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If Your Car Could Tweet: 10 Status Updates Cars Would Post

Social media makes it easy to tell the world everything we are thinking, feeling, eating, drinking, moving, purchasing, waiting for, looking at and complaining about.

2014 MINI Cooper S Hardtop Review

2015 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4.6 Our Score Pros - Very fun to drive - Improved ride and interior - Tons of customization options Cons - Options quickly make car expensive - Love-it or hate-it styling - Sport suspension not for everyone MINI is growing up and the new 2014 MINI Cooper has been redesigned, is all-new with more refinement, and gets bigger while still retaining its classic looks and dynamic handling characteristics.

Anyone Else Going to Kick Ford in the Balls If the New Focus RS Doesn’t Get AWD?

At this point, we are all waiting impatiently to see what the Ford Focus RS will be like in its production uniform.

Lamborghini Huracán Crash at 200MPH, Well That Didn’t Take Long

This happened back in September but has only recently come out. The Hungarian Police released this video (probably as a speeding deterrent) showing the driver flying past other drivers like he was playing Grand Theft Auto.

S600 Maybach Edition, Maybe the Merc Badge Will Make People Care

Back in 1997, Daimler (owners of Mercedes) decided to throw their already expensive hat (an S600 was over $130k then) into ultra luxury transportation.

2015 Toyota Camry XSE Review

2015 Toyota Camry XSE 2015 Toyota Camry XSE 4.4 Our Score Pros - All new body design for 2015 - Upgraded interior materials - Dynamic looks Cons - Vanilla suspension - Noisy 4 cylinder engine - No manual transmission available For more than a decade, the Toyota Camry has been at the top of the sales charts when it comes to the mid-size family sedan category in the United States.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE Concept Debuts at 2015 NAIAS

Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE Concept Right Front If my memory and math are accurate, this would be the third version of the long awaited mid-size SUV from Volkswagen.

Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera Review

The Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Cam films in 1296P Super HD or 1080P HD. The Ambarella™ A7LA chipset will record flawlessly, even at night.

The Year 2035 – What Should we Expect in our Cars?

With the start of a new year, I thought that it would be worth jumping ahead two decades into the future for a glimpse into your vehicular future.

ReCarDeD – The Worst of Recycled Car Design – Part 1

Part 1 – The “Lambo” Intake I thought that it would be nice to dedicate some space to tired car design trend retreads that are being passed off as new and refreshing.

2015 Nissan Rogue SV AWD Review

2015 Nissan Rogue SV AWD 4.1 Our Score Pros - Car-like ride & handling - Comfy cabin - Plenty of cargo and passenger room Cons - Underpowered - Unengaging driving experience For those looking for a car-like ride with the versatility of an SUV, the Nissan Rogue is a compelling choice.

The New Bridgestone Blizzak and the Benefits of Winter Tires

Heading out to the track, you don’t want to have low rolling resistance eco tires on your track toy. Likewise, you wouldn’t head out to do some mudding with high performance summer tires on your off-roader.

2015 Toyota Prius Five Review

2015 Toyota Prius Five 4.0 Our Score Pros -Generous cargo space -Excellent mileage -Practical and efficient city commuter Cons -A bit rough on dirt roads When it comes to the 2015 Toyota Prius Five, the Japanese automaker has hit a home run and they aren’t about to mess with success.

Snow Tires vs AWD: Which Gets Your Ass to Work Alive?

Over the years, many have debated that all wheel drive is the end all for winter weather driving. Others have said that throwing a set of snowshoes on your regular old two wheel drive car is better than all season tires on an AWD ride.

Cummins – Not Strapped Solely to a Crappy Dodge Interior Anymore!

There have been rumors that Nissan (and maybe Toyota) would be bringing a diesel half-ton to market for a few years now.

Alfa Romeo 4C drops its top with the 4C Spider

Highly anticipated since the initial announcement, the Alfa Romeo 4C has proven to be a great return for the brand in the United States.

Mercedes GLE – Arch Enemy of the X6 – at NAIAS 2015

Whenever the apocalypse happens, some will want a stylish ride – something jacked up a few inches and a coupe like body style.

Diesel-Powered Range Rovers Debut at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Diesel The long-awaited Ranger Rover and Range Rover Sport diesels are arriving on American shores in fall 2015 as 2016 models.

2016 Acura NSX: Not Just for Iron Man Anymore.

So, Acura has FINALLY released the production version of the next gen NSX. We saw a concept in 2012 running around in The Avengers, but this is a real car.

A Sick Softroader at NAIAS 2015 – Meet the Hyundai HCD-15 Santa Cruz

Going by sales figures, it is safe to say that many Americans love pickups. The full size variety dominates the segment, however it may not be the best choice for all situations or environments.