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Vencer unveils the Sarthe MY 2015

Snapshot: Manifesting the spirit of racing, the Vencer Sarthe is tearing up the streets in style. Although Dutch automobile brand Vencer might be relatively new (established in 2010), they’ve proven themselves a fierce contender in the supercar industry.

On The Road Again: Pigeon Kickscooter by Ignas Survila

Rush, rush, rush. That is the modern day motto and Lithuanian designer Ignas Survilla has created the newest, freshest way to move to point A to point B.

The Smirk Motorcycle designed by Jeremy Tagand For Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina, an international motorcycle house known for giving vintage bikes a new pulse, has introduced a re-imagined SR into their family of hearty hogs.

Diamond Limited Edition Bicycles by BIKEID

BIKEID uses it's Scandinavian design heritage to create the purest bicycle experience possible. Robert Nightingale, U.S.

Lazareth’s Wazuma GT

Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? Is it a Batmobile? It’s something in between, and we want a ride. Lazareth are notorious for creating outrageous custom designs, innovative automobiles that never fail to amaze and astound.

Antlers, Crates & Kubb: The Lumbürr Bicycle

Cycle to the park, drink some beer, throw some wood around – and do it all in style.   Spring has sprung, and with that comes picnic season.

Surveillance En Route: Chicara Nagata’s 1966 Honda P25 Security Camera Motorcycle

When it comes to artistic inspiration, there’s the muse or there’s the contract. The first is responsible for producing some of the most inspired cultural pieces the world has witnessed, in a lineage that can be traced from The Odyssey, to the Mona Lisa, even to 25Hours’ redesign of Berlin’s 1950s Bikini House.  The latter inspirational energizer, the more infamous and definitely more notorious contract (and all that it subsumes), is yet responsible for creating such masterpieces as The Aeneid, the Sistine Chapel, and even modern popular music.

Cadillac Reaveals the 2015 ATS Coupe

This post is in partnership with Cadillac. The All New ATS Coupe has arrived. Check it out here. #ATSCoupe Caddies aren’t just for rappers anymore.

Automotive Art: Arash AF8 Supercar

A brand new, meticulously designed and carefully engineered sports car, AF8, is finally here. Designed by the creatives over at Arash Motor Company Ltd., founded by Arash Farbound in 1999, the AF8 is conceptually a product of evolution.

Felino cB7 Supercar

Powered by a 520-hp version of the Corvette's V-8, the new Felino cB7 looks inherently eeeeevil. (*cue villain laugh).

Wazuma V8F "Matte Edition"

From conception to realization, the transportation designers at French based auto company Lazareth, control all of the construction operations on their vehicles.

The Draftsman & The Motorcycle: Andy Copeland's Honda CT110 “Express Post”

There are moments in everyone’s life where you find something inspiring. You might find yourself saying, ‘Wow, how cool would it be to do that’.

A Whole Different Beast: Laraki’s New Epitome Boasts 1,750 hp

Generally, flashy red sports cars are reserved for balding, middle-aged men having mid-life crises. No judging.

Spyker B6 Venator Spyder Concept Debuts at Salon Privé

Last week marked the European Premiere of the SPYKER B6 VENATOR SPYDER at the Salon Privé in London. Spyker – creator of meticulously hand built automobiles whose beauty is equaled only by their unrivaled craftsmanship – shared its newest unique alternative in the High Luxury Sports sector via a press briefing at Salon Privé, Europe’s most exclusive automotive lifestyle event.

Moniker Cycle Horns

Using real deer antlers and recycled metal, New York based designer Taylor Simpson has created the Moniker Cycle Horns.

Fish Out Of Water: A Fleet of Fiat Cars Cruise The Chicago River

Onlookers along the Chicago River couldn't believe their eyes on Sunday afternoon when a fleet of little red, cream, and mint colored cars appeared to be driving on the river!

Birò Estrima: Zero emissions, zero noise, zero gasoline

Four years ago Matthew Masters had a vision. The young founder of Estrima dreamed of improving the quality of our mobility - Zero emissions, zero noise, zero gasoline consumption.

Island Hopping With The Adastra Superyacht

Until recently, the Adastra Superyacht was merely a concept, with early renderings of the yacht generated numerous 'ooohs' and 'aaaaahs' from boat enthusiasts across globe.

McLaren's P1 Super Sportscar Is Rolling Out

After successfully debuting their P1 Super Sportscar at last month's Geneva Auto Show, McLaren is getting ready to put the jaw-dropping machine into production with only 375 cars rolling out of the McLaren Technology Center.

Wiesmann GT MF4-CS, Geneva

Geneva can give you about a hundred reasons why they're the most talked about city at the moment. For starters, the annual Geneva Motor Show is a place where auto makers premiere their latest makes and models to the world.