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Friday Links

– Pocket Art Director, $16 – Quartz asked 40 leaders What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Received? – The Ultimate Guide To Winning Your White Elephant Gift Exchange Using Game Theory – Solo Stove (This will most likely be a post next week.) – Elle Decor: How to Eat Sushi (But, you already know this, right?

CHADHAUS Wish List 2016

To kick off this season’s sharing of wish lists, Emily and Chad Robertson from Chadhaus have been kind enough to find time away from their design studio to send a list of things they’d like to give and get.

Magic Jar Scarf Kit

Okay, this is a fun gift. Artist Shabd Simon-Alexander has given the power of alchemy over to you (or your recipient).

RBT Barware

Hmm, this set of barware from RBT is sure worth a second glance. Take a look at the collection. There’s an aerator with faceted acrylic top, a decanter made of borosilicate glass, a tabletop corkscrew (for the uncoordinated-yet-stylish amongst us?

The Natural Balance, Self-Watering Flowerpot

This cute little flowerpot hides a trick up its sleeve, as it has a hidden reservoir that keeps the soil of the plant hydrated.

G-RO Carry-On Bag

Need new luggage for your holiday travels? Maybe something that can tackle rough roads and cracked sidewalks in all sorts of weather?

Helsinki Paper Bag Holder

If you have a bunch of paper bags that aren’t being utilized, you may want to add this item by Helena Mattila to your cart*.

Pebble Cheese Board and Accessories

If you go completley bonkers over cheese, you’ll look way less crazy if you eat your fromage (said with a French accent) on something as sleek as the Pebble Cheese Board.

Crank Brothers Multi 19 Tool

Multi-tools are must-haves, don’t you think? Whether you keep one on you, in your car, or on your bicycle, you’re prepared for almost anything with a multi-tool.

Brass Pencil and Case

Know someone that’s always writing and sketching with a pencil? Pair Miho Hashimoto’s Brass Pencil with the Brass Pencil Case for a thoughtful gift.

Lego Architecture

The phrase ‘fun for the whole family!’ keeps running through my head when I look through the whole of Lego Architecture.

Friday Links

– Yes, please: Galaxy Wrapping Paper (via apartmenttherapy) – Get a daily email of suggested actions to help others and reduce the impact of racism, sexism, class and income inequality, disability discrimination, and more: actionnow – Tiny and efficient: Elos Skateboard – Christmas Drawing book – 10 easy-to-follow tips: Retirement Rules – Stop the iPhone Calendar Spam – 5 Ways to be a Silent Trump Protestor (Sorry, Trump supporters.) Enjoy your first weekend of December!

Impossible I-1 Analog Instant Camera

Remember the Impossible Project’s I-1 Analog Instant Camera, the camera system that uses the original Polaroid® format from way back when?

Stuart & Lau Portfolio Case

Another laptop sleeve? You may be sort of sick of seeing leather sleeves, but I can’t help but point out how sophisticated an attache can be compared to a ragged-y old backpack or beat-up bag.

Duo Coffee Steeper

More coffee paraphernalia for your consideration… The Duo Coffee Steeper features two chambers to produce the the richness of immersion brewing but with a cleaner taste.

UE Roll 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There’s soooo many bluetooth speakers out there, how do you choose just one? Well, the UE Roll 2 gets great reviews, so sit up and pay attention.

EM77 Vacuum Jug

Lukewarm coffee is just not acceptable, and this EM77 Vacuum Jug will ensure hot coffee stays hot. When tipped, the rocker stopper automatically opens to let coffee flow out- this limits the amount air entering the jug, thus preventing your coffee from cooling prematurely.

Clutchette Power Charging Pouch

Until our mobile devices figure out a way to charge themselves, you may want to arm yourself with this clutch*.

blink blink Wearable Tech Kits

So, for the crafty amongst us, there are these fun little kits by blinkblink to keep our brain from turning to mush.

Cast Iron Bar Set

If you know someone who drinks, chances are they’ll make use of this Cast Iron Bar Set. It’s just about as simple and robust as you can get when it comes to bar accessories, so snap a few sets up for those sturdy friends and family of yours that tend to enjoy a bottle of beer, wine, or whiskey.