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Engineer and Former HRM Tech Editor Jim McFarland Shares Some Career Highlights

The HOT ROD editor’s chair has proved to be an effective ejection seat, propelling outgoing occupants to lofty perches elsewhere in our industry.

Create The Perfect Carbonate Drink With SodaStream

Create The Perfect Carbonate Drink With SodaStream At some point, everyone’s a barista, or at least trying to do the magic of one by mixing out drinks and hoping for the best.

Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Land Rover Discovery Td5

In addition to the two swoopy Japanese grocery-getters, this ultra-blocky British invader could be spotted on the same parking lot.

Khloe Kardashian Picks up a New Bentley

Khloe Kardashian was spotted leaving the gym in a white Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible earlier this week.

Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Toyota Celica 1.8 GSi

In case you caught a glimpse of an electric blue Celica in the background of the previous Micra shots, you’re in for a treat.

Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Nissan Micra C+C

On a grocery run, I noticed this candy apple red Nissan Micra. Don’t get me wrong, supermarket parking lots are usually stocked full of librarian-spec Nissan Micras, but this was worth photographing.

HUGE GALLERY: 2015 Factory 5 Cruise at Main Street Huntington Beach

HUGE GALLERY: 2015 Factory 5 Cruise at Main Street Huntington Beach 8th Annual Main Street Car Show

Deadmau5 Takes Delivery of his new Tesla P85D

Deadmau5 is on a serious roll lately. First the BAC Mono, then the McLaren P1, and now this new Tesla P85D.

Last Call: General Cluster Edition

There’s something about symmetry that really floats my boat. Maybe that’s why I my appreciation gravitates to the films of Wes Anderson, identical twins, and this image of a gauge cluster and protected toggles.

Fort Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The EuroClassic Edition

So there this olelongrooffan was, hanging out at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center and checking out some pretty seriously cool cars and trucks.

Outsider’s Perspective: Peak Marketing

Honduras wins. Let’s shut it all down and the last one out make sure to lock the door. It doesn’t matter if 120-month loans become the norm or if Hyundai decides to bring back the first-generation Accent back from the dead with a new and marketing-friendly name.

Craigslist: First-Gen F150 Lightning Muscle Truck

Yeah, it’s got a lot of miles, but it’s a Ford F150, it’ll probably run forever without any problems, right?

The News for April 24th, 2015

Welcome to the Hooniverse News! As always, this is a weekly recap of some of the biggest stories in the automotive industry without the fluff or bull.

Friday Inspiration #106

Friday Inspiration #106 This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness.

Mystery Car

On this date in 1908 Mr & Mrs Jacob Murdock set off to become the first couple to travel across the United States by car.

2015 Engine Masters Challenge Dates, Locations, and Builder's Applications are Here.

Engine Master’s Challenge Dates and Locations Announced

Salem Speed Shop - The Shop Time Forgot

Everyone wants to go back in time. I always wanted to. But I never really thought I'd get the opportunity.

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 49 – Emotional Eleanor

Cam and Tub and Jason get together again for another episode of your new favorite car podcast. We’re just a trio of car guys that like talking about car stuff.

Tim Kilkeary’s 1949 Chevrolet Wagon

Though Tim Kilkeary has been around the block once or twice with the rods he's brought into the public eye in recent years, he didn't have too much experience with woodies of any sort (original wood or "tin" versions).

1970 Chevy Chevelle - Basket Case Chevelle: Part 5

Our Basket Case Chevelle project car—a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 that was literally delivered to Muscle Car Restorations in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, in crates and baskets—is getting new glass all around as part of its restoration.