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Saturday Night Social: Hosted by Judith Giuliani Cracking Bad Jokes in the Hamptons 

Even the supportive wives of ruthless professional bigots need a break from the constant proximity to politics.

Nate Parker Says He Did Not Think of Consent 'As a Definition' When He Was Accused of Rape 

Nate Parker, director of the forthcoming film The Birth of the Nation, has been refreshingly close-lipped for the past couple weeks.

NYC's Subway Cricket Meltdown Was a Hoax, God Damn It 

It takes a lot to rattle a New Yorker on the subway. There’s strange behavior, yes, but to truly shake our foundations, it’s going to take something bigger than a shoeless lady tossing back a Becks.

Rikers Island Correction Officer Indicted on Rape Charges as Sexual Assault Allegations Against Jail Staff Spike 

At New York City’s floating hellhole of a jail, Rikers Island, abuse of inmates is common, while legal action against alleged perpetrators is exceedingly rare.

Another Woman Has Died Falling Into the Grand Canyon

A 21 year old woman who worked concessions at the Grand Canyon tumbled to her death early Friday morning.

Please Lock the Bathroom Door: a Plea

A week ago, I was on an airplane flying from Hawaii to California, and at some point over the Pacific Ocean, decided to uncrumple myself from my prison seat and take a stroll to the bathroom.

Drake Got Rihanna a Billboard, As One Does

Drake got Rihanna a billboard. Like, a billboard billboard. Residents of LA, enjoy this touching monument to love as you crawl through horrific rush hour traffic.

Saturday's Best Deals: TriggerPoint Foot Massager, Grill Gauge, Keypad Deadbolt

TriggerPoint’s foot massager, Kwikset keypad locks, and the Original Grill Gauge lead off Saturday’s best deals.

I Envy the Self-Promotion Skills of Ramona Singer

In today’s Tweet Beat, Ramona Singer shoots her shot, T-Pain has a bad idea and Madonna is into love or something.

Coming Soon to NBC: A Legal Drama Pilot From Marcia Clark 

The post-People vs. O.J. Simpson Marcia Clark renaissance continues. NBC has committed to a pilot based on her book Blood Defense.

Demi Moore Is Joining Your Fictional Dream Bachelorette Party

We can only be grateful when another female-led comedy gets green lit, even if the only way Hollywood can conceive of more than two women being in a room is if it they’re planning or celebrating a wedding.

Young Thug's Jeffery Cover Look Is Strong

Young Thug, who has renamed himself “Jeffery” after initially changing his name—Jeffery—to Young Thug, dropped No, My Name is Jeffery, the album, last night in a blaze of glory.

This Smashbox Makeup Palette Is [Borat Voice] Very Nice

Years ago at Jezebel, we had a regular column called Worth It that we used to recommend products that we actually liked.

CDC Reports First Case of Zika Transmission From Person Without Symptoms

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting that a man in Maryland contracted Zika while abroad, showed no symptoms, and subsequently infected his partner during unprotected sex.

Mariah Carey Plays Kitty, A.K.A. Mariah Carey, in Empire's Season 3 Teaser

Mariah Carey has fulfilled her destiny to play a superstar named Kitty (not to be confused with Boo Boo Kitty) on Empire.

A Bunch of Big Companies Have Joined the White House Pledge to Close the Gender Gap

On Friday, Women’s Equality Day , the Obama administration added a number of big businesses to the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge.

I Liked I Love Dick Just Fine, Whatever

“Is it weird that this is not at all what I expected?” Read more...

Tough As Shit Nail Salon Owner Pushes Would-Be Robber and Stuffs His Own Gun Down His Pants 

A nail salon owner in Manhattan responded to a robbery attempt by pushing the robber, shoving his gun down his pants, and chasing him out the door and down the street.

What Britney Spears Sounds Like

Britney Spears’s ninth studio album, Glory, is out today, and a return to the ebullient, ear-candy synth pop that is her wheelhouse.

Shade Court: Kate Upton's Revenge, Petty Politics and a Dumb Merman

I don’t know about you all but I’m settling back into things nicely. The gavel feels smooth in my hand and my robe still fits.