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Lucid To Launch With 1000 HP Sedan: How Long Will It Last?

Remember CODA, Th!nk, and Project Better Place? They'll soon be joined by Lucid, which plans to beat Tesla with a 1,000 HP, $100,000 electric sedan.

Technology Companies And Auto Manufacturers Have Uneasy Relationship

Car manufacturers are eyeing technology companies with suspicion these days. Some are worried that tech will take over the industry and make them irrelevant.

Self Driving Cars Now Approved For Sale In Michigan

Michigan has become the first state to approve the sale of self driving cars with no steering wheel, no accelerator, no brake pedal, and no driver for use on its public roads.

CES 2017 May Feature Electric Pacifica Concept From Chrysler

There are reports that Chrysler will unveil a battery electric version of its Pacifica minivan at the CES 2017 show in Las Vegas in early January The post CES 2017 May Feature Electric Pacifica Concept From Chrysler appeared first on Gas 2.

Low Cost Tractor Could Revolutionize Farming Worldwide.

A new company in Alabama is offering a small farm tractor designed for the needs of small farmers the world over.

Electric Motorcycle Company Alta Motors Uses CLIP Fast 3D Printing

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Alta Motors is using groundbreaking new technology called Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) to rapidly prototype and build 3D printed parts.

Electric Truck Sales To Surge In Next Decade Says Navigant Research

Navigant Research says that electric truck sales will increase tenfold in ten years. Partly that surge will be caused by tougher emissions standards but partly it will be due to electric trucks providing fleet operators with a higher return on investment compared to diesel powered trucks.

SEC Filing: Elio Motors Millions in Debt With No Way Out?

According to their most recent SEC Filing, Elio Motors is over $100 Million in the Red and May No longer have a Way to save itself, thanks to Donald Trump The post SEC Filing: Elio Motors Millions in Debt With No Way Out?

Trump Chooses Sworn Enemy Of EPA To Head EPA

Donald Trump has nominated Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Pruitt is an ardent critic of the agency and will seek to rescind many if not all of its most important regulations designed to ensure Americans have a clean, safe environment.

Electric Jeep Tackles the Tough Trails Like a Boss (w/ Video)

A team of engineers from Korea have built an all Electric Jeep Wrangler that Tackles the Tough Trails Like a Boss!

AAA Study Finds Drowsy Drivers As Dangerous As Drunk Drivers

The AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety says not getting enough sleep can increase the risk of getting into a fatal accident almost as much as driving while drunk.

Uber Promulgates Rules For Passengers In US

Uber already has rules for its drivers. Most of them are common sense restrictions, culminating in a prohibition against any sort of sexual activity between drivers and passengers.

McLaren Cars Get 12 Year Warranty – Hybrids Excluded

McLaren Car buyers can Get up to 12 Years of Warranty on their super cars - but the P1 Hybrids? They don't get that coverage The post McLaren Cars Get 12 Year Warranty – Hybrids Excluded appeared first on Gas 2.

S. Korea Seeks Criminal Prosecution Against VW Execs

The South Korea government is Seeking to press Criminal Prosecution Against VW Executives who knowingly participated in the emissions scandal!

2017 Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black May Be the World’s Sexiest Moped

2017 Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black is a bespoke, hand crafted work of rolling art ... and it May just Be the World's Sexiest Moped!

Lucid Motors Picks Samsung SDI For Its Battery Supplier

Lucid Motors has picked Samsung SDI to supply it with advanced lithium ion batteries it says have a higher energy density and greater resistance to damage from frequent high power charging.

One Ford Fusion Out of Ten Is A Plug-In Hybrid

Sales of the Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid are up 70% over last year as American consumers learn there is a lot to like about efficient cars that run on battery power at least some of the time.

Review: 2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco Gets Driven, Hard

2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco Gets Driven, Hard (Kinda) in sport mode for eight days. Despite ignoring the "Eco" settings, I still got good MPG!

BMW Claims High Battery Costs Will Hamper Electric Car Sales For Years

BMW says it will take 7 years before battery capacity increases and costs go down enough to make selling electric cars profitable.

Honda NeuV Commuter Featuring An “Emotion Engine” To Debut At CES

Honda will bring a new connected urban mobility transport concept called NeuV to the CES 2017 show. The NeuV has an artificial intelligence "emotion engine" that will help drivers and passengers to form a deeper emotional bond with their transportation device.