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Triumph takes us on an emotional journey over the salt

Filed under: Motorsports, Videos, Motorcycle, Specialty, Racing Every once in a while, Mother Nature has a rather tenuous relationship with her children.

Scion sketches SEMA spread starring Slayer, skateboarder

Filed under: Aftermarket, Concept Cars, Coupe, Budget, Hatchback, Scion I was in Nashville last weekend for a friend's bachelor party.

Fiat Chrysler interested in Piaggio; Mahindra considering Peugeot Motorcycles?

Filed under: Chrysler, Motorcycle, Rumormill, MISC, Fiat We're not yet ready to call it a trend, but rumors have been flying that a couple more major automakers have set their sights on motorcycle manufacturers to add to their portfolios.

Nissan wants an American driver for its Le Mans team

Filed under: Motorsports, Nissan, Racing "We'll use every driver development tool we have to take them to the next level, but they will also have to step up." - Darren Cox Nissan is aiming to put an American behind the wheel of one of its LMP1 racecars in 2016 as part of plans to grow its motorsports program in the United States.

Weekly Recap: NHTSA searches for answers after Congressional grilling

Filed under: Government/Legal, Plants/Manufacturing, Safety, Chevrolet, GM, GMC, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Luxury By the end of the lengthy session, senators had painted the unflattering portrait of a toothless agency in disarray.

Stop-start problems could lead to rise of ultracapacitors

Filed under: Technology The proliferation of start-stop systems in today's cars and trucks is pretty simple to explain.

BMW X5 driver repeatedly fails to understand big rig braking distances

Filed under: SUV, Etc., Safety, Videos, Crossover, BMW, Russia, Luxury Nobody should be shocked that a big, heavy vehicle like a semi truck takes a longer distance to stop than the average passenger car; it's just basic physics.

What you missed on 9.19.14

Filed under: Coupe, Sedan, Performance, Cadillac, Ford, Luxury 2015 Ford Mustang first drive Finally.

The ugly economics of green vehicles

Filed under: EV/Plug-in, Green Culture, Hybrid, AutoblogGreen Exclusive It's fair to say that most consumers would prefer a green vehicle, one that has a lower impact on the environment and goes easy on costly fuel (in all senses of the term).

Is Lamborghini readying a hybrid for Paris?

Filed under: Hybrid, Performance, Europe, Technology, Paris Motor Show, Lamborghini Lamborghini had us seriously stumped when it released its teaser (above) for a new vehicle that'll debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Ford opens the doors on its Swedish rally skunkworks

Filed under: Motorsports, Performance, Europe, Videos, Hatchback, Ford, Racing It's always amazing to see how different kinds of racecars are made.

Man orders $20M-worth of Rolls-Royce Phantoms

Filed under: Car Buying, Sedan, Rolls-Royce, Design/Style, Luxury The term "luxury" gets thrown around a lot when speaking about vehicles that are actually somewhat affordable like BMWs and Cadillacs, but Rolls-Royce and hotel magnate Stephen Hung (above in the wild suit) are proving what real opulence really is with the largest single order from the fabled British marque, ever.

2015 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition goes dark, looks good

Filed under: Truck, GM, GMC Forget about the so-called sporty Chevrolet Silverado Rally Edition. If you want a General Motors pickup with some added style, this one looks like a more cohesive, well-done package to our eyes (though it's also not "sporty," despite GM using that term over and over again).

Watch as upset motorist drives off flatbed truck to avoid parking ticket

Filed under: Etc., Government/Legal, Videos, Hatchback, UK There are few things more frustrating in life than watching your car being towed away and not being able to do anything about it.

Peugeot Quartz Concept is sinister 500-hp hybrid crossover

Filed under: Hybrid, Performance, Europe, Paris Motor Show, Crossover, Peugeot The Peugeot family might be going back to their pepper mill business since losing a big stake in the company, but the automaker itself is still hard at work with a new concept for the Paris Motor Show.

Are newer guardrails making roads less safe? Federal investigation pending

Filed under: Government/Legal, Safety, Technology As if its name doesn't make it clear, the whole purpose of a guardrail is to prevent vehicles from leaving a roadway and veering into potentially even more dangerous territory.

Porsche Macan Turbo vs Cayman GTS in track battle

Filed under: Coupe, Performance, Videos, Crossover, Porsche, Luxury "Well this is stupid." On the surface, that was our reaction to this video, as well.

2015 Ford Mustang GT [w/video]

Filed under: Coupe, Performance, Videos, Ford, First Drives At 50 years old, the object of fantasies, a tuner's dream, a movie star and more than nine million strong, it couldn't be truer to say that the Ford Mustang needs no introduction.

Cadillac confirms new flagship to be built in Detroit next year

Filed under: New York Auto Show, Sedan, Plants/Manufacturing, Cadillac, GM, Luxury "The objective for this upcoming model is to lift the Cadillac range by entering the elite class of top-level luxury cars." - Johan de Nysschen Cadillac confirmed Friday morning it will build its new flagship sedan, expected to be called the LTS, starting in late in 2015 in Detroit.

Vencer Sarthe supercar emerges out of The Netherlands

Filed under: Coupe, Europe, Supercars Plans change, and hopefully as an idea evolves along the way, it gets even better by the end.