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Paris Joins Three Major Cities to Ban Diesel by 2025

At the C40 meeting in Mexico City last week, Paris’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, met with the mayors of Mexico City, Madrid, and Athens, where they agreed to ban diesel cars and trucks from their cities by the year 2025.

Hey Off-Roaders, Don’t Jump Your Raptors

Owning a Porsche doesn’t make you an expert on the track. You can buy the top-end 911, take it the Nurburgring or Laguna Seca, step on the gas, and end up with one very expensive repair bill.

All We Want for Christmas Is a New Engine

Congratulations everyone, we’ve done it. The school year is under way, Halloween is long past, and we all made it through Thanksgiving and Black Friday with minimal bodily harm.

Electric Cars: Thriving in an Artificial Market?

Are electric cars being force-fed to an unwilling American public? Through the first 11 months of 2016, Americans have purchased about 130,000 electric vehicles.

Looking for the Best Deals of the Year? Get Shopping!

Now is the best time to buy a car! That’s a marketing phrase that, oddly enough, car dealers tend to use throughout the year.

Subaru Oil Consumption: There’s a Lawsuit for That

2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek Two weeks ago we wondered if Subaru is flying too close to the sun. Of course, that was in reference to the company’s reliability problems that are stemming from its growth in the United States.

Donald Trump’s Presidency Won’t Impact Car-Buying Decisions for EV Shoppers

Concerns about America’s future have run rampant since the night of November 8th, 2016. Suddenly, we’ve come to see our own social-media-driven bubbles, the emergence and impact of fake news, and how easy it is to accept what we already believe while adopting blinders for anything else.

Luxury Without Leather: Will Vegan Cars Gain Popularity?

Do a Google search for “vegan car” and the first result is likely to involve Tesla. The company is the first luxury automaker to offer a 100 percent animal-free vehicle.

Should Your Car Disable Your Phone?

Like many other Americans yesterday, my family spent a good portion of time in the car traveling between family gatherings.

What Are We Thankful For? Automotive Evolution

Remember when Tesla was just a small startup company with a big dream? Very few people saw the potential for electric cars.

Winter Essentials: Key Safety Features for Your Holiday Travels

As a company based in New England, CarGurus understands that traveling at this time of year can quickly become perilous, and having the right vehicle for winter can make a world of difference.

Can Subaru and Volkswagen Compete with GM SUVs?

Chevrolet’s monopoly on the large SUV industry might be threatened by a few up-and-coming newcomers. We recently covered the sales explosion of full-size SUVs that’s happening over at GM.

The Trouble with Self-Driving Cars: It’s the Drivers, Not the Cars

Picture yourself circling a crowded Market Basket parking lot. You see one empty spot ahead, but by the looks of it, there’s another car angling toward the same space.

Ford Unveils New EcoSport Subcompact SUV

Just this weekend my wife asked about the word ‘nomenclature.’ I explained it by giving the example of Ford’s naming strategy, or its nomenclature, for its line of SUVs.

Changing Model Years: North American Car and Truck of the Year Finalists

The Los Angeles Auto Show opens to the public this weekend after three days of well-attended press events and unveilings.

New Autonomous Cars to Protect Occupants… At All Costs

Whom should an autonomous car protect, the driver, or a pedestrian? Accidents are an unfortunate consequence of driving and, so far, even autonomous software can’t prevent them.

Volkswagen TDI Buyback: What You Need to Know

If you bought or leased a Volkswagen TDI on or before September 15, 2015, you are probably eligible to receive a buyback offer from Volkswagen.

What Are the Most Inaccurate Numbers on the Window Sticker?

Virtually everything on the Monroney sticker can be negotiated. The Monroney, better know simply as the window sticker that adorns all new cars for sale, tells vital information about the vehicle, its engine size, trim level, installed options, and, of course, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Is Subaru Flying Too Close to the Sun?

In Greek mythology, Icarus attempted to flee the Island of Crete using wings made of feathers and wax.

Tesla Faces Growing Pains While Planning European Expansion

There are some perks to Tesla ownership that customers believe are vital to the experience of owning one of the premium electric vehicles.