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Gifts for the Homebody

How about gifts for someone that loves staying home? You know, a nice vase, a few coasters, a good tray, and the like.

Naturally Cooling Ceramic Wine Cooler

When you’re drinking rosé or white wine, do you really want to deal with ice and buckets? Nope. Get yourself this Ceramic Wine Cooler from Magisso and then pat yourself on the back for making chilled drinks that much easier.

Friday Links

– The Internet is under attack. This is the Battle for the Net.

The Fundamentals Kitchenware

Kitchenware, as a gift? Maybe, especially if the recipient is planning on new digs. Or maybe it can be a gift for yourself, in order to minimize the tools in your kitchen (let’s face it, some of those thing-a-ma-jigs you never even use).

Stammen and Baggen Speakers

Here’s a neat little speaker box for your audio needs that packs a punch. It’s got a subwoofer plus two high-class tweeters for a rich, full sound.

Fashion Gifts

How about some random fashion gifts for those nearest and dearest? There’s no real rhyme or reason to the selection, just that they’re all pretty fun.

Photography Gifts

Know someone that likes snapping photos? Here’s a few things that they might like as a gift this holiday season.


Remember the Alldock? We posted it back in 2014 when it was a Kickstarter campaign. Perfect for your household gadgets, the Alldock provides inner rails to rest your devices on while they charge- with all the cable clutter hidden in its base.

100% Human ACLU Tees & Sweatshirts

What to get someone who cares about the individual rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States?

Ridge Kitchen Set

Gifts…blah, blah, blah. What about buying something for yourself and your table for a change? The Ridge set somehow hits a new-yet-vintage vibe, and the hand blown pieces with their rippled surface is sure to be a hit when you’re proffering beverages.

Soundskins for Sonos

Okay, take a moment from your holiday shopping to consider speaker components to your home audio setup.

Futagami Key Rings

A Futagami Key Ring may be an excellent gift for someone on your list. Made in solid brass, each ‘Plate’ style key ring is designed to be easily found in a cluttered bag.

Friday Links

– Cabin Porn 2018 Calendar, $17.00 (You can buy prints there too.) – LOGIFACES Concrete Menorah – Halo Wireless Phone Charger – Orijeen’s rainbow-hued furniture uses lenticular surfaces to change colour – The Minimalist Notebook – Hmm.

Wallpaper* City Guides Gift Box

What do you get someone who’s interested in travel and design? The Wallpaper* City Guides Gift Box, of course.

Monkey Radio & Speaker

Fun! This Monkey Radio & Speaker features a flexible antenna that can wrap around a bike handle, bag strap, or shower rod (yes, it’s waterproof).

Artist Socks by Chatty Feet

Okay, so maybe you’re not a crazy sock person, but, aren’t these fun? Surely they’ll brighten up your day, or someone else’s.


Ah, the holiday season… and all the shopping that goes along with it. We’re going to not do the guest gift guides this year, but, remember, you can click on over to our Gifts category, where items have been sorted according to price.

Rivsalt Himalayan Salt & Grater

Gah! It’s a cute Himalayan Salt & Grater set, which is pretty damn adorable. I can see how an overachieving host might want to get one for each guest, but one is more than enough to pass around a table for a special sense of occasion.

Gradient Calendar

You do know December is just two days away, right? Maybe you’ll use this Gradient Calendar to keep track of the date in the coming year, as it has just enough room to jot a few notes down on each un-coated page.

Multi-ccino Mug

What’s the best gift for a coffee-drinking perfectionist? This Multi-ccino Mug, that’s what. The borosilicate glass mug has indicators printed on the outside for customizing proportions of espresso, milk, and water for the perfect brew.