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BMW pimps out this 540i with a lot of M Performance Parts

Over the last few years, BMW has been pushing hard into the world of aftermarket parts. Nearly the entire range of BMW cars and trucks has received some sort of M Performance Program, that not only enhanced the looks of their cars, but also performance.

This will be the hottest BMW 5 Series to buy

When it comes to market early next year, the hottest 5 Series model to own will be the all-new M550i.

INTERVIEW: Holger Hampf, BMW Head of Customer Experience Design

Back in October, we attended the 100 Years celebration of BMW in Santa Monica where the main theme was the future of mobility.

2017 BMW X1 and 2017 BMW 2 Series Earn IIHS “Top Safety Pick”

Today the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the 2017 BMW X1 and 2017 BMW 2 Series a “Top Safety Pick”, continuing the company’s long-standing commitment to offering class-leading safety with each new model.

INTERVIEW: BMW 5 Series Head of Product Management Dr. Wolfgang Hacker

Right now, the automotive world is buzzing with news of the new BMW 5 Series. New for this year, the 5 Series is now in its G30-generation and is showing massive signs of improvement.

Can you choose between the three: ALPINA E30 B6 vs Mercedes-Benz 190 EVO II vs Nissan Skyline R32

Three of the world’s most magnificent touring cars stemmed from the BMW E30 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz 190E and Nissan Skyline R32.

Conan O’Brien drives a BMW i8 on Autobahn

Awhile back, Conan O’Brien, the host of the late night talk show “Conan”, went to Berlin. Conan does this periodically, where he goes to different countries and basically gets into shenanigans for his show.

The father of all BMW M4 GTS sport cars

With only 803 units sold globally, the BMW M4 GTS is as rare as it can get for a future collectors car.

Video: Here’s How the 2017 MINI Countryman Was Revealed in LA

It’s been almost a month since the 2017 MINI Countryman made its world debut in front of a live audience at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

BMW X2 Could Spawn Range Rover Evoque Convertible Rival

The fabled and seemingly much desired convertible SUV niche seems to be doing great these days. There’s only one model available out there in this configuration and it hails from Britain.

Video: 2017 BMW 330i Reviewed by Consumer Reports

The guys from Consumer Reports have been critical of BMW in the past, sometimes being a bit too harsh but in recent years things started to change.

Video: ESS Tuned BMW M5 Takes on Lamborghini Huracan on Drag Strip

Taking on a proper supercar on the drag strip is definitely not for the faint of heart or those lacking some serious power under the hood.

Will BMW ever jump on the off-road wagon train?

Audi, unfortunately, started it all with the Audi Allroad about a decade ago. The idea is to take a standard wagon, add some weird plastic body cladding, jack the ride height up a couple of inches and give it a pseudo off-road name and voila — off-road wagon.

Hamann releases its upgrade package for BMW M2

One of the biggest BMW tuners in the world, Hamann, has just released its official tuning package for BMW’s hottest new car — the BMW M2.

BMW says electrification and autonomy won’t affect the Ultimate Driving Machine

Right now, BMW is one of the leading auto manufacturers for electric vehicles. However, this is simply by default, as not many other automakers have electric vehicles.

Video: Supercharged BMW M3 Models Drift in Soviet Missile Base

The current BMW M3 model was received with a rather cold and undeserving reluctance. The thing is, moving from naturally aspirated mills to turbocharged ones isn’t such a devastating change for most people.

Video: BMW M6 Gran Coupe vs Alpina B6 Gran Coupe: Which Is Best?

The CEO of Alpina Automobiles said, in a recent interview, that the offerings of his company don’t really rival those from the BMW M division.

BMW Launches Heritage Collection M3 Models for Singapore

Singapore is one of those places where it might actually hurt to be a car guy. That’s because prices for decent cars over there are usually through the roof.

Alpina Claims BMW M Models Aren’t Threatened by Their Offerings

The collaboration between BMW and Alpina started long ago, when the M Division was actually in its incipient stages.

Changes to the BMW Motorsport program in 2017

Four BMW teams, RMG, RBM, MTEK and Schnitzer will continue to compete in 2017, but with some new areas of operation.