anxiety attacks to understand how to halt them in their tracks.

Wearable Chair Isn’t a Chair Until You Need to Sit Down

The Chairless Chair from Swiss company noonee is a hard-working exoskeleton-type accessory that relieves the physical pressure of a workday spent mostly standing up.

Genius Knife Softens the Butter to Prevent Ripped Bread

Simply put, butter is amazing. It's the star of so many dishes, but simple bread and butter is a timeless treat.

Tents Turn Into Trash Bags for Easy Post-Festival Clean-Up

Camping at music festivals is a time-honored tradition around the world; sleeping at the festival is almost as important as watching and hearing the music itself.

Styl(f)ish: Ultra-Luxe Kitchen Island is a Gigantic Aquarium

Dutch designer Robert Kolenik's functional aquarium 'Ocean' is a delightfully decadent way to turn an ordinary kitchen in to a luxurious lounge.

Cast Aluminum and Wood Fuse Into Extraordinary Furniture

It seems that creative designers are always finding new ways to join materials in beautiful combinations.

Tiny Home Made of Water Tanks Can Be Pulled Behind a Bike

Tiny houses can be built nearly anywhere and with just about anything, even if the builder has no real construction experience.

Hypetex: Lightweight Lounge Chair Made of Carbon Fiber

Developed by Formula 1 racing car engineers, the ultra-lightweight carbon fiber material known as Hypetex has entered the design world in the form of a highly graphic chair.

Crushable Crinkled Cloud-Like Lamp is Custom-Shapeable

We've seen pendant lamps that mimic the serenity of clouds in the form of polystyrene puffs and even an electronic device that mixes liquid nitrogen and hot water to create actual clouds indoors.