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Honda CR-Z Gets Factory-Approved Supercharger

The Honda CR-Z attempted to walk the fine line between being a sporty coupe and a frugal fuel-sipper.

Algae And Wastewater Could Fuel The Future

Clean water and clean fuels are two of the most pressing issues humanity faces in the coming decade, and Algae Systems may have the solution to both.

2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost MPG Leaked

The 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost is one of the most talked-about and anticipated cars of this year, and Ford has slowly been trickling out information about the four-cylinder turbo ‘Stang.

Tesla Developing 500-mile Graphene Battery?

Elon Musk has bet his fortune on the future electric cars, and he knows that Tesla has to stay on the forefront of battery technology.

2015 Ford Fusion Drops Manual Transmission

While about half of new cars sold in Europe come with a shift-for-yourself manual transmission, the take rate in America is much, much lower.

Audi: 40% Of Luxury Cars Will Be EVs By 2030

Though electric cars represent less than 1% of all new car sales today, in 15 years the market could look decidedly different, especially among luxury automakers.

New Volvo Garbage Truck Uses Only CNG

Natural gas vehicles represent a potential stepping stone to a cleaner, greener transportation system, though many consumers are wary of a lack of CNG stations and less power.

Saab 9-3 EV Showcased While NEVS Looks For Cash

Until late last year, the car company known as Saab hadn’t produced a single car since late 2009. Then along came National Electric Vehicle Sweden, which restarted production with the hopes of introducing all-electric models to China and Sweden, but those hopes are hanging by a thread as NEVS struggles to pay its bills.

Review: 2014 Mazda Miata MX-5

There are only a few scenarios where the Mazda Miata makes sense; after all, a small convertible two-seater with barely enough trunk space for a set of golf clubs is going to have limited appeal.

Toyota Prius Sub21 Is A Participation Award

The Nürburgring has become the defacto testing ground for performance cars from the farthest reaches of the world.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Finishes Cross-Asia Rally

Hybrid vehicles haven’t typically been portrayed as strong or versatile vehicles; they do one thing, really, really well.

Hybrid Hyundai Prius Competitor Caught Testing

Hyundai took a big step back this year when it announced that the Sonata Hybrid would be put out to pasture, replaced by the more conventional Sonata Eco.

Yes, The Autonomous Google Car Will Speed

There are a lot of nagging, unanswered questions surrounding the public policy and moral implications behind autonomous cars.

Electric Car Etiquette: You Just Got Musked

As electric vehicles grow in popularity and public EV chargers begin to pop up at shopping centers across the US, a type of EV charging etiquette has formed with terms such as “ICE’d” and “Musked” entering the lexicon.

Video: Jaguar XE Connectivity Bonanza

Dr. Mike Bell of Jaguar is back with another video on the many features the all-new Jaguar XE will utilize to make driving safer and more engaging.

Now You Can Rent A Tesla Model S

Got $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket but not sure the Tesla Model S is the car for you? Now you can rent one first to help you make you make up your mind.

European E-Bike Sales On The Rise

A few years ago a report came out that electric bicycles, or e-bikes, were ready to make a massive impact on the global economy.

Audi Plans Refined Four-Cylinder Engine

To promote better fuel economy, Audi would like to fit four-cylinder engines to all its cars, including luxury models like the A8L.

A List Of Celebrities Who Love Their Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has proven a wildly-popular car with EV enthusiasts and celebrities alike. So who are these A listers anyhow?

Copper Thieves Target Charging Stations

Where once there were just a handful of EV charging stations in select areas, now just about every major American city has plenty of public and private charging points for electric cars.