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New Ford F-150 Turbo Diesel Could Take Mileage Crown

Oil-burning engines have been dominating the auto headlines in recent weeks. From the newly announced Volkswagen TDI settlement to diesel’s apparent fall from grace, the fuel has been cast in a mostly negative light since the Dieselgate story broke in September 2015.

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Instrumentation

Mercedes-Benz Head-Up Display Chances are, anyone reading this post learned to drive a car with some sort of traditional gauge setup.

How To Get the Most Money for Your Trade-In

Want to get the most money for your trade? Here’s a tip: Don’t take the first offer. Trading in a car at the dealer, as opposed to selling on your own, has benefits and drawbacks.

What the Volkswagen TDI Settlement Means for Owners

Volkswagen has agreed to pay a massive $14.7 billion fine to the U.S. government and other entities to settle allegations of cheating on emissions tests and deceiving customers about its 2.0-liter TDI engines. That’s a big number, but what does it mean for the average Volkswagen owner?

Don’t Give Up On Diesels Yet

The last few months have given us plenty of reasons to not buy a diesel vehicle. Aside from the massive Volkswagen emissions scandal that basically exposed the oil-based fuel as a dirty alternative to gasoline, there are new allegations that Chevrolet did the same with its Cruze diesel.

Are There Any Bad Cars Left? Kia tops J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

If there’s one piece of advice I find myself sanctimoniously preaching to prospective car shoppers, it’s this: There’s no such thing as a bad car anymore.

GM Gears Up for Plant Upgrade to Build New C8 Corvette

The hype leading up to the new C7 Corvette was unlike anything in the history of Corvette. Early rumors swirled of a possible rear mid-engine setup, followed by “news” that the C7 would have the same split rear window as the famous 1963 Sting Ray.

This Summer’s 10 Hottest New Convertibles

It’s that time of year again. The sun’s beginning to shine just a little too much, and the weather’s transitioning from pleasant and refreshing to downright oppressive.

Cheaper to Keep, or Time to Trade?

When a driver faces a large repair bill for his or her car, it’s tempting to just head to the local dealership, trade in the car, and drive home in something new with a full warranty.

Here Are 2016’s “Most American” Vehicles

The new Buick Envision is made in China and some Hondas are made in America. The landscape of today’s automotive manufacturing world is far different than it was two decades ago.

Credit Score Only Fair? A 7-Year Loan Could Work for You

An interesting trend in automotive financing could affect your ability to buy a new car. To take advantage, you’re going to need fair (but not good) credit and be willing to stretch the duration of your loan up to 7 years.

Tragedy’s Reminder: Check for Recalls Often

The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee that rolled down a driveway and killed actor Anton Yelchin this weekend had been recalled earlier this spring after federal regulators found that its gear shifting could confuse drivers and possibly cause vehicles to roll away.

A New Pacifica and the Future of Chrysler

Once a mainstay on American highways, Chrysler is now driving toward an uncertain future. Its partnership with Daimler-Benz has been replaced by one with Fiat, and while Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has kept its head above water (thanks to America’s obsession with pickup trucks and the unyielding power of Jeep brand loyalty), the rest of the business raises more than a few questions.

Volkswagen Looks Toward an Electric Future

Volkswagen’s emissions scandal may have killed diesel-fueled cars in the U.S. forever. Prior to September of 2015, cars with diesel engines were on the rise in the United States.

Six Cars Worthy of CarGurus Dads

Sharing nuggets of wisdom is part of fatherhood. How to pronounce “February” (that “r” is in there for a reason).

Forget Kit Cars, Here Come the Repli-Mods

If you could flip through the annals of automotive history and bring back a modern version of any car within their pages, which car would you choose?

Mercedes-Benz Addressing All Threats, Both Foreign and Electric

The new look of electric Mercedes-Benz? By the end of 2015, Mercedes-Benz had fallen behind its competition in U.S.

Looking for Deals on Used Cars Coming Off Lease

A burgeoning number of leasers will return their cars over the next six months, and their number is bound to grow even further as leasing continues to be a popular alternative to buying a new car.

Everyone’s Dropping Stones: Who Makes the Toughest Truck Bed?

Some are calling it a cheap shot, while others are surely convinced that aluminum is best for soda cans and not trucks.

Taking a Look at the Most and Least Expensive Cars to Own

There are some things we replace, and other things we repair. I have no qualms replacing a toothbrush every couple months, or buying a new pair of running shoes after a few hundred miles.