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2 Millionth Duramax Rolls Off The Line In Ohio

Moraine, Ohio is a small, Midwestern community. As of the 2010 census, the population was just over 6,000 residents.

2018 Chevy Equinox Employs New Aerodynamic Tools

Aerodynamics are, in a word, important. They are, counter intuitively, very important in things like trucks and SUVs.

Just How Special Is The 2017 Toyota 860 Special Edition?

The 2017 Toyota 860 Special Edition is, as the name suggests, a special version of the Toyota/Scion/Subaru FR-S/BRZ sports coupe.

Ford Vans & Medium-Duty Trucks Increase In Versatility, Options

Ah, the Ford Transit. Immortal beloved of the delivery world (and also the world of English gangsters, if British films are to be believed).

YourMechanic Hosts Forum On Transforming Car Ownership

Years ago, I remember my father taking advantage of Heartland Car Care’s Saturday hours, the local shop that serviced our minivan in our rural Iowa community.

Volvo Expands Connected Services Including In-Car Delivery

Volvo, like every other manufacturer out there, is making their lineup more and more connected to the digital world around them.

New Chevy Medium Duty Commercial Truck To Feature Duramax Engine

Ah, fleet sales. If you’re not making bread and butter money from selling millions of hatchbacks in a week, then the real gravy is in commercial sales.

Ram Announces New Laramie Longhorn Hues In Dallas

Ram has unveiled a new exterior color to compliment their luxurious Laramie Longhorn trim. “RV Match Walnut Brown” replaces the existing White Gold as the truck’s two-tone contrasting color.

Letter From The UK: The French Are Coming

A very long time ago, the French tried to horn in on the North American continent but we, the British, saw them off only to be unceremoniously kicked out ourselves.

Five Original Hybrids: American Power Meets European Design

If someone says the word “hybrid” to you during an automotive discussion, what car do you think of first?

Lotus Elise Sprint: Less Mass Means More

“O mystic Lotus, sacred and sublime, In myriad-petalled grace inviolate, Supreme o’er transient storms of tragic Fate, Deep-rooted in the waters of all Time.” `The Lotus’ dedicated to M.

4 Consumer Trends Shaping The Auto Industry’s Future

In recent years, we’ve seen dramatic transformations in a variety of industries; changes triggered by developments in emerging markets, technological innovations, and a shift in consumer preferences.

Automoblog Book Garage: Top Muscle

Being born in 1981, I missed the definitive and quintessential muscle car era. Today my work in the automotive industry covers a wide range of vehicles, from family haulers and trucks to small hatchbacks and sports cars.

Jaguar I-PACE Debuts On London Streets

Jaguar’s new I-PACE has finally taken to the streets, hitting the road in its natural environment: A park in the middle of London, one of the most densely packed urban environments on the planet.

Scared of Nighttime Driving? New Ford Tech Can Help

Among all those techno goodies like lane departure warning and automatic braking, some are actually capable of helping a driver in ways they cannot help themselves.

2017 Lincoln Continental: Feeling A Little Blue

Ah, Lincoln! Once the preferred brand of presidents (Kennedy) and mobsters (Corleone), Lincoln has slipped to being perpetually on the brink of joining Mercury in The Great Junkyard In The Sky.

Memory Lane: Bumbershoot Festivals & Defensive Driving

Part one of this series here. It’s been a few weeks since the anger over losing my beloved F-150 has faded, as if losing my truck was more important than the fact that I was not seriously injured.

2018 Audi S5 Sportback: The Semi-Sleeper In Wait

Audi says the 2018 S5 Sportback “leads the segment in performance,” and who am I to disagree? My question is: what segment is that, exactly?

McLaren 720S: The Logical Progression

After monkeying around, McLaren has finally released the specs on its 720S supercar, and it’s pretty amazing.

2018 Audi S4: A Thorn In The Side For Much Bigger Cars

Ah, the 2018 Audi S4, continuing proof that good things come in small packages. Yes, I know, they’ve gotten bigger since the first iteration, and yes, I know, they are more complex than they used to be, but these little brutes are still a total hoot, and giant killers to the unsuspecting.