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The 1972 Dodge Charger: Muscle car or family car?

1972 Dodge Charger. Photo courtesy In 1972, Dodge cut the number of Charger models in its product line from the six offered in 1971 to three.

West Virginia, 1974, part 2

West Virginians, we apologize for your state’s underrepresentation in our carspotting series. To date, we’ve only visited the state once – in October 2013 via a couple of Jack Corn’s photos for the Documerica photo series.

Ernest Hemmings, 1926-2015

Ernest Hemmings in 2001. An Illinois parts dealer who created an institution in the world of automotive history, Ernest Robert Hemmings, the father of Hemmings Motor News, died early today at the age of 92.

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1964 Buick Riviera

Rivieras were never meant to be stripper cars – even in base form, they’re rather well equipped – so why not embrace the luxury and load ‘em on up?

1930 Minerva AL earns Best of Show at Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance

The 1930 Minerva AL that took Best of Show at Boca Raton. Photo by Robert Stolpe Photography. Like many manufacturers of luxury automobiles, Belgian brand Minerva felt the squeeze of the global economic downturn that followed the Great Depression.

Ford’s GT70 and RS200 highlight “A Checkered History” at the National Motor Museum

Ford’s GT70 prototype. Photos courtesy Ford Motor Company. Ford’s GT40 is, perhaps, the automaker’s best known purpose-built racing car.

My hit-and-miss experiences with parts cars

Photos by author. Parts car availability seems to be shuffling toward the realm of dinosaurs, VCR repairmen, desktop computers and hula-hoops thanks mostly to the fact that with collector car prices being what they are, every candidate is now viewed as restorable.

Queens Village, New York, 1971

Reader Harvey P. Berliner doesn’t think we’ve had enough snowy carspotting scenes in our series, which is why he sent along today’s photo of 221st Street near 94th Road in Queens Village, New York, dated 1971, showing a good layer of the white stuff on everything.

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Vista

For what purposes Aunt Edith used this 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Vista four-door hardtop for sale on, the seller doesn’t mention, but she sure kept a clean and well-maintained car, one that hasn’t needed much in her time with the car or in her family’s time with the car after her.

Jeff Lane’s Dymaxion replica to make its debut at Amelia Island

Jeff Lane in the completed Dymaxion replica. Photos courtesy Lane Motor Museum. Though he had to put it on the backburner a few years ago, Jeff Lane never gave up on his Dymaxion replica project, and now that it’s finished, he plans to load a number of his friends in it and take it on a three-day, multi-state road trip to Florida.

Great American Tour offers opportunity to drive Route 66 with the Great Race

Photo by Tommy Lee Byrd. The Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty offers those with a passion for classic cars and time-speed-distance rallies a chance to test their skills against their peers, but nine days of competition isn’t for everyone.

Recommended Reading – TVR: Success Against The Odds

Just like its title implies, if you like underdogs and British cars then TVR is the marque for you.  These hand-built fiberglass sports cars with their tube chassis are known for their exceptional handling, striking styling and very limited production.

Driving a slow car fast: The Alfa Romeo Sprint and the “Top Gear Theory”

Editor’s note: This contribution comes to us from Australian reader and Alfisti Steven Wade, who recently acquired a 1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint.

Las Vegas, 1966

While this photo taken from one of the hotel rooms at the Riviera on the Las Vegas strip – dated December 1966 and courtesy Vintage Las Vegas – isn’t the highest resolution and depicts the cars in the parking lot below at a distance, there’s plenty of cars to take guesses at, and there’s still just enough detail and distinctive shapes to serve as clues to the identities of the cars.

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1981 BMW Alpina B7 Turbo

Enthusiasts will always find a way. One constant source of worry about newer old cars with more complex technology, plastics, and computers, is that the components will fail and thus turn the cars into effective paperweights.

Last-remaining standard wheelbase Cord L-29 Murphy Town Car to cross the stage at Amelia Island

Offered by Cord in sedan, brougham, convertible coupe and convertible sedan body styles, only a handful of L-29 chassis were sent to coachbuilder Murphy for the addition of a Town Car body.

Pacific Northwest Concours d’Elegance announces 2015 classes

The 2014 Pacific Northwest Concours d’Elegance. Photo courtesy LeMay—America’s Car Museum. Now in its 13th year, the Pacific Northwest Concours d’Elegance is scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 13, on the grounds of the LeMay—America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington.

Second owner, first car, zero regrets: J-code Mach 1 comes out of retirement

All photos by Jess Brin. Hemmings reader Jess Brin, a.k.a. WhipMeister, of Dallas, Texas, recently shared the remarkable story of how he found his first car – a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with the J-code 375hp 429 Super Cobra Jet – his adventures with it, and his recent decision to resurrect it after a years-long slumber.

The good, the bad and the ugly: More on GM’s diesels of the late 1970s

Oldsmobile diesel V-8. Photo courtesy GM Media Archives. In Hamlet, William Shakespeare penned the line “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Though written over three-and-a-half centuries before the 1978 introduction of the Oldsmobile diesels, his words apply equally well to GM’s early oil-burning passenger car engines, as evidenced by the comments on last week’s post.

Bennington, Vermont, 1940s

Even in late February (especially in late February), we’re not done with the snow here in Bennington, so let’s mine the vermont landscape Change photo archives for some snowy street scenes from downtown B-town.