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Review: 2015 Ford Mustang GT

Grading the New 2015 Ford Mustang GT as a Family Hauler Likes: Sweet, sweet note of a good old American V8 Ample torque and power on tap A nice advancement of the classic design Dislikes: Driving it in the snow Tight backseat space Uninspired MPG I don’t know who was more excited to get the Mustang GT to evaluate, me or my five year-old son.

Performance Car Show, UK

The Performance Car Show has really become a special annual event. All the large companies, teams and drivers come together at the start of the year to display their new machinery and cars.

1948 Ford Coupe with Mercury Flathead V8

eBay Listing: 1948 Ford Coupe, rebuilt Mercury Flathead, perfect chrome Truthfully, we are partial to Fords built from 1940-1948.

2015 Aston Martin Portfolio: The Westlake Village Experience

Likes: Impeccable exhausts systems Prodigious V12 power and intelligent suspension performance Desirable color combinations Dislikes: Tough visibility in Coupes It was a very enthusiastic, compelling and brilliant afternoon when Automotive Rhythms tested the 2015 family of Aston Martins in Westlake Village, California a few days ago.

VORE Off-Road Truck Racing Experience

A few months ago, I met up with my family in Las Vegas for a little vacation. While they were enjoying the sights of the city, I was invited to check out the Vegas Off-Road Experience (VORE) out in the desert.

Review: 2015 BMW X4 xDrive28i

Likes: Drives like a Bimmer Great handling for a crossover Decent fuel economy for a performance SAV Dislikes:  Weird in-between segment of vehicle  Cargo and passenger room is relatively tight  Design lacks excitement Our post-post-modern age is subject to all kinds of ambiguities, sub-niches, gender-bending and confusion.

1972 Volkswagen Bus, Scooby Doo Where are You?

eBay Listing: 1972 VW Bus, aka The Mystery Machine Zoinks! What crime-solving group of teenagers known as Mystery Inc.

First Look at the New Cars of ‘Furious 7’

The Internet nearly blew up after the ‘Furious 7’ trailer was shown during the Superbowl. The trailer for the seventh Fast and Furious featured crazy physics-defying stunts, angry cars, many explosions and intense one-liners.

Review: 2015 BMW X6 M, Brawn and Brains

2015 BMW X6 M: Brawn and Brains Likes: Prodigious power from the 4.4-liter V8 Customizable performance settings  Dislikes: Minimal second row headroom The 2015 BMW X6 M is the baddest performance SUV or SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) on the market.

1960 Buick LeSabre, This is Your Grandfather’s Buick

eBay Listing: 1960 Buick LeSabre restomod Lucifer himself might find the paintwork on this 1960 Buick Lesabre dark and mysterious, even quite tasty, with its sinister shade of blood red.

Autosport International 2015

UK’s Biggest Show for the Racing Industry In Great Britain Autosport International is quite possibly the best show for any type of person remotely interested in motorsports.

Review: 2015 Zero SR | Zero Motorcycles

Paving a Green Path for Electric Motorcycles Likes: Comfortable seats, placement of handle bars and foot pegs make it an overall comfortable ride Easy to operate (no clutch, no shifting) Great visual appeal.

Pickup Truck Surprises and Insights from the Detroit Auto Show

While the annual North American International Auto Show in Detroit always generates “buzz” about the auto industry, this year was a little different.

Review: 2015.5 Volvo V60 Cross Country

Safety by Default, Sport on Purpose Likes: Superb AWD system Sporty and replete with utility Dislikes: Tight second row Small 7-inch infotainment display What’s not to like about a Scandinavian designed ride?

First Car Buying Tip for Teens

Many people put pen to paper when the time comes time for their first car. That first car should be safe, practical, reliable, fuel efficient, and yes, boring.

Avoid a Breakdown with a Belt Check

You may not see them, or know much about them, but engine belts are always working to keep your vehicle moving.

Zero Motorcycles – Breaking Records, Building Better Bikes

Every day, one can see that times are changing. Real-time communication is becoming easier and more convenient, Google put its first self-driven car on the road, and electric vehicles are gaining in popularity.

Two Lane Blacktop Chevy, You Can Never Go Fast Enough

Imagine building the iconic 1955 Chevrolets used in the 1971 cult classic “Two-Lane Blacktop” and then walking away from fabricating more movie cars for Hollywood.

Review: 2015 BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid, BMW’s Hipster Hybrid

Photo credit: Norman Woo and Derek Mau Likes: Sublime “glued to the road” AWD handling Powerful acceleration Quiet demeanor when driven in Eco Pro or eDrive mode Able to turn heads everywhere you go with its striking design Dislikes: Able to turn heads everywhere you go with its striking design Not a comfortable fit for drivers with long legs BMW infotainment system continues to be a weak link Tight space restrictions limit carrying anything beyond you and a passenger The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid built on BMW’s principles of sustainable mobility, but don’t buy the i8 for its zero emissions qualities.

1961 International Harvester Metro Mite

eBay Listing: 1961 International Harvester Metro Mite Delivery Step Van “Are you rockin’ the rust?” should be met with a resounding, “hellz yeah!