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Russian Artist Creates Surreal Photos To Illustrate Traditional Fairy Tales

Photo-based artist Uldus Bakhtiozina creates unique vision of Russian fairy tales. She focuses on pagans roots and ethnography of Russ Land.

Message From A Lebanese Dog Applying For Adoption

Hi, I am Velda and I am a playful and friendly dog, but no one wants to adopt me as I am a bit old and a bit disabled.

This Instagrammer Turns Starbucks Coffee Sleeves Into Art

There are so many artists creating art on Starbucks cups that the artist behind @Sleevebucks decided to take a different route, drawing popular movie and pop culture characters on the sleeves that come with the cups (ostensibly handing the cups to a throng of waiting artists like John Hara and Soo Min Kim).

15+ Magical Streets Shaded By Flowers And Trees

The Japanese observe the spring blossoms as a part of hanami – the appreciation of the transient beauty – but you don‘t need a deep, philosophical meaning to enjoy a leisurely stroll down these picturesque streets.

20+ Dogs Who Suck At Hide And Seek

Dogs sometimes need to hide from their owners, especially when they’ve chewed on something their master values.

20+ Shocking Photos Showing How Bad Pollution In China Has Become

China has some stunningly beautiful natural landscapes, but they may not count for much when, in other parts of the country, pollution runs totally unchecked.

Powerful Portraits Of Auschwitz Survivors Mark 70th Anniversary Of Their Liberation

With the approach of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp by Soviet Red Army troops on January 27th, 1945, Reuters photographers got together to take portraits of Auschwitz survivors who are still alive today to tell the stories of their terrible ordeals and ensure that what happened during the Holocaust never be forgotten.

New Fashion For Men: Crochet Shorts Made From Recycled Vintage Blankets

Crochet’s not just for scarves and sweaters anymore. Schuyler Ellers, who runs the Lord von Schmitt Etsy shop, creates dazzlingly colorful patterned crochet shorts out of recycled materials that are sure to please both the wearer and their stunned beholders (man or woman).

20+ Dogs Who Suck At Hide And Seek

Dogs sometimes have a need to hide from their owners, especially when they’ve chewed on something their master values.

Magical Macro World Of Snails And Bugs By Vadim Trunov

Vadim Trunov, a self-taught nature photographer based in Voronezh, Russia, takes beautiful macro photos of snails, insects and mushrooms that seem to personify them and weave beautiful little stories around these oft-overlooked creatures’ lives.

Philippe Echaroux Uses Light Projections To Create Street Art In France

Philippe Echaroux is a French photographer and street artist born in 1983. He invented the concept of Street Art 2.0 with his project, named “Paintings with lights”, and kicked-off in his home city of Marseille in March, 2014.

I Create Land Art That Slowly Dissolves Back Into Nature

I use natural materials to create different kind of land art installations. Every piece of my art slowly dissolves back into nature and disappears.

15+ Cars That Winter Turned Into Art

Winter’s a beautiful season, but let’s face it – if you wake up on a work day and find your car snowed or, worse yet, iced in, it sucks.

Brothers Grimm-Inspired Fairytale Landscapes By Kilian Schönberger

German photographer Kilian Schönberger has captured the essence of the legendary Grimm Brothers’ dark fairytales in a series of images called “Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings.” The photos capture entrancing landscapes and buildings throughout Central Europe that are at once mystical and foreboding.

Guy Spends 5 Hours Drawing Detailed Map of Middle-Earth From Lord of the Rings On A Starbucks Coffee Cup

Even when drawn on the side of a Starbucks coffee cup, Tolkien’s big and beautiful world of Middle-Earth (the setting for the Lord Of The Rings) is an impressive place.

This Cute Loch Ness Ladle Will Terrorize Your Tasty Soup

It’s not often that you can describe a soup ladle as “cute” or “unique,” but that’s exactly that this adorable Loch Ness monster ladle is – it’s a cute, soup-serving version of everyone’s favorite Scottish terror of the deep.

Share Pictures Of Animals Getting Comfortable With Camera Gear

Animal photography requires a lot of patience and accuracy. Sometimes photographers need to spend many hours to take good animal shots and even longer to take impressive ones.

Polish Artist Creates Puzzling Illustrations That Reveal Different Scenes When Rotated

Polish artist Jacek Yerka creates amazing surrealistic paintings called “4siders” that have a peculiar catch – by rotating each image, they reveal new places and landscapes that melt into each other.

Parents Share Their 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Quotes To Make The World Smile

It’s true, “Kids Say The Darndest Things”, but Ms. Greta takes the trophy for her honest and unexpected pint-sized perspective.

30+ Ninja Cats That Have Mastered The Ancient Art Of Ninjutsu

The ancient Japanese martial art of ninjutsu may now lie forgotten by many, but modern cats still carry the torch of the ninja, as their ability to hide in unexpected places and scratch people is unparalleled.