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Desktop Lamp and Planter are Like Your Own Miniature Yard

There is something inherently comforting about the Mökki planter/lamp from designer Caterina Moretti.

Beer Tree: Sculptural Gravity-Fed Home Brewing Kit

Every step of the home beer brewing process is laid bare for observers with the sculptural Beer Tree by Freddie Paul, a Product Design student at South Bank University in London.

Retractable Legs Let This 5-Gallon Cooler Go Anywhere

Every once in a while you see a product and it makes so much sense that you have to wonder why it didn't always exist.

Work Healthier: Mobile Standing Desk with Monitor Stand

Recent studies have linked sitting for long periods of time with all manner of health concerns, potentially shaving years off our lives.

A Single Light Bulb Adorns an Entire Room with Lacy Shadows

A single light bulb may not sound large enough or bright enough to decorate the entire interior of a large room, but artist Anila Quayyum Agha accomplished just that.

Beautifully Clean Water: Stylish Countertop Water Filter

Refrigerator water filters have done a lot to get people to drink more water, but they definitely aren't pretty enough to put out on the dining table.

Sleek Glass Containers Push Out the Air, Seal in the Fresh

Food storage options abound in any home supplies store, but some of them are true standouts. The EVAK Glass Food storage containers are a cleverly designed set of storage vessels with lids that squeeze every last bit of air out of the jars.

Amphibious House Rises Above Flooding to Keep Residents Safe

Along the banks of the River Thames, the views are fantastic but flooding is a constant worry. Baca Architects solved this worry for one lucky couple who have a home in the flood zone.

Burning Anticipation: Designer Christmas Countdown Candle

It's always fun to have a visual aid that helps you count the days until something really exciting happens.

Transforming Table is Like a Giant Block of Jenga Pieces

The more purposes a single piece of furniture can serve in a home, the more indispensable it becomes in a household.

Cast Concrete Home Blends Slick Modern + Rough Traditional

This neighborhood in Nanjing, China is full of beautifully weathered old stone homes, but one grey structure stands out from the rest.

Roll With it: Stylish Laser Cut Wood and Leather Handbag

Dubbed a "technical bag" by its designers, Plaat is an elegant bag constructed of laser cut wood and lined in leather.

Waste Not: Trash Marble Turned Into 6 Beautiful Home Objects

Any type of manufacturing results in waste - sometimes shocking amounts of it. When designers Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti decided to see what they could make from "waste" marble tiles, they came up with some exceptional objects.

Twin Volume Home Surrounds Connecting Glass Enclosure

As you walk along a steep, narrow street in a quiet area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, away from the train station and toward the sea, a peculiar and lovely home comes into view.

Modular Writer’s House Slices Open for Maximum Adaptability

Offices can feel cold and impersonal, not exactly offering the comfortable surroundings that are most conducive to creative thought.

Rocking Room: Oversized Woven Chair Offers Group Relaxation

Over a dozen people can easily all sit back, relax and rock back and forth at once in this massive group rocking chair built for public use at the 2014 Seattle Design Festival.

Cute Cartoon Eraser Heads Morph Haircuts as You Use Them

Making mistakes doesn't always have to be embarrassing. Sometimes, especially during the design process, it can be quite fun.

Stacking Bathroom Sink Swivels to Hold Everything You Need

The first impression given by designer Alessandro Isola's Orbit Sink is that of a neat, simple cylinder.

Rubber Toilet Brick Can Save Billions of Gallons of Water

"Dropping a brick" is a very crude euphemism for a bodily function, but now it also means doing something positive for the environment.

Home Space Odyssey: Satellite-Like Planter and Side Table

The Sputnik-5, a Soviet satellite, was the first vehicle to take Earthly life into space and bring it back safely.