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Buying a Vehicle on eBay Motors: A Buyer’s Perspective

The Motors team invests in providing tips designed to help you improve your performance and experience on eBay.

How to Satisfy Your Craving For a V12, Even on a Budget

Aston Martin earlier this month took the wraps off the DB11, its all-new grand touring coupe. Like any top-spec Aston, a 12-cylinder beast of a motor lives under the hood—although it’s not the same 6.0-liter mill derived from Ford that the company has produced since 1999.

How to Keep the Phone Ringing 12 Months a Year

July and August are traditionally very busy months for vehicle sellers, as people tend to come into the dealership more often than any other time of year.

Free Webinars: Learn How to Get More Traction From Your Listings

Looking for ways to get more traction from your Vehicles and Parts listings? Well, you’re in luck: eBay has a bunch of free webinars for dealers, hosted by top-level Motors account managers.

Introducing the eBay Motors Vehicle Merchandising Platform

eBay Motors is excited to announce the release of our new merchandising and inventory tool for vehicle sellers, the eBay Motors Vehicle Merchandising Platform.

Interview with Vehicle Merchandising Platform Customer Service Manager

As part of eBay Motors’ recent acquisition of Cargigi, we now have a new inventory and merchandising platform.

A Brief History of Whitewall Tires

They say fashion is ephemeral—but style is eternal. If that’s true, then what’s happened to the whitewall tire?

1970 Challenger Grabs Attention with Purple Paint and Six Pack Under the Hood

You have to hand it to the designers from Detroit. They knew how to get attention, as they did by calling a 1970 Dodge Challenger “Plum Purple.” That name and color stuck in the car buyer’s mind, and continues to garner attention to classic examples like this one on eBay.

In Age of Computerized Cars, Old-School Tuning Is Alive and Well

While electronic engine controls have enabled engineers to create more powerful and fuel-efficient cars, they’ve also created a barrier between automotive technology and the home mechanic.

The Original Nose of a Torino King Cobra

When the aerodynamically-optimized Dodge Charger Daytona took the NASCAR world by storm in 1969, Ford responded with the pointy-nosed Torino King Cobra.

Behind the Wheel of the Lamborghini Huracán LP 580-2

Automakers want even their most exotic high-performance vehicles to remain accessible to common drivers.

Three Key Pieces of Advice About Performance Tires

One of our favorite topics on the eBay Motors blog is tires. That’s because tires (as well as wheels) can be the most direct way to modify the performance of your car.

Where You Gonna Keep That Spare Tire? We Have Some Ideas

Spare tires are an endangered species. In a world where wheel sizes have ballooned to the point where it’s not uncommon to find 20-inch rims on an affordable coupe, the amount of space required to carry a full-size spare has nixed their inclusion in a wide variety of vehicles.

Rare Surviving Coupe from OSI, the 1960s Italian Coach Builder

A small coach building company called Officine Stampaggi Industriali (OSI) was formed in Turin in 1960.

1967 Volvo 123GT Is the Rarest of Amazons

The Volvo Amazon might be most famous for being the first US-market car to be offered with standard three-point seat belts, but dig a little deeper into Volvo lore and you’ll turn up the 123GT model.

eBay Listing: Entire Turnkey Vintage Indy Racing Team

Vintage open-wheel race cars are the top dogs of the vintage racing circuit. The idea of actually owning and racing a top-notch team would be pure fantasy, right?

Pop-up Camper Vans: The Custom Solution for Exploring the Great Outdoors

If you’re not a fan of tent camping but don’t have the funds for a motorhome, there’s another option to consider: a full-size van with a pop-up camper.

Any Car Can Be Turned Into a Pickup, Right?

What happens when you need the versatility of a pickup truck bed, but don’t necessarily want to drive a full-time truck?

Deciding to Buy Original or Aftermarket Auto Parts: The Online Transaction

This is the third article in our three-part guide on OEM versus aftermarket parts. In the first installment, we established the basic terms.

1957 Fiat Nuova 500 Is the Most Thrilling Turbocharged STI Swap in History

Have you ever looked at a classic car and had this thought? Wow, it’s so beautiful—if only it had a modern motor in it to give it a little more grunt, it would be perfect.