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Friday Links

– In Residence: Rose Uniacke (that faux brick wall door in the garden- whoa) – Sit on everything – The Dice Tool – Plastic Sculptures from Ocean Garbage (via npr) – Rippled Portals of Color Created with Spray Paint by HOXXOH – Constellation Embroidery Kit – Learn all about salps, vortex rings, and underwater robots.

Steel Drop Lamp by Pulpo

If you’re not to be trusted around delicate glass lamp shades, this Steel Drop Lamp is for you. The perforated steel light screen diffuses light for a soft glow while the opaque metal base gives a hefty, sculptural weight to any room.

Cutlery Set

Ditch those plastic forks, spoons, and knives, because you’re going to buy this Cutlery Set. All three utensils nest together into a compact case for safekeeping and easy transport, which is convenient for your daily lunch at the office or your next camping trip.

Tangram 3D

Okay, do you like tangrams? You know, the traditional puzzle of seven geometric 2D pieces that you rearrange to make bigger shapes?

Sale: Finn Chaise, Eos Lounge

Whoa, if you’re still in the market for outdoor furniture, take a look at the Finn Chaise and the Eos Lounge, both on sale right now from DWR.

Fluted Talise

Water is a necessity, but nowadays too many of us rely on plastic bottles to get our daily intake. Perhaps by purchasing this very nice Talise carafe, you’ll cut down the amount of plastic you use and thus become a more responsible adult.

Hose Jockey Wall Mount

If a messy hose situation is ruining the appeal of your outdoor area, you’d best get things sorted with an appropriate storage solution.

DriStore Bags

Raise your hand if you like using plastic bags to protect and organize your gear. If so, maybe you’re ready to upgrade from disposable food bags to the DriStore Bags.

Phosphor Bronze Circle Keychain Bottle Opener

Another keychain bottle opener… no big deal except for this one is elegant. Surprised? Yeah, me too. The circular design incorporates a bottle opener without visually screaming ‘I LOVE TO DRINK BEERS!

Paulistano Armchair in Canvas

It’s rare that outdoor furniture is described as exciting, mostly because it’s meant for outdoors and not many of us have the time and money to spend on amazing furnishings that will only get rained on.

Lempi Glasses

Sometimes those cheap plastic cups just won’t cut it at the dinner table. Upgrade to the Lempi (means ‘favourite’ in Finnish) Glassware from Iittala.

Friday Links

– So fun: Playhouse by Anna & Eugeni Bach – Modern Mallorca: Ohlab compose a home out of a series of white boxes – Project Cookbook – Masked Figures Found in Macro Insect Photography by Pascal Goet – 31andchange – Ha ha.

Hinza Tote

You know what’s fun? Colorful, recycled, polyethylene totes that are very sturdy, because you can lug them around everywhere and not worry about messing them up.

Greenlid Compostable Compost Bin

Thank goodness, no more messiness. We can now throw the bin into the compost and avoid the inevitable cleanup of gross leaks.

Plant-In City Mini Terrariums

Okay, stick with me here. Think of this strange terrarium as an “architectural plant system” and you’ll most likely understand the appeal.

Flavour It Glass Water Bottle

Like a bit of lemon or mint in your water glass? Or perhaps a hint of strawberry? Now you can take your fanciness on the road with this glass bottle, thus reducing your own plastic bottle usage as well as that snobbery that crops up whenever you’re faced with plain tap water.

Cork Family Stools

Lest we forget, Jasper Morrison’s Cork Family is a smart choice for any living area. Each piece could be a side table or stool and is light enough to move around easily.

Self Watering Planter by Joey Roth

Holiday travel is booked, you’re wrapping up at work, and all is set for you to head off to family/friends for the upcoming break.

H55 Easy Chair

Might this be the nicest deck chair ever to pass before our eyes? Designed by Björn Hultén in 1954 and first used by Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf, it certainly has a veritable pedigree, if you care about that sort of thing.

Steel Tool Box

It’s a no nonsense tool box, on sale. Two-tier, so you’ll be able to fit larger items below and smaller items above, and it’s in a two-tone steel and black powdercoat finish so it won’t mess up your interior style.