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Ford Fusion Energi Is Bright Spot In Green Car Sales

Sales of the Ford Fusion Energi and Ford C-Max Energi are up at a time when green car sales in America are disappointing.

Tesla Minibus Will Be Based On Model X

Jalopnik went out on a limb this week to imagine a Tesla minibus based on the Model X chassis. Yesterday Elon Musk tweeted the idea is a lot closer to reality than anyone imagined.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV For America Delayed Once Again

Delayed five times already, the introduction of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to the US and Canada has been pushed back yet again, this time until the summer of 2017.

Musk And Straubel Talk Model 3 Ramp And Solar Power

Elon Musk and JB Straubel talked about the ramp up to production of the Model 3 and solar energy at the Gigafactory on Tuesday.

The Gigafactory Is Really, Really Big!

Elon Musk, JB Straubel, and Yoshihiro Yamada gave a joint press conference at the Gigafactory on Tuesday.

MobilEye And Tesla Will Part Company Soon

MobilEye and Tesla are in the process of ending their business relationship, possibly as a result of the fatal crash that took the like of Joshua Brown on May 7.

Porsche To Add 1,400 To Payroll To Produce Mission E

Porsche expects to add 1,400 new jobs in order to produce the Mission-E, its proposed new 4 door, zero emissions four door sports car due in 2019.

Norway Ponders Floating Tunnel To Cross Fjords

How do you cross a storm tossed fjord that is 3000 feet wide and 4,300 feet deep? Norway is exploring the use of floating tunnels tethered to pontoons on the surface.

Would You Be Comfortable Sharing Your Car With Others?

Elon Musk says in the future, we will all be sharing our cars with each other. It makes perfect sense.

Senior Executive Placed In Charge Of Apple Car Program

Bob Mansfield, an Apple executive since 1999, has now been placed at the head of the Apple car project.

Model X Driver Says Tesla Drivers Are “Lab Rats”

The driver of Model X that crashed in Montana a few weeks ago has taken to the Tesla Motors Club forum to condemn Tesla and Elon Musk for making Tesla drivers "lab rats" for its Autopilot system.

Tesla Gigafactory Expansion Going Seven Days A Week

The gala grand opening ceremony for the Tesla Gigafactory is scheduled for Friday. But in the meantime, new construction on more parts of the factory are going on double shifts, 7 days a week The post Tesla Gigafactory Expansion Going Seven Days A Week appeared first on Gas 2.

NIssan ProPilot Coming To America (w/Video)

Nissan says it will introduce its ProPilot driver assist technology in the US starting in 2018. It has not identified which models will be equipped with the new system.

So You Bought An Car With A Plug. Now What?

So you bought a car with a plug. Congratulations. Now it's time to talk about how you are going to charge it.

Flaming Battery Syndrome Plagues Zero Electric Motorcycles In Hong Kong

A Zero electric motorcycle used by Hong Kong Police caught fire while charging on Friday. Investigators believe a short circuit was at fault.

Tesla Contemplates The American Pickup Truck

In his newest Master Plan, Elon Musk says Tesla is working behind the scenes on an electric pickup truck.

Good News, Bad News For EV Sales In First Half Of 2016

Tesla leads all other manufacturers in sales of electric cars through the first 6 months of 2016. When numbers for the Model S and Model X are combined, Tesla sold nearly twice as many cars as the Chevy Volt.

Federal Loan Guarantees Will Promote Nationwide EV Charging Facilities

A new program will make $4.5 billion in federal loan guarantees available to promote a new system of nationwide EV charging stations.

NHTSA Head Is Bullish On Autonomous Cars

Mark Rosekind, head of NHTSA, told a conference in San Francisco this week his agency is willing to accept imperfect autonomous driving systems in order to get better systems in the future.

Elon Musk Says He Is Working on Tesla Semi

Elon Musk says Tesla Motors is working on an electric semi truck that will revolutionize the freight industry and cut diesel emissions.