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StanceWorks Desktop Wallpaper – John Benton’s Porsche 912

We'd be hard pressed to find a better 912 on planet Earth, thus, we've made it our latest Desktop Wallpaper.

The Drivers Meeting – Episode 1

There's few things we love more than shop talk, and with that, we're excited to introduce The Drivers Meeting.

From R8 to E28 – Jack Williams’s Bagged & Swapped 1986 BMW 520i

We're all on an automotive journey of our own, no surprise there. It's typically over time that we find the right car for us.

Breaking Trail – The StanceWorks Project 6.0 LS-Swapped FJ60 Land Cruiser Heads to Big Bear, CA

It's been almost six months since I purchased my FJ60, following an accident that rendered my FJ62 Land Cruiser a total loss.

Paint Correcting our FJ60 Land Cruiser with Turtle Wax

Two months ago, we took to our project FJ60 with a slew of Turtle Wax goodies, and with a bit of elbow grease, showed how one man's farm truck can be another man's treasure.

From The Reels: McLaren’s “Tooned 50”

In 2013, McLaren celebrated their 50th birthday, and in doing so, animated the history of the marque in Formula One.

Aesthetics – Mark Donohue’s 1971 AMC Penske Javelin

Trans-Am race cars have a menacing look to them that draws me in every time I come across them. I'm not often a muscle car guy, but the low-slung physique mated with aggressive air dams and meaty tires tucked into the deep wells are just undeniably cool in every sense of the word.

“R Own Take” – The H&R Springs 911 R-inspired Beetle R-Line

There's a long-running joke - something about how Porsche 911s are just fancy Volkswagen Beetles. I'm sure there are a dozen-and-one variants, and truth be told, I've probably said them all in passing.

A Real Balduzzi – Alex Fisher’s 1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super by DV Mechanics

Rounding out this week's trio of DV Mechanics-built Alfa Giulias is a rather unique example, and this time, it's not owned by Dorian Valenzuela himself.

DV Mechanics – Dorian’s Alfa Romeo Giulia is an Exercise in Workmanship

If you know of Dorian Valenzuela, then you're probably familiar with this car. The Beige 1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia is Dorian's Magnum Opus, a defining build that points to his attention to detail and respect for perfection, while also giving a window into Dorian's vision for classic European automobiles.

For the Carrera Panamericana – DV Mechanic’s 1969 Giulia Super 2L

 There are few events in the world quite like the Carerra Panamericana... if any. Covering nearly 1,000 miles on public roads in a race that spans an entire week, and wrought of classic rally cars, Mexico stands home to an event all its own.

A Second Look – The Rooshers 911T in Motion

They say that two is better than one, and we hope our readers feel the same when it comes to StanceWorks posts.

75MM – The 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting by Peter Aylward – Part II

It was worth the wait, we promise. With excitement, we share the second half of Peter Aylward's coverage of the 75th Goodwood Members' Meeting.

75MM – The 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting by Peter Aylward – Part I

For years, we've longed to join in on the absolutely incredible Goodwood Members' Meeting. As is tradition, however, we've missed it once again, instead forcing ourselves to enjoy from afar.

A StanceWorks How-To: Installing a Tarox 6-Piston Big Brake Kit on the “Parts Car” BMW E28

When building the StanceWorks "Parts Car" E28 last year, brakes stood as one of the more interesting hurdles of the project.

8888 – The Rooshers ’70 Porsche 911T

It was two years ago that we were given the chance to showcase Daniel Schaefer's talents, put to use on what he dubbed the 911 GT: a 912-bodied race car that embraces everything we've come to love about the 911, from its heritage to its aesthetics.

The Daily Grind – Summer’s Here

We're now one full week into summer, and we can confidently say we've all been waiting for it. The sun stays high in the sky, the nights are warm, and for most of the country, the inclement weather is finally at bay.

The Rat Alfa – Chris Gonyea’s 1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

At first glance, Chris Gonyea's '71 Alfa GTV may leave something to be desired, depending on your tastes.

A StanceWorks “How To:” Understanding Wheel Spacers with KW Suspension

Ever since moving to California, Josh Dahlstrom has been jonesing for an E34. He's had a few in the past, and following a 2 year bout with a C5 Vette, he's been ready to return to his roots.

Mein12 – One of the Underdogs | Benton Performance’s Porsche 912

John Benton has obviously been cut from a different cloth. In a community where many of the older shop owners hold on tight to the trade secrets they've learned over the years, John is an open book.