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Hedley & Bennett Aprons

Oh, what to wear when you’re making a brilliant meal indoors or grilling outside with your Italian Barbecue Tool Set?

Q Knot Reusable Zip Ties

These sound handy enough, don’t they? Reusable zip ties could be used to manage unruly cords, seal up snack bags, and all those other things your imagination can think of.

POV Planter

All right, what did you think this was at first glance? A strange hair decoration? A fireplace accessory?

Arbor Birdhouse

I know next to nothing about birds, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting a birdhouse. And, hey, there’s no way I’m going to settle for just any birdhouse, because there are standards to uphold, aren’t there?

Cayo Beach Towel

Geez, another modern beach towel? We’re up to our eyeballs here with all the choices, and this one is very tempting price-wise.

Multi Basket

Is it time for a picnic? I think so, especially if you had this basket from Danish brand Menu. It’s a sort of hybrid between a basket and tray, with two air-tight containers with bamboo lids, two cooling pads, and a felt liner.

Friday Links

– “The Floating Piers,” by Christo – Sriracha Ninja – Building Great Architecture Models – Vanessa Friedman: “Driving Force of Fashion is Planned Obsolescence” – Artist whittles wood into (what looks like) food – Haha: The fashionable peacocks of Pitti Uomo – RE:FIND rubber dipped paperclips – AT: DIY fabric Clay Planters – Fireflies are disappearing.

Ready Stacking Barstool

Whoa, look at this new barstool. It’s stackable, made from powder-coated steel sled legs and a molded plywood seat.

Fundamental Lamp

Stripes! It evokes a certain Memphis Group flavor, don’t you think? And, yes, you could probably make something similar if you had the tools (so, go ahead, make one).

Pon+ Pin

Do you remember the harmless Pon Push Pin? The same folks have a new version (aptly named Pon+) that’s a bit bigger and has a smart pull tab.

Arch Floor Mirror

“What’s through there?” That’s what your friends will be saying until they smack their foreheads against this mirror (they’re not too bright, those friends of yours, poor things).

Mirtoon Automatic Hose Reel

Have you seen any decent garden hose storage options? If you have, please don’t keep it to yourself. If you haven’t, I may need to bite the bullet and buy the Mirtoon Automatic Hose Reel, as it doesn’t offend my very finicky design sensibilities.

Koki Ice Cream Scoop

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… you know the rest. Make sure you have a decent scoop for your ice cream, because you don’t want it to melt while you wrestle your serving (plus others) out of the box or tub.

Blanc 44110 Notebook by Metaphys

Running low on notebooks? Don’t let those ideas float away- jot them down in one of these notebooks by Metaphys.

Sass Pedestals

Why, yes, these pedestals are Sottsass-inspired, as you can tell by their circular, contrasting layers.

Dotty Clock

Keep time with the Dotty Clock, designed by Abi Alice. You can probably see where sticky dots had something to do with the design, as the ends of the hands are clear to spot from across the room.

Clemens Auer Tweezers

Ordinary tweezers aren’t for you, or maybe they are until you see these odd tweezers by Clemens Auer.

Friday Links

– Wolfgang Buttress’ beehive-inspired Expo pavillion moves to Kew Gardens – Smart!

Palissade Collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

All right, now, we’re in outdoor furniture shopping mode, thanks to the summer heat. If the Hot Mesh Lounge featured yesterday didn’t quite hit the spot, maybe you’ll like the Palissade Lounge Chair by Ronan + Erwan Bouroullec.

To Go Cup

How many times have you fumbled around with your travel mug? And has it ever spilled? Or has its lid had a weird smell/taste/defect that made you dislike it immensely, yet you’ve not found something better to replace it with?