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Why does South America seek to extend import quotas with Mexico?

Brazil and Argentina are holding conversations with Mexico to renew the quota system that was implemented in 2012.

Middle East: The new “promised land” for pharma?

Economically, the Middle East (ME) is well positioned to be the one of next growth engine of global pharmaceutical sales: several countries in the region enjoy robust economic growth and the highest cash reserves per capita in the world – in spite of the recent “Great Deflation” in oil prices.

Oil price crash to make widespread impact on upstream costs in 2015

The global plunge in crude prices is having broad repercussions throughout the upstream energy supply chain, with the labor, project management, oil rig, subsea and steel segments all expected to experience cost declines in 2015 and 2016.

Crude oil crash set to boost China’s economy in 2015—but not enough to reverse price slide

The ongoing drop on oil prices will boost China’s economy only moderately this year, and will not be enough to spur a demand renaissance that by itself would allow the country to bring global crude supply and demand back into balance.

Sentimental journey: How turn social media data into actionable intelligence

Analysis of social media is an important tool for spotting trends and forecasting markets. But deriving actionable intelligence from social media data requires a sophisticated framework that includes a host of capabilities.

Hybrid Demand Softens, but EVs Gain

Full-year 2014 U.S. new vehicle registration data suggest the recent decline in gas prices has impacted the mix of fuel type in new registered vehicles.  Hybrid market share declined in 2014 for the first time since 2011, with hybrids now accounting for 3.1% of all new vehicle registrations.

Gas flaring regulations drive new technology development in the Bakken

Oil and gas regulation drives mobile CNG technology, reduces flaring in Bakken Unconventional resources are rich areas of innovation and technology development in the oilfield.

The fifty shades of grey of IRP

The fifty shades of grey of international reference pricing (IRP):  it’s a connection probably lost on the majority of those flocking to see the film adaptation of E.

Four steps companies can take to better manage operational risk

After corporate accounting scandals grabbed the headlines in the early 2000’s, most companies established the necessary financial management discipline to avoid such disasters.

Revolutionary medicine: Eye on Cuba’s pharma industry development following plans to ...

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro recently gave his approval for talks between the US and Cuba aimed at restoring diplomatic relations following a long embargo – an embargo which has also had implications on the pharmaceutical industry by, for example, impeding the global development of TK inhibitor nimotuzumab.

The symbiosis of HMI and automated driving

Buttons and knobs are so passé. Drivers around the world have been using them to control radios since the 1950s.

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play hit hard by falling oil prices

High-cost shale plays are first on the chopping block for oil companies looking to trim budgets amid lower oil prices.

Why social license is simple in theory and hard in practice

Social license is no longer just the job of the corporate social responsibility team. With activists and local communities around the world causing disruption to mining, energy and agribusiness operations, gaining buy-in from a wider range of stakeholders is increasingly becoming a front-and-center priority, driving financial performance and stakeholder value.

Mexico’s Energy Opening in the Low Oil Price Environment

Mexico’s opening continues to advance with Bid Round 1 for foreign investment, but low oil and gas prices present challenges and potential delays.  Mexico’s Energy Reform continues to move forward but the recent deflation of the price of oil has resulted in new bid conditions and timing for bids.

Intra-country tiered pricing strategies: Let’s get going

Last year, when I shared some of our research findings on global pharmaceutical tiered pricing strategies, I highlighted the acute need for further pricing granularity to address intra-country income disparities.

Oil price plunge set to spur widespread drilling project cancellations in Europe and Brazil

The IHS Unconventional Energy Blog will provide a brief weekly extract from the client program, Oil: The Great Deflation, a comprehensive view on the impacts of lower oil prices.

The economics of Ebola vaccine production

In the historic surroundings of the UK Houses of Parliament a group of leading vaccine experts and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry gathered last month to discuss the economics of Ebola vaccine production.

With growth cooling, emerging economies must focus on reform

What's going on in emerging markets (EM)? After decades of economic growth, some of the EM countries, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, are experiencing progressive deceleration or economic stagnation.

US oil production growth set to cease in the second half, signaling end to crude price plunge

The plunge in crude oil prices will spur a cut in U.S. capital investment in drilling during the second half of this year, which will signal the beginning of a bottoming for the market.

Jeep's success: more than the Cherokee

Jeep’s new registrations through the first eleven months of 2014 were up an industry-leading 44% versus a year ago, far more than runner-up Mitsubishi’s 29% gain or third-place Subaru’s 26% increase (Maserati’s 231% jump out-paces all other makes but Maserati’s results are measured against an exceptionally low 2013 total).  Looking at Jeep’s extraordinary 2014 results from another perspective, the brand’s eleven-month volume gain of 192,760 new registrations is more than Audi’s total eleven month volume.