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Flexible Office Furniture: Desk, Couch and Lounge in One

Three functions in one compact piece of furniture turn even the smallest room into a comfortable home office with ‘One Series’ by designer David Adjaye.

America’s Largest Design Event, Dwell on Design LA, May 29-31

Dwell on Design LA, America’s Largest Design Event, curated by the editors of Dwell magazine, returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center, May 29-31, celebrating its 10th year. Join 30,000+ attendees at this magnificent 3-day wonderland of modern design that will be sure to amaze, delight and inspire.

Camper Kit: Convert Any Van with the Buddy Box System

What additional elements would you need to transform an ordinary van into a comfortable camper, tailored to your own specifications?

Blooming House: Angular Facades Conceal Park-Like Courtyards

Unfolding like an origami flower, this house located near the Bukhansun National Park in Seoul, South Korea was designed to incorporate multiple outdoor spaces while taking advantage of every square inch of the available space.

It’s Pizza o’Clock: Smart Gadget Automates Delivery

This clock doesn’t just tell you what time it is - it automatically orders pizza when you tell it to.

Cold Comfort: Monolithic Ice Bed with LED Lights & Storage

Wrapping around itself in a series of hard geometric facets, the ICE BED by Who Cares? Design creates a room within a room, with plenty of spaces to stash your stuff.

Passive Prefab: Scaled Modern House Acts as Catalyst for Heat

A compact geometric house tucked into a tranquil field in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium features an inner metal structure that’s detached from the skin, holding onto warmth to cut back on energy consumption.

Home in a Home: Central Box Holds Loft’s Important Spaces

A fifth-floor walkup in Tribeca, clocking in at 900 square feet, doesn't sound like a bad place to live.

Smart Panel System Makes Wall-Mounted Organization Easy

Sometimes the best solutions are truly the simplest ones, using time-honored techniques and basic materials in novel ways.

Retro-Futuristic Homes for the Young at Heart House Pet

Pet houses are rarely as fun or wacky as the Pet Monster series from designer Subinay Malhotra. The series combines bright colors, soft lines, and technology into some ridiculously playful furniture for your furry friends.

Glass Ceiling: Unique Transparent Design Fills Loft with Light

A glass floor above the foyer of this stunning loft in Stockholm visually connects two stories and lets natural light stream through both spaces, ensuring that the master bedroom in the attic still feels open to the rest of the home.

Surprise! Sit in This Chair And Get Showered with Confetti

The shyest person at any party will most likely gravitate toward the edges, standing against a wall or taking a seat to observe unnoticed.

S’mores Pencil is Reminiscent of Summer Camping Fun

Do you spend your workdays thinking of camping and playing in the great outdoors? Being stuck in an office can be a bummer when all you really want to do is make some s'mores and kick back by a campfire.

Flat-Pack Pedestal Tables With interchangeable Pieces

This eclectic line of side tables from designer Cédric Canaud use a variety of materials and finishes to make a big impact.

Origami in Ice: Sculptural Tokyo Home Sheathed in Glass

Looking like a modernist sculpture covered in a delicate sheet of ice, The A' House rises up from its narrow perch on a residential Tokyo street.

An Ocean in Your Kitchen: Clever L-Shaped Island Aquarium

Watch your pet fish flit around peacefully as you cook with this sleek minimalist kitchen island that doubles as a massive aquarium.

This Floating Solar-Powered Round House is Fully Recyclable

Made of recycled laminated timber and salvaged aluminum, this rounded pod home floats on the surface of any calm body of water, gathering all of its power from solar panels built into the roof.

Dune: Components for Creating a Custom Outdoor Landscape

Arrange a series of curvilinear, hill-like forms made of foam to create a custom outdoor landscape according to both your aesthetic preferences and your comfort.

Analog Memory Desk: Record Your Notes on a Scrolling Surface

What would your life look like if it were measured by all of the random scraps of paper you write your lists, appointments, phone numbers and thoughts upon each day?

Whimsical Balloon Table Suspends Glass on Floating Orbs

Balloons are magical enough to capture the attention of kids and adults alike. Duffy London uses bright floating balloons to support the clear tabletop of their UP Balloon Coffee Table.