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Dropping Fuel Prices Could Kill 2015 Ford F-150 Advantage?

Recently, fuel prices have been dropping through the country leading to questions about what fuel economy advantage will be with the all-new aluminum-based 2015 Ford F-150.

Toyota False Prey to Takata Air Bag Flaw, Recalls Tundra Pickups

Toyota is recalling specific Tundra trucks to fix airbags provided by Takata. These airbags have been causing havoc throughout the automotive segment with multiple manufactures issuing recalls.

A Tesla Pickup Would Be A Less Capable, More Expensive Ridgeline (At Best)

The notion of a Tesla pickup truck has reared it’s silly little head again, this time because a Morgan Stanley analyst suggested that Tesla could make money selling pickups.

Dealership Style Darth Vader, Storm Trooper Tundra Pickups

Much of the attention these days is on modified Toyota Tundra pickups is on SEMA bound monstrosities.

Ask TundraHQ: My 2007 Tundra Is Burning Oil – Is That Normal?

A reader writes: I have a 2007 Tundra with the 5.7 that I purchased brand new in the spring of ’07. The truck has ~64k miles, has been serviced at the dealership since it was new, and has not been abused.

Your Tundra is Talking to You: Decode that Noise

If your Tundra is making an abnormal noise, it’s attempting to tell you something isn’t right. Don’t ignore it, listen to it, and use this guide to help troubleshoot the source(s) of the noise(s) coming from your Tundra.

Ford Pipes In Fake Engine Noise for 2015 Luxury, EcoBoost Powered F-150s

Ever since Ford released their EcoBoost engines, their has been criticism over how the trucks sound. Now with a smaller engine on the horizon, Ford has addressed this critic by piping in engine noise into the cabin.

Chrysler Boosts Ram 1500 Diesel Production – Good News for Tundra Diesel Fans?

Chrysler announced it will double production of its Ram diesel offerings to 20 percent of its mix. While Toyota Tundra fans may not see this as a big deal, they should.

2015 Toyota Tundra Bass Pro Shops Off-Road Edition – Stud or Dud

Coming to a Gulf States dealer this fall is a special 2015 Toyota Tundra Bass Pro Shops edition truck. It is filled with items outdoors enthusiasts need.

Cadillac Moves To NYC – Where Does This Leave Escalade?

According to The Detroit News (and now confirmed by GM), Cadillac is moving their headquarters to NYC.

6 Spray-In Secrets Installers Don’t Want You To Know

Spray-in bed liners are as popular as ever, but that doesn’t mean that the spray-in industry is fully understood.

Toyota’s New FCV – The Car That Will Kill Tesla?

Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle (FCV) – likely named ‘Mirai’ – may be the car that kills Tesla (At least if Tesla bets too heavily on their own Model III…).

Toyota Kills 2015 Tundra V6 Option – Pricing Up Slightly

Toyota announced it has decided to kill the V6 option on the 2015 lineup and in all future products. The reason?

Toyota Recalls 130,000 2014 Tundra Trucks – Side Airbag Install Flaw

Toyota says it will recall 130,000 2014 Tundra pickup trucks due to a problem with side airbags. This recall likely affects every new 2014 Tundra built so far.

Toyota Looks to Build Mexico Plant – A New Truck Plant?

Sources say Toyota is currently looking at locations in Mexico to build a new plant. While there is no confirmation on what they will build there, we are speculating it will be a new truck plant.

How to Crack the Tire Code

Have you ever bought tires or stared at your own tires and wondered what the heck all the numbers and letters mean?

TRD Pro Package Pricing Announced – Pricey, But Not As Much As A Raptor

The Tundra’s new TRD Pro package isn’t directly comparable to Ford’s Raptor F-150. The Raptor is more heavily customized for off-roading, offers more power, a wider track, a shorter wheelbase, and a few other (admittedly awesome) extras.

Learn the Lingo of Towing

Towing a load isn’t a difficult task, however, you shouldn’t just hop in and drive. Here is what you need to know before you tow.

How Real Toyota Tundra Drivers Are Improving Their Fuel Economy

If Tundra owners or prospective buyers have a complaint, it’s been the Tundra’s lackluster fuel economy ratings.

Win a Custom Emblem For Your Tundra Through Our Facebook Page

It’s time for a new contest! Once again, we have enlisted our Devil Horn making friends over at