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Friday Links

– Kickstarter: URI Led Light Bulb – Sculpting a hand from clay – What’s the Best Way to Cover Your Webcam?

iPad Air sleeve by A.M. Ideas

Offset your super hi-tech gadgets with a little sustainably produced, hand-sculpted rush grass. Huh? Yep, it’s an iPad Air Sleeve, and there’s iPhone 6s Pouch too.

Pumice Stones

Umm, how odd and sort of wonderful are these Pumice Stones from Fredericks and Mae? Let’s just appreciate how combining two tools in one is clever, and also how this combination makes it more sculptural and special.

Pinorama Board

All those little pieces of paper and bits and bobs scattered about, just where are you going to put them?

Water Clock

Whether you love or hate this clock, we can all agree it adds a different element to tell the time. Magnets are employed to let the two balls float on the water’s surface, giving a magical sense of movement.

Future Glass Set

The colors of the Future Glass Set remind one of the Spectra Vases, and, lo and behold, they’re from the very same glassworks Holmegaard.

Triangle Dinner Bell

There’s a certain nostalgia connected to a Triangle Dinner Bell like this one from Pat Kim- perhaps period films have us immediately imagining dinner time at an old farm?

HAY UU Trays

More Hay office miscellany, and this time it’s a tray for your writing implements and other small stuff.

Ico Bottle Opener

Do you need that bottle opened? Let me just grab this icosahedron from the table here so I can open it for you.

Fredericks & Mae Star Dominos

$38 is much better than $80, which is what these dominos used to cost. I think that means that they’re entirely affordable, and very worth snapping up before another price change.

Friday Links

– Studio E.O’s Indefinite Vases – If you’re curious: How Long Does it Take to Design a Custom Home? – A great (and comprehensive) list: Architectural Record’s Top 125 Buildings – Behind the scenes of ‘The Witness’, a video game designed by architects – Spiders ‘Tune’ Their Webs Like Guitar Strings – Um, I’d like to volunteer in this park, please: Thoreau’s Cabin by cc-studio Enjoy your weekend!

The Lomo’Instant Automat Camera

In the days of digital everything, it’s pretty fun to mess around with instant cameras, don’t you think?

Knoll Sale

It’s that time of year again. The annual Knoll Sale begins. The many classic design pieces that you know and love are 15% off until September 27th.

Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb

A sexy lightbulb? Really? Well that’s an adjective everyone else is using, so, sure, it’s, uh, sexy. Let me introduce you to the Plumen 003.

HMM TapeDispenser

Shall we talk tape dispensers? They’re somewhat necessary in our homes and office environments, yet most are clunky and boring.

Architectural Planter

Your favorite little plant might need a new home in this Architectural Planter. It’s small, so it’ll fit on your desktop (or windowsill?

The Lunch Box

Foodies and minimalists will love THE* Lunch Box. It’s made from anodized aluminum- that means it’s sturdy, lightweight, heat-conductive and hygienic.

ZZ CenterPiece

Please tell me you need a strange sort of tray for your next dinner party, because I’ve got just the thing: the ZZ CenterPiece.

Fredericks and Mae Cork Coasters

I know what you need: this set of six silkscreened cork coasters from Fredericks and Mae. Why? Well, they’ll protect your furniture from hot and cold drinks, but, most importantly, they’ll make you happy every single time you move them around.

Machine Collection Glassware

Do these glasses remind you a little bit of industrial light fixtures? That’s exactly what inspired them, and the result is a hefty sort of glassware with just an smidgen of decorative fluting (like a well-made suit with a pretty tie and pocket square).