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Honda Heats Up the Civic

Honda has sold more than 18 million Civics since the car’s 1973 debut, making it the sixth best selling car of all time, according to the Cheat Sheet.

The New Optima and the Future of Kia

Kia Motors introduced the 2016 Kia Optima at the New York International Auto show a couple of weeks ago as part of an effort to revitalize the brand.

A New Standard of the World: the Cadillac CT6

If you heard the term “Standard of the World” 100 years ago, only one thing would come to mind: Cadillac.

The 200,000-Mile Club: Tell Us Your Story!

We now have proof that almost any car can pass the 200,000-mile mark. Earlier this week we were a little put off by a list of cars likely to last 200,000 miles that included only Toyota and Honda vehicles.

Can You Spare the Spare?

My daughter’s birthday nearly ended in the bitter cold, stranded on the side of the road in a questionable area of downtown.

Want a Performance Car? Don’t Buy a Forester

Certain machines come to mind when we stop to think about cars that are built for driving. The usual suspects are BMW, Porsche, and anything else that can be brought out to the track and tear things up straight from the factory floor.

Will Your Car Last 200,000 Miles?

  This used to be a fairly common rule regarding car ownership: Get rid of it before it hits 100,000 miles.

What’s Right: Right or Left Braking?

When does braking feel like hitting a brick wall? When you try to apply the brakes using the wrong foot.

The Kings of New York

The 2015 New York International Auto Show will come to a close this weekend, and as usual, automakers packed the Javits Center with beautiful new vehicles in hopes of making as big a splash as they could during the crowded hypefest.

Rusty Undercarriage? Don’t Blame the Carmaker

Don’t let this happen to your car Bad things happen when brake lines leak. Who’s to blame when they do?

The Battle of 2015’s Best Sedans

There’s not a bad sedan on the market today. Any sedan, from any automaker that sells cars in the United States, will provide safe and reliable transportation for many years.

Praise and Controversy for the Lincoln Continental Concept

When people talk about Lincoln, we often hear the terms “unremarkable,” “dated,” “second-tier,” and, “Beluga whale” used to describe its cars.

Where Do You Get Your Car Buying Advice?

The last time someone knocked on my door, I answered to the flashing lights of a fire truck. While scary, it turned out to be nothing more than a warning about a burn ban and a firm request to put out the remains of a campfire I had smoldering in the front yard.

What’s More Manly: Aston Martin or Mitsubishi?

Catching a glimpse of a supercar in my town is a rare event, so when I pulled up to my neighborhood grocery store yesterday and saw an Aston Martin Vantage in the parking lot, I lost my marbles.

Nissans at NEMPA: Delightfully Suburban?

Winter has finally started to recede here in New England, but that doesn’t mean practical vehicles are going anywhere.

How Well Do You Know Your Cars?

What model Mercedes is this? We shall call them the Badge Swappers. We’ve all seen these guys and gals on the road, hidden behind the steel and glass veil of their cars.

No Joke: Exciting Cars are Coming!

2016 Chevy Malibu   This is the hardest time of the year to be a car blogger. Like Black Friday sales, the jokes of April Fools’ Day are starting to creep into the day prior.

There’s Snow Place Like Home – CarGurus Announces Bahston Translation

Boston winters can be hard on a car, be it Big-Dig-size potholes destroying suspensions, road salt rendering undercarriages rusty and weak, or space-saving old beach chairs leaving ugly dents and scrapes on new vehicles.

Will Turbos Change the Auto Industry for the Worse?

The cars of the future won’t fly. They will be road-going turbocharged gas-powered cars. Well, in the immediate future, anyway.

Russian Road: From New York to London

We are a car blog. It’s here where we discuss the best and worst of the auto industry, from exciting new technology to finding great value in used car purchases.