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NeoLucida Drawing Aid

If you’ve ever said you can’t draw, then you need this thingamajig. The NeoLucida Drawing Aid is a portable camera lucida and it utilizes a prism to project a desired image onto a piece of paper for tracing.

Laundry Basket by Lorenzo Petrantoni for Seletti

Few people would say doing laundry is fun, so if there’s any opportunity to make it more visually appealing, then we might as well take advantage of it.

Hot/Cold Carafe

This handy Hot/Cold Carafe holds two stacking cups for easy transport from the kitchen to patio. Hand-cast stoneware will insulate beverages appropriately, so use it in the summer for lemonade and iced tea and in the winter for cocoa or coffee.

Hoop Brushes

It pains me to put these handmade Hoop Brushes by Fredericks & Mae into the cleaning category, but I think it would be too pretentious to classify them as strictly art.

Totem Stools

The Totem Stool has a pyramid shaped notch in its side that allows you a little bit of versatility. Stack them up for a sort of sculpture or storage solution, or maybe even utilize the pyramid notch for a temporary book rest.

Nest Office Caddy

Hmm, this little office caddy has caught my eye with its simple compartments for those small(ish) desk essentials.

Reso Armchair, Set of 2

If you’re very fond of the Bend Farmhouse, Bunny Lounge, or the Bertoia Side Chair, but find their price tags just a tad too high, you should add in the Reso as an alternative.

Sphelar® Solar Flashlight

This flashlight utilizes micro-spherical solar cells to harness the sun’s power. Micro-what? Mirco-spherical solar cells.

Friday Links

For you or your favorite kiddos: Complete the bodies of each animal in this Animal Drawing Notebook (3€ will be donated to the WWF).

Lytro Light Field Camera

Remember the Lytro? This little camera is pretty special; you can focus each picture after you take it.

Triangulum Fire Pit

Fair warning, this fire pit isn’t cheap. However, for certain fans of geometry and aesthetics, it could fit the bill just fine.

Trusco Deluxe Tool Box

Who wants a big, blue tool box designed smack dab (or close enough) in the middle of the 20th century?

Brick Wall/Desk Clock Copper

A flip clock will never lose its charm, probably because of its analog appeal. There’s something nice about hearing a soft click or flutter as a minute passes, and it’s a welcome alternative to all of those digital screens surround us.

Wired Alphabet Square Blanket

I bet there’s a depressing amount of bad baby blankets out there. So many that it’s best not to look, I think.

SNAP Modular Kayak

A modular kayak sounds like a recipe for disaster, but a quick search through some reviews reveals there are some definite pros to the obvious cons.

Alex Prager Crowd #10 Puzzle

Now you know what to get me for my next birthday present. Or, if you know someone else that appreciates modern photography, there’s a good chance they’ll like this Alex Prager Crowd #10 Puzzle.

Norm 69 Lamp

Let’s do a little comparison to put the price of this Norm 69 Lamp into perspective. The 69-part lamp was inspired by the intricate exterior of the pinecone, and was originally designed in 1969 by Simon Karkov.

Reclaimed Tropical Walnut Tool Box

Is this the nicest toolbox you’ve ever seen? I’d wager a guess that is is, and that you wouldn’t want to hide this box away on dusty shelf in the garage.

Profil Aluminum Wall Shelf

If you’re in need of an affordable sort of steel ledge, you’d do well to check out CB2′s Bent Metal Wall Shelf, $199.

The Shop Brush

‘Nature abhors a vacuum‘ and you do too as there’s that pesky cord to untangle and the filters to clean.