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Friday Links

– Structure grown from “mushroom sausages” shows potential for zero-waste architecture – Looking for a new book to read?

Merve Kahraman Mirrors

Merve Kahraman cleverly uses Kvadrat fabric to create pattern on his Pontiac Mirrors. Handcrafted on wood and foam (sounds like a DIY project, doesn’t it?

House Power Station Cable Holder

For a long name, this little block of wood doesn’t do much other than hold your cable in place and look cute.

Less For Less Desk Lamp

Is this the thinnest desk lamp you’ve ever seen? A very slender metal tube bent into a perfect corner comprises the Less For Less Desk Lamp.

Totem by Estudio Persona

So, don’t fret, this isn’t some silly art object with no use other than aesthetics. Yes, it is a totem, but you get actually get a suite of functional objects that can be stacked to form a “singular minimal structure.” Two stools and a tray rest upon a concrete base, creating a tall stack that takes up very little floor space.


Do you use paper bags for recycling? If so, you’ll probably like the RE.BIN. It’s made entirely of 100% recycled plastic and works as a container for standard paper grocery bags.

NJP Lamp

The NJP is a new interpretation of the classic architect’s lamp. Meant for optimal flexibility for a work area, the lamp provides glare-free light precisely where you want it.

Smart Blur Storage Box

These steel storage boxes with matte glass lids are just the thing for those odds and ends without a home.

Cottage Stools

How in the world has it taken so long for the Cottage Stools to hit our radar? The flat, rectangular tops plus the lovely joinery on the legs (see the tiny brass screws?

The Honor Society Merit Badges

Would your little ones would be encouraged to do more good deeds if they got a few merit badges? That’s the aim behind these iron-on patches from The Honor Socitey.

Caja Modular Wooden Crates

If you’re sick of stepping on toys or knocking over stacks of paper, do something about it. These modular wooden crates are easily assembled: snap them together, throw in all your miscellany and then stack them up out of the way.

Happy Messages Postcards

Fun! Pick up some markers or color pencils and fill in these postcards for a special note or message.

Friday Links

– Who else is looking forward to Netflix’s wrestling comedy GLOW? – Technology Will Save Us Kids, Kits, and the DIY Movement – R-PUR, an anti-pollution mask – My Drawing Board – KaWoof, an ecological produced ball launcher – Make it easier for kiddos to launch kites: Castakite – DIY Stone Bench I swear we’re not being paid by Kickstarter to promote anything, there’s just too many cool projects to ignore.

Serax Lovatt Coffee Cups

Don’t these Serax Lovatt cups look like they’d be nice to hold? A complete set of the black and white glazed ceramics wouldn’t do any harm left out on an open shelf for all to see, so there’s at least a couple of reasons to consider adding a few cups (and maybe the teapot) to your collection.

Pivotante À Poser

If you’ve ever admired Charlotte Perriand’s work, I’ve got some good news for you: now you can own one of her lamps.

Avoa Chair

Prepare yourself, for this chair isn’t cheap. It is, however, a lesson on minimalism and autotelia. Not familiar with the term?

Swallow and Crane Kite

You’ve got an excellent reason to get out and enjoy the weather, because this Swallow Kite is just too good to pass up.

Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, and you still have time to get something good if you get to it right this very minute.

Fluted Talise Carafe

Water is a necessity, but nowadays too many of us rely on plastic bottles to get our daily intake. Perhaps by purchasing this very nice Talise carafe, you’ll cut down the amount of plastic you use and thus become a more responsible adult.

Cutlery Set

Ditch those plastic forks, spoons, and knives, because you’re going to buy this Cutlery Set. All three utensils nest together into a compact case for safekeeping and easy transport, which is convenient for your daily lunch at the office or your next camping trip.