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Tesla Model 3: A $35,000 Game Changer?

In 2017, $35,000 might buy you a really nice 2014 or 2015 Audi A6 or a beautiful pre-owned BMW 5 Series.

Would You Buy an Over-the-Hill Used Car?

Maybe a dealership near you has one. Tucked in a back corner of the lot, behind all the expensive brand new cars, hidden behind the certified used cars, and shadowed by the traditional pre-owned vehicles might sit an ultra-bargain section of the lot.

The 2014-2015 Season’s 10 Best Tailgaters

The football season is officially in full swing. Now Sundays (and Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays for college, and Fridays for high school) will be spent staring at the TV, checking your fantasy lineup, and, if you’re lucky enough to actually go to the game, tailgating.

Can’t Wait for the Mid-Engine Corvette? Buy One of These!

There has never been a mid-engine Corvette and, most people believe, Chevrolet will never build one. A Corvette with power coming from behind the driver just isn’t American.

Free Maintenance Programs: Proceed with Caution

“How about we thrown in two years of free synthetic oil changes and call it good,” said the sales manager.

The Opposite Ends of Mercedes-Benz

Should You Buy a Used Unimog? What’s a Unimog, you ask? Well, if we look to the reliable and almost-always accurate Wikipedia, we’ll learn that Unimog is a range of multi-purpose four-wheel drive trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz.

The Jaguar XE’s Biggest Competition: A Used BMW?

With great fanfare and media attention, Jaguar has released official images, specs and pricing of the new XE.

Can New Technology End Distracted and Drowsy Driving?

How far should an automaker go to make sure the drivers of its cars stay safe while limiting the amount of distractions behind the wheel?

Safe Vehicles for Carpoolers and Soccer Parents

The back-to-school season and fall sports have begun, and if you’re the parent of a child who plays any of the many fall sports, you know how important your vehicle will become when bringing athletes to their practices and, more important, games.

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata: New King of the Roadsters?

I’ve needed some time to digest this one. When it was announced that Mazda would unveil its 2016 MX-5 Miata this week, part me hoped for a design that would blow me out of the water and leave me with nothing to say except to declare Mazda the king of all roadsters.

New Infiniti Concept Hints at Challenging Panamera, but Why?

For a long time I thought Mitsubishi would be the next car brand to die in the U.S. but now I’m not so sure because another brand here is showing signs of slowly bleeding out.

The New BMW: A MINI with a Spit Shine?

Just throw a BMW logo on it and call it good? There are two kinds of people who buy BMWs: People who appreciate the dynamics of a true rear-wheel-drive performance machine.

Who Negotiates the Best Deals on Cars?

Two headlines grabbed my attention this weekend, both of which pertain to the purchasing of cars. Yes, I know there are plenty of more exciting headlines, such as the production of the 2015 Mustang and spy shots of soon-to-be-revealed new models, but none of that matters if no one is around to buy new and used versions of those cars.

A Jacked Up Jag and Other Auto Atrocities

I only saw it for a moment. While driving out of town and heading north toward my favorite lake, I turned my head because something odd caught my attention.

Bostonian Back-to-School Cars, By College

It’s time to welcome the new and returning students of Boston. All 250,000 of them. In Boston, the first week of September is a very important (and crazy busy) time of year.

The Best Cars of the ’90s (and One from the ’80s)

Car designers were on their game in the 1960s, but it seems they took a two-decade vacation in the ’70s and ’80s.

The Most Exclusive Used Car in America?

A couple of days ago, CarGurus posted a link on its Facebook page to an article listing the top 10 cars we can’t buy in the United States.

Has the Corvette Finally Arrived as a Supercar?

In all my years on this planet, never, not once, have I done a double-head turn to check out a Corvette.

The Case for Extended Warranties on Used Cars

Caution: don’t use the cup holders Buying a used Audi seemed like a great idea at the time. I found the 2008 Q7 on a dealer’s lot and used the CarGurus price analysis tool to determine that the car was a good value.

Wanna Go Yenko? There’s an Auction for That

Assuming you have no connection with an apparently successful, but now convicted, group of criminals, you could become the proud new owner of a rare American muscle car.