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The Ultimate Wrapping Paper Guide For the Holiday Season

With all the planning that goes into gift giving, don't spoil it with generic wrap! This year, show up to your holiday party with beautifully wrapped gifts.

The Edit: Top 10 Beer Bottle Beauties

Elegant and friendly bottle design for Hey Beer by Dimitris Kostinis VSA recently put on an exhibition in collaboration with NYC based artist, Stephen Antonson.

The Edit: Going Big with Small Mobile Retail Carts

Short-term retail is not just for small businesses anymore. What started as a way for the boutique shops to create a affordable, one-time experience for their following, has rolled into a golden opportunity for big business as well.

Get Wet: The Ultimate Summer Guide to Inflatable Pool Floats

Splash into your endless summer with a spectacular selection of fun, cool and quirky inflatables. The old black inner tubes just don’t do it for us anymore!

The Edit: Top 10 Sculptural Skywalks & Bridges

Spanning across neon cityscapes, curving around trees as to glide gently through a bright, serene forest, or hopping from island to island, these bridges not only connect two destinations, but also form a wondrous bond with the environment.

The Edit: Places of Worship

Letsbereal. There's no need to go losing your religion. But, it might be time for a mental-shift on the traditional ways we view places of worship.

The Edit: Best of Restaurant Design in 2014

See more amazing restaurants built in 2014

The Edit: Best of Iwan Baan

Why white? Perhaps like a blank canvas, white could serve as a perfect primer for Iwan Baan's photography, making special notice for the surroundings that the structure relates with.  People seem to glow along the white background the building provides, perfectly capturing the moments spent in contact with the building and bringing focus as to how it coincides with the community.

The Edit: Best of Kid's Caves

When you think of toys, books, or virtually anything made for kids today, a slew of cartoon characters and action heroes probably comes to mind.

The Edit: Best of Desert Architecture

Ordos Museum by MAD Architects in Inner Mongolia, China Apart from the soft breeze, the desert air is soundless.

The Edit: Best of Hotel Swimming Pools

The Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is located between Positano and Amalfi is a historic Monastery fully transformed into a boutique hotel.

The Edit: Mirrors, Reality Distorted

Most of us stand in before a mirror each day, searching for a sense of reality. The same reflector that we grow to trust, is the object that artists have used to manipulate the mind in powerful ways.

The Edit: Man Cave Remix

Look around. Your grimy man cave is filthy, and borderline contaminated. Yes, we're judging. If you love your sanctuary as much as you say you do, it's time for some changes - starting with a shower.

The Edit: Best of Artistic Treats

WARNING: This article may cause you to frantically jet down to your local bakery. You might want to start tying up your shoe laces - just say'n.

The Edit: Best of Creative Coffee Shops

Fall is here! This is the season to put on your gloves, wrap a light scarf around your neck, and settle into your favorite cafe with an adventure novel and a warm latte.

The Edit: Best of Parking Garages

It's a sigh of relief when someone comes a long and takes a place that is socially acceptable to be...drab, and turns it into something beautiful!

The Edit: Best of Fall & Winter Destinations

With fall having arrived and winter quickly approaching it’s prime time to think about where you’ll escape the elements.

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This section, formally about amazing automobiles, now houses our weekly roundups.

Bathed in Chrome: Bandit9’s EVE Captured with Konstantin Kofta’s Futuristic Inertia Collection

Snapshot: Bandit9, a custom motorcycle company, and Ukranian fashion designer Konstantin Kofta decided that “EVE” and the “Inertia” bag collection create a surreal and one-of-a-kind environment when together.

Morgan Motor Reveals Their 2015 Aero 8 at the Geneva Motor Show

Snapshot: Making its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Morgan Motor's Aero 8 is "the most refined Aero product to date." Boldly returning to an open-topped model, the newest rendition embraces adventure and the joy of driving.