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10 Cars Fit for a King (James, That Is)

LeBron James recently made some big news by promoting the Kia K900, not because he was being paid, but because he’s a big fan of the car.

Cars That Have Gone From Bland to Grand

Remember how the Optima used to look? Automakers know that boring doesn’t sell like it used to. Think back a decade or so, and I’ll bet you can name five boring cars right off the top of your head.

How’s the Car Culture in Your Town?

Who knew a guy could nearly be assassinated for trying to pump gas. I forgot that in Oregon, basic human rights don’t exist.

Miles of Smiles Per Gallon

When gas prices hit or exceed $4 per gallon, the cost to fill up my Audi Q7 gets scarily close to $100.

Comparing Sound: Mustang Against Hellcat

Active Noise Control sounds like a feature you would want on your next car. The name implies that the car actively controls the noise you hear, or don’t hear, while driving.

Porsche vs. Corvette: It Always Ends the Same

Showdowns between Porsche and Corvette always end in Porsche’s favor. The word ‘always’ is a dangerous one to use, but in this case it fits.

Our 10 Favorite EVs

There’s been quite a bit of debate as to where electric cars will fit into the consumer car market in the next few years.

Cars That Should Have a Diesel Option

Diesel-powered cars should be the wave of the future. Electric vehicles have the distinction of being able to run on zero fossil fuel, but the production of electricity itself requires all kinds of dirty energy.

Kia’s Quality Up, But Buyers Haven’t Noticed

Remember the Sephia? The oddly named Kia was one of the first cars the company sold in the United States.

Don’t Resist: Stop-Start Here to Stay

Do we need stop-start engine technology in this country? Those of us who continue to drive vehicles powered by fossil fuels need every piece of technology we can get to reduce the amount of fuel we need to fill our tanks.

What’s Better: FWD Hot Hatch or RWD Sports Car?

2015 Ford Focus ST Torque steer remains one of the spikes in the soul of the hot hatch. Regardless, people love the little hatchbacks for their front-wheel-drive and turbocharged engines.

No, Porsche Shouldn’t Build an Entry Level Car

Regarding the possibility of an entry level roadster, Porsche North America’s CEO Detlev von Platen recently said, We’re not talking about entry models at Porsche.

Our 10 Favorite Foliage Cruisers

The trees outside the CarGurus office are beginning to change color pretty quickly. We get to witness the life leaving these leaves from our desks.

The EV That Won’t Look Like an EV

If you want your “green” car to stand out, it should resemble something green. That’s why designers of the Nissan Leaf, an all-electric vehicle, designed it to look like a lizard.

The 2015 Audi S3: Coming Soon in Manual?

With 290-horespower, a 0-60 time of under 5 seconds, all-wheel drive and an MSRP of just over $40,000, the 2015 Audi S3 has only one negative mark against it: its transmission.

Get Your Half-Price Tesla! Eventually

Remember when Tesla CEO Elon Musk personally guaranteed the resale value of the Model S to be 50 percent of its original value after three years?

Will the Jeep Wrangler Go Soft?

It just wouldn’t be the same in aluminum The older they get, the more crotchety and overweight they can become.

Latest GM Recalls Prove Importance of Quality

The first headline on the Detroit News Autos Insider newsletter was, “GM Issues Three New Recalls Saturday.” The headlines for those recall stories were: Latest GM Recalls Bring Total to nearly 30M Vehicles GM Halts Sales on Midsize Trucks Due to Airbag Problem GM Recalls 117,000 Vehicles for Stalling None of that sounds particularly good at first glance, does it?

10 Best $10K-or-Less Weekend Warriors

Do you want to buy a reliable, durable and fun car for under $10,000? Of course you do! Well, we have some great options for you—nothing before 2002, so not too too old, but all of these can surely be found for less than 10 Gs.

Favorites From the 2014 Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show is known to inflict shock on unprepared auto journalists. It’s here that automakers like to unleash their inner crazy and debut concepts designed to capture the worlds attention.