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2018 Volvo XC60 Production Begins, Priced Below $43,000 In Europe

Volvo has begun production of the updated 2018 Volvo XC60, the midsize SUV that accounts for one third of all Volvo sales.

Say Hello To Compound Turbocharging Thanks To 48 Volt Electrical Systems

The e-booster from Borg Warner uses an electric supercharger to boost torque at low engine speeds until the turbocharger can take over.

Gas2 Week in Review, April 29: Electric Cars and their Effects on the Marketplace

Many of our readers' most popular stories this week on Gas2 surrounded electric cars. With lots of predictions coming out of the research realm, our readers offered their 2 cents about what is possible vs.

Musk Talks Tunnels, Trucks, And Factories At TED2017

In Vancouver for the TED2017 conference, Elon Musk teased a photo of the Tesla Semi and hinted he would announce up to 4 new Gigafactories this year.

Dieselgate Fallout: VW to Sell Ducati

The diesel emissions scandal that rocked Volkswagen to the tune of tens of billions of dollars last year continues to send shock waves throughout the company.

EV Fast Charging Companies Get Green Light From London

Fastned is well on its way to becoming one of the largest electric car charging networks in Europe. Last week, it announced it was working with German authorities to construct a fast charging network in that country.

Panasonic Opens New Battery Factory In China

Panasonic has opened a new 860,000 square foot battery factory in Dailin, China where it expects to produce lithium ion battery cells for "new energy vehicles" for the Chinese market beginning this year.

Tesla Will Now Train Auto Body Specialists Online. Is That A Good Thing?

Tesla is now offering body repair training online as it plans for how to handle the influx of many more of its vehicles on the road and bumping into things.

Dubai Shows Off Its First Solar Powered Gas Station

The first solar powered gas station in the United Arab Emirates has opened In Dubai. Its rooftop solar system generates all the electricity it needs and feeds the excess back into the utility grid.

467 Tesla Factory Robots & New Blue Model 3 Spy Shots

Originally published on Gas2. If you thought a company that plans to start mass producing a new electric car on July 1 would have its factory finished already, think again.

Volvo + Autoliv Autonomous Car Project is Live

Volvo + Autoliv Autonomous Car Project, Zenuity, is finally Live after a $125 million investment- plans to start building cars in The post Volvo + Autoliv Autonomous Car Project is Live appeared first on Gas 2.

Tesla Model S Stripped of Top Safety Rating

After months of failing to deliver promised safety features, Tesla Model S and Model X cars were Stripped of Top Safety Ratings by Consumer Reports The post Tesla Model S Stripped of Top Safety Rating appeared first on Gas 2.

Williams Formula E Experience Will Make Better EV Battery Possible

The lessons learned by Williams Advanced Engineering in the first two Formula E seasons have led to changes that will make a normal EV battery more reliable and run cooler.

Automakers Eyeing Higher Octane Gasoline To Lower Emissions

Automakers and oil companies are working together to develop higher octane gasoline for more efficient engines with lower carbon emissions.

30 Million Americans Would Consider Buying An Electric Car

A survey by AAA shows 15% of all American car buyers would consider buying an electric car and 32% buying a hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

“I’d Like to Drive a Hybrid Car” Hyundai Commercial Debunks Stereotypes

Hybrid cars should have much higher sales in the U.S. They’re a compromise between the conscious knowledge that fossil fuel engines hurt the environment and the subconscious stress produced by range anxiety.

Total Predicts Electric Cars Will Decrease Demand For Gasoline By 2030

Total, one of the world's largest oil producers, says it expects demand for gasoline to level off or decline by 2030 as the number of electric cars sold worldwide increases to as much as 30% of the new car market.

Fisker EMotion Electric Car Previewed Ahead Of August Reveal

New photos of the Fisker EMotion electric car have appeared on line. The company says the 400 mile electric car will be introduced August 17 with production scheduled to begin in 2018.

The First Rule Of Business At Uber Is The Opposite Of Don’t Be Evil

Every organization reflects the values of its leader. In the case of Uber, that may not be such a good thing.

Continental Invests More In Electric Car Propulsion, Less In Internal Combustion Engines

Continental, one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, is planning to lower its investment in internal combustion powertrains and boost investment in electric car components.