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Weekly Car Porn Black and White Style By Web2Carz (PHOTOS)

For Web2Carz’  fourth week of Car Porn, they have ten black-and-white beauties. Because for every yin, there is a smokin’ hot yang out there too!

Police Video Of Ex-NASCAR Driver Tyler Walker’s High-Speed Chase Released (VIDEO)

Even a racing driver isn’t going beat the concerted efforts of the police. That was former NASCAR driver Tyler Walker’s lesson when he was arrested on January 30, 2013, after a high-speed chase over three states.

Taxi Passenger Hits Cyclist With Door: Who’s In The Right/Wrong?

A incident involving a taxi passenger who accidentally ‘doored’ a cyclist in Melbourne, Australia, has sparked a huge debate after the video went viral on youtube and a cyclist has gone viral.

11 Common Causes Of Road Rage And How To Cope

It’s not your fault that everyone else is the worst! SafeAuto knows you and your car are pretty much perfect.

Dashcam Footage From Motorcycle Race Is So Crazy It Looks Like A Video Game (VIDEO)

This POV footage from a Motorcycle race looks more like something from a video game than real life. The speeds are incredible as Michael Dunlop’s reaches  120 miles per hour as he races with mates Cameron Donald and John McGuinness in the Isle of Man This is the best dashcam footage ever!

Truck Goes Airborne On Interstate Narrowly Missing Police Officers (VIDEO)

These state troopers could not believe there luck after being missed by a flying truck while at the roadside seeing to a previous accident.

These Car Comparison Gifs Will Blow Your Mind!

Redditor Nas44 has produced some mighty fine work here. He has cleverly produced a set of car comparison gifs that outline the differences between some of the top car models.

Simon Cowell splashes $1 Million on super-rare Jaguar Eagle Speedster

If he wants it, he gets it! Multi-millionaire Simon Cowell buys Jaguar Eagle Speedster after lusting for it after a Top Gear episode.

Woman Sets Car On Fire After Being Denied McFlurry (VIDEO)

If the woman wants a McFlurry, the woman gets it. Witnesses were left in disbelief at a McDonald’s in Jacksonville, Florida after a woman set a man’s car on fire after refusing to buy her a McFlurry.

Ricky Gervais Stars In Hilarious Audi A3 New Car Commercials (VIDEO)

The Audi A3 is an awesome car and when put alongside Ricky Gervais in the new Audi A3 commercials, it is pretty funny too.

Columbian Dog Rides A Motorcycle Like A Boss! (VIDEO)

This dog looks like he’s having the time of his life as he takes the handlebars of his owner’s motorcycle.

Up Close With The Ferrari California T At Geneva 2014 (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Italian car giants revealed the new and improved Ferrari California with the Ferrari California T model at the Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche Boxster and Cayman GTS Revealed (PHOTOS)

The latest Porsche Boxster and Cayman are two of the most capable sports cars on the planet. In fact, both have been voted Motor Authority’s Best Car To Buy in recent years.

Cyclist Hit by Truck, Saved by Miracle Mattress (VIDEO)

Once in a while, lady luck rolls her dice resulting in miracle incident that will leave you dumbfounded.

For Real? Colombian Man Teaches Dog To Ride Motorcycle (VIDEO)

I always immediately question every ‘believe it or not’ video I see on YouTube. Like sinking a basketball hoop from a tall building, UFO footage and ghosts in a car dealership.

You Won’t Believe How Unlucky This Tractor Driver Is… (VIDEO)

After watching it over and over I still can’t believe how unlucky this tractor driver is. A trailer escaping from his tractor sets of a hilarious sequence of very unlucky events.

The Flamethrower Option For My BMW Please… (VIDEO)

You would think a flamethrower on your car would be a future car option but it turns out this James Bond style option was available in the late 90′s in South Africa.

Fierce Crash Ends World’s Longest Car Jump Attempt (VIDEO)

French daredevil driver, skier, and rally racer Guerlain Chicherit’s Guinness World Record jump attempt was promoted all around the world last week.

The Most Epic GTA V Stunt Yet? Car Flies Into Plane (VIDEO)

Could this be the most epic GTA V stunt yet? Either this took an immense amount of skill, a number of tedious attempts, or these guys are incredibly lucky.

Head of State Cars: Cost Vs Corruption (INFOGRAPHIC)

Head of State Cars: Cost Vs Corruption: This infographic explores the vehicles powerful leaders from around the world travel in, comparing the cost of the car with the corruption in their country.