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Should New GM Pay for Old GM’s Mistakes?

General Motors knew about a fault in some ignition switches as far back as 2001, but didn’t issue a recall until early 2014.

Canine-Friendly Cars for the Dog Days of Summer

Nigel the terrier loves feeling the wind in his face We may be CarGurus, first and foremost, but that doesn’t prevent us from being proud pet owners, too.

New, More Aggressive Legislation Targets Distracted Driving

Drinking and driving has been rightly outlawed for decades. Not only is doing so a distraction, it severely alters a driver’s ability to see and respond to hazards in a timely manner.

Will Aston Martin Become the Next Porsche?

Since the days of early James Bond, British automaker Aston Martin has focused on a lineup of handmade performance luxury sports cars that have been called some of the most beautiful in the world.

A Whole New Way to Look at Fiat?

Fiat has a problem. Sales in the United States continue to fall as American car shoppers are failing to recognize Fiat’s value proposition.

Automakers Can Reach 54.5 MPG, But That Doesn’t Mean They Will

We’ve all been there: January 1st nears, excitement builds, and you set a lofty goal for yourself. Eat healthier.

Lotus Prepares New Elise for U.S. Market

For about eight glorious years, U.S. buyers had the privilege of being able to purchase the lightweight Lotus Elise sports car.

What Was That? Some New Model Names for 2017

In 2015 Americans bought more new cars than in any previous year, but those numbers can’t hide one of the auto business’s dirty little secrets: even when shoppers buy lots of cars, not every model sells well.

Does the U.S. Have the World’s Best Car Selection?

There was a time when Europe got all the cool cars. A decade ago, Europe had the small, fast, and efficient cars that folks in the U.S.

Can Mazda Become the Next Volkswagen?

Volkswagen has left a gaping hole in the U.S. auto market. The German automaker’s line of affordable turbo diesel vehicles is mostly non-existent as the fallout from last year’s emission scandal continues to unfold.

Look Toward Genesis for Your V8 RWD Driving Pleasure

Once upon a time, America was chock full of rear-wheel-drive (RWD) cars with beefy engines. They comfortably cruised Interstate highways and transported an entire generation of families.

Would You Buy the Most Ticketed Car in America?

The most ticketed car in America is… the Lexus ES 300. A midsize luxury sedan remembered for a smooth, quiet ride, an 8-ish-second 0-60 mph time, and looks dull enough to put Ben Stein to sleep?

Changes Coming for Popular Nissan Juke, Leaf

Electric cars shouldn’t look like electric cars if they are to go mainstream. Tesla figured that out early while other automakers, especially BMW and Nissan, made their electric cars look more and more… electric.

Some Work Days Are Better Than Others: Why We Ramble

Like employees of any outlet in the business of reviewing cars, one of the questions we hear often revolves around where we get the cars we review.

How Many Cars Does the Average American Family Need?

How many cars should a family own? According to Experian, the average family owns two cars, while 35 percent of American households own three cars or more.

More on Tesla: Why Part Deux Will Work

Last week, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, unveiled his Master Plan, Part Deux, on his website. It lays out his plans for where his futuristic company will go in the next decade.

Apple Car Could Hit Roads in 2021

It appears that, contrary to some rumors and speculation, Faraday Future is not Apple in disguise. In recent weeks Faraday has hired a former Toyota executive to lead exterior design, while the Nevada treasurer began to question how the upstart electric carmaker will finance a $1 billion factory and deliver on its promise to help turn Nevada into an electric-vehicle production hub.

How Fuel-Efficient Are Your Tires?

I just got a screaming deal on a 1999 Land Cruiser. The only problem is that it could have illegal tires.

Tesla, Autopilot, and the Future of Self-Driving Cars

From the first press release outlining Tesla’s Autopilot technology, potential customers have wondered how the system works, what its limitations are, and whether it will be welcomed or shunned.

Tesla’s Master Plan, Part Deux: Anticipating a New World

Ten years ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed the world his plan to grow his electric car company into an international powerhouse. In his original master plan, posted in 2006, Musk summarized his ambitions by saying Tesla would: Build a sports car Use that money to build an affordable car Use that money to build an even more affordable car While doing the above, also provide zero-emission electric-power generation options Mission accomplished.