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Tokyo Home With Slatted Facade is Perfectly Private

Is it possible to have a private sanctuary in a home that happens to sit in the middle of a very crowded city?

Serve, then Swish: Beer Carrier Has 2nd Life as a Frisbee

Most product packaging is meant to be used once and then thrown away or recycled. It seems a pity to let still-usable materials go to waste, and designer Simon Kern agrees.

Minimalist Wind Chimes: Two-Piece Musical Decorations

Wind chimes can be a lovely addition to any home, and although they come in hundreds of shapes and sizes they are more or less all the same.

Coffee in the Clouds: Dining Set Perches on Pitched Roofs

  Lithuanian designer Aine Bunikyté uses the unique pitched roofs of historic homes to create furniture that is halfway between dreams and reality.

Relaxation to Go: Tiny House on Wheels Has a Built-In Hot Tub

If you think you have to give up luxuries to live in a tiny house, you're (mostly) right - unless you happen to purchase a tiny mobile house with its very own built-in hot tub on the back deck.

Two Bedrooms, 16-Car-Garage: This Home is Basically a Car Gallery

If you could fill a sizable $4 million house with anything that makes you happy, what would you choose?

Wearable Furniture: Chair Pad Doubles as a Warm Vest

Fashion and furniture design intersect with a chair cushion that unzips from the frame to turn into a wearable clothing item.

Mini Village Houses 7 Family Units Under One Big Roof

Three generations of a family live together under one big roof while maintaining privacy within individual house-shaped units in an arrangement resembling a miniature village.

Four-Color Coasters Come Together to Form a Masterpiece

Four-color printing uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (known as "key"), printed in layers to create full-color images.

Dramatic Cantilevered Home Juts Out Over Mountain Ridge

This stunning home at the foot of Japan's Yatsugatake Mountains uses a cantilever at one end to maximize the views of its lovely natural surroundings.

Beautifully Designed Garbage Bin is Anything but Trashy

This beautiful piece of design doesn't look like anything you would ever associate with trash, but it is in fact one of the most stylish trash receptacles ever designed.

Grown-Up Treehouse: Elevated Tree-Surrounded Seattle Home

After finding a parcel of cheap land in Seattle that had been deemed "impossible" to build on but too good to pass up, one family decided to live in that impossibility. The land is on an extremely steep slope, making any type of traditional construction unfeasible.

Barbecue Picnic Table Lets Everyone Cook Their Own Meal

The JAG Grill manages to combine several things that were already pretty great on their own: barbecues, picnic tables, fire pits, and those restaurants where the chefs cook your food on the grill right in front of you.

Central Triangular Courtyard Unifies Modern Japanese Home

The contemporary Delta House, designed by Japanese architect Yoshiyasu Mizuno, puts a new spin on a traditional Japanese home feature.

Junk Press: Mold Turns Mail into Pretty Paper Objects

The junk mail that's stuffed into our mailboxes on a regular basis actually does have a practical use: the tough paper it's made of can be shredded and formed into surprisingly strong new pressed paper products.

Buckminster Fuller-Inspired Geodesic Chair Offers a Futuristic Form

A comfy body-cradling modern chair effortlessly distributes weight while remaining light in look and form, just like the large-scale geodesic domes that inspired it.

Modern Home in the Alps Mimics the Majesty of Mountains

The peaks of the surrounding Alps are mimicked in the dramatic jagged shape of this artist residence an atelier in Castelrotto, Italy by Modus Architects.

Transforming Hanger Expands to Hold Twice as Many Clothes

Unless you're lucky enough to have enormous walk-in closets, you've probably wished at least once or twice for more space to hang your clothes and accessories.

Shared Micro-Living Apartment is Surprisingly Inviting

In Barcelona, Miel Arquitectos and Studio P10 set out on an experiment in shared micro-living. They began with a 65 square meter (213 square foot) apartment and turned it into two functional living, working, and sleeping quarters.

Retro Styled Sideboard Can Go Anywhere, Do (Nearly) Anything

If you change locations or just change up your decor regularly, having furniture pieces that are adaptable to many circumstances is a must.