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Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Lets discover this low mileage 1981 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency Coupe…

Let us continue with the Labor Day Weekend Edition by checking out this 1981 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency Coupe.

Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here is a 1953 Kaiser Traveler DeLuxe Hatchback on Craigslist (of all things…)

Of all the cars that could be listed on Craigslist, this particular car is unexpected. OK, so you go to Craigslist to find beaters, and you find dealers who are primarily Buy-Here Pay-Here types of retailers, or you might find some questionable customized vehicles, but for the most part, they ...

Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Talk about a Time Capsule… A 1977 Ford Granada Ghia with only 7,500 miles!!!

It is the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Labor Day Weekend, and I thought I would start out with this extremely low mileage 1977 Ford Granada Ghia.

Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Let’s take a look at this 1980 Plymouth Arrow Pickup Truck, and tell me it’s not desirable…

Continuing on with our labor Day Weekend Edition, and look at what I discovered lurking close by (on Cape Cod no less)… This is a 1980 Plymouth Arrow Pickup, which was a badge engineered version of the Dodge D50 Pickup, which are both derived from the Mitsubishi Forte Pickup at ...

Weekend Edition Quick Hit – This is a 1973 Mazda RX-3 Wagon ready to be “Reborn”…

Southern California is a wonderful place that seems to have all kinds of treasures hidden within storage bins and garages.

Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Here is a Modified Buick Roadmaster “Superbird”…

Welcome to the last weekend of the Summer of 2014, and I thought I would start out with this highly modified Buick Roadmaster currently found on Craigslist.

Last Call- Poor-Man’s Porsche Edition

Porsche’s 911 and Fiat’s 500 (the original one) both are rear-engined. I think that’s reason enough to combine the two in a weird cinquecento/novecento undici melding, and that’s just what a Greek enthusiast did, with this as the result.

Hoonivercinema: Vintage racing around Indianapolis Motor Speedway, drooling allowed

I struggle with brevity. I love explaining things to the point that my writing probably struggles for it.

eBay: LeMons Would You Rather – Juggalo Neon or Renault R10?

People race in the 24 Hours of LeMons for many different reasons. It’s cheap, you get lots of seat time, and they actively encourage bizarre and strange vehicles (so long as they’re safe).

Fantasy Finds Friday: Citroen DS is fine hydropneumatic wine

Welcome to your life… There’s no turning back… Even while we sleep… We will find you. Acting on my best behavior, would hopefully allow me to save up enough money to someday place a Citroen DS in my garage.

The News for August 29th, 2014

Welcome to the Hooniverse News! As always, this is a weekly recap of some of the biggest stories in the automotive industry without the fluff or bull.

Mystery Car

Today is Charles Franklin Kettering’s birthday. The inventor of the automobile electric starter was born on this date in 1876 which would make him today… very, very, old.

Hooniverse Obscure Muscle Car Garage – The 2003-06 Lincoln LS V-8

Welcome to the Hooniverse Obscure Muscle Car Garage, a regular feature which aims to expand the definition of what a muscle car is, and to see if a Modern Luxury Car can ever be classified as a Muscle Car… With this series, I have tried to convince you that a Luxury Car can and should be classified as an Obscure Muscle Car, and for the most part, you have agreed with me.

Hooniverse Asks- Have You Had a Recent “Oh Yeah” Car?

The other day I was working my way across beautiful downtown Burbank, taking in the sights. This is no mean feat as Burbank California is perhaps the most inscrutably laid-out city in the nation, with rail lines and two major freeways bisecting it.

Last Call- Old School Kool Edition

I love old service stations, and the Shorpy Historical Archive has a swell collection of them. This one in particular caught my eye, and not just for the admonition to eat 9 slices of white bread a day but for the awesome name of this gas brand.

Movie Preview: $500 For Glory – A Lemons Story

Pushroot Films is putting together a team, a race car, and a documentary for the upcoming 24 Hours of LeMons race at High Plains Raceway.  Inside is the newly released teaser trailer for the film.  If the documentary is half as good as the trailer, it will be well worth the watch.

Craigslist: 1991 Ford F-150 is Ready to Take You Back in Time

For your Truck Thursday enjoyment, I present to you what might be the coolest truck on the internet today.

The Carchive: The DeTomaso / Qvale Mangusta

Welcome to the second of this week’s visits to The Carchive, where we dissect and discuss whatever forgotten artefacts of motoring history happen to flutter past among the fallen leaves and discarded Subway wrappings.

Truck Thursday: Two Classic Jeeps – ’51 Willys and ’75 CJ-5

I recently attended a local media event where Jeep showed off the new 2015 Renegade. The presentation was very nice, and as decor Jeep provided two classic models from a local enthusiast/collector.

Three-Wheel Thursday: New 2015 Can-Am Spyder F3

Back around the middle of the month, some camo’d spy shots showed up on the Internet, showing what appeared to be a new Sypder model from Can-Am.