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The Daily Grind – Climbing to Santiago Peak in the StanceWorks FJ62 Land Cruiser

Over the past months, my thirst for a truck has been impossible to satisfy. I had been eyeing Monteros for the most part, with searches for Isuzu Troopers and the occasional Jeep Cherokee taking up extra tabs in my web browser.

40 Years in the Making – BMW Team RLL’s Attack on Sebring

In 1975, 40 years ago, BMW Motorsport's overall win at the 12 Hours of Sebring stood as a resounding introduction to the American market.

StanceWorks Wallpaper – Christopher Björåsen’s 1987 Hartge-Inspired 535i

Christopher Björåsen's enthusiasm towards E28s began as quite the opposite: disdain. Unable to understand why anyone would purchase such an "ugly" car in his youth, Christopher has since turned around entirely.

Balance – Dave DelTorto’s S52 Swapped E30

The E30 chassis is one of the most recognizable, widely known BMW body styles, and for great reason.  With confident body lines, sharp but friendly features, and wide availability, it is quite often the first foray for many BMW enthusiasts' addiction to vintage cars.  For this exact reason it has become increasingly difficult to find a pristine and polished example of an E30 in the enthusiast world.

Taking it Back to Where it All Began : BMW Unveils its special Sebring Anniversary Livery

40 years ago, Hans Stuck, Brian Redman, Sam Posey, and Ronnie Peterson stood at the podium, celebrating the first win for BMW of North America.

Bavarian Cafe – Brandon Mungai and the Love of BMW Airheads

"Do you prefer the build or the ride?" It was a question for Brandon that I had assumed might come with a shaky answer.

Fusing The Details – Mike Unland’s 1959 Karmann Kabriolett

The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic and cult classic automobile. Its timeless design has been built and modified in a multitude of ways, but somehow there are still those that manage to separate from the status quo.

The Daily Grind – Is It Summer Yet?

With the return of Daylight Savings just days away, it almost feels as though summer is upon us here in California, despite being mere days into the beginning of March.

StanceWorks Wallpaper – BMW USA Classic’s Alpina 2002

Revived from an era in racing when record-keeping was as loose as the rule sets that governed the cars we know and love.

Flashback Friday – Matt & Riley Stair’s 1949 Cummins-Powered Chevy 3100 Pickup

Words and Photography by Riley Stair “How do we become the people we are today?” This is a question I ask myself often.  “Why do I do the things I do, and how did I end up with obsessive nature that hinders my rest at night?

NIGHTFALL – Jeremy Whittle’s StanceWorks BMW E38

In September, HRE Wheels unveiled the Classic Line, harking to the best designs of the '90s. When asked if StanceWorks had any candidates for a first set, we knew just what to do.

Catching a Glimpse – Tidbits of the Porsche 962

Porsche's story of the 962 begins with its predecessor: the acclaimed 956. Born in 1982 as an entrant for the FIA's all-new Group C World Sportscar Championship, the 956 was outfitted with many "firsts" for the Porsche brand: an aluminum monocoque chassis, a double-clutch system, and aerodynamic ground-effects.

Where Twisted Metal meets Blade Runner – The Artwork and Renderings of Khyzyl Saleem

It was well into last year that I first crossed paths with Khyzyl Saleem's work. In front of me was a Mercedes SLS, clad in canards, vents, cables, and wires.

The Draw of Albert Blue – Bobby Mercer’s 1971 Porsche 911T

I first laid eyes on this Albert Blue 911 at the annual HAWK event held at the historic Road America circuit.

Back On Course – Nicolas Wlostowski’s 1973 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

The Volkswagen Beetle was born from necessity, and has established itself as one of the most influential cars in the world.

Refining Endurance – The 2015 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona

The 2015 season of the Tudor United Sportscar Championship has officially begun, marked by each season's inaugural race: the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona.

StanceWorks Wallpaper – Joey Hand’s 2013 BMW E92 DTM Race Car

In 2013, StanceWorks left for Hockenheimring, where the last race of the DTM season would take place.

The Works Mini Coopers – A Winding Road to Victory

Sir Alec Issigonis never dreamed that the small little car that he sketched on a napkin would go on to dominate races and rallies throughout Europe.

Jes and Kris Clewell’s 1980 Volkswagen MK1 Rabbit

A lot can stem from a great marriage:  accomplished dreams, true love, beautiful children, and on rare occasions, truly spectacular cars.

For Those Without Fear – The SharkWerks “Phase-1″ Porsche 997 GT2

Amongst Porsche fans, there's no question that the GT2 lineup of cars acts as head of the household for the 911 family (excluding the famed GT1, of course).