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Friday Links

Tom’s hut (Photo: Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel) Art/Sculpture: Günter Haese Could Japanese Design Be the Cure for Your Tech Addiction?

Waterworks Bulb

The Waterworks Bulb looks so much better than a wine bottle Plant Nanny, don’t you think? It’s suitably sized for smaller houseplants, and blends in more with its surroundings thanks to its clear glass bulb.

BFGF Woven Blankets

If you’re shivering alone at night, wondering where all the other weird and wonderful people are, you need a BFGF blanket to keep you company.

Fabric Keyrings by Craig Damrauer

Third Drawer Down Studio has collaborated with artist Craig Damrauer to create this set of fabric keyrings.

Bounce Shade by Karl Zahn

This light bears its name for obvious reasons. The adjustable light projects a beam onto a folded aluminum shade, which then bounces the light back towards its source.

Weekend Collection by Studio Brichet Ziegler for OXYO

Look at this beauty. In a bright strawberry red, this sun bed will be sure to beckon you towards the outdoors this summer.

Aelfie x Studio Proba Rugs

A pretty patterned rug that rolls right in with the spring season is just what our floors need. These Aelfie x Studio Proba Rugs play with colorful, geometric shapes in a flat woven 100% wool.

Living Wall Planter 2

It’s Earth Day, and that means you should probably assess what you can do to make the world around you a bit greener.

Drifted Bar Stool L

I did promise to feature all decent barstools, didn’t I? This time you’ll be very happy with the price tag.

11+ Bottle Humidifier

A small, unobtrusive humidifier is just the thing to combat dry air. You won’t trip over it, nor will it disturb your perfectly calibrated interior setting.

Field Boards by Hay Denmark

This collection of bread boards were inspired by plowed fields, which is entirely evident when you view them from above.

Invisible Backpack

So, the good news is there are lots of simple backpacks available in the marketplace. The bad news is that you’ll have a hell of a time picking out the right one for you.

Anderson Sling Chair

Chances are that you don’t recognize this chair right away, and that’s probably because it’s not made by a famous designer or manufacturer*.

Bell Table by Decode

Sheet plastic as a side table? Sure, why not when it looks this nice? Prepare yourself for a high price tag, though, as this table isn’t cheap.

Friday Links

Mirrored Neon Lights Optical Illusion Matthew McConaughey reacts to ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer.

Honey Pot & Oak Dipper

Maybe you like your honey in a cute jar or bottle, but there are some of us who would like a honey receptacle to be visually quiet and serviceable, and to preferably reduce any drips that seem unavoidable with plastic bottles and lids.

Minim Playing Cards (Black)

One deck of Minim Playing Cards is good to have, but two decks are even better. Make the second the all black version, which has the same simple geometric symbols (all reductive variants of the original hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades) as the original white deck.

Super Bag Weekender

Hem has a nice selection of modern furnishings, but did you see that they’re also offering the Super Bag Weekender?

6 Inch Scale Ruler

If you use architectural scales at all in your line of work, you might want to add this 6 Inch Scale Ruler to your bag of tricks.

Coleman Camp Stool

We’ve featured the Colman Stool by Greta de Parry before, but this Coleman Camp Stool comes in an adjustable 18-24″ height with a lower price point.