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Toyota’s New FCV – The Car That Will Kill Tesla?

Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle (FCV) – likely named ‘Mirai’ – may be the car that kills Tesla (At least if Tesla bets too heavily on their own Model III…).

Toyota Kills 2015 Tundra V6 Option – Pricing Up Slightly

Toyota announced it has decided to kill the V6 option on the 2015 lineup and in all future products. The reason?

Toyota Recalls 130,000 2014 Tundra Trucks – Side Airbag Install Flaw

Toyota says it will recall 130,000 2014 Tundra pickup trucks due to a problem with side airbags. This recall likely affects every new 2014 Tundra built so far.

Toyota Looks to Build Mexico Plant – A New Truck Plant?

Sources say Toyota is currently looking at locations in Mexico to build a new plant. While there is no confirmation on what they will build there, we are speculating it will be a new truck plant.

How to Crack the Tire Code

Have you ever bought tires or stared at your own tires and wondered what the heck all the numbers and letters mean?

TRD Pro Package Pricing Announced – Pricey, But Not As Much As A Raptor

The Tundra’s new TRD Pro package isn’t directly comparable to Ford’s Raptor F-150. The Raptor is more heavily customized for off-roading, offers more power, a wider track, a shorter wheelbase, and a few other (admittedly awesome) extras.

Learn the Lingo of Towing

Towing a load isn’t a difficult task, however, you shouldn’t just hop in and drive. Here is what you need to know before you tow.

How Real Toyota Tundra Drivers Are Improving Their Fuel Economy

If Tundra owners or prospective buyers have a complaint, it’s been the Tundra’s lackluster fuel economy ratings.

Win a Custom Emblem For Your Tundra Through Our Facebook Page

It’s time for a new contest! Once again, we have enlisted our Devil Horn making friends over at

10 Popular Accessories for 2014 Toyota Tundra

There are many accessories out there for Toyota Tundra trucks, here are the 10 most popular accessories we see most owners picking up.

New Ram 1500 Owners Report Radio Problems

The new trend towards touch-screen, multi-informational radios is great for rapidly displaying information to drivers.

Ford F-Series Prototype Reduced to Ashes

The internet is abuzz today with pictures of a Ford F-Series Super Duty burning to the ground. While the images are stunning, it is interesting how much (or lack thereof) debris was left.

2014 Toyota A.R.E. Ultimate Fishing Tundra – Featured Vehicle

There are fishing trucks and then there are FISHING TRUCKS. Put this custom 2014 Toyota Tundra in the later category.

2015 Ford F-150′s Minimal Price Hike – No Aluminum Upcharge?

The buzz around the 2015 F-150 for months has been the use of aluminum and how it impact the price of the truck.

Ford Calls in FBI for Possible Engineer Espionage

Ford has called in the FBI to help investigate possible espionage after a longtime engineer was recently fired.

Ford F-150 Order Bank Opening Soon – Poor Timing?

Sources tell us, Ford is planning on opening its order banks on the new 2015 F-150 in the coming weeks.

Devolro Diablo Toyota Tundra Apocalypse Beast – Featured Truck

The people over at Devolro have a new Tundra toy they have named the Diablo. We can certainly see why it was given that name.

Do Toyota Tundra Trucks Have Strut/Shock Issues? Not Really

Written by: Aaron Turpen A complaint in a Tundra forum plus a quick look at a few other Tundra owner’s groups around the Web shows that strut failure is sometimes a problem.

Toyota Exec Confirms New Turbocharged Engine Strategy

A top Toyota executive has reconfirmed their plan to overhaul their engine lineup with new turbocharged and fuel saving options.

Toyota Dealers Hope HQ Move Sparks Diesel Tundra, Other Improvements

North Texas Toyota dealers have an interesting take on the corporate companies relocation to that area.