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Wait a Minute, Could Hummer Come Back?

Well, this is embarrassing. Just this week I said that the return of the Ford Bronco is as likely as a Hummer coming back.

Dodge Wants to Be Pontiac, But Why?

I like to live in a world that makes sense, but sometimes that’s just not in the cards. An article over at Automotive News ran with the headline, “Can Dodge Rebuild Pontiac Excitement?

New Ford Bronco: Fact or Fiction?

This is the newest Bronco you’ll find Let’s just get this straight: A new Ford Bronco is about as likely as a new Hummer H2.

Buy FIAT, or Buy Used?

“It’s an ugly little thing, isn’t it?” The FIAT 500L was stopped at a light, one car-length ahead, in the lane next to us.

Buying a Car? Two Keys Please!

My wife and I were heading out to an evening of salsa dancing and thought we’d take our two young girls with us to introduce them to something more culturally significant than Netflix TV shows.

J.D. Power’s 2014 Ten Best for Initial Quality

The auto press usually focuses on new cars this time of year, but another reason the midwinter months can be exciting is from the used car perspective.

Jaguar’s SVR Performance Brand: Your New Favorite?

There are performance brands, then there are the performance sub-brands of performance brands. It sounds confusing but you know exactly what I mean.

Hydrogen Fuel Gets Closer to Mainstream

I know, I know. We talk a lot about the fuel that powers our cars on these pages. We complain about high gas prices, are cautiously excited about low prices, we wonder if governments should increase taxes on fossil fuels, and we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of alternative fuel vehicles.

Ready for the Comeback of Lotus?

Imagine a new Lotus and you probably picture a late-model Elise.  Or maybe you’re one of the people who associate Lotus with the Tesla Roadster, which is essentially an Elise with an electric drivetrain.

Wait on That SUV: Will Gas Prices Go Back Up?

We’re all well aware that gas prices are absurdly low. Filling up my Audi Q7 used to approach $100, and now I can comfortably fill up for under $50.

Don’t Believe the Tale of the Scorned Wife and the Cheap 911

If you want a good deal on a used Porsche, or any used car for that matter, don’t bother looking toward scorned spouses.

What’s New at the New England International Auto Show

In any place where autos tend to wear inconsistent but unsightly coats of road salt & grime all winter, a convention hall full of sparkling brand­ new cars holds particular appeal in January.

10 Cars Unveiled in Detroit We Can’t Wait to See

This has been quite a big week for the auto industry, as manufacturers unveil the first lines of their 2016 portfolios at the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

Why Did Toyota Use This Photo of a New Tacoma?

The picture looks like a Ram 1500 that’s been in a wreck. The above photo, a close up of the headlight, fender, and hood of the new Tacoma, could very well have been a photo submitted by a Ram owner after a long and damaging day of off-roading.

New BMW Headlights Solve Old Problem

Imagine a world where you never have to worry about turning down your brights as you drive. We’ve all been there, happily zooming down a country lane or lonely highway with the road in front of us bathed in ample light, our cars cutting through the darkness with high beams in full force.

Buick Avenir Concept Rekindles Glory Days

My goodness, it’s hard to switch gears from the new Ford GT to, well, anything else. My personal gratification aside, there are many other surprises and exciting cars being shown at the Detroit Auto Show this week.

The New Ford GT: Just Try and Look Away

Well, thanks a lot, Ford. I had plans for today. Big plans. Thanks to you, I have no choice but to put them on hold.

No Joke: Get Ready for the Chevy Bolt

The Chevy Volt How could it be true? Why would Chevrolet, which currently builds the electric/gas hybrid Volt, introduce a new electric car and call it the Bolt?

Nine Cars Bidding Farewell: The Good, the Bad and the Confusing

The sad reality of the auto industry is that some vehicles don’t have long lifespans. This is always a sad time of year when we begin to realize some of our favorite models will not get refreshed for the new year.

Do You Know Your Movie Cars?

This was one of the easy ones! I’ve been known to watch the occasional cat video online or to sometimes partake in viewing compilations of motorcycle jump fails.