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Day One Done: The Speedway Motors Week to Wicked 1952 Chevy’s Truckin’ Along

And just like that, day one on the Speedway Motors Week to Wicked 1952 Chevy build is in the books…or the can…or however you wanna say done!

Last Call: Just In Case You Need a Ford Edition

Here we have a 1948 Case tractor that has been fitted with a very clever 1947 Ford F1 pickup disguise.

Off the Mic: What Happened to My Attention Span?

I consider myself pretty loyal to the sport of short track racing.  In return, it’s been pretty good to me, so there are no complaints.  But because we’ve had such a long relationship, there are often times I get burned out, tired, just need my space.  You know – “It’s not you, it’s me.” “Maybe we need a break.”  – those sorts of ideas.

And So It Begins: The Speedway Motors Week to Wicked 1952 Chevy

Literally on the heels of our inaugural week-long truck transformation, we officially present you with the kick-off of the Speedway Motors Week to Wicked.

Motorboat Monday: 455Ci in a Kindsvater Jet Boat

455 Cubic Inches. Oldsmobile V8 power. In a boat which displaces so little it’s practically on the plane when it’s not moving.

Hoonivercinema: Tour Iceland’s ‘Route One’ in Real Time with Sigur Rós

In my younger days when I was in bands and followed music more closely, it wouldn’t have taken me six months to notice that Icelandic ambient band Sigur Rós had released a concept recording of sorts.

The Hooniverse Motorsport News For January 16th, 2017

There was a minimal amount of racing this weekend, but the season is just about to crank out to full power shortly.

Because it’s Monday: Let’s Ride Along With This Custom AWD Racer as it Runs a Hillclimb

Do you remember the Last Call from this past Friday? It was a Hemi-powered old school dragster with an auxiliary engine powering its roots-type supercharger.

Classic Captions Contest – 1987 Toyota Wonderwagon Edition

Toyota was never sure what to call its forward control van in North America. Rejecting the TownAce name it wore in other markets, it was referred to simply by the unimaginative and generic “Toyota Van.” The lack of a real model name was actually quite fitting.

Hooniverse Asks: What Car is Too Cramped For You?

When I was but a lad I had the hots to own a sports car. My ride at the time was a Corvair 500 Turtletop four-door and while an excellent conversation starter, it was about as far from a sporting ride as one could get.

Monday Mayhem #34

Monday Mayhem #34 Ready to ride? Here’s this week’s top 20 pics we’ve found on the internet. Check them out, and hit us on Facebook for any suggestions.

Tony Stewart Will Return to Roots in 2017

Tony Stewart may have put his NASCAR days behind him, but it appears there are plenty of days behind the wheel left for “Smoke.”  Last week during preliminaries for the Chili Bowl Nationals Stewart announced that he will be competing in approximately 50 events during the 2017 race season, mostly on the dirt.

Chili Bowl Night Three Recap: Bell Rings Up Competition

It seems there are many big wins ahead of young Christopher Bell. But for the time being his focus is on the race he grew up watching – the Chili Bowl Nationals.

Last Call: Auxiliary League Edition

Take a look at this setup and tell me if you were able to immediately determine what exactly is going on here.

Daily Driver Ford Y-Block Packs Hidden Fuel Injection and Updated Internals

A Y-Block for the New Millennium Automotive Specialists updates the classic Ford Y-Block to be a contender in a world of computer-controlled horsepower.

Gallery and Winners from the 2017 National Parts Depot Ford & Mustang Roundup

While most of the country is in a winter deep freeze, its classic cars holed up in garages, barns, and trailers, down in Florida enthusiasts enjoy year round cruising and car show fun.

Come Play Forza Horizon 3 with The DFL Show!

Did you miss The DFL Show this week? Do you have Forza Horizon 3? Would you like to play said Forza with me to make up for the lack of an episode this week?

Hidden 1967 Shelby Sees the Light of Day!

Rare Finds – Midnight Run: Rescuing a 1967 Shelby G.T. 350 For years, we had been after John Frakes to show us pictures and tell us details of his amazing Shelby find, which we had heard about.

Hooniverse Film School Friday: Snow Day Special – 2002 Shell Grand Prix of Denver

My new career as a teacher means my schedule is at the mercy of the district and the local weatherman.

What Is Soulja Boy Driving Today? Well, A Bentley, BMW, & Rolls

I have no idea what Soulja Boy is doing anymore, but he still seems to be enjoying buying (or probably just borrowing) new cars!