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Mein12 – One of the Underdogs | Benton Performance’s Porsche 912

John Benton has obviously been cut from a different cloth. In a community where many of the older shop owners hold on tight to the trade secrets they've learned over the years, John is an open book.

8 days, 7 nights and 600 miles of offroad across Utah – StanceWorks Off Road – by Jim Bob Barnett

I started planning this trip a long time ago, in my free time. When it was finally time to leave, I left Santa Barbara around 9am on Saturday to start the long trek towards the St.

To The Point – Oliver Grimme’s 1973 BMW 2002 Tii

When it comes to cool cars, there are a million-and-one ways to build them. That's probably pretty obvious.

StanceWorks Desktop Wallpaper – The H&R Springs E9 – Part 2

If there's one thing our readers have made clear, it's that the H&R Springs E9 is a fan favorite. We can't say we're surprised, truth be told.

Venturing Through The ADAC Nurburgring 24 Hour

The Nürburgring. There's no way I can as eloquently depict this motorsport Mecca, than what has already been written over the years.

Personal Rewards – Dimitri Mendonis’s 1998 Porsche Carrera S

To put it simply, life has its ups and downs. Each and every one of us is dealt a hand of cards, with some of us landing more advantageous hands than others.

Cleaning a Craigslist Catch with Turtle Wax

For better or worse, it seems we're always adding to the StanceWorks fleet of vehicles, which now overflows from the shop out into the parking lot, and we presume one of these days our landlord will ask us what on earth we're actually doing.

From the Reels – The FIA Touring Car Championship – 1986

The FIA's Group A died out in my early childhood, leaving the legends largely to physical media - film and print photos - as relics of the past.

On The Spot – Todd Nakanishi’s 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon TDI SE

To put it simply, there aren't a lot of cars that make me smile. By looking at them, I mean. Sure, time spent behind the wheel, with the pedal down and the revs up will almost always lead to a release of endorphins, it's difficult for a car to evoke an emotion of happiness from its presence alone.

KW’s Shakedown at the Streets of Willow Springs

If you were to ask us, we're tempted to say there's no better way than to spend a Friday than at the track, especially when it's on the clock.

Aesthetics – The Ford GT40 MK III

The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance always presents opportunities to capture unique cars. Year after year, we walk away with photo sets of the cars that intrigue us most.

Racing In the Streets – 2017 Long Beach Grand Prix – IMSA

Street circuits hold a certain allure. As race engines echo off of the buildings that once lined your daily commute, race flags pepper the city skyline with color.

Update – Josh Wilson’s 1972 BMW 2002

We've watched over the years as Josh Wilson's '72 2002 has grown into the car it is today. From what was once white, rusty, rather dilapidated car to the now-beautiful Henna Red coupe it is today, we're glad to finally see the fruits of Josh's labor.

The Results of Revision – Jeff Tighe’s S52-Powered E9 3.0 CSi Restoration

While some of us build cars in our spare time, and others do it for a living, there's one thing all car builders strive for with each consecutive build: improvement.

From The Reels: The 3.0 CSL Versus the 934 – 1976 WTCC

If you're in the same boat as we are, chances are you won't understand a lick of this week's reel find.

The Daily Grind – The New 6.0 LS-Swap FJ60 Land Cruiser Project

Truth be told, I'm impressed we managed to post a Daily Grind piece without adding a new vehicle to the fleet.

The Crowd Favorite – Vaughn Gittin Jr’s 2017 Nitto Tire / Monster Energy Formula Drift Mustang Spec 5-D

With each new season of Fromula Drift comes new cars, new drivers, new teams, and new styles. It's a sport that has evolved in countless ways - some more appreciated than others - but one thing remains constant.

Italian Made – The Heritage of Tarox Brakes

When it comes to automobiles, there's something particular about the Italians and the way they do things.

From the Reels: Madness On Wheels

There's no doubt that as racing enthusiasts, we all revel in the glory of rallying's hey day: Group B.

PRE/GRID 2017 – A Vintage Motorsport Gathering

On Saturday afternoon, the StanceWorks HQ parking lot filled with the sights and sounds of vintage race cars for our first ever PRE/GRID event.