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Jes and Kris Clewell’s 1980 Volkswagen MK1 Rabbit

A lot can stem from a great marriage:  accomplished dreams, true love, beautiful children, and on rare occasions, truly spectacular cars.

For Those Without Fear – The SharkWerks “Phase-1″ Porsche 997 GT2

Amongst Porsche fans, there's no question that the GT2 lineup of cars acts as head of the household for the 911 family (excluding the famed GT1, of course).

#LiveLower – We Have A Winner – Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Giveaway

On December 19th, we announced a contest in partnership with Air Lift Performance in which we sought to give away a complete air suspension setup to one lucky StanceWorks fan.

A History Lesson – Johnny Cecotto, BMW, and the M3 that Bears His Name

Classic BMWs have, in the past two years alone, multiplied in value. These beloved old coupes and sedans of ours are growing harder and harder to find, and when they do surface, they simply don't cost what they once did.

More is more. – Evan Brown’s 1987 “Item B” FC3S RX7

Have you ever seen a car that simply comes across as the perfect interpretation of a particular style?

StanceWorks 2014 – My Year in Photos

It's all but unbelievable that Andrew and I can say that we've been at this for six full years now. What began as little more than a hobby - a place to share photos taken during our weekends as car enthusiasts - has spiraled into something that stands as a major chapter in each of our lives.

STANCEWORKS 2014 : My Year Through a Lens

It's crazy to think that StanceWorks has been around long enough to form annual traditions, but once again, I find myself nearing the end of a calendar year and searching through old photos for this article.

The Daily Grind – Sunday, Muddy Sunday

Returning to Tennessee for the holidays has become a staple to the year’s end. Dividing time between family and friends seems to be eternally conflicting: Mom’s home-cooked dinner versus an evening of drinks and pool with college roommates; each day unfolds a bit differently.  However, when Cory Hutchison called and suggested an afternoon rallying about in the backwoods of Fly, Tennessee, Sunday’s plans were clear.

The Grand Mirage – Aaron Stuk’s Audi Avant

When often asked why I’m into automotive photography and modified cars, there are a handful of people that I bring up in my answer.

#LiveLower : Win a Complete Air Suspension Setup from Air Lift Performance

As the year begins to draw to a close, we like to reflect on that which lies behind us. We've come a long way since we first started StanceWorks, and we couldn't have done it with out all of you.

Taking the Win – The StanceWorks M3 Finishes First at Super Lap Battle 2014

It was just more than a year ago that StanceWorks partnered with Amir Bentatou and his '97 BMW M3 in an attempt to take on the world of Time Attack racing.

StanceWorks Wallpaper – Bruce Carr’s 1969 BMW 2002

It's often hard to establish where exactly simplicity prevails; after all, beauty is in the details. However, when simplicity and attention find their common ground, it can lead to something truly great.

In Motion – The Bag Riders BMW E92 335i

Immediately following SEMA, the Bag Riders crew and their illustrious E92 set out for the Arizona desert.

Returning to its Roots – BMW USA Classic’s Alpina BMW 2002

The web of history that lies behind race cars is one of a particular complexity, often interspersed with gaping holes of missing information.

Better With Age – Keith Ross’s 1966 Volvo Amazon

Some owners make it hard on me. I wait patiently while owners button up the last few finishing touches before I'm able to share their work with the world.

Black Friday Deals in the Lowly Gentlemen Store

Running from today until Monday, Dec. 1st at Midnight (EST), The Lowly Gentlemen will be offering great discounts on all of the goods in the store.

The StanceWorks Model A – Now in Belgium

At the beginning of the year, the StanceWorks Model A was sold to Koen Lauwereys from Evergem, Belgium.

For More than a Decade – Rob Cumberbatch’s 1966 Hillman Imp

It seems all but impossible for Rob Cumberbatch to have turned into anything other than an automotive fanatic.

Flashback Friday – Adam Woodhams’s 1951 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe 2-Door Sedan

The year is 1951 - one in an era often glorified with the image of the American Dream. CBS has just introduced color television, Sugar Ray Robinson takes the middleweight boxing championship title, and Audrey Hepburn earns her first starring role - the lead in the Broadway play Gigi.

Wheel Wednesday – Appreciating the Form within Function

Each Wednesday, enthusiasts celebrate their love for the wheels that are the foundation of the car builds that enrapture us all.