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Gov’t Officials to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers

After years of broken promises about new jobs and a boost to the economy, Gov't Officials are set to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers The post Gov’t Officials to Tour Elio Motors Factory Looking for Answers appeared first on Gas 2.

New Diesel Emission Policies Kill 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300d

New Diesel Emission Policies in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal have Killed off the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300d in the The post New Diesel Emission Policies Kill 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300d appeared first on Gas 2.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Car Rated 366 Mile Range By EPA

It’s official. The Honda Clarity fuel cell sedan due out by the end of this year is officially rated by the EPA as the longest range electric car offered for sale in America — 366 miles.

Every Future Telsa Capable Of Autonomous Driving — For A Price

The hardware for full autonomous driving is now included in every Tesla made, but activating the software will cost buyers $8,000 above the base price of the car.

What Is A Sports Car And Why Would Anybody Want One?

According to Automotive News, sales of sports cars are down almost 10% this year. Even the iconic Chevrolet Corvette, with is super swoopy space age syling, is suffering a sales decline of nearly 14% so far this year.

43% Of Californians To Consider An Electric Car By 2025

A recent survey says 43% of Californians are considering buying or leasing an electric car by 2025. The majority think car companies are not really committed to EVs and would rather sell big trucks.

Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Arriving In 2017

Toyota’s first production hydrogen fuel cell buses will begin hitting the streets of Tokyo, Japan, in early 2017, according to recent reports.

Self Driving, Fuel Cell Buses Lead The Way In Green Transportation

Singapore will begin an experiment with self driving buses in a closed loop system in 2018. Toyota will begin selling hydrogen fuel cell powered buses next year.

The Art Of Drag Racing In The Rain: Tesla P100D w/Ludicrous

The crew of Drag Times recently took their brand new Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode out and did some 0 to 60 runs on wet roads.

That Was Then, This Is Now. Atieva Changes Name To Lucid Motors

In the past week, Atieva has changed its name to Lucid Motors and release a few teaser photos of its proposed electric sedan.

Bllomberg, Fitch Predict Oil “Death Spiral” As Early As 2023.

Bloomberg and Fitch Ratings both predict a massive sell off of fossil fuel and utility industry stocks as early as 2023 due to the increasing number of electric cars on the road.

Lynk & Co SUV Photo And Details Revealed

The Lynk & Co 01 SUV will be based on the Volvo V40.1 concept car from last spring. It is about the same size as a Hyundai Tucson and will be offered in the US some time in the future.

Details Released About New Fisker Electric Sedan

Henrik Fisker took to Twitter yesterday to release a teaser photo of his upcoming electric sedan due in 2017.

Ran into an Old Friend at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

As you might recall from another post earlier this week, I was at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas over the weekend when I ran into Elio’s little orange sales-mobile.

LeEco Unveils LeSEE Concept; Faraday Future Aims For CES 2017

LeEco unveiled its LeSEE concept electric car in San Francisco yesterday. Faraday Future says its production concept car will appear at CES The post LeEco Unveils LeSEE Concept; Faraday Future Aims For CES 2017 appeared first on Gas 2.

Want A Self Driving Car? Tesla Has You Covered

Every Tesla built now comes with all the hardware needed to make it a true Level 5 self driving car. The software to make that dream a reality will follow.

Head Of Manufacturing Praises Tesla Plan For Making Cars

Peter Hochholdinger is Tesla's head of production. He is the person in charge of ramping up from 100,000 to 500,000 cars a year.

All-Electric Corvette Debuts at Ridiculous Price

Have you been dreaming about an electric Corvette that goes 200 MPH and costs more than a house? This is what you've been waiting for!

The Difference Between Energy And Power In An Electric Car

We’re car guys and gals here. We know about compression ratios, bore and stroke, horsepower versus torque, and what overdrive means.

LG Chem Expects 30,000 Chevy Bolt Sales

LG Chem says it expects Chevrolet to sell about 30,000 of its Bolt electric car next year. LG Chem makes the battery for the car.