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Transience Mirrors

The tonal colors on the handmade Transience Mirrors involve a little chemistry. Sulfur is used to create layers of color; the longer the chemical is left to oxidize, the deeper the color.

Slatted Barstool

Okay, this Slatted Barstool is beautifully balanced and elegant, but it’s… inexpensive? Are we reading that right?

Svante Watering Can

Who wants a funny looking watering can? We do, we do! Because then we will never forget to water the plants, and it can double as a vase when not in use.

Richman Dustpan

Cleaning up is a quick job with this Richman Dustpan. How so? Well, the wooden brush nests inside the pan’s handle, which means sweeping up your minor/major messes is a grab-and-go affair.

Friday Links

– How To Make Speakers From Post-Its – It’s that time of year again… Knoll Classics Sale – Superb little summer home: Font Rubi Cottage – For your favorite records: flipbin – Opening Soon: A New Architecture School With No Fees and Zero Studio Hours – This Metal Conducts Electricity But Not Heat “That could make it useful as a coating for smart windows; when they got enough sun, they’d become reflective like metal and keep some of that light out.” – ORBIT Ruler BY STUDIO JUJU – The Privacy Enthusiast’s Guide to Using an iPhone – Loewe reveals its inaugural Craft Prize finalists Enjoy your weekend!

InstruMMent 01

A new measuring tool? Sign us up. The InstruMMent 01 captures dimensions of any object and logs the measurements through your smartphone.

Wire Hooks

You have absolutely no excuse to have scarves, coats and clothes on the floor, because these Wire Hooks are top notch and inexpensive.

Ripple Glasses and Carafe

If you’re drinking your favorite cold beverage out of a chipped mug, snap up this set of Ripple Glasses pronto.

Serving Trays by Urbancase

No serving trays? Good, because now you have an excuse to buy one or two of Darin Montgomery’s Serving Trays.

Ro Lounge Chair

Slow down, take a seat. Breathe in, breathe out. ‘Ro’ is Danish for “tranquility” after all, so you are assigned to nothing but relaxation when you rest your weary legs on this comfortable armchair.

Kaymet Rubber Grip Lap Tray

Breakfast in bed seems like a great idea, if you’re coordinated enough not to spill coffee/crumbs/whatnot all over the sheets and covers.

Perforated Calendar

It’s the middle of February already. How did that happen? This reductionalist calendar designed by Snæfríd & Hildigunnur offers you the chance to tear off each day as it occurs, so you’ll not be caught unawares when 2018 rolls around.

Tangerine Barstool

I meant what I said about looking out for decent barstools. This Tangerine Barstool by Simon James for Resident Studio has a subtle curve to its seat to make things comfortable.

Banshu Hamono Folding Knife

You need a knife often enough to have a nice one. After all, all those boxes from your online shopping escapades don’t open themselves, do they?

Friday Links

– Qoowl Shade – LOVE – The World’s First Intelligent Turntable – seikon creates vibrant mural painting on old balneotherapy center in świdnica, poland – Researchers now know the words that make you sound credible (or phony) on Twitter – ‘FUCK I LOVE YOU’ Rubber Stamp – Amuneal Murphy Bed – How “I’m

Portable Toolbox Walnut

Architects and designers, this isn’t for all your tools, just the ones you use the most, preferably at your desktop.

Potence Pivotante Wall Lamp

You’re familiar with the Potence Lamp, right? Nemo has re-launched the original design by Charlotte Perriand in collaboration with Prouvé’s Tropique house.

Onsen Bath Towels

Do you have slightly musty bath towels? Uh-oh, that means bacteria is growing. Yuck. Don’t worry though, Onsen towels are to the rescue.

Paper Vase

Fun! No need for fancy vases here, thank you very much, because there’s this water-resistant Paper vase that slips right over any small glass or plastic vessel.

All Wood Stool by Karoline Fesser

Nice! This All Wood Stool is made entirely from (you guessed it) wood. A wooden screw-in mechanism allows you to adjust the height from 14 to 19 inches.