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36 Cool And Inviting Summer Terrace Décor Ideas

There are two months left before summer but it’s time to think about summer décor now, look for some cool furniture and designs and DIY something interesting.

Unique Analog Memory Desk With 1,100 Yards Of Paper

Throughout the day we have all kinds of thoughts that pop in our head that we might want to jot down.

Modern Brussels Villa With Laconic And Functional Design

This contemporary villa in Brussels was designed by Bataille & iBens in collaboration with architect Koen Pauwels.

40 Cute And Cozy Breakfast Nook Décor Ideas

Spring is in the air! I can’t help stop thinking of walking in the sunlight, eating and having fun, that’s why today I’d like to share my favorite breakfast nooks looks.

Caruma Vase Collection Combining Ceramics And Basket Weaving

Designer Eneida Tavares has created Caruma, a collection of one-of-a-kind vases and containers that combine Angolan basket-weaving and ceramics.

Blue Surrealistic Home Inspired By The Mediterranean

There’s always a certain pleasure that can be derived from looking into the private homes of artists and designers, as we actually get to see how they choose to live and how their creativity unfolds.

26 Smart And Creative Small Sunroom Décor Ideas

A sunroom is the most actual thing right now when it’s not too cold and not too warm yet, enjoying the sunlight in this transitional season is a must.

Mosaic Sea Glass Collection Inspired By Shore Walks

Sea Glass is a new collection of handcrafted mosaic. Created by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna, Sea Glass is inspired by walks along the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where Baldwin would find pieces of glass “smoothed by years of waves and sand.” The eight patterns depict natural elements, as well as ornamental motifs.

Soft Industrial Loft Decorated With An Exquisite Taste

An old factory on the Copenhagen docks was converted into a stunning four hundred square meters loft, where the natural light is the heart of the interior design.

35 Creative And Timeless Striped Home Décor Ideas

Stripes are timeless for everything, beginning from your outfit and to your home décor, that’s why today we’d like to tell you about cool striped home décor ideas.

PETMONSTER: Cool And Super Modern Digs For Your Pets

Forget all the old homes and pet beds! PETMONSTER is a ludic approach to the pet-house that takes ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics, material &manufacturing process into consideration for a happier, healthier Fluffy & Fido.

Vivacious Bachelorette Loft With A Fresh Color Palette

Fresh and cozy bachelorette oasis in downtown Los Angeles was renovated for a young graphic designer/shoe designer who bought it as her first home.

How To Store Your Bike: 5 Brilliant Ways And 37 Examples

Are you a passionate cycler? Then perhaps you faced the question of storing your bike many times. Here are some cool and convenient ideas to store your bike without spoiling the interior.

Edgy Hexagonal Concrete Tiles For Eye-Catching Decor

Remember we told you about cool geometric ideas for home décor? These tiles are exactly for those who have chosen such décor.

Eye-Catching Inside And Outside: Mount Pleasant House

Roundabout Studio have designed a home in Toronto, Canada, that has a focus on music and entertainment.

The Latest Décor Trend: 20 Striking Two-Toned Wooden Furniture Pieces

Dark and light wood combined in one piece is a new hot trend in décor, and they look very unusual and eye-catching!

Endless Mirror With Light Patterns Inspired By Infinity

Bram Vanderbeke started out with an idea to design a container for the future, to let people start to dream about their future and to escape all the busyness of their surrounding environment.

Modern Take On A Seaside Retreat: Clovelly House

It’s spring and it’s time to think about beach houses and cottages where you’ll spend this summer vacation and all the weekends.

27 Stylish Geometric Home Office Décor Ideas

Geometric décor is a huge trend today, geometric pattern are right everywhere. Make your home office super stylish with trendy geometric patterns and pieces, let’s see how to do it easily.

Bandas Space Made Of Various Furniture And In Various Colors

Bandas Space is a new concept by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola that lets you create the perfect setup in your home.