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Innovative 1951 Nash Airflyte Gets Modern Customizations

Nash Motors was one of the more unusual “orphan” automotive brands from the early 1950s. Nash, which had merged with Kelvinator (an appliance company famous for refrigerators), was known for early innovations, including a heating and ventilation system partly inspired by Kelvinator’s experience with refrigeration.

Eisenhower’s Ride, During His First Presidential Run

Legend has it that Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, had a thing for big Lincolns and Cadillacs.

Ford RS200 Is the Ultimate 1980s Bonkers Rally Machine

Once upon a time, the world of rally racing was so intense that auto manufacturers would stop at nothing to out-duel each on gravel roads, tarmac stages, and deep-woods forest trails.

Preparing Your Car or Truck for Football Season

With football season underway, it’s time to adorn your car or truck to show off your team spirit. Many states allow drivers to buy license plates with college and pro team logos—and eBay has no shortage of team-themed license plate covers and frames.

The 1962 Galaxie Dragster That Brought Ford Back to Racing

It’s hard to believe now, but on June 6, 1957, the Automobile Manufacturers Association banned car companies from racing, including activities ranging from supplying pace cars to advertising speed features.

BMW Water Injection: A New Spin on Old Hot Rod Trick

Water injection technology dates back about 100 years. It works by cooling the cylinder, preventing premature ignition and engine knock.

Taking Vintage Cars Out of Storage: Planning for Spring

Last week we explored the topic of preparing your classic car for winter storage. Let’s continue the discussion by considering an equally important topic: tuning up your vehicle for driving come springtime.

The Supercar Turns 50, Thanks to Lamborghini

In 1963, a tractor manufacturer named Ferruccio Lamborghini decided that he wanted to make cars. He had been frustrated with a Ferrari he had purchased, which led to a brouhaha with the owner of Ferrari—who insulted Signore Lamborhini and told him to stick to manufacturing tractors.

The Superformance Gulf MKI GT40 Is a Worthy Supercar Re-Creation

Ford is currently putting the finishing touches on the new GT—a modern, mid-engine sequel to the Ford GT supercar produced from 2004 to 2006.

How to Pick the Right “Parts Car”

Hang around in the world of classic automobiles long enough, and you’ll inevitably hear someone refer to their “parts car.” That’s the term for a second vehicle that you keep around not to drive, but to cannibalize to supply parts for your actual project vehicle.

The History and Future of Automotive Side View Mirrors

The automotive side view mirror has had different names over time, and has been placed in different locations.

Get Your Classic Car Ready for Winter

Classic car owners living in colder climates face special challenges when the mercury drops. Here’s the central question: drive it or store it?

The Promise and Perils of a Custom Patina

A custom-patina paint job can turn years of neglect into a one-of-a-kind statement of automotive style.

Enhance Your Car’s Performance With a Brake Upgrade

Brakes are obviously a critical component of any vehicle’s performance, so it’s surprising how many drivers ignore them when they do an engine upgrade.

The Car Designed by a Visionary Designer of Kit Airplanes

It’s not surprising that the Litestar Pulse vehicle now listed on eBay looks like a road-bound fighter jet.

1971 Toyota Corona Mark II Wagon Is a One-Owner Time Capsule

Most interest in classic Toyotas focuses on sporty pony car clones like the first-generation Toyota Celica or eye-popping auction queens, such as the Toyota 2000 GT. There’s rarely a mention of the rest of the Japanese giant’s early North American efforts, such as the Toyota Corona Mark II, or the even more rare and gorgeous Corona Mark II wagon currently listed on eBay Motors.

1967 Bianchina Added Flair to Already Stylish Fiat 500

Fiat was absent from the American market for nearly three decades, but came roaring back in 2011 when the re-imagined Cinquecento was introduced.

Taking Pick-Ups to the Extreme: Custom Six-Door Super Trucks

The Ford F-650 and F-750 are America’s ubiquitous medium-duty commercial trucks. They’re typically outfitted as dump trucks, delivery trucks, utility trucks, tow trucks, and moving trucks, as well as recreational and emergency vehicles.

Travel Back in Time With a Vintage Trailer Road Trip

If you’re looking to carve a different path for weekend holiday travels, consider a vintage travel trailer road trip with overnight stays at campgrounds reserved for classics from the post-War era.

Small Is Beautiful for the New Fiat 124 Spider

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the original Fiat 124 Spider, the legendary roadster that won European Car of the Year when it was introduced a half-century ago.