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Q70 Hybrid: A Review for Infiniti Naysayers

So I realised that I, at 34 years of age, had never driven an Infiniti. Like hangliding and menage-a-trois this was in danger of becoming another life box destined to be left unticked.

Tech Daze: 2000-’06 Audi TT, 8N Chassis

The first-generation Audi TT was the modern analog to the Porsche 356.

Driver on Driver: Episode 1 – Chris Forsberg

Presenting the first episode of Driver on Driver. Hosted by our friend Sam Nalven (aka Drift Idiot). Sam will interview different drivers each week as the 2015 Formula Drift Season rolls along.

David Beckham’s Rolling Multiple Range Rovers

David Beckham's owned his fair share of Range Rovers over the years. Currently, we thought he was just rolling the black one in Los Angeles but from the looks of it, he's running around in another new Range Rover at his house in London as well.

Thursday Trivia

Welcome to Thursday Trivia where we offer up a historical automotive trivia question and you try and solve it before seeing the answer after the jump.

Lenovo Smart Cast. Mobile Phone With Built-in Projection Keyboard

Lenovo Smart Cast. Mobile Phone With Built-in Projection Keyboard Lenovo announced a new concept called Smart Cast, a mobile phone aiming to bring the world’s first laser front-projector smartphone.

Motorsports Weekend Guide: May 29 to May 31

Welcome to still another version of Hooniverse’s weekly guide to who’s racing where this coming weekend.

Hooniverse Asks: What was the Single Greatest Year-Over-Year Change for Any Model?

Have you ever seen the movie She’s All That? That ’90s version of an ’80s flick supposes a dramatic change in a high school girl just by the elimination of her horn-rimmed glasses and overalls.

Muscle Car Does not Start with C

It came to me over breakfast. Looking east through a big plate glass window, the sun was climbing slowly through the broken clouds, approaching its big moment at 7:18 a.m.

9 Tips For the Best Road Trip Ever

9 Tips For the Best Road Trip Ever

Where Will The Next Generation Come From?

For two decades I’ve heard the same concern from publishers, advertisers, and regular-guy hot rodders: they all wonder if hot rodding will survive into the future because “the kids aren’t into cars like they used to be.”

Last Call: Tool Box Edition

I am hooked on tools, hence this image of a mechanic’s box (bigger version here) is to me like a laser pointer is to a cat.

Wagon Wednesday: 2001 Mercedes-Benz W210 ex-Ambulance

You often see somewhat run-down Mercedes-Benz W210s in Finland. Due to some quality control issues with the bodywork, coupled with the hard use the W210s saw in their years, as taxis and repmobiles, it’s not uncommon to see significant amounts of rust on the sheetmetal of these turn-of-the-millennium Benzes.

They’re Back!

The 6th season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee begins next Thursday, June 4th at 11:30 EDT. Tweet

Our Cars: Suzuki KizashiWelcome The Town Cow’s Successor

From the time I formally introduced myself to the Hooniversalist faithful, my main ride has been a ’91 Lincoln affectionately dubbed the “Town Cow.” And along the way, I’ve chronicled its long, sad decline into beater-dom.

M2 Incorporated and the Miata “CobraSter”

The Mazda MX-5 Miata has been subjected to a wide range of engine swaps from motorcycle engines all the way up to V12s.  One of the early V6 swaps was sanctioned by Mazda and almost reached niche production.  The division responsible for this project was M2 Incorporated.  In the early ...

Mmm-Mmm Good? The BMW M4

BMW has been on an… interesting path the last few years. They still occasionally toss out that “Ultimate Driving Machine” but their lineup suggests they should consider going with something else.

David Steele Named Director of American Hot Rod Foundation

David Steele, the guitarist, hot rod historian, and all-around nice guy, will become the new director at the American Hot Rod Foundation.

Street Corner

This month's Street Corner features a look into the growth of American Speed Company, and how you can win your very own Street Rod of the Year Jacket!

Podcast: Episode 105 – Uncomfortable Moistening

  The whole team is back for this one, and we even have a few guests hanging out in the studio. I’m joined by co-host Blake Z Rong, producer Chris Hayes, and guests Rick Radcliffe and Jason Connor.