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Aston Martin V12 Vantage S: Taking A Visceral Trip

So, what makes an Aston Martin? Well, it needs to be powerful, of course. Something like a V12 with 554hp would be great.

Slip Slidin’ Away: Wet and Wild at Goodwood

When you’ve got a couple of hundred classic cars, many of which are historically significant, some of which are utterly priceless, you have to be careful.

Automotive Nirvana: Welcome to Goodwood

It’s the greatest show on Earth, probably. As I type this a gentleman has just lightly crashed a Porsche 917 Pan Am, causing very mild cosmetic damage to the venerable, vulnerable aluminium panelwork, probably causing more, altogether uglier, damage to his underpants in the process.

Last Call: Competing Edition

GM introduced the Saturn brand in 1985 as their way of proving that they could go toe to toe with the Japanese when it came to profitably building a desirable small car.

The Forza 6 NASCAR Expansion: Casual Friday

It has been long rumored that NASCAR, absent since Forza Motorsport 4 on the 360, would be making it’s return.

V.I.S.I.T. – A Little Something for Everybody Edition

This short and sweet edition of V.I.S.I.T. is an all-skate, a look at several cars that all of us can enjoy in some way.

The News for June 24th, 2016

Welcome to the Hooniverse News! As always, this is a weekly recap of some of the biggest stories in the automotive industry without the fluff or bull.

Mystery Car

Today is very special for me. You see, it was on this day in 1314 that Robert the Bruce, leading a buttload of angry Scots, beat the tar out of England’s Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn.

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 116 – The Frants And The Furious

James Mackintosh of the Top Dead Centered podcast joins us to chat about stuff for a while. James is a mechanic by trade, and brings an interesting perspective to the podcast, sadly we don’t really let him talk much this week.

Hooniverse Asks: What Auto Company Has Benefitted Most From a Change to Foreign Ownership?

It once was the case that you knew cars by their nationality and most brands were wholly owned in the country of their origin.

Last Call: Surf’s Up Edition

If you’re going on a Surfin’ Safari and want to bring the whole crew, nothing beats a Ford XM Falcon.

LeMons Ranchero: Stripero y Swapero

The day’s work is over, but I find myself circling the subject, simultaneously admiring its new condition and brainstorming the next billion steps in the project.

A “Fake” Porsche 935 that Delivers on Genuine Coolness

Juvenile Blue Herons are picking snails from the infield. Annoyed by my approach, they wait until I am too close before they lazily take flight.

Thursday Trivia

Welcome to Thursday Trivia where we offer up a historical automotive trivia question and you try and solve it before seeing the answer after the jump.

Subaru and the Isle of Man

Mark Higgins may be credited with some of the most thrilling driving sequences of the last pair of Bond films, but he’s far more than just a stunt driver.

Hooniverse Asks: What’s The Most Overrated Automotive Performance Measure?

Think about the measure of automotive performance that is most important to you. What is it? Zero to sixty time?

Last Call: Chili Today, Hot Tamale Edition

So we’ve been going through a little heat wave here in LA… Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything.

The Agony of Le Mans

Every year, some of the most high tech automobiles in the world contest the Circuit de la Sarthe for 24 hours in the most grueling race on Earth.

Wagon Wednesday – Go for the Gold (Saturn)

For your Wagon Wendesday enjoyment, I present you the venerable Saturn SW. If there was ever a car with all kinds of possibilities, it’s a Saturn wagon.

Rotten Rental Car Review: Toyota Yaris

A few weeks ago, my wife and needed to get from our fair city to MCI, and we decided to rent a car for the 200-mile trip.