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The $28 Million Barn Find: It Wasn’t Mine

You’d think everyone who ventures into the countryside finds forgotten but beautiful cars inside rotting old barns.

Sell the Honda, Buy a Kia?

A friend of mine had a beautiful, low-mileage Honda Pilot for sale. This is the kind of guy who keeps the paperwork on everything he buys and has required service performed at the recommended intervals and only at authorized locations.

Rolls-Royce SUV? Get a Jeep Instead

Let’s hope it doesn’t look like this Think of the carmakers that you thought would never build an SUV.

More Than Just Safety: Can Volvo Branch Into Performance?

2016 Volvo XC90 When my 2008 Audi Q7 needed to go in for repairs, the shop was nice enough to loan me a car for a couple of days. At first glance I thought it was nice, but once I sat behind the wheel I knew I’d miss the comfort and luxury of my car.

10 Cars to Escape Snowmageddon

Do you know what Boston-area people are really sick of right now? Snow. There has been lots and lots of snow the past month.

The $40,000 Bentley: A Good Idea?

Even when I’m not shopping for a car, I’m shopping for a car. It probably happens to you, too. For me, I’ll just be going about my normal day-to-day business when suddenly, out of nowhere, I think it’s a good idea to buy a car.

What Are the Odds: Apply Buying Tesla?

Can you guess which car company is being described with the following words? Its strengths lie in taking designs by Ive’s team, building them at high quality and low cost and selling them at a premium.

Will Self-Driving Cars Take Away Your Driving Freedom?

Read this quote, and then we’ll discuss: Autonomous cars will be commonplace by 2025 and have a near monopoly by 2030, and the sweeping change they bring will eclipse every other innovation our society has experienced.

Can Porsche Beat Tesla at its Own Game?

Porsche Panamera Tesla is winning, big time. Part of that success is because it has gone completely unchallenged in its chosen market.

The 2016 Honda Pilot Turns Into a Minivan

Back in 2004 I purchased a car I thought would last forever. Its looks weren’t anything special but the capabilities and features were exactly what I needed.

Today’s Most Popular Cars From the 1980s

As time goes on and we look back at decades past, the ’80s become a weirder time for everyone. It was a pretty good time for cars, though, to be honest.

2016 Ferrari 488 GTB or 2016 Dodge Viper ACR?

I’ve been dreading the day I’d hear about the demise of the Ferrari 458 Italia. The Italian supercar has sat on the top of my list of favorites since its introduction.

Entry Level Aston Martin? Nope! Buy These Instead

If you’ve been hankering for a new Aston Martin that will fit your mid-executive budget, you might want to look at another brand or start making more money.

Aluminum Cars and Trucks: Fad or New Trend?

Will aluminum body panels become a relic of an experimental past, or redefine how automakers build cars?

Detroit’s Famous Walker Gets a Free New Car

Sometimes we just need a feel-good story to get us through the week. By now you’ve probably heard about the man in Detroit who has walked an incredible 21 miles every day for work.

Ram’s Tiny Truck: Worthy of the Name?

Worthy of the Ram name?   The Toyota Tacoma. The Nissan Frontier. The Chevrolet Colorado. The GMC Canyon.

10 Cars Worthy of a Super Bowl MVP

Tom Brady received a Chevrolet Colorado as his Super Bowl MVP prize, a vehicle a lot of people thought was an odd choice for such a prestigious award.

Would You Buy a Porsche With a Sketchy Past?

There’s something sexy about the idea of owning a Porsche with a sketchy past. Buy the right car, and you could be behind the wheel of a criminal’s favorite ride.

Beyond Traffic: The Future of Transportation

Thinking about the future can be an exciting prospect. It can also be terrifying. The United States Department of Transportation has just released a study, called “Beyond Traffic,” that looks into the next 30 years of transportation in the U.S.

Would You Buy This Damaged Land Rover?

What a short attention span we have in this world today. Less than a month ago, we wrote about the Hoegh Osaka.