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U.S. Ford F-Series Annually Crushes Toyota Tundra Sales And Nobody Cares

Editor’s note: This post was inspired by a reader email that echoes a commonly held – yet completely uninformed – point of view. Sledge Hammers New 2015 F-150 Body Panel, Determines Repair is Dramatically More

One of the biggest questions surrounding the new 2015 F-150 is on repairability. Will the new F-150 cost a substantial amount more money to repair than steel?

Toyota’s Cautious Truck Future, 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO Plows New Headquarters

The future of Toyota trucks in North America is at a pretty interesting crossroads right now and breaking ground at a new Texas headquarters with a TRD PRO shines a bit spotlight on it.

Atkinson Variable Displacement V8 Coming To The Tundra

A note from the Editor: with the new Tacoma coming to market with an Atkinson cycle engine, we thought it made sense to republish this older post that explains how it works.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Reveal Recap On

FYI – we published our recap of the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma over at Check out why the new Tacoma will be offered in a new 6-speed manual and why it has keyless ignition.

2015 North American International Auto Show Notes

During a few freezing (I mean FREEZING) days in Detroit at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, we listened, looked and asked questions.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Limited Pre-Release Exterior Photos

For all of our readers and fans interested to see what the new little brother of the Tundra will look like come on over to

Toyota Tundra 2014 Year-End Sales Nearly Hit Target

The first full year of the 2014 Toyota Tundra redesign sales are in the books and they are mixed. While Toyota nearly hit their sales target, this target was really conservative to begin with.

2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Finishes PUTC’s Challenge In Last Place – Here’s Why

Another half-ton challenge is in the books and, almost predictably, the Toyota Tundra finished dead last.

2016 Toyota Tundra – What We Would Like To See

In a few weeks, the Detroit auto show kicks off a hectic spring with a new Nissan Titan, new Toyota Tacoma and possibly a new Ford Raptor being unveiled.

Is Ram Working on a new turbo Pentastar V6? When Will Toyota Update Their Engine Lineup?

A recent report in says Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles is looking to add turbocharging and direct injection to its Pentastar V6 engine.

Tundra Oil Change DIY Guide

Performing your own Tundra oil change can save you money. Here’s how you go about it. Before You Start Always consult your owner’s manual prior to any maintenance.

Debunking Hydrogen Injection Kits With Dr. Jeremy Worm

Hydrogen injection kits that claim to be able to improve your pickup’s fuel mileage just won’t seem to go away.  Regardless of how implausible the advertisements for these products might be – after all, if it were really possible to boost fuel economy by 20 percent, wouldn’t hydrogen kits be standard equipment on all new cars?

2015 F-150 3.5L EcoBoost Vs. 2015 Tundra 5.7 – Is The Fuel Economy A Big Deal?

The big hubbub on the 2015 Ford F-150 is the lighter weight driving fuel savings. To Ford’s credit, the new truck does indeed get better fuel economy than the older one, but how does this fuel economy compare to the 2015 Toyota Tundra over the course of a year?

Toyota Tundra Horn Not Working? Let’s Work it Out!

It can be quite annoying when your horn stops working. Fortunately, it can be a simple fix. We’re going to run through the most common areas where it could have failed to give you the best chance to get it working again.

Most Popular Appearance Mods for Tundras

For some Tundra owners, bone-stock is the way to be. For others, modifications are the first order of business.

Toyota Tundra Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Oxygen sensors are tripped up by the smallest things, and can either cause an annoying check engine light to show on your gauge cluster, or can be the sole cause of your Tundra running like it is sick from the flu.

Is your Camry’s Transmission Whining? It Could Be A Cable – TSB

If you own a 2012-2014 Toyota Camry and hear a high-pitched whine noise that is most noticeable while driving at a steady speed between 40-70 mph, it’s because of the control cable of your Camry’s U760 transaxle.

Toyota Tundra Backup Camera Diagnostic Guide

Does your Tundra have a backup camera in it? If it does then I’m sure that it didn’t take you long to start taking it for granted. Unfortunately if a problem does happen to occur with it you can’t help but feel a little lost without it.