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What We Learned From Our Work Trucks

Anytime you put together a pickup truck comparison test, there are always things you can't predict. In the case of our 2017 3/4-Ton Work Truck Challenge, we did a lot of learning on the fly.

GM Duramax Turbo-Diesel Hits Milestone

It's not often that a production facility makes 2 million of anything, but the Duramax turbo-diesel engine plant in Moraine, Ohio just hit that milestone today.

Co-Host China Shifts Gears, Leaves 'Wheeler Dealers'

In the rough-and-tumble world of low-budget automotive television shows, there aren't many choices. OK, there are plenty of bad shows — share the ones you dislike in the comments section below — and very few good ones.

Pickup Trucks 101: Dipping Into the Archives

We've done hundreds of stories during the last 20-plus years, some good and some quite worthy of your caustic comments.

Honda Ridgeline Rides to the Rescue

What happens when your baseball and softball fields are ravaged by storms, winds and flood damage? Well, if you're the OFA Little League in Houston, you get a lot of help from Honda courtesy of its Honda Ridgeline Little League Grant Program, which donated $55,000 donation to fix the deteriorating fields.

2017 Ram Laramie Longhorn Adds New Color

Ram is targeting the growing recreational vehicle crowd by changing a color option on its successful Laramie Longhorn trim level.

Talking Trucks Tuesday: What Would You Change on Your Truck?

By G.R. Whale Contrary to what truck manufacturers might tell you, none of them build a perfect pickup truck.

2017 GMC Canyon Denali: Full Review

When the redesigned GMC Canyon entered the mid-size pickup truck segment for model-year 2015, GMC's Denali trim level in the half-ton and heavy-duty pickup segments was recognized as one of the most well-equipped and expensive pickups in those classes.

What's the Best 3/4-Ton Work Truck for 2017?

By Mark Williams You might think testing three-quarter-ton pickup trucks is more about math than psychology, but the truth is it's actually a little of both.

2017 3/4-Ton Work Truck Challenge: How They Hauled

By Bruce W. Smith Heavy-duty, regular-cab, long-bed pickup trucks aren't big sellers among the general pickup populace.

Which Work Truck Performs Best as a Daily Driver?

By Aaron Bragman Pickup trucks are meant to be tough, rugged and durable. Not all of them are built to be personal luxury conveyances or butched-up off-roaders.

2017 3/4-Ton Work Truck Challenge: Track Testing

By Joe Bruzek Track testing four work trucks may seem like a vanilla experience considering these seemingly boring "tools with wheels" prioritize getting the job done over creating an individualized experience.

2017 3/4-Ton Work Truck Challenge: Dynamometer Testing

By Mark Williams Work trucks have a special place in the pickup truck family tree: They're practical tools designed for functional use.

2017 3/4-Ton Work Truck Challenge: Overview

By Aaron Bragman Years ago, pickup trucks were good for one thing and one thing only: work. They weren't personal style statements and they weren't luxury vehicles.

Readers Sound Off on 2017 Work Truck Challenge Photo Galleries

The photo galleries we posted that precede publication of our 2017 3/4-Ton Work Truck Challenge on Monday generated quite a few comments.

Nissan Showcases Truck Lineup at 2017 Work Truck Show

If you need your fleet to plow snow through the winter and repair water lines in the summer, or if you need to find a less expensive way to ship items across town, the National Truck Equipment Association's annual trade show in Indianapolis, more commonly called the Work Truck Show, is where you need to be.

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Concept X-Class in Geneva

Although neither Geneva nor the Switzerland countryside may be a big pickup truck marketplace, pickup news was revealed there during the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show.

Spied: 2019 Ram 1500 Quad Cab

Newer, rather eclectic-looking versions of the next-generation 2019 Ram 1500 have been seen testing in and around the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles headquarters once again.

2017 Ram 2500 Photo Gallery

The last of our work-dressed, heavy-duty pickup trucks in our upcoming 2017 3/4-Ton Work Truck Challenge was the beefy 2017 Ram 2500 Tradesman.

Ram Makes It Easy to Configure a Work Truck

  Everyone knows that the easiest way to know what you want is to actually see it. But that's not always possible when choosing a pickup truck — whether for work or play — especially when your work or playtime can be unique.