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Affordable li-ion batteries could be here without big chemistry advances

Filed under: Green, Emerging Technologies, Technology, Electric, FutureA paper by a couple of Swedish researchers figures that the price-per-kWh for lithium-ion battery packs is now $410, down from more than $1,000 in 2007.

When you have more cars, you drive one car more

Filed under: Green, Ownership, Driving, United StatesA new study from the US Energy Information Administration makes the interesting finding that as the number of vehicles in a household's fleet increases, the miles driven on the primary car go up as well.

Recharge Wrap-up: Senators want stronger RFS, Toyota working to improve mobility in Bangkok

Filed under: Government/Legal, Green, Toyota, Alternative Fuels, Ethanol, Transportation AlternativesA new introduced to the House aims to deregulate E15.

SAE World Congress: Testing out the Honda UNI-CUB, Walking Assist Device

Filed under: Green, Videos, Honda, AutoblogGreen Exclusive, Transportation AlternativesHonda showed off its UNI-CUB mobility seat and the Walking Assist Device at the 2015 SAE World Congress.

Toyota wants 30 percent of China sales to be hybrids

Filed under: Green, Auto Shanghai 2015, Toyota, China, Electric, HybridJapan's Nikkei reports that Toyota wants hybrids to make up 30 percent of its sales in China.

SAE World Congress: Siemens introduces VersiCharge SG connected charger

Filed under: Green, Videos, AutoblogGreen Exclusive, ElectricA new wi-fi EV charger from Siemens called the VersiCharge SG talks to your utility and your car and phone so you can get the lowest possible cost as you charge your EV.

SAE World Congress: Honda FCEV fuel cell stack has cells just 1 mm thin

Filed under: Green, Honda, AutoblogGreen Exclusive, HydrogenAt the 2015 SAE World Congress, Honda announces that its fuel cell stack has individual cells that are just one millimeter thick, which allows a smaller, more powerful powertrain.

Ford will lay off 700 employees in Michigan

Filed under: Green, Hirings/Firings/Layoffs, FordLagging sales of compact and electric cars are starting to take their toll on automakers.

Energica Ego impresses in series of drag races

Filed under: Green, Videos, Europe, ElectricThe Energica Ego electric motorcycle from Italy has just finished jumping through all the NHTSA and EPA hoops necessary to make it available to US consumers.

Recharge Wrap-up: Phoenix Cars delivers ZEUS to Navy, Volt saves gas compared to i-MiEV

Filed under: Green, Chevrolet, Misc. Automakers, Mitsubishi, Alternative Fuels, Fuel Efficiency, Green Driving, ElectricPhoenix Cars has delivered the ZEUS electric flatbed truck to the US Navy.

Cadillac CT6 PHEV battery shape a big departure for GM's plug-in hybrid tech

Filed under: Green, Cadillac, AutoblogGreen Exclusive, Electric, Hybrid, LuxuryThe new Cadillac CT6 PHEV will have the same capacity battery pack but the shape is different.

California bill would let classic car owners out of smog check for $200

Filed under: Government/Legal, Green, Ownership, Emissions, Maintenance, United States, ClassicsA bill currently in committee in the California State Assembly would allow some classic car owners to pay $200 to waive the state's smog check after meeting some other criteria.

Alt fuels in China set to have 483 billion gallon impact in 2020

Filed under: Green, Alternative Fuels, Ethanol, ChinaA study by Lux Research figures that China can reduce its gasoline usage by up to 483 billion gallons by maximizing its foray into alternative fuels.

Japan's maglev train sets speed record of 374 mph

Filed under: Green, VideosJapan's experimental magnetic levitation train sets another world speed record at 374 miles per hour, but isn't set to enter service for another dozen years.

Acura confirms more 2016 NSX details

Filed under: Design/Style, Green, Acura, Coupe, Hybrid, SupercarsAcura has confirmed more details about the new generation of its iconic supercar, the 2016 NSX.

Toyota, Morgan Spurlock say hydrogen can be bullsh*t

Filed under: Green, Videos, Sedan, HydrogenToyota wants show it's not full of crap about hydrogen as a breakthrough fuel, and it wants to prove that even the Mirai can run on dung in a new documentary series.

Recharge Wrap-up: Enterprise CarShare at DC Metrorail, NRC suggests ways to increase EV use

Filed under: Green, Hirings/Firings/Layoffs, Alternative Fuels, Transportation Alternatives, Electric, HybridEnterprise CarShare will operate at 45 Washington DC Metrorail stations.

Oregon ready to up EV tax incentive to $3,000

Filed under: Government/Legal, Green, Car Buying, NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle), Electric, Hybrid, HydrogenOregon House Bill 2092 would auction tax credits to fund a series of rebates for alternative-fuel vehicles.

VW considering single, cheaper li-ion cell for all plug-in vehicle batteries

Filed under: Green, Volkswagen, Technology, ElectricVolkswagen is considering switching to a standardized lithium-ion battery cell design for future plug-in vehicles that could lower the parts' costs by 66 percent.

Nissan Murano hybrid greens up Shanghai

Filed under: Green, Nissan, China, HybridNissan will start selling hybrid variant of the Murano SUV in China this summer.