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Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Models Shared By Name

This week’s entry into the virtual book of automotive knowledge comes from the fertile mind of our very own engineerd™, who shot me this E-mail the other day: “I was sitting at a red light the other day and in front of me was a Neon.

Found on eBay: An ‘eye stopper’ Pontiac Fiero kit car

If you’re a regular visitor to Hooniverse, you probably possess a basic familiarity with Pontiac Fiero kit cars.

Hush. The World’s First Smart Earplugs

Hush. The World’s First Smart Earplugs Isn’t it annoying how every single time you try to have a nap your neighbors won’t stop the fighting, when you try studying in libraries they’re always filled with noisy people or how you constantly end up flying alongside a band of chit-chatters?

Hoonivercinema- Monday Movie Trailer

Drive is a film of contrasts. From its single word title to its complex plot and the duality of the lead protagonist, played by the hunky Ryan Gosling, the movie makes you look at every aspect of its story from multiple points of view.

Craigslist Phantastico – This Frankenfire Project Needs a Good Home

I’ve got 99 problems, but one of them isn’t this 1973 Triumph Spitfire project that comes with an SBC lump where its four used to be.

Hooniverse Asks-What’s YOUR Favorite New or Updated Car From the LA Show?

The Los Angeles Auto Show is now in full swing and should you be planning on attending, I recommend getting there early as it does get crowded.

Dan Bilzerian and His G63 6×6 + Private Jet

When I was younger I had posters on my wall of Bo Jackson and Porsche 911's. These days, I wouldn't be surprised if kids had pics of Dan Bilzerian, private jets, and G63's.

Hexoskin Wearable Body Metrics

Hexoskin Wearable Body Metrics If you’re fully aware of your body you must definitely have to be a fitness gadgets addict, too.

Speed Parts

In January 2015, we highlight some speed parts like the Inglese fuel-injection velocity stacks for your GM engine, as well as other products for you to try.

Mopar Muscle Reboots the 1968 Plymouth Valiant

Between 2002 and 2010, I watched along with many of you as Mopar Muscle Editor Randy Bolig built and tested Project Valiant Effort, Randy's brutally simple, refrigerator white 1967 Plymouth Valiant.

Finish Line - First V-Dubs, Now Mini-Trucks?

Last month I asked you if VWs can be cool hot rods. This month, mini-trucks. I see them coming back.

2015 Corvette Z06 First Drive

The 2015 Corvette Z06 is good enough for world domination, but is it still American muscle?

Weekend Edition: 2014 Turkey Rod Run Road Trip: And Out Of Naples

So one of the perks of my new gig, one that was unknown to this olelongrooffan, is that after six months employment, I was awarded two weeks paid vacation.

Vanessa Hudgens Steps Out In Her Audi

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted getting out of her Audi A7 in Los Angeles earlier this week. She's been through her fair share of Audi's over the years and even though she's only had this one since early this year, it's about time for another one.

Larry Larson Runs 5.95 With His S10 - First Street Legal Car in the Fives Ever!

Larry Larson runs the first-ever 5-second pass for a street car in his twin-turbo S10

Mike Wolfe Picks an Auburn Cord 653 With Plan to Restore

It's always awesome to see what Mike Wolfe and Frank Frtiz come across in their travels on the show American Pickers and in a recent episode we got to see Mike Wolfe buy a 1935 Auburn Cord from a barn.

Last Call- Beauty and the Beast Edition

We’re going to leave you this week with this shot from the Los Angeles Auto Show. I liked the way the model’s dress matched the Jag in both color and allure.

Craigslist: 1994 Land Rover Defender 90 with Chevy Power

It’s Friday afternoon of a really busy/long week. I decided to take a mental break from the world by opened up Craig’s List with the hopes of finding a decently priced something, anything.

The Street Rod Show: An Image Dump

Now my fellow Hoons know this olelongrooffan tends to run on with my posts and get all wordy. That ain’t the case this time.

Fantasy Finds Friday: This one has a strong pull, man

It’s no secret that I love me some Mercedes-Benz machine goodness. My own project car is an old W123 wagon, after all.