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July 4th Weekend

Can you believe this Saturday is July 4th? Prepare yourself for the festivities by perusing this random list of summer-y things, mostly picked for their fun and outdoorsy-ish nature.

CW&T Jump Rope

This might be the nicest jump rope anyone has ever seen. CW&T (of Pen Type-A fame) recently released this beauty to the world, and it’s got handles machined out of solid 6061 aluminum and a leather cord.

Concrete Lamp by Menu

Here’s another smallish lamp, and this one is a charmer. A round concrete base holds an oversize glass light bulb with a little brass button to control brightness.

Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards

There’s something about lazy summer afternoons that demands a stack of playing cards nearby. And, should you be short a stack, please do take a look at these colorful cards from Fredericks & Mae, as they have a sunny disposition with their full display of the color spectrum.

Merge Concrete Tape Dispenser

Need a tape dispenser? How about a concrete one that won’t move around when you tear off a piece of tape?

Terracotta Funnel by Grain

Why do you need a Terracotta Funnel? Beats me, but I know I’d use it for moving my matcha latte from a mixing bowl into a coffee cup, similar to the one shown above.

Sandwich on Board Box

Another aluminum lunch box? Can we be so lucky? Apparently so. This handy little lunch box is from black + blum, and, just as expected, it looks to improve upon those sub-par lunch carriers that have left your lunch squashed in the past.

Picia Table Lamp

Cute, right? The Picia Table Light is a smaller sort of lamp, you know, the kind you would tuck into a corner of a small writing desk or nightstand.

Friday Links

Mountain House by Atelier Bow-Wow Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood? Strange: jyo john mullor models a set of custom-made human head helmets Take A Hike To Do Your Heart And Spirit Good DIY No-Sew Rope Coil Basket Want that jacket a character in a movie is wearing?


Until technology allows us to enter all buildings and vehicles without physical keys, we’re going to have to deal with the mess that is the usual keyring.

Sand Containers

Do not, I repeat, do not underestimate the value of containers you look at and use everyday. Sure, a toothbrush or pen holder is meant for function, but there’s no reason why it can’t be a pleasure to look at as well.

Pia Shopping Bag

Raise your hand if you like strange shopping bags. This one from Milk Design and Feel Good Home has a different sort of 3D shape made from Tyvek and leather handles, which will surely tote your purchases safely home with a fair amount of style (don’t be surprised if people ask you where you got it).

Weight Vase by Decha Archjananun

You’ve seen the Weight Vases in the regular concrete grey, but get a load of the colors available. Are they not spectacular?

Baggu All Weather Bag

Originally designed for surfers, this all-weather gear bag has welded seams and a water resistant zipper to keep water completely in (or completely out, if that’s your goal).

Sphere Bottle Opener

It’s a smooth, round bottle opener that fits the palm of your hand perfectly. What else could you ask for, besides a good beer or two?

Waxed Canvas & White Ash Travel Chair

Ah, how nice it is to be out of doors, sitting around the campfire or at a music festival… unless your back hurts and you’re starting to get really annoyed at yourself for not bringing your own darn chair.

String Lights by onefortythree

Don’t ask yourself ‘why do I need these string lights?’ Instead, ask yourself ‘why don’t I need these string lights?

Fair Trade Basket Collection

Baskets aren’t usually the first thing you’ll find in a modern interior, but this Fair Trade Basket Collection possesses a sharp, sculptural quality that would do well whether used as objets d’art or as functional storage pieces.

Painted Plains Rug Collection by AVO

If you’re a vegan or you’re opposed to leather in any way, shape or form, just admire the graphic patterns on these ‘rugs’ and skip on over to the next post.


How often are you out at the beach, campsite, or park and wish you had a garden hose to wash off dirt and grime?