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Reconstructing a Legend – Willi Martini’s Gr. 2 E9 CSL “001/79” – Pt. II

On Wednesday, we began our journey with CSL #001/79 - Willi Martini's own E9 race car. After several decades of seclusion, the car was finally brought to Southern California, where famed BMW restorer, Ron Perry, and his business partner, Bill Kincaid, have undertaken the effort to restore the car to its former glory.

Reconstructing a Legend – Willi Martini’s Gr. 2 E9 CSL “001/79” – Pt. I

Decades ago, before the likes of Alpina, Schnitzer, and even BMW's factory Works program, Willi Martini and his team stood as a staple in the world of BMW tuning and racing.

@BMWRoadTrip – The Hurly Brothers Stop by the StanceWorks HQ

Several months back, our friend and fellow photographer, Sam Hurly, began filling us in on an upcoming project, featuring a few of our favorite things: BMWs, cameras, and the open road.

The Legend of Le Mans – Chapter IV – Presented by RK Motors Charlotte

In its fourth chapter, the Legend of Le Mans series, presented by RK Motors Charlotte, takes an in-depth look at the work involved in such a restoration.

The Daily Grind – Recurring Themes

At some point, we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that the "Daily Grind" is becoming synonymous with "we bought more cars." Each update consists of new additions, and each article jokes about this continuing trend...

74MM – Goodwood Members’ Meeting – by Jonathan Szczupak

Writing about these sorts of events is never easy. Trying to put into words what something like this is all about is not a simple task (which is probably why it has taken me months to get this out).

Aesthetics – The Start of Something Great – Porsche 550-001 Coupe

Porsche's history in motorsports is a long one, laden with victories, achievements, and records that have arguably positioned them as the winningest manufacturer in history.

The Legend of Le Mans – Part III – Presented by RK Motors Charlotte

We're back once again, this time with Chapter 3. This week, the RK Motors Charlotte and Rare Drive Inc team offer a bit of history about the '66 Le Mans winning Ford GT40 and the technology behind it.

VAC Motorsports – Building the Ultimate High-Comp Race-Prepped S38 for Rusty Slammington

Deciding upon an engine for my car, Rusty, was far from a simple task. I'd like to suggest that all along, I knew exactly what I wanted, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

The Legend of Le Mans – Part II – Presented by RK Motors Charlotte

Last week, we began our journey with RK Motors Charlotte and the Rare Drive team as they began the process of restoring the 1966 Le Mans winning Ford GT40.

It’s All in the Detail – Sebastien Polit’s 1995 BMW E34 520iT Wagon

"Saying that this car changed my life might sound a bit cheap... but it has." That's how Sebastien Polit begins the story of his E34.

The Legend of Le Mans – Part I – Presented by RK Motors Charlotte

More than a year ago, the team at RK Motors Charlotte began a tremendous undertaking: to unearth the past and restore the glory of the 1966 Le Mans winning Ford GT40, Chassis #P1046.

StanceWorks Wallpaper – Nic & Stephanie Foster’s BMW E21

Sometimes we struggle to choose the latest StanceWorks desktop wallpapers... but other times, our fans and readers make their choice loud and clear.

PWRMVE – Daniel Ressa’s “POWERMOVE” S14

In a sea of cars that seem to celebrate mismatched panels and wear body damage like a badge of honor, you'll find Daniel Ressa and his S14 staying afloat.

Sound Reasoning – The BavSound F80 M3

It was more than a decade ago, in 2004, that three young BMW fanatics turned their attention to their car's stereo system.

StanceWorks Revisits: Riley Stair’s BMW E28 “540i”

It was more than three years ago that Riley Stair’s E28 made its debut on the StanceWorks homepage. In the following 41 months, the feature, photographed by Riley himself, climbed its way to the top of the charts, earning a spot in the top 10 most popular features in StanceWorks’ history.

One for the Books – The First StanceWorks Open House

For years, we've worked to bring the StanceWorks community together. We've hosted our fair share of shows, from "Project 512" and the Avila Motoring Invitational, to Air Affair and "Stance of the Union" on more than one occasion; however, they all stand with a degree of separation from the heart of StanceWorks itself.

StanceWorks Open House – Sunday, June 26th – Join Us!

We're only a few days away from our first-ever Open House - Come and join us at the StanceWorks HQ for an afternoon of cool cars and shop talk as we open our shop doors for the first time.

StanceWorks Revisits – Nic and Stephanie Foster’s BMW E21 320i

It's been some time - more than four years in all - since we've last taken a look at the Fosters' E21; however, like a good scotch, "Mr.

In Sheep’s Clothing – The Classic BMWs of Jeff Tighe Productions

It should come as no surprise that both fashions and trends come and go - whether its apparel, design, art, or even automotive, styles emerge and retreat with a nuanced flow.