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Royal Administration Services Leads Extended Service Contract Requests In Q4

Royal Administration Services recently announced that the company led extended service contracts in the fourth quarter.

How to Maintain Your Luxury Car

So you have treated yourself to a dream car of yours. It is everything you ever wished for and more. You pinch yourself every day to make sure this is real, but now a new fear creeps up on you.

The Best Sports Cars for Daily Driving

The Subaru BRZ can easily be considered a daily driver. (Photo credit: Tino Rossini on Flickr with Creative Commons license.) While sports cars are the nicest, coolest, and most noticeable cars on the road, consistently driving one as your commuting vehicle turns to be a pain after too long.

Is an Automobile Warranty Worth it?

While buying a car, whether new or used, every buyer always faces many questions, one of them being if they should purchase an extended car warranty or not to protect them from expensive vehicle repair bills and tickets.

What to Do if Your Car Will Not Start

The good news for drivers today is that over the years, modern cars have significantly increased in reliability.

Ensure Peace Of Mind With Palmer Car Warranties

The powertrain includes expensive components in a car so it makes sense to go for a plan with full protection.

Five Easy Steps to Buying a Car

Buying a car is a big commitment. If you’re looking to get your first car, it could be very daunting, but the process it is actually very simple.

5 Ways To Protect The Interior Of Your Car

Whether your car is brand new off the lot or you just like to keep things in good condition, it’s important that you take care of the interior.

Here’s Why Automakers Build Concept Cars

Concept cars test consumer desirability for new technology and the evolution of design. Have you ever been to an auto show or seen one covered on television?

Luftgekühlt 4: A Porsche gathering like none other

Canepa Motorsport’s ‘Generation-III’ Porsche 959 Even though the sun light was threatened by intermittent clouds and an early morning rain, it did its best to contribute to the mystique of some of the rarest and most unique Porsches in existence.

Modern day exotics that are true supercars

McLaren’s hyper exotic, the P1. Today’s exotics are so much more, especially when you consider the hypercars being built today by the likes of Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren.

Renting luxury or sports cars in Europe shouldn’t be that hard

A genuine car fanatic does not miss a chance to drive a European automotive piece of art, such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche.

Site review:

Car enthusiasts are very good at abusing the internet. Whether looking for the best price on parts, searching ‘For Sale’ sites for their next car or reading about the latest supercar out of Italy, we dominate Google searches for whatever it is we need.

1969 American Motors AMX/3

1969 American Motors AMX/3 – Featured Any car enthusiast will gladly excuse you for thinking the American Motors Corporation (AMC) was the red-headed stepchild of the motoring world.

Porsche introduces the new mid-engine 911 RSR

Porsche Motorsports developed the car from the ground up for the 2017 racing season In the minds of Porsche enthusiasts, this is groundbreaking.

Using a VIN Number Check to Make a Smart Used Car Purchase

You’re on the quest for the perfect used car, and you’ve heard you need to do a VIN number check to make sure the vehicle you choose is the best value for your dollar.

Flooded cars may jeopardize the used car market

With spring upon us, heavy rains have come to many parts of the country. Looking to the state of Texas alone, 11 counties were declared disaster areas due to extreme weather.

Will autonomous cars control your driving future?

I've thought long and hard about the future of driving as the reality of the autonomous car continues to grow.

McLaren 570GT to debut at London Motor Show

Following its global reveal in February at the Geneva Motor Show, the McLaren 570GT will be shown at the London Motor Show from May 5-8.

Review: Detailing a car with 303 Automotive Products

As the month of April winds down, have you taken the time to detail your car for spring and summer driving?