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Vision to Mansion in 1 Day: Huge Recycled 3D Printed Home

Designing your dream house and having it built just where you want it? There's nothing particularly interesting about that.

Ultrasonic Clothes Washer Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

The vibrations emitted by this palm-sized plastic device are powerful enough to clean and deodorize a small load of laundry, making the process of washing delicates easier and less damaging than ever before.

Nest Express: Ski Gondola Transformed into Tiny Cabin

The experience of ascending a mountain at a ski resort becomes even more immersive and atmospheric when the gondola you're riding to the peak is outfitted like an adorable miniature cabin.

High Flying Design: Boeing Wing Recycled into Futuristic Desk

Sharp and sleek, the glossy white surface of this futuristic desk design is crafted from a reclaimed Boeing airplane wing.

Monster Sighting: Nessie Ladle Scoops Up Beastly Meals

A whimsical kitchen wouldn't be complete without utensils that look like toys. The completely lovable Nessie Ladle from Ototo is an adorable way to spoon up soups, stews, and sauces.

Plush Dreams: Stacked Cushion Sofas Swaddle You in Softness

Making a pile of cushions and jumping on top is a favorite childhood activity, but who says comfy cushion piles have to be left behind once you grow up?

Contemporary Golf Course Home Climbs its Way Up Sloped Lot

In the midst of a wooded golf course in Sayo District, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, this gorgeous contemporary home offers plenty of family gathering space and breathtaking views.

Modernist Desk Hides Away Cords to Keep Top Clutter Free

Desktops easily get cluttered with cords, cables, and chargers along with all of the gadgets and accessories we use daily.

Clear Roof Breathes New Life Into Historic Spanish Church

The town of Corbera d’Ebre in Tarragona, Spain was home to the ruins of a church dating back to the Spanish Civil War.

The Weight: Anti-Anxiety Pillow Offers Hands and Hugs

Just like an animal can be calmed with the pressure of a specially made coat, 'The Weight' offers the comfort of a loved one's arms when no one's actually around.

The PLANTation: Porcelain Planter Inserts Reclaim Discarded Glasses

Lonely, unwanted drinking glasses left at bus stops, on benches and at the curb get a second shot at being functional household objects with custom-made porcelain inserts that turn them into quirky, beautiful transparent planters.

Tiny 93 Sq Ft Boiler Room Becomes Charming Guest House

Proving that tiny house living can be accomplished in just about any circumstance, Azevedo Design turned a tiny San Francisco building into a quaint guest apartment.

Tiny Stacked Capsule Rooms Offer Lodging to Temple Visitors

Climb a ladder to access a bedroom just large enough to fit a full-sized mattress at the Koyosan Guesthouse, built by Kyoto studio Alphaville Architects to house those visiting a nearby Shington Buddhist temple.

Vague Sense of Time: Clock Mimics a Solar Eclipse

Whether you live some kind of magical lifestyle where the precise time is an unnecessary detail or just want to pretend you do on the weekends, the Eclipse Clock by artist Iván Navarro will ensure that you have only the vaguest idea of the hour.

Faux Cantilever: Concrete House Seems to Float Above Glass

Appearing cantilevered at first glance, hovering above the earth with all the heft of its concrete construction, House La Punta by Central de Arquitectura gets its seemingly gravity-defying appearance from an all-glass first floor.

360 Shelf Puts Organization in the Right Perspective

Spinning in a full circle, the 360 Shelf by designer Luka Pirnat can be adjusted to any angle you like to hold books, iPads, musical instruments, movies, collectible toys and virtually anything else you want to put up on your walls.

‘Island’ Sofa Completely Re-Thinks the Traditional Couch

Creative design can turn even a normally-stylish product into one that is worthy of more than a second glance.

Design that Sticks: Safer Desktop Sticky Tape Dispenser

The everyday user probably doesn't need an improvement to the traditional adhesive tape dispenser, but people who use tape all day will appreciate designer Joongho Choi's update on the plain, sharp-edged design.

Spanish Concrete Dome is a Light-Filled Artist’s Home

If artists are influenced and inspired by their surroundings, the Deep Cavern Studio from designer Claudio Hebberecht is the ideal artist's residence.

Paint-On Wallpaper Changes Your Room’s Look in a Swoosh

The look of wallpaper can completely change a room for the better, but it's a big commitment because papering a wall is among the absolute worst home improvement projects possible.