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LeMons Southern Discomfort Day 1: VW Golf-vs-Volvo 262C Bertone Drama, Duratec-Powered Geo Metro Leads Class B

-We inspected the entrants at the sixth annual Southern Discomfort 24 Hours of LeMons on Friday, and today they raced.

LeMons Southern Discomfort Inspections: Ranchero, Fairlane, Valiant, Monza, Many Mustangs and Miatas

-We’re back at Carolina Motorsports Park in South Carolina for the sixth annual Southern Discomfort 24 Hour of LeMons, and today we inspected the 90 or so vehicles that will be competing this weekend.

Smoove, B: We Attend Rolls-Royce’s White Glove Chauffeur Training Program

- Mssrs. Johnson and Siler at your service.- The Rolls-Royce Phantom and I have a history, and with the exception of a seaside blast in a Phantom Coupé years ago, that history has revolved around me carting around my fellow humans.

James Bond SPECTRE’s Jaguar/Aston Chase Scene Is Shaping Up To Be Epic [w/ Video]

- Excitement for the latest James Bond 007 movie, SPECTRE, is growing, including, at least in our circle, for the flick’s hot cars.

Apple Watch App for Tesla Model S Now Exists—Because Apple Watch [w/ Video]

- Well, that was quick. This report from indicates that a Tesla-controlling app for the Apple Watch is now a fully realized thing, and it’s pretty neat.

2016 Mazda CX-3 First Drive: Goodness on a Small Scale

-The subcompact-crossover segment is erupting like an overdue volcano—witness the new Chevy Trax, Fiat 500X, and Honda HR-V joining other wee hatchbacks on stilts, such as the Buick Encore, Jeep Renegade, Kia Soul, Mini Countryman, and Nissan Juke.

2016 Mazda CX-3 – First Drive Review


Huge New Investment Puts Aston Martin In Position to Build Everything It’s Promised

- The money is talking loudly in Gaydon this week after Aston Martin’s Italian and Middle Eastern investors committed £200 million ($307 million) for the British sports-car maker’s first-ever crossover SUV, among other products slated for the decade’s end.- - The company’s two major private-equity shareholders, the Italian Investindustrial and the Dubai-based Tejara Capital, have together purchased £100 million in new shares and will buy the rest within a year.

Ford Expands Door-Latch Recall to Include 156,000 More Cars

- Ford is adding 156,000 more cars to last week’s recall covering faulty door latches, the company said today.

Porsche Is Working on the Most Entertaining Cruise Control Ever—It Can Corner up to 0.70 g

- From the May 2015 issue- Today’s active cruise-control systems can read the road, spot impending collisions, and automatically apply the car’s brakes.

Watch Oak Ridge National Lab 3D-Print a Replica Shelby Cobra

-We’re not sure how this flew under our radar, but at this year’s Detroit auto show in January, the Department of Energy showed off an electric vehicle it had 3D-printed out of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic.

SVR FTW! Jaguar Won’t Do More R-S or R-S GT Models

- The auto industry isn’t exactly short of three-letter acronyms, or TLAs as they are sometimes referred to by those either proficient or deficient in the art of irony.

Tesla Unveils the Powerwall, a Wall-Mounted Battery for Your Home

-A company created to build battery-operated cars is now expanding into battery-operated homes and, if Tesla chief Elon Musk wins his battle to electrify the carbon-based world, battery-operated everything.

Bitchin’ Indeed: A Visual History of the Chevrolet Camaro


Hear the Lamentations of the Boulders: Land Rover Prepping Burly SVX Off-Road Models

- We’ll start with an apology to any fans of two-door Subarus who have found this page via a wayward Google search.

Ousted Piëch Putting Up Fight Over VW Board Appointees

- This is hardly a surprise. While the rest of VW’s supervisory board was no doubt hoping that VW/Porsche heavyweight Ferdinand Piëch would simply disappear and enjoy retirement after he and his wife (and fellow VW boardmember) Ursula stepped down last week—his critical remarks on the performance of VW CEO Martin Winterkorn had been met with outrage—that isn’t to be the case.- - The void was was quickly filled with two new appointees, 57-year-old Louise Kiesling, the daughter of Louise Daxer-Piëch; and 34-year-old Julia Kuhn-Piëch.

Cadillac Confirms Four- and Six-Cylinder Diesel Engines, Studying Three-Cylinders, and More

- Cadillac is getting serious about efficient powertrains. The brand will launch four- and six-cylinder diesel engines, the brand’s chief engineer Dave Leone re-confirmed to us.

If at FR-S You Don’t Succeed: Scion Updates FR-S Again for 2016

-Scion’s sales woes for the FR-S sports car haven’t un-woed, and the company sold just 893 of the coupes in March, down from 1464 during the same month last year.

If at FR-S You Don’t Succeed: Scion Updates FR-S Again for 2016


Bye, Felicia; Hi, Fabia—Škoda Debuts FUNstar Mini-Pickup Concept

- Of the post-Communist Škodas, there is one near and dear to our hearts above all others. The Felicia Fun, a pickup variant of the company’s last vehicle built on a pre-Volkswagen platform.