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Dkubus – Mike Poll Jonker’s Unique Take on the Mercedes C107 SLC Coupe

For a Mercedes fan, a trip to nearly any European car show is bound to result in disappointment. Beyond the droves of Volkswagens, BMWs, and even Porsches, they'd be lucky to find even just a few examples sporting the famous 3-pointed star.

StanceWorks Wallpaper – The H&R x StanceWorks Ford Focus RS

Each month, our friends at H&R Springs release a new wallpaper, featuring the latest and greatest from the H&R collection.

$201: A Space Odyssey – Our $201 Criagslist Saturn SL2 Takes Flight!

    Over the weekend following a fit of boredom, the StanceWorks crew took to Craigslist, as a competition of sorts to find the cheapest car for sale.

Never Go Against the Factory – Evan Brown’s “ITEM-B” FC RX7 Returns

When we last saw Evan Brown (of Item-B) and his RX7, almost exactly a year ago, I was heralding its boisterous presence.

Paint is Dead – WrapWorks Gives the StanceWorks Group A Tribute E28 Build its Colors

After purchasing the '84 533i that would become the my Group A tribute build in early July of this year, I sat down with Andrew to decide exactly where to take the project as a whole.


We hope that you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. At StanceWorks we are truly thankful that you, our readers, continue to support us as we venture to bring you the automotive content that gets our heart racing.

Lower Everything: Early Black Friday / Cyber Monday from Air Lift Performance

Air Lift Performance is pulling out all of the stops this holiday season! For a limited time, Air Lift Performance dealers will be offering up to 25% off all products.

Not Quite Lightweight – Gregor Fisken’s Preserved 1961 Jaguar E-Type

Cars are only original once. While more often than not, it's desirable to have the best or cleanest example of any given marque when it comes to the game of Concours, when it comes to race cars, there's no way to replicate the decades of earned patina and the battering that comes from racing door to door.

The MOMO Heritage Series Launch – DTLA

It took little time for the MOMO namesake to become a staple in the world of motorsports after Gianpiero Moretti launched the brand in 1964.

Aesthetics – The 1970 George Follmer Ford Mustang

For any race, half of the joy stems from wandering the paddocks. There is, of course, something to be said about the magic of cars screaming their way around the race track, but I also find a special sort of enjoyment in seeing the cars up close.

Rally Inspired – The H&R X StanceWorks Ford Focus RS SEMA 2016 Build

Believe it or not, it's not all vintage cars here at the StanceWorks HQ. While over the past few years, Andrew and I have done little to bring new steel through the shop door, it doesn't come unwelcome.

Restoring Glory – The H&R Feurorange BMW E30 318is

Behind the big desk at H&R sits Roland Graef, a man who's enthusiasm for classic BMWs is paralleled only by our own. The desire to build an E28 or E30 all his own has been growing for years, and fittingly, so has a large collection of parts for such a build.

The “Parts Car” – Mike Burroughs’s 1984 Group A-inspired E28 M5 Tribute: Unveiled

It was nearly 10 years ago that I bought my first E28: a polaris silver 528e, for a total of $400. It was far from love at first sight - in fact, I bought it only to satisfy the sense of need I felt after finding a BMW that seemed far too cheap to pass up.

Returning to the Lens – Reigniting a Passion Alongside an NSX

  I haven’t properly been behind the camera shooting cars in about 2 years now. Once I graduated college, I was in a desperate search for a job, and that took nearly all of my time, pulling me away from the craft entirely.

Moments of Speed : Capturing the 2016 Motorsport Reunion

Time is a funny and finite thing. It slips from our grasps and flies by unnoticed. Each month hurriedly rushes through life's obligations and scheduled calendars before we find ourselves wondering where the past year went.

From the Reels – Monaco, 1979: The M1 Procar Championship

Born in 1979, the M1 Procar Championship pit the world's top drivers, from multiple series, championships, and disciplines, against each other as a support series for the Formula One Grand Prix.

From Russia With Love – Vladislav Shkurko’s Toyota GX71 Mark II

Deep in the heart of Russia, Vladislav Shkurko has been hard at work, not only reassembling a rather unique Toyota Mark II, but also adding some incredible touches of his own.

Air Lift Performance – New Honda Civic Si Kits – 9th Gen

The 9th generation Honda Civic Si was redesigned to be “energetic, sleek, and aerodynamic,” with a new exterior design, a larger engine, and more than a dozen customization options.

Just a Glimpse – Benjamin Crosio’s Alpina-Inspired E28

Friend and fans of StanceWorks, world wide, have submitted their cars to us since our site went live nearly 8 years ago.

Aesthetics – Richard Meinig’s 1965 BMW 1800 TiSA Touring Sedan

Amongst the BMW history gurus, it's well-established that BMW's Neue Klasse (New Class) saved the brand following World War II, and established its still-defining brand identity as a manufacturer of sports sedans.