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Cloud Lamps Created by Blowing Glass into Pillowcases

Hovering in the air above us, illuminated as if from the sun or moon, cloud-shaped lamps mimic the world outside while also functioning as practical and sculptural light fixtures.

Prevent Picture Puncture: The Clever Hole-Free Pushpin

Hanging cherished photos and other paper keepsakes can be a drag since you'll probably have to use a pushpin that puts a hole in the very thing you want to preserve.

Winter Lovin’: 5 Projects Envigorate Idle Lifeguard Stations

Have you ever walked down a beach in the winter and seen the forlorn, abandoned lifeguard stations dotting the sand?

Spider Light: Creepy-Crawly Lamp Clings with Magnetic Legs

This lamp seems to come to life in a way that might creep out all you arachnophobes out there, clinging to surfaces in a decidedly spider-like way.

Stretchy Chair is a Work of Art + a Comfy Resting Spot

It seems like there are two types of chairs: those that are nice to look at, and those that are comfy to sit in.

Watt a Bright Idea: Adjust Lamp’s Intensity With a Pulley

Polly, the pulley-style lamp from Diane Espiritu and Jeffrey Liu, gives you the freedom to adjust the position and strength of your lighting just by moving it up or down.

Watt a Bright Idea: Adjust Lamp’s Intensity With a Pulley

Polly, the pulley-style lamp from Diane Espiritu and Jeffrey Liu, gives you the freedom to adjust the position and strength of your lighting just by moving it up or down.

Reflective Teacups Ensure Always-Matching Saucer Sets

Maybe having a whole matching set of cups and saucers isn't exactly your cup of tea, but having cups that match the saucers they sit on is always a nice touch.

Fun House: Modern Play Space Features Wooden Swings

A series of tiny wooden houses within a larger structure make up a bright, modern, wood-lined play space for kids and adults alike in Buenos Aires.

Micro Architecture: Jagged Wooden Structures Inspired by Ships

Sculptural, geometric woodworking covers the interior walls of 'micro-architecture' structures by design firm Fabbricabois, taking inspiration from ships to create detached extensions for living and working.

Intertwining Ribbon Structure is a Beautiful Wedding Chapel

Couples in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan have what might be the most beautiful chapel in the world in which to hold their weddings.

Artificial Skylight Produces Incredibly Realistic Sunlight

In the gloomy winter months, getting enough sunlight can be a challenge. Even if you have plenty of windows in your home or office, the limited daylight hours and often-stormy skies can make you feel gloomy and tired.

Decaying Wooden Barn Made Over Into Dreamy Living Space

Drive through any agriculture-based locale and you're likely to see plenty of old, abandoned wooden structures.

Hand-Holding Weighted Blanket Eases Grief + Loneliness

When a loved one leaves your life, either due to death or separation, the hole left in your existence can be massive.

Modern Dog: Origami Coffee Table Doubles as a Pet Bed

Known for their highly creative wooden micro-architecture, French design studio Fabbricabois applied the same sense of ingenuity to an origami-inspired coffee table that doubles as a pet shelter.

Bookniture Slides Off the Shelf and Opens Into Tables & Stools

They look like ordinary books on the shelf, some as small and light as Moleskine notebooks, yet these volumes contain something you'd never expect: surprisingly strong tables and stools that can support up to 375 pounds.

Airy Modern Bookshelf is 12 Interlocking Wooden Frames

The Frames 2.0 bookshelf from designer Gerard de Hoop takes the traditional (and, let's face it, kind of boring) bookshelf design and turns it into a functional minimalist sculpture.

Palette Table Mixes People Like Paint to Encourage Interaction

Taking its shape from an artist's palette, this highly unusual conference table design mixes people like paint colors to produce new creative combinations from the resulting interactions.

Wooden Wall Tiles Make Stunning Personalized Wall Art

Every living space should be a personal work of art - an individual statement of the residents' personal style.

Ultra Cool: 3D Printed Bricks Can Cool Homes Using No Power

Evaporative cooling is a technique that has been used for millennia to cool spaces without the need for electricity or special equipment.