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StanceWorks Wallpaper – Rusty Slammington

Choosing our latest desktop wallpaper was a pretty easy and obvious choice. Keith Ross recently worked his magic with Rusty Slammington in the Long Beach port, and we're here with a high-res shot for all to enjoy.

Tic for Tac – Mikael Laukkanen’s Turbocharged E30 Sedan

I'm a sedan guy, through and through. There's something special about a 4-door "sports" car, or at minimum,  a 4-door touring car with a bit of bite, and if you ask me, it fits the BMW ethos rather well.

From The Reels – Building the 1996 Porsche 993 GT1

If there's one company known for their Le Mans wins, its Porsche, and deservedly so. Following an immense string of victories in the 1980s with the 956 and 962, and a final victory with the 962 in 1994, Porsche was ready to move on to a new chassis.

StanceWorks Reviews: Forza Motorsport 7 – by Jeremy Whittle

It's finally here, and Forza Motorsport 7 marks the 10th Forza title released in the Forza franchise.

Pulling Inspiration From the Greats

Though the Mini came to life under the guise of an affordable economy car, the influence of a few determined enthusiasts gave birth to what would become a long history of motorsport wins.

The Forza Motorsport 7 Launch Party at the Petersen Auto Museum

When it comes to cars here at StanceWorks, it seems as though we let them saturate every segment of our lives.

Legends Never Die – Rusty Slammington – The Unkillable BMW E28

It was nearly two years ago that Rusty was finally unveiled: the cover was pulled back and the latest iteration of a car-turned-legend was shared with the world at SEMA, 2015.

The Drivers Meeting – Episode 5

After a short hiatus, we're back! This week, on The Drivers Meeting, we cover everything from Group B rally cars, the RWB craze, for better or worse, and shamelessly new StanceWorks apparel.

Monarchs of Motorsport – Motul Oils

If you're anything like me - and chances are good if you're reading this - you've spent countless hours perusing the depths of Google Images, scouring for sources of inspiration on an endless quest, trudging through the chest-deep masses of cool stuff buried on the web.

The Last of the Aircooleds – Stephano Bueme’s Porsche 993 911

Photography by Evano Gucciardo. As the last of the air cooled 911s, the 993 chassis holds a special place in a lot of hearts.

The New StanceWorks Gear – Available Now

New Shirts. They're In. We're beyond excited to announce that the latest StanceWorks tees finally available.

StanceWorks Wallpaper – The Baller Hauler

It's one of our favorites, and its clearly one of yours. By popular demand, we're excited to share the latest StanceWorks desktop wallpaper.

Aesthetics – Craig Metros’s 1932 Ford Coupe – by Jonathan Szczupak

A simple glance at Craig Metros's '32 Ford will establish a few things rather quickly: he's a man of good taste, for one.

Classic Lines – Ethan James’s Big-Bumpered E30 Coupe

It was a few weeks ago that photographer and friend of StanceWorks, Eric Dowd, reached out with the latest of his work to share with us.

Following Function – Bassam Michiel’s KW-Equipped Time Attack E36

Bassam Michiel's E36 is a difficult one to describe. It probably won't be labeled as the "prettiest" car in the world, but I don't think Bassam minds. On the other hand, it's clearly "purpose built," as a very competitive car in the Global Time Attack series. Oddly enough, the word "humorous" comes to mind, with the car still sporting its 318iS badging, despite the visceral sounds released from the LS V8 that resides under the hood.

StanceWorks Off Road – Land Cruisers in Big Bear

In the days leading up to the famous Monterey Car Week, we took our Land Cruisers up for some trail fun in Big Bear, CA, to escape the heat.

The Drivers Meeting – Episode 4

This week on The Drivers Meeting: We're excited to say we've upgraded some equipment. Our video stream is now captured in 1080p, which is a serious step up from the cropped cell phone video we've been using for the past few weeks.

The Baller Hauler – Miles Shinneman’s 1993 Isuzu NPR Transporter

I'll admit: I never expected to feature an Isuzu NPR commercial truck on StanceWorks. This site has taken us to the corners of automotive enthusiasm; however, the realm of custom haulers is one we've only lightly touched upon.

Aesthetics – Denis Bigioni’s 1948 Formula One Talbot-Lago T26C GP

Frankly, it's the last car I'd have expected to fall in love with. I struggle to find infatuation with cars of the era; I often jokingly suggest they look like machines from Wacky Races, or like something a Scooby Doo villain might drive.

The Daily Grind – Musings From Monterey

It always seems as though August is the busiest month of the year. With SEMA rapidly approaching, our project builds take off, just as the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion arrives.