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The Week-End Selection n°273

[52 pictures] The Week-End Selection n°273! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

RGB Forest – A beautiful visual experiment

RGB Forest is an awesome visual experiment, mixing music and light shapes in a misty forest. A beautiful video created by the Mexican designer Oscar López Rocha, aka LOROCROM.

Icarus Project – This artist creates 1000 origami cranes, all different

For his Icarus Mid Air project, the artist Cristian Marianciuc is inspired by the Japanese legend Senbazuru, the legend of the thousand cranes, for which he creates every day an origami crane so that his wishes come true.

New Spring – This beautiful installation emits bubbles with a sweet cherry scent

A tree that emits bubbles of water, releasing a scented vapor when bursting, it’s the amazing concept of New Spring, a beautiful installation created by the Japanese designer Azusa Murakami and the British designer Alexander Groves.

AFP Pictures of The Year 2017 – The most powerful photos of the year

Discover the most powerful photos of the year 2017 with the AFP Pictures of The Year 2017. As every year, the AFP (Agence France Presse) unveils a selection of the most powerful, impressive, moving or shocking photos illustrating the strongest moments of the year.

The colorful, weird and surreal visual puns by Randy Lewis

In line with the twisted and surreal creations of Tony Futura, here is the work of Randy Lewis, a graphic designer who enjoys creating the most amazing collages!

In the weird world of creative grooming contests

The simple word creative grooming gives me chills. If like me nothing interests you less than a dog contest, you will be necessarily shocked by what you will discover in Well Groomed.

The impressive ceramic sculptures of Christopher David White

The latest ceramic sculptures of the artist Christopher David White, whom we talked about last year with his series HUMAN:NATURE.

Dark Future – The striking and futuristic illustrations by Stuart Lippincott

Immerse yourself in the dark and futuristic world of Stuart Lippincott, an American artist and designer who has been creating a new picture every day for a year!

These 80-year-old wooden escalators become a beautiful sculpture

Turning old wooden escalators, 80 years old, into a beautiful aerial sculpture celebrating both the past and modernity?

The dreamy and poetic illustrations of Guihuahuzi

A selection of illustrations by Chinese artist Guihuahuzi, based in Chongqing, who takes us into a soft and poetic universe, populated by fantastic creatures, on the verge of dreaming.

Ugly Renaissance Babies – The tumblr dedicated to the ugly babies of classical painting

In the WTF Tumblr series, here is Ugly Renaissance Babies, the tumblr dedicated to the ugly babies of classic painting!

The amazing winning photos of the Siena International Photo Awards 2017

The Siena International Photo Awards 2017 has just unveiled the award-winning photographers of this famous photo contest!

The Empire against the Crisis – Darth Vader forced to do odd jobs

With his series The Empire against the Crisis, the Belgian photographer Michaël Massart stages the bankruptcy of the Galactic Empire, while an unprecedented financial crisis hits the entire galaxy.

This Totoro bed is the perfect gift for all Miyazaki fans

This Totoro bed, inspired by the famous movie My Neighbor Totoro, is the perfect gift for all fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli Studio!

TIMBER – When an adorable animation short film sinks into total horror

It’s hard to imagine that this adorable animation short film is actually a very dark story, featuring wooden logs about to freeze to death in a cold, icy desert.

Looking for the stars – The cosmic tattoos of Nik Square

Stars, planets and constellations, a selection of the beautiful tattoos from Nik Square, an Argentine artist who uses black ink and white ink to add a cosmic touch to his creations.

The creator of South Park helps his daughter recording dialogues full of dirty words!

Trey Parker, co-creator of the South Park series, unveils today how he helps his daughter recording dialogues full of dirty words with a series of adorable videos!

This Japanese artist creates his beautiful paintings using Excel!

Here is Tatsuo Horiuchi, a 77-year-old Japanese artist who paints beautiful landscapes using Microsoft Excel!

This video of lightnings shot in slow motion and 4K is breathtakingly beautiful

Admire the beauty of lightnings filmed in slow motion and 4K with Transient, a fascinating and impressive video!