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Toyota Prius May Switch To Plug-In Hybrid Technology Shortly

The Toyota Prius Eco is one of the most fuel efficient production cars every made. Toyota says it will be difficult to improve its fuel economy very much without switching to a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Axial Stack Battery May Make The Electric Airplane Possible

Luke Workman, a prolific and innovative inventor, says that using the skin of an airplane as part of a battery may be the key to making an electric airplane that can transport people and cargo over long distances and at high speeds.

Congress Continues Doing The Bidding Of Car Companies On CAFE

Congress is busy doing what Congress does best -- pleasing its corporate masters. This time, the uproar is about CAFE standards, which the auto industry bitterly opposes.

ChargePoint Adds Waitlist Feature To Charging System

ChargePoint is adding a new feature. Called Waitlist, it helps manage the usage of charging equipment by letting drivers schedule their charging sessions and notifying them when charging is complete.

Energica Takes A Page From The Tesla Play Book

Energica has partnered with utility company Enel and charging network ChargePoint to provide fast charging facilities for riders along the roads that motorcyclists prefer to drive on.

The Volkswagen Scandal: The Plot Thickens

As the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal moves into its second year, the US Justice department is considering how large a criminal fine it can levy against the company without putting it out of business.

Utah Seeking To Add Charging Stations To Its Highways

Utah and Rocky Mountain Power have applied for a federal grant to add level 2 and level 3 charging stations along its highways to reduce range anxiety.

Why Does California Have So Many Electric Car Sales?

California cities have 3 to 25 times as many electric cars as the rest of America. Why? The ICCT thinks it has some answers.

Cars With Keyless Entry System Are Easy To Steal

German auto club ADAC haa found it is ridiculously easy for thieves to steal most cars with keyless entry systems.

Chevy Adds Turbo-Diesel To Equinox In Quest For Broader Market

The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox will be available with a turbo-diesel engine expected to give the car 40 mpg fuel economy.

World’s First Hydrogen Powered Passenger Train Debuts In Germany

Unlike the United States, rail travel in Europe is the first choice of many people. The Continent is crisscrossed with excellent rail networks that connect all major cities.

Every Model Smart Car Will Offer An Electric Drive Option In 2017

For 2017, Smart will be the only car company in the world to offer an electric drive version of every car it sells.

China, US Could Eliminate $20 Billion In Fossil Fuel Subsidies

China and the US reported that they spend more than $20 billion dollars a year on "inefficient" fossil fuel subsidies.

Netherlands Start-Up Offers Electric Car For $37 A Week

Amber Mobility of Eidenhoven, Netherlands says it will build an electric car specifically designed for car sharing and offer it to customers for just $37 a week, beginning in The post Netherlands Start-Up Offers Electric Car For $37 A Week appeared first on Gas 2.

Tesla Sues State Of Michigan Over Direct Sales Ban

Tesla has sued the state of Michigan in federal court, claiming its franchise dealer law is unconstitutional.

Tesla Software Upgrade: One Big Thing, Many Small Things

Version 8 of Tesla's firmware has now been sent wirelessly to every Tesla ever made. It marks a significant rethinking of how to make cars that drive themselves with little intervention from a human driver.

Ford Unveils Its Long Term Electric Vehicle Strategy

Ford has told investors it plans to focus on bring electric power trains to its best selling vehicles -- SUVs, light duty trucks, and commercial delivery vans -- instead of building compliance sedans to please regulators.

Venturi VBB-3 Sets New Land Speed Record For Electric Cars

The Venturi VBB-3 set a new world land speed record for an electric race car at Bonneville salt flats this year.

Auto Industry Begins Frontal Assault On Fuel Economy Regulations

The auto industry is at it again — wailing about how higher fuel economy standards are going to cause massive layoffs.

Formula E Reveals Track Layout For Race In New York City

The proposed route of the track through Brooklyn has been submitted to the FIA for approval. New York City will host two races at the end of the sport's third season in July, 2017.