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About Last Week’s Track Tuesday

Not surprisingly, no one guessed the identity of last week’s track. I’m going to give you another look today, and if it’s still not springing to mind – it is a totally obscure, but still actively used dirt oval – then you can click here to see what all the ...

Formula Fun: Remembering Senna Edition

21 years ago this past Friday, the greatest racer Formula 1 has ever seen passed away after massive head injuries sustained while racing at Imola.

Hooniverse 24 Hours of Lemons Racing – The Buick is Back!

We bought this Buick almost two years ago. Thus far it has five races on it in two different crap-can series, with eight different drivers. It is now on its second engine and it is sporting various improvements.

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

The tagline for the 2004 thriller Highwaymen is When Murder is no Accident, Revenge is no Crime. Yes, that’s pretty stupid, but the movie isn’t.

Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Special Editions Named for Females

Car manufacturers have produced a lot special/limited edition models with tie-ins to famous people. Oleg Cassini.

Hooniverse Asks: What Production Engine Most Failed to Live up to Expectation?

Are you a Star Wars fan? If so, do you recall the excitement that came with the announcement that the original trilogy would be appended with three spankin’ new prequals, all guided by series creator George Lucas?

Weekend Edition: Weird Neighbors at the Classic Motorshow 2015

The yearly Classic Motorshow, held in Lahti, Finland, accumulates the most interesting classic cars and the most enthusiastic car people to a fair centre not far from the city centre.

Last Call: Roll Over Reliant Edition

Considering their infamous propensity to roll over, how fitting is it that the Reliant Regal’s badge is a triangle with Rs in it that can be read from any and all angles?

Hemmings Hotties: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 LX

I know there are a few of you here who love these things. The Hooniverse love of JDM is well-documented, and many of us love a good 4×4.

Outsider’s Perspective: Amusing News! Cheap Performance is here.

With all its twists, turns and outdated models passing up as viable products, the one way you can describe the Latin American market is “baffling” and it’s about to get even more baffling for all of you watching from USDM island.

There and Back Again – A Personal Journey

Where to begin with this post? There comes a time in life when you have to make a change. Sometimes, a big change.

The News for May 1st, 2015

Welcome to the Hooniverse News – for real this time! As it always is when Jeff isn’t around, this is a weekly recap of some of the biggest stories in the automotive industry without the fluff or bull.

Mystery Car

On this date in 1948, the Land Rover Series 1 debuted at the Amsterdam Motor Show. Maurice Wilkes, then head designer at Rover had employed a Military-spec Jeep on his farm, which surprisingly didn’t prove durable enough!

Apex every(shirt): Blipshift sells 20 classic shirts this weekend only

The headline and photo pretty much say it all, but it bears repeating: Our buddies over at Blipshift are in fact selling these 20 shirts through Monday and only through Monday for their Apex Everything 2015 Sale.

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 50 – Broken Boxster

Happy Friday everybody! It’s time for another episode of Cammed and Tubbed with your favorite people, Cam, Brad, and Jason.

Hooniverse Asks: What’s the Most Awesome Car to Almost Make it to Production?

What is it they say; close enough only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades? So many cars and trucks have come within a beancounter’s pen stroke of production that perhaps that adage could apply to the auto industry too.

Last Call: Why Бабушка, What Big Choppers You Have Edition

The Russian Mil Mi-26 Helicopter is considered the world’s largest and most powerful production chopper.

Long Shots: A Goat and A Mini Moke

So the other day this olelongrooffan was out and about just Hooning around seeing what could be seen.

24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Southern Discomfort’ preview at CMP

This weekend marks the second of three consecutive races for the 24 Hours of LeMons.

“Das Customizing” Leads to the World’s Best(?) Six-Wheeled Opel Corsa

Some guys in Germany had one-and-some-extra Opel Corsa As and did what any rational group of guys with a welder, some scrap metal, some spray foam and a few gallons of paint would do: made a 6-wheeled, um…middle-wheel-drive “Opel Corsa A-A”.