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Hooniverse Asks: The Porsche Boxster – Future Collectable or Future 924?

Sometimes you get to ask yourself where should I put all this money? For most of us, being car enthusiasts means that the usual answer is to buy a car or truck that will, hopefully over time, appreciate in value.

Jodie Kidd’s Big Cat

Apart from her long modeling career and even longer legs, Jodie Kidd is renowned for her love of cars.

Weekend Edition: A Top Gear Epilogue

After years of entertainment, one must consider a future without BBC Top Gear. It will hardly be the same without Clarkson, and the BBC will hopefully not attempt to plaster on new faces and attempt to carry on as if nothing had happened.

Weekend Edition: Saab and Lancia remembered on Top Gear

Some of the excellent stuff BBC Top Gear did was remembering fallen manufacturers, like on the Cheap Car Challenge where they bought British-made sportscars and visited old premises of Lotus, Jensen and TVR.

Life After Top Gear: The 20:00 Void

What to do? There’s a 42″ black rectangle where there should be a moving image of something exotic being thrapped to within an inch of its carbon-fibre life.

Weekend Edition: Volkswagen Golf GTI MkV on Top Gear (2004)

It’s nearly impossible to pick a single review out of all the brilliant ones BBC Top Gear ever did.

Katy Perry Joins The Tesla Club

It's hard to see her in the photo but Katy Perry was spotted driving her new Tesla Model S when leaving a restaurant in Hollywood earlier this week.

Weekend Edition: Mystery Car Sighting: The Westland Empire Aristocrat Edition

So awhiles back in my V.I.S.I.T. post about that Deux Chevaux this olelongrooffan had spotted, I mentioned I was returning from picking up TheKenMan’s generously provided AuctionsAmerica weekend pass for their auctions over the past few days.

Weekend Edition: Top Gear Botswana Special (2007)

It’s difficult to say which of the Top Gear adventure specials feels the best. After careful thinking of at least five minutes, I decided to nominate the Botswana Special – it simply works so well, and there’s genuine affection towards the Opel Kadett, nicknamed “Oliver” by Richard Hammond.

Weekend Edition: Top Gear £100 Car Challenge (2004)

One of the cheap car challenges BBC Top Gear did best, and one that speaks to Hooniverse-esque people the most, is the original one from Series 4.

Weekend Edition: Top Gear Polar Special (2007)

One of the greatest “extreme” challenges BBC Top Gear ever did was the Polar Special, aired in July in 2007.

Weekend Edition: A Top Gear Prologue

So, after the daytime soap opera that was the so-called fracas, or #steakgate, BBC Top Gear isn’t going to be the way it was, with Jeremy Clarkson having to find fresher pastures on which to perform donuts.

2015 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Official Rules

2015 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Official Rules

X275 Class Highlights at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion II

In the world of outlaw street car drag racing, the X275 class is popular for racers and it’s popular for spectators.

Outlaw Street Car Reunion II – On Track Action

Keep checking in with the Hot Rod Network for the latest in big wheelies, billowing nitrous purges, and burning rubber.

Mopar Party: Day 1 of MATS 2015 in Las Vegas

Classic Challengers, Cudas, Darts, Chargers, Imperials, Satellites, D-series trucks and even a few AMCs

Amir Khan Asks Fans If He Should Buy The BMW i8

Photos (amirkingkhan) If you follow Amir Khan on Instagram, you'll know he's not shy in showing off his assets, especially his watch/supercar combo shots.

Last Call: Parking Lot in Life Edition

Gesundheit. Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything.

Cars You Should Know – Phoenix Hotel Parking Lot Roundup

A couple of weeks ago I was in Phoenix to drive around on BF Goodrich tires, and be driven around on BF Goodrich tires.

Introduction: The $100,000 Birth Year Fantasy Garage Challenge

Birth Year Fantasy Garage--Introduction Birth Year Fantasy Garage--Cookie the Dog's Owner (1961) Birth Year Fantasy Garage--Tigerstrypes (1989) Birth Year Fantasy Garage--Anthony Cagle (1962) Birth Year Fantasy Garage--Chris Hafner (1976) It has been more than two years now since we staged our last used-car challenge, and I think it's high time we rectify that.