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Friday Links

Wooden Iron by The Tomorrow Collective Glasses Give the Color-Blind a Fuller View of the Spectrum Take a break.

Pocket Wall Organizer by Normann Copenhagen

A few Pocket Wall Organizers could be just the thing to get your work area tidied up. Made of polypropylene, the rounded pockets come in several appealing color options.

Make Your Own – Angle Lamp

If you like the look of this Angle Lamp, you’re in luck- you can make it yourself! The Make Your Own Angle Lamp comes as a kit, available in different color schemes.

Leoht Tote

A handbag? I know, I know, we don’t normally post handbags, but stick with me here, because this particular one has something that’s worth talking about.

Clothes Rack by Ferm Living

Would you like an alternate version of this other clothing rail ($399) we posted a while ago? Well, Ferm Living has a rather similar idea in the clothes rack you see above.

Neon Mfg. Signs

What if neon signs were more affordable? Maybe you would snap one up faster than you could say ‘do i really need one’ or maybe you couldn’t care less.

Ito Bindery Drawing Pads

How can a drawing pad be beautiful? Just look at the perfectly straight edges, the coal-black (and recycled) cardboard backing, the geometric proportions, and the satin-smooth paper of the Ito Bindery Drawing Pads.

Senz Windproof Umbrella

In preparation for the upcoming April showers, let’s ask ourselves this: do we have a decent umbrella?

Wald Plug Lamp

The Wald Plug Lamp is a floor lamp without the floor. Huh? It plugs directly into a wall socket, using the plug connection as its sole support.

Black Ember Modular Urban Backpacks

Do you want to look like you’re on a some sort of urban military mission? That’s what I think of when I see Black Ember Modular Urban Backpacks and the various mag-lock pouches and accessories that may be added.

Banton Frameworks

You’re not going to settle for just any pair of glasses, as you are known for your discerning taste. If only you could design your own… and now you can, thanks to Banton Frameworks.

PH 5 Pendant Light

If you’re going to buy a PH 5 Pendant Light, it might as well be on sale. This classic light was designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958 and remains one of the smarter choices for glare-free illumination.

Friday Links

Exhibit: Feel Big, Live Small Emojis? Puh-lease. Not when there’s Cindy Sherman-icons! (via Open Culture) Look at the amount raised on the Flow Hive – impressive!

Extō Extension Cord

What, you think you know all about the normcore trend last year? Well, I challenge you to a duel. I present the Extō Extension Cord, which is my answer to what normcore looks like in the home furnishings/accessories arena.

Louise Gray Quilts

Sure, there are some modern/minimal quilts out there- Meg Callahan, Haptic Lab, Mary Keasler and Hopewell Workshop, just to name a few- and now we can add yet another excellent option to the list.

Stasha Organizer

Come on, already. There are simply too many organizers out there for any part of your desktop to remain messy (so says the person with roughly 2′ available out of a 5’x 2.5′ surface).

Aer Fit Pack

Still searching for a simple, functional backpack that holds your workout gear and your laptop stuff?

Adelman’s You Make It Pendant

Did you know that Lindsey Adelman has a new You Make It Pendant? Yes, indeed, and the whole kit is available at Grand Brass, just like the others.

Ortho Remote

This blue hockey-puck-looking-thing is a wireless remote for your sound system. How does it work, you ask?

ObjectBox Wooden Storage Boxes

Just what little odds and ends need to be hidden away? Because chances are that they’ll fit inside the ObjectBoxes from designer Maya Bille.