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Friday Links

– Look Inside Artist Alex Katz’s Eccentric Industrial Loft – Uh-oh. The almond milk craze could be bad news for bees – Ephemeral Rugs Formed From Oklahoma’s Red Earth by Rena Detrixhe – Talk to Your Kids About Inappropriate Pics on Facebook – Augmented Reality Is About To Change Art Forever.

Block Shop Dhurrie Rugs

As promised, here are the Block Shop Rugs. Made of 100% Indian cotton, dyed and woven by hand, each rug features a simple, graphic design that’s sure to liven up any lonely room.

Baggu All Weather Bag

Originally designed for surfers, this all-weather gear bag has welded seams and a water resistant zipper to keep water completely in (or completely out, if that’s your goal).

Compact Weather Station

Yes, you could rely on your smartphone for the weather forecast, but wouldn’t it be more fun to read an an aneroid-capsule barometer, bimetallic dial thermometer, and mechanical coil hygrometer, all from your desktop or kitchen counter?

Canot Cutting Boards

A lovely cutting board, is it not? And it’s got an accompanying Canot Kitchen Brush especially suited to “scrape, scrub, clean and cut” those fruits and vegetables that are oh-so-good for that body of yours.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

We can all agree that $400 is a lot of money to spend on a hair dryer. Not everyone is going to plonk down four big ones just for shinier, smoother hair that dries in half the time.

Table Mortar by Mark Braun

Would you like an extra special table mortar to grind your spices? This one by Mark Braun is inspired by archetypical millstones.

Stack Collection by Debra Folz

Such a smart solution for versatile storage! The new Stack Collection by Debra Folz utilizes long, diamond-shaped runners to hold drawers or shelves in place.

Enamel Steel Keychain

Need some sturdy tags to make sure you keep your home, work, camp, and ‘play’ keys separate? Take a look at Best Made Co.’s enamel steel tags.

Rule of Thirds Finder

Similar to the Golden Section Finder, this little pocket sized gazing device helps you break images into the Rule of Thirds (first written down by John Thomas Smith in 1797, fyi).

Friday Links

– High Line Art: Zoe Leonard / I want a president (view text via pdf) – Abstracted Alterations to The New York Times’ Front Pages by Fred Tomaselli – Yves Béhar designs Samsung television to look like a framed work of art.

Block Shop Scarves

Block Shop’s rugs will get their due attention next week, but, first, let’s just admire their scarves, shall we?

Udon Chair by Staffan Holm

An updated version of the classic bistro chair might just be what your dining room or office needs. Nothing too fancy, of course, but, hey, we all like a room to look a little polished once in a while, you know?

Split Step Stool

If you’re going to have a step stool, you might as well make it this one. Why? Well, it’s made of molded steel- that’s what gives the split-legged design its sleekness and strength- and it’s very minimalist.

Muuto’s Grain Pendant

At first glance, you’ll most likely wish Muuto’s Grain Pendant was a bit bigger than ~8″ in diameter.

Mazama Wares Glasses

These hand blown soda-lime glasses are worth a second look. Maybe it’s the jade green tint that catches our eye for its hint at the past, or maybe it’s the angled silhouette with a heavier base that suggests a comfortable hold.

Tangram Erasers

Uh, Tangram Erasers? Of course we need a set. Do you know the history of the Tangram? Do you have fond memories of making shapes with one when you were younger?

Ada Sconce

The Ada Sconce is a versatile little light, for its shade is made of two adjustable reflectors on friction hinges.

Contour Key Rings, Black

Remember the brass Contour Key Rings with their bell, drop, hoop, and bend shapes? Now they’re available in black, and you can get the whole bundle ($66) with the intention of organizing all your keys.

Cymbal Pendant

Well, what do we have here? It’s a very simple pendant that uses the light bulb as support for the shades.