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With smart textiles we can "download new colours or patterns" to our clothes

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Francesca Rosella of interactive fashion brand CuteCircuit claims advances in digital "smart" fabrics will revolutionise the fashion industry, allowing us to download new styles for our clothes rather than buying new garments.

Multi-layered home by Y+M Design Office hides a house-shaped room behind wooden walls

There are two layers to this residence in Tokushima, Japan – the first is a living room that looks like a miniature house, while the second is a perimeter wall that encloses extra rooms and patios (+ slideshow).

Pablo Bronstein's lighthouse/beach hut hybrid pays tribute to Nicholas Hawksmoor

London artist Pablo Bronstein has created a combined lighthouse and beach hut for the Folkestone Triennial, incorporating exaggerated features that reference the work of 18th century architect Nicholas Hawksmoor.

Google tests Project Wing drone delivery service

News: Google's research division has tested a delivery service using unmanned aerial vehicles in Queensland, Australia (+ movie).

The Average Font combines hundreds of characters into a single typeface

New York artist and designer Moritz Resl has compiled a new "ghostly" typeface by overlaying each letter of the alphabet from over 900 existing font families (+ slideshow).

"No one will ever write a book called Zen and the Art of iPhone Maintenance"

Opinion: is the Internet of Broken Things the logical conclusion to the ever-escalating cycle of technological development and built-in obsolesce in our gadgets, asks Justin McGuirk.

Atelier Pierre Thibault's Le Grand Plateau house is raised on stilts above a forest floor

Canadian architecture office Atelier Pierre Thibault has completed a lakeside house in a forest near Quebec, which is raised above its hillside site on thin metal stilts (+ slideshow).

Long Brick House by Foldes Architects accommodates a 17-metre-long bookshelf

This long and narrow brick house outside Budapest, by Foldes Architects, integrates a 17-metre-long library wall that accommodates the owners' expansive book collection (+ slideshow).

Motion sensors as "small as a grain of sand" could be integrated into clothes

News: technology firm mCube has developed an accelerometer small enough to be embedded into clothing or sports equipment – enabling developers to turn almost anything into a piece of wearable technology.

BIG's second Kimball Art Center proposal rejected by city planners

News: the second proposal from Danish architecture firm BIG to extend the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah, has been thrown out by planning authorities for failing to meet strict local preservation guidelines.

Dezeen Mail #217

Zaha Hadid's latest legal row, a glass moulded on Kate Moss' left breast and a low-cost prefabricated home (pictured), feature in Dezeen Mail issue 217.

Carbuncle Cup 2014 shortlist announced

News: a shopping centre that replaced an iconic Brutalist car park and a controversial tower beside the River Thames are among the six projects on the Carbuncle Cup 2014 shortlist for the UK's worst new building.

Zhan Wang's animation imagines China as a trade leader in extra-terrestrial minerals

Architectural Association graduate Zhan Wang has produced an animation depicting a fictional technotopian future in which China has built a giant port to distribute minerals mined from the moon (+ movie).

Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture may lose accreditation

News: the school founded by Frank Lloyd Wright may lose its accreditation to award architecture degrees following a rule change from America's Higher Learning Commission.

ADN Architectures adds V-shaped extension to Brussels bungalow

Belgian firm ADN Architectures gave this wooden house extension in Brussels a V-shaped roofline that inverts the pointed gables of the existing property (+ slideshow).

Moleskine Livescribe Notebooks transfer ideas from paper to screen

Stationery brand Moleskine has created a series of notebooks for use with a Livescribe smartpen to turn notes written on the pages into digital files (+ slideshow).

LCR Architectes clads French middle school with tarnished copper panels

French studio LCR Architectes used gently patinated copper to give the exterior surfaces of this school near Toulouse a weathered, metallic appearance (+ slideshow).

Assemble's latest pop-up theatre combines Tudor design with stadium architecture

This pop-up wooden theatre in Southampton, England, was designed by London architecture collective Assemble to look like a cross between a performance venue and a football stadium (+ slideshow).

Penda's indoor planting modules provide a "green oasis" inside Home Cafe

Wooden box shelves and planters populate the gridded metal framework installed around the perimeter of this cafe in Beijing by design collective Penda (+ slideshow).

Schaufelschlucht Bridge by Marte.Marte Architects is second in trio of Alpine structures

This arching concrete bridge is the second of three structures designed by Austrian studio Marte.Marte Architects for a winding mountain road between two Alpine towns (+ slideshow).