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Tesla Model X Tops List of 2017 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Sport utility vehicles are generally known as comfortable, spacious family transportation. The Tesla Model X ranked #1 in a Consumer Reports test of fuel-efficient SUVs.

First Roborace Autonomous Car Competition Ends In Crash

The first Roborace competition ended when one of the contestants missed a turn and crashed heavily. The good news is no one was hurt.

Canada Fossil Fuel Subsidies Total $3.3 Billion

Environmental groups say Canada provides $3.3 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies to oil and gas producers despite its pledge to be a world leader on climate change policies.

General Motors Asks State To Block Autonomous Car Competition

General Motors is pushing legislation in several states that would prevent Uber and Waymo from testing autonomous cars on their roads.

GM Autonomous Car Fleet May Launch In 2018

Sources tell Reuters that the GM autonomous car fleet could number in the thousands as soon as 2018. GM will use the Chevy Bolt as the basis for is self driving cars.

Formula One Suspension Turmoil Could Upset Season Opener

A dispute is brewing over Formula One suspension rules just prior to the start of winter testing.

Gas2 Week in Review, February 19: Fuels, Drone Taxis, Solar Ambulances — and More

If you've missed any of the Gas2 news stories this week, here are the Top Five that brought to light innovations or controversies in transportation and sustainability The post Gas2 Week in Review, February 19: Fuels, Drone Taxis, Solar Ambulances — and More appeared first on Gas 2.

Massachusetts Could Use 100% Renewable Energy By 2050

Massachusetts may become the first state to require renewable energy for all its power needs including industry and heating.

EHang Autonomous Drone Service Coming To Dubai This Summer

The Roads and Transportation Authority says it intends to begin offering a passenger service this summer using a fleet of EHang autonomous drones.

GM And Toyota Want Autonomous Car Regulations Loosened

Representatives from GM, Toyota, Volvo and Lyft told a house sub-committee this week that NHTSA should loosen the rules that govern the use of autonomous cars on US highways.

Solar Powered Ambulance Will Save Lives In Bangladesh

A solar powered ambulance developed in Bangladesh could save lives by making it possible for people in rural areas to get medical treatment in a timely fashion when an medical emergency takes place.

Tesla Will Repair Model S Crash Damage To Car Owned By Good Samaritan

Tesla will pay to repair a Model S that was used in a daring highway rescue last week. The owner used his Tesla to bring a Volkswagen to a halt on the Autobahn after the driver suffered a stroke.

New Long Island Tesla Gallery Is a Lure for New Model 3 Buyers

With the new Model 3 ready to start production, Tesla is looking to reach out to a new audience. It's LI gallery is one way The post New Long Island Tesla Gallery Is a Lure for New Model 3 Buyers appeared first on Gas 2. Petition Calls Out Mark Fields

Tesla owner Bruce Lane has initiated a petition addressed to Ford CEO Mark Fields asking him to stop whining about fuel economy standards and start building compelling electric cars.

How Much Does A WiFi Hotspot For Your Car Cost?

A WiFi hotspot is almost a necessity in today's automobiles. But which wireless plan is best for you?

Auto Makers Continue Their Attack On Fuel Economy Standards

18 car manufacturers wrote to Donald Trump last week asking him to help them sell more enormous gas guzzling automakers because, Hey!

Tesla Opens New Pop Up Store Inside Australia’s Largest Retailer

Tesla has opened a new pop-up showroom inside the Myer department store in Melbourne, Australia. Myer is the largest merchandiser in the country.

Kansas City Power & Light Leads EV Charging In America’s Heartland

2 years ago, Kansas City Power & Light began installing 1,000 EV charging stations in its service area.

China Plays Politics With Hyundai EV Production

Hyundai is experiencing political headwinds as it tries to bring new hybrid vehicles to the Chinese market.

Workhorse Hybrid Delivery Vans Are 5 Times More Efficient

If you are in business, it’s all about the bottom line. Saving the world is all well and good, but not if it means lower profits.