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StanceNation Japan G Edition Osaka 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

Our StanceNation Osaka event has been in the works for years so to finally make it happen feels amazing.

Gatebil Festival 2017 // Photo Coverage.

Most of you are probably in-the-know by now, but Gatebil is a truly one of a kind ‘car festival’ that’s located in the two Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Norway.

Complete Festa 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

As many of you might know, VIP style comes in many shapes and forms. Doesn’t it seem like all you see on the internet now a days are VIP cars sporting massive fender radius, extreme negative camber and super aggressive aero kits?

Complete Festa 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to covering VIP & VIP Style events.

IDL Design End Of Summer Meet 2017 // Photo Coverage.

As Summer draws to a close, our friends over at IDL Design hosted an end of the season meet at their shop in Southern California.

Raceism 2017 // Photo Coverage.

We’ve been covering these “Raceism” events since 2013, and year after year the event organizers continue bringing some of the finest cars from all over Europe together.

StanceNation Japan G Edition Nagasaki 2017 // Part 2.

Another day, another look back at our annual SNJ G Edition event. In our previous post we just finished telling you how epic the Japanese car enthusiasts are.

StanceNation Japan G Edition Nagasaki 2017 // Part 1.

Over the last few years we’ve been hosting 2 different events in Japan. One being in Odaiba (Tokyo) second half of the year, and the other being in Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki) earlier in the year.

Spotlight // Masahiro Sugawara’s Nissan S13 Silvia.

We all know that the S-Chassis has been around for decades, and it’s safe to say that building one (more specifically the S13 Silvia) that looks totally different from anything we’ve seen before is next to impossible.

Fat Lines // Yuki Nakano’s Bagged Audi A7.

Unless you are a frequent attendee of the larger water-cooled Volkswagen/Audi  events in the States, you probably won’t get the chance to see an A7 tucking some pricey rollers and running air.

StanceNation Texas 2017 // Photo Coverage.

Let’s just say that Texas never disappoints. We’ve been having shows there for years now and while we didn’t see as many TEAM/CREW cars as we had hoped for, the number of vendor cars & individuals not affiliated with crews/teams did increase this year.

Gravity Automotive Event 2017 // Photo Coverage.

This is my second time visiting this particular event and the first thing I notice is that the size of the event has grown alot since last year.

Nice & Simple.

by Brandon Kwan

Maserati GranTurismo Sitting Low.

by Mateusz Walek

Clean RSX!

by 954mm

Low American Muscle!

by jpmataleon

Panda Panda Panda…

by Matthew Gaumont

BMW E46 sitting low.

by CP Fraudtography

Dumped Honda S2000!

by Trevonte Wigfall

Needs no caption..

by Matthew Gaumont