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Meet the Pickup Trucks Getting Close to 30 MPG

News of a truck that gets the same fuel economy as a family sedan, and is capable of pulling 12,000 pounds of trailer, would change the game for American pickups.

The $50,000 Red Delorean

Rich guys will pay anything to relive their childhoods. The Delorean DMC-12 has a rich history, not because of its performance or a long production life, but because of its place in pop culture courtesy of Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

10 Best Cars to Tackle Winter: 2014 Edition

The words of House Stark will tell you that preparing for winter is imperative. And assuming you’ve seen a few winters in your time, you’ll know that one of the biggest adjustments you’ll need to make is winter driving.

These Three Unsafe Minivans Will Surprise You

You assume you’re safe. You’re surrounded by acres of sheet metal and protected by a sturdy steel frame.

America Arrives With the Cadillac ATS-V and Mustang Shelby GT350

To the list of things that make me happy, I’d like to add: The sound of the new Mustang Shelby 350GT The Cadillac ATS-V Yes, this is the first time a Cadillac has ever made it onto this exclusive list.

Say Goodbye to the Chevy SS

Get it while you can, because the Chevy SS is going and going fast. Like the beautiful and amazing GM V8 super sedans before it, the Chevy SS appears to be on the one-way track to discontinued-ville.

Are New Hydrogen Cars Better Than Electrics?

If cars ran on water, the price of H2O would probably jump to $4 per gallon and filling our tanks wouldn’t be any less expensive than using gasoline.

Scion’s Comeback Effort Looks Like an Old Toyota

Let me be clear: I don’t think Toyota needs the Scion brand. The initial intent in creating Scion was to appeal to a younger crowd at a lower price point with small but exciting vehicles.

10 Super Cars for Super Skiers

The snow is starting to fall in the mountains, so it may be time for you skiers and snowboarders to start making arrangements to get out to the resorts.

You Could Buy an F1 Race Car! But You Probably Shouldn’t

Yes, that’s correct, you could buy a used F1 race car. For the right amount of cash, any regular guy or gal can shop online and find the perfect used racer to suit his or her needs.

GMC: The New Jeep?

Could the new face of GMC look like the Granite concept? Aside from some leather and chrome, there’s not much that makes a GMC different from a Chevrolet.

Sports Cars: Dead or Coming Out of Hibernation?

There are a couple of quotes we need to address today. The first is from Automotive News: “The sports car market is roughly half of what it used to be,” Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales, said in an interview at the manufacturer’s headquarters in Munich.

Toyota and BMW Will Partner on New Car

Toyota teamed up with Subaru to build a sports car and it ended up with the FT-86, known here in the States as the Scion FR-S.

The Perfect Car for a Picky Driver

The requirements weren’t easy to meet: Fuel efficient Fun to drive Easy to zip through traffic Not a two-door but not a lot of extra room for too many passengers Not a sports car Not a Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, or Kia Must be new and available for lease Relatively inexpensive Not an electric car Reliable A dear friend is moving from Washington to Los Angeles and needs a car better suited for SoCal than her current Hyundai Santa Fe.

For Veterans Day, Our 10 Favorite Automotive Veterans

The eleventh day of the eleventh month marks Veterans Day, the time of year we honor and remember the veterans of the U.S.

SEMA 2014: Cars From the Weirdest Show in the Industry

2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show could only be held in Las Vegas.

Get Your Car Fixed, Get a Free Starbucks!

Free coffee must be more convincing than a death risk General Motors’ ignition switch recall debacle just won’t go away.

Buying Used Luxury? Think Twice

How much are those rings worth to you? Driving a luxury car for the price of a Honda is an appealing proposition.

Who Recommends the Cars You Buy?

Who would buy a car that doesn’t come recommended? Most car buyers get their recommendation from family or friends.

Exploding Airbags: Who Has the Right Fix?

Ten automakers have recalled a total of 8 million cars because airbags can explode. While it’s true that airbags are, by design, supposed to explode out of the car in accident, these airbags explode with so much force that they actually send shrapnel into the air.