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Hideaway Trash Bin

The humble field of trash bin design is unexciting to say the least; there’s just not much going on in the way of improvements.

Flash Rectangular, Square, and Round Tables

Good news, there’s a Tom Dixon Design Sale now through October 15. That means savings on all sorts of wonderful things, like the Flash Rectangular Table, Flash Square Table, and the Flash Round Table you see above.

Japanese Aged Brass Knife Block

This is an expensive knife block. My twenty-some-odd-old self probably would have not posted it back in the day because of the price, but my firmly-in-my-thirties self has a bit more disposable income.

Kuu Lamp

So, here’s something sort of exciting: there’s a new online store that aims to provide high-end modern design at affordable prices.

Magnet 6

These knob-like wooden things are magnets. Or, rather, these knob-like wooden things have magnets embedded within their rounded ends, to be precise.

Hanging Ring Perpetual Calendar

If you like the idea of a perpetual calendar, then add this Hanging Ring Calendar to your list of considerations.

Bookman Clip-On Reflectors

What are you looking at? Reflectors. Why should you care? Because it’s the end of September, and, in North America, that means it’s getting darker earlier in the evening, and you’re hard to see when you’re out running, biking, or walking your dog.

Mark’s Notebook Calendars

Okay, don’t freak out, it’s just a calendar for 2015. You still have three whole months left until the new year rolls around, which is plenty of time to get your ducks in a row, so to speak.

Friday Links

Not a lot of links this week… projects got in the way of perusing the internet.   So cool: RoomScan app Nika Zupanc: Homework Chair Atrium House by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter DIY Copper Clothing Rack navy kitchen cabinets(!

Wine Twirls

If you enjoy white or rosé wine, then you’re probably familiar with the ideal serving temperature. Now, unless you live somewhere quite cold most of the time, there’s the issue of keeping your glass at that ideal temperature until it’s finished.

Smartphone Projector

Cool! It’s a $40 cardboard projector, and it’s just the thing for getting those movies from your smartphone onto the wall.

SR Ranger Stools

These stools by Scout Regalia have storage space underneath the seat, which give them a schoolhouse sort of look and feel.

Jump Charging Cable

A cable plus charger in a smaller, less bulky size? Yes, please. The Jump will charge your phone as well as packing a power boost whenever/wherever you need it.

mc squares dry-erase system

Dry erase boards are great for jotting down ideas and collaborating, but they’ve also got limitations.

Charcoal Ridge Tray by Yield Design Co

We’ve established that trays are good to have, haven’t we? For smaller items, consider this Charcoal Ridge Tray.

Brick Lamp

Maybe you’re a no-nonsense sort of person, and if so, maybe you’d like the Brick Lamp by Philippe Malouin.

Avva Small Tumblers

Any self-respecting whiskey drinker isn’t going to pour their water of life into any ol’ glass… unless the circumstances are quite dire, and then, of course, it is permissible to drink directly from the bottle.

Brass Towel Hanger and Toilet Paper Holder

Towel rings and toilet paper holders… yawn. Those two things are perhaps the least exciting items in a bathroom and possibly the hardest to find for any discerning modernist.

Slow Factory: Mars Scarves

Do you follow all news of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission? Do you have a fondness of ethereal, beautiful imagery?

Above Home Floor Mat

You might see simple, graphic squares adorning these woven mats, but these images are stylized patterns of backyards and swimming pools as seen from above.