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Friday Links

– Xavi Bou’s Ornitographies – Don’t forget to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower! – A golden eagle getting its tummy rubbed – Mynus, a minimal iPhone case – The soundtrack to Stranger Things is being released this Friday – Ergonomics not evolving quickly enough – British Judge sentences racist ____ to 18 months in jail – Give Old iPhones and iPads a New Lease on Life – MAPA’s prefabricated houses Enjoy your weekend!

Bold Wall Clock

How in the world would you ever be late if you had these oversized hands to tell the time? The big, rounded proportions pack a graphic punch across the room, so even if you are almost blind, you’ll know the time.

Travel Teapot Set and Bag

You may not need this Travel Teapot Set, but wouldn’t it be nice to have? The grey tubular porcelain vessel is a lesson in simplicity- its two included cups fasten securely to either end to make transport more efficient.

Afteroom Bench by Menu

You could say that this price is kind of high for a skinny leather bench, but then I’d need to remind you that it has a marble side table incorporated into its powder-coated metal frame and it would be a cool piece to have in an entryway or odd corner space, especially as it would add seating without taking up too much visual or physical space.

Map of the Constellations

Are you going to stay up late to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower tonight? You should try, as there’s going to be quite the show- between 160 and 200 meteors every hour until Friday morning.

Commune Leather Sling Chair

Ready for another Commune + West Elm piece? This wood-framed sling chair knocks the socks off other lounge chairs from the retailer, as it has raw, undyed leather for an authentic feel.

Paper Display

This Paper Display by Jamie Wolfond & Sam Anderson (and available from good thing) simply acts as a curved base to provide papers to stand.

Billy II Box

Need more storage space for paperwork? You could get a ho-hum boring rolling file from an office supply store, or you could shell out a little more dough for one that actually looks like a fair amount of design thought went into its creation.

Japanese Porcelain Stacking Tools

My goodness, this stacking set packs quite the punch in tools. A mortar with pestle, a ginger/garlic/zest grater, a citrus juicer, and a storage canister (that also acts as a ladle holder) all stack together for a unified system.

Sweep-It Set

You don’t have to tell me how hard it is to keep dust and dirt at bay; I had a dog that liked to step in mud at every opportunity, plus a cat that shed all over the place all the effing time.

Marta Tasting Glasses

While you may not be excited by a simple, short glass, you might like the fact that it’s available in a set of 8 for just under $10.

Friday Links

– You know those hooded towels for babies? Stingray Hooded Adult Towel – “Jenna Maroney’s words. Donald Trump’s face.” Donald Maroney – This loft has a neat TV shelving surround with doors – Jooki – The Jukebox for Kids – “a curtain made from a repurposed isothermal emergency blanket separates kitchen and corridor” silvia allori self-designs compact studio apartment in florence – Do you like plywood on interior walls?

Focal LED Lamp with USB Port

It’s great to see that USB ports are now incorporated into some task lamps, especially as most of our outlets are overwhelmed with plugs and wires.

Gather Vases

The Gather Vases by Sam Anderson invite you to arrange your floral bouquet across a variety of different receptacles.

Commune Storage Bench

One of the more exciting things to happen in the furniture retail world this month is the arrival of Commune’s collection over at West Elm.

Minimalist Zip Folio

This folio beats the pants off of any other folio. It’s made of vegan leather (score!) and has a roomy zippered compartment that perfectly fits a 13″ laptop or iPad.

Wooden Wall Hooks by for Lucie Kaas

Gah! How cute are these wooden hooks by for Lucie Kaas? You may be familiar with their Kokeshi Dolls, and now you can appreciate the graphic nature of your favorite faces in the form of a wall hook.

Plantation Porcelain Element

Hello there, little Plantation Porcelain Element. You’d be perfect for growing herbs and other plants, as you would fit inside any existing glass as the ideal home for new cuttings or germinating seeds.

Kai Shelving by Jean Louis Iratzoki for Treku

Does this shelving remind you a tiny bit of the New Order Shelving by Stefan Diez? Maybe a little? It’s similar in that it has dividers and optional panels that can be moved around to suit your preferences.

Pepper Tray

Pepper dust. If you have a pepper mill, you know all about how it sits just under your mill whenever you set it down, creating little dust piles of pepper.