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How to Remove Rusted Nuts and Bolts

Sooner or later, every DIYer will have to deal with a rusted nut or bolt that refuses to budge. When corrosion and moisture get between the threads and fuse the two surfaces together, that’s a problem.

Rear Wings: For Speed or Just Style?

This universal trunk-mount adjustable GT rear wing is made of aluminum. Mounting a spoiler or rear wing to the rear deck of your car can make your ride look very cool.

Chevrolet’s Groundbreaking CERV 1 Concept Racer Headed to Auction

Zora Arkus-Duntov, with the CERV 1 CERV 1, the extraordinary open-wheel concept car produced in the late 1950s, is coming to Barrett-Jackson’s 2017 Scottsdale, Ariz.

Missouri Man Creates Vehicular Art Out of Cargo Vans

When 77-year-old Douglas Clink grew tired of modifying classic cars, he turned his considerable skills loose on an entirely different type of vehicle: cargo vans.

NASCAR Star Fell in Love with a Movie Car, and Restored It

Ray Evernham is well known as the NASCAR crew chief for Jeff Gordon from 1992 to 1999—years in which Gordon took three season championships.

Download Engine Tunes Directly from the Web

The Bully Dog BDX For better or worse, the mechanical components of today’s cars are controlled by software.

Porsche Goes Mid-Engine with 2017 911 RSR

Porsche has a new GT racer for the 2017 racing season: the 911 RSR. It’s a complete redesign of the iconic 911 GT racer. As we covered last week, the RSR retains the iconic design of the Porsche 911, while boldly breaking from 911 tradition by moving the engine from the rear to ahead of the rear axles in the middle of the chassis.

Perfect Combo: A Manual 3-Series Wagon with a Chevy V-8

Enthusiasts dream about the existence of a manual-equipped rear-wheel-drive V-8 station. But they are rarely seen.

The Fine Art of Automotive Hood Ornaments

A traditional radiator cap, with a gauge on top, let drivers know how hot things were getting. In the earliest days of auto design, radiator caps mounted on the front of the car featured thermometers allowing drivers to know if the engine was overheating.

Jaguar Rebuilds Nine XKSS Models, 60 Years After the Original

Jaguar this month unveiled a newly re-created XKSS sports car, a model first built in 1957 and regarded as one of the world’s first supercars.

Galpin Ford’s Wild Customs, Including a Mustang Powered by Four Engines

Tucked into a corner at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show is the Galpin Hall of Customs, a cornucopia of unique, offbeat, and plain wacky automobiles created by local dealer Galpin Ford, an LA fixture since the 1950s.

The 5 Coolest Race Cars at 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show

Auto shows are mostly meant to move metal directly into customers’ driveways. But that doesn’t mean every cool car on the convention center floor is intended for the street.

Gift Guide: Gadgets for Gearheads

Surecan The holidays are just around the corner. Don’t wait until the last minute before picking up a gift or two for the special gearhead in your life.

A Double Whammy: Combining Superchargers and Turbochargers

There’s a new emerging class of small but potent powertrains that deliver great performance and excellent efficiency.

With STO N SHOW, Your Show Car’s License Plate Easily Slides Away

A front license plate is legally required in 31 states in the US. Yet, for proud owners of show cars, the presence of a license plate can distract from the impeccable styling of a fine automobile.

One Day Project: Rebuild Your Carburetor

Think of the carburetor as a mixing bowl for your car’s engine, delivering the proper proportions of air and fuel to the intake manifold based on driving conditions.

Mothers Shine Award Recognizes Talent Wherever Its Found

This year’s Mothers Shine Award, awarded at the recent SEMA show, was issued to a rare 1939 Oldsmobile Series 60 convertible.

How to Tune Your Exhaust Note

Your car’s engine note is the product of many distinct components, design decisions, and systems all working together.

What It Takes to Make an Award-Winning Rat Rod

Rat Rods, by definition, are unfinished, rough around the edges, and well…ratty. They are commonly built from found materials, cobbled together, and fueled on pure inspiration.

An Unfinished Trimuter from the Glory Days of Kit Cars

Do you remember when you could flip through the back of magazines like Popular Mechanics and Mechanix Illustrated to find DIY plans for all kinds of space-age machines and devices?