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Scotland Gets 100% Of Its Electricity From Wind Power For 24 Hours

This weekend, Scotland generated more than 100% of its electrical  needs from wind turbines. That’s great news.

Nissan Re-Invents The Internal Combustion Engine – Again

Nissan says it has invented a new variable compression engine that has the power of a turbo with the torque and fuel economy of a diesel.

Natural Gas Is Not A Bridge Fuel, It’s A Death Sentence

Natural gas has been touted as a "bridge fuel" that will help the world transition to a zero emissions future.

Deutsche Post Will Sell Electric Delivery Van Starting In 2017

DHL has designed and developed an electric delivery van for intra-urban use. It plans to begin manufacturing them and selling them to other companies starting in 2017.

Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Plans Revealed To EV Obsession

There are reports that Tesla has begun installing a new camera with three lenses in its new cars this week as it plunges ahead with its drive to bring self driving technology to market sooner rather than later.

Sierra Club Gives Auto Dealers Failing Grade On EV Salesmanship

Tesla insists the only way to sell an EV is direct to the public. Its stores are just there so people can come in, touch the cars, ask questions, and arrange for test drives.

Except For Tesla, Used EV Prices Are Scary Low

Used EV prices continue to fall as buyers shy away from cars with limited range. A three year old Nissan LEAF now wholesales for less than 20% of MSRP.

Tesla 100 kWh Battery Approved For Sale In Europe

Tesla Motors has been granted approval to offer a 100 kWh battery in Europe. The larger battery will be offered in the Model S and Model X.

Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks Exempt From Fuel Economy Reports

Heavy duty pickup trucks are exempt from reporting fuel economy numbers to regulators and buyers. That made sense once but not any more.

Subaru All Wheel Drive Crossover In The Works

Reports from Japan say Subaru may introduce an all electric crossover by 2021, although the company says it has made no final decisions.

Battery 500 Consortium Targets Development Of High Power Batteries

With the help of up to $50 million in grants from the federal government, a consortium of research labs, universities, and industry will try to create batteries with at least 500 watt-hours per kilogram of power that cost less than $100 per kilowatt-hour.

Audi Working On Electro-mechanical Rotary Dampers

Audi is studying electro-mechanical dampers that will give better ride control and generate small amounts of electricity.

ABB Pioneers Fast Charging Using Supercapacitors

Swiss electronics giant ABB has been testing a rapid recharging system using supercapacitors on buses in Geneva since 2103.

The Term “Plug-in Hybrid” Leaves Many Shoppers Dazed And Confused

Say "plug-in hybrid" to most people and they won't know what you are talking about. The industry needs to do a better job of educating consumers instead of whining that no one wants to buy a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric car.

Insane Trump Energy Policy Would Put Entire World At Risk

Donald Trump says he will spearhead a "total rethink" of US energy policy, but his ideas are just a reprise of the "Drill, baby, drill" mantra.

Ulra Low Viscosity Oil Approved By General Motors

Idemitsu Lubricants is the first to make an ultra-low viscosity oil that exceeds GM's lastest dexos-1 standard.

GM Wants To Be New Leader In Diesel Powertrains

GM says it would like to take over leadership in diesel engine technology now that Volkswagen has fumbled the ball so badly.

Green Tech Automotive Misses First Loan Payment

Green Tech Automotive has failed to make its first payment on a $3 million loan extended to it by the state of Mississippi.

New BMW Ads Make Fun Of Wait Time For Tesla Model 3

BMW has released two new ads designed to get Tesla Model 3 reservation holders to stop waiting and buy a plug-in hybrid BMW 330e today instead of waiting.

The Motorcycle Touchscreen Is Becoming More Popular

Polaris, maker of Indian and Victory motorcycles, is now offering a touchscreen navigation system that operates much like an i-Phone.