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It's happening: Volkswagen's $15 billion diesel settlement covers buybacks, repairs - Roadshow

If you stack 15 billion $1 bills end to end, you can go to the moon and back nearly three times.

Dieselgate: What the FAQ do I do? - Roadshow

Let's walk through this whole thing together and see if we can't make some sense of it.

Formula Drift New Jersey: Behind the scenes video - Roadshow

Join us in the pits and on the track as we check out some of drifting's most powerful machines.

Born in the USA: Toyota Camry earns 'Most American Car' honor again - Roadshow

Because nothing's more fun than schooling ultranationalists on how to actually buy American.

2016 Mazda Mazda3 i Grand Touring review - Roadshow

Fans of driving for driving's sake will find plenty to love with Mazda's compact sedan.

Where Volkswagen's $5 billion environmental payout is going - Roadshow

As part of its landmark $14.7 billion settlement with US regulators, Volkswagen will be shelling out cash to improve the land it sullied with its excess diesel emissions.

It's happening: Volkswagen to repair or buy back diesel vehicles - Roadshow

No, seriously, this time it's real.

All about the benjamins: Study ranks Toyota ahead of Tesla on self-driving - Roadshow

A study by Lux Research on self-driving initiatives among automakers suggests monetization trumps technology.

Big changes in store for Cadillac's little ATS - Roadshow

The 2017 model year will see a rather large readjustment in Cadillac's entry-level offering, to better pit it against the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Mazda improves its steering and nobody will ever know - Roadshow

The new G-Vectoring technology from Mazda promises to make its smooth steering even smoother. Too bad you probably won't consciously feel anything different.

Nissan to introduce EV range extenders, single-lane semi-autonomy in Japan - Roadshow

While the range extender doesn't appear to be coming to the US, Nissan's self-driving system most definitely will.

Watch this homemade autonomous Tesla charger in action - Roadshow

Thankfully, it's far less creepy than Tesla's own prototype.

Mitsubishi teases yet another plug-in crossover ahead of Paris - Roadshow

Debuting this October, the Ground Tourer concept is a cleverly named car that sticks to Mitsu's current business direction, which is to say, "things that aren't necessarily exciting."

Uber is putting Pandora tunes in the driver's seat - Roadshow

Drivers can now play Pandora through the ride-hailing company's driver app, ahead of a plan to roll out Pandora for riders in Uber cars too.

Relive Le Mans '66 (sort of) with the Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition - Roadshow

This special-edition supercar relies entirely on aesthetic enhancements, as the car itself is already more than capable.

How to scare your mother in a Ford Focus RS video - Roadshow

The Ford Focus RS is said to be so easy to drift anyone can do it. How about your mum?

2017 Chevrolet Volt charged up in the sun - Roadshow

The new Volt isn't a stunner, but it's a much cleaner looking car than before.

Goodwood, Le Mans and some cars, too: Our week on Instagram - Roadshow

This is our 10th Instagram recap. Now accepting anniversary presents.

Swedish style: Volvo rolls out sportier R-Design variants for V90, S90 - Roadshow

A sporty station wagon? You don't need to say any more than that.

2017 Chevrolet Volt review - Roadshow

Chevy's new Volt improves in nearly every regard and is a genuinely compelling choice, even if you're not looking for a hybrid.