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Britain’s top people carriers: What’s in an MPV?

Although we’ve not got a patch on the Americans, we British do love our big cars. Jeeps and Land Rovers have been extraordinarily popular in the UK for decades, and even though the city car has risen in popularity recently, there’s still a huge market and demand for people carriers or MPVs.

Don’t skimp on quality when replacing car parts

Having to make repairs to your vehicle or replace car parts can be a nerve-wracking experience, particularly if you’re not a particularly knowledgeable motorist or mechanic.

Why isn’t the Replacement of a Windshield Covered by some Car Insurance?

Damage to a windshield can be both annoying and potentially dangerous if it isn’t fixed in a timely manner.

Golden Oldies – The World’s Oldest Cars

It may be a sad fact of today’s modern world but unfortunately things seem like they’re no longer built to last.

The all-new, award-winning 2014 GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC design team took hold of the 2013 Sierra pickup truck and didn’t let go until they had fully redesigned it for 2014.

Insider Tips for Great Deals on Cars

  Everyone’s taste in cars is different. Some will prefer luxury models that provide a smooth driving experience; others want the thrill of horse power.

2015 Ford F-450 Is The Best At Towing

Ford has announced Ford’s 2015 F-450 Super Duty pickup truck will meet the Society of Automotive Engineers’ J2807 towing standard with a capability of hauling 31,200 pounds.

The Painful and Sobering Truths About Car Crashes

There are few things more devastating than having a car crash. Your world is turned upside down, you are injured, sometimes permanently, and you don’t know where to turn.

The All New BMW M4 Convertible

The arrival of the new BMW M4 Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 9.1–8.7 l/100 km [31–32.5 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 213–203 g/km) sees BMW M GmbH making another alluring addition to its legendary high-performance sports car line-up.

5 important car checks before you travel

If you want to avoid the ignominy of being stranded on the roadside with a broken down car waiting for assistance, then here are some basic checks you can readily carry out to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely and without any mechanical problems.

Banger Racing – Welcome to the Motorsport Open to Everybody

  Banger Racing in Aldershot by Charles D P Miller Racing, and racing fast, is something most people will have dreamt about being able to do professionally.

Accessories For Your Motorhome You Never Knew You Needed

There are lots of accessories out there for your motor home, but you’re probably thinking, ‘do I actually need them?

Top ten car brands through market share valuation

This is an interesting time in which to invest in the automotive industry. While the impacts of the global financial crisis continue to be felt, as indeed they do almost everywhere, demand for new cars is high and continues to grow.

Things to Think About When Transporting Your Car Long Distances

How many cars do you have in your household? There is the one you drive to work, and the one your spouse drives.

Everything to Consider When Going on a Road Trip

Summer is an ideal time to explore the country on a road trip. Visiting numerous locales and destinations can very quickly become expensive though; setting a travel budget and planning out the trip before leaving will help to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that even emergencies may be handled with ease.

New or used: which should you choose?

The 1st April has been and gone, with thousands of motorists buying the new ’14’ plate. However, brand new vehicles are thought to depreciate by 20% as soon as they’re driven off the forecourt.

Five Sporting Superstars with Amazing Cars

Samuel Eto’o Samuel Eto’o has amassed a fortune from playing football. The Chelsea star became the highest-paid footballer in the world when he joined Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala in August 2011 in a deal that reportedly paid him €20m after tax per season.

Top Tips for Buying Used Cars

Buying used cars are is trend lately, whether or not because of the crisis. In 2013, the sales totalled 2.1 million units, up by 8.3% over the previous year.

5 Ways to Make a Career in Driving

Driving seems like just an ordinary thing to do probably due to the need for moving from one destination to the next.

The Revolutionary Way Automotive Vehicles are Built Today

Gone are the days when cars were little more than just steel casings welded around an engine. Cars today are sleek and streamlined with many more electronic components compared to the ones produced a decade ago.