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Winding Road Racing Announces $30k In Prize Money For 2017 SCCA Runoffs

In support of the 2017 SCCA Runoffs, Winding Road Racing is offering over $30,000 in contingency prizes to successful drivers.

Video: How Not To Start A Race

As we all know, the first lap of a race, and especially the first corner, can be an "interesting" time in a race, shall we say?

Speed Secrets: Advice for the Older Driver

We’ve all heard the stories about Paul Newman not starting racing until he was 47 years old, and Juan Manuel Fangio winning five World Championships while in his forties.

Race Communications: Speakers vs. Ear Buds

Often one of the most easily over looked details in racing is teamwork. A driver being able to communicate back and forth with the crew is essential to on-track strategy.

Essential Gear: Molecule Racing Gear Cleaning System

After taking the time to carefully select and purchase your racing safety apparel, you want to make sure you protect your investment.

Mazda Announces "$75k To Win Challenge" Race For October

Our friends at Mazda Motorsports have just announced an encore performance of the 2017 Global MX-5 Cup series.

Speed Secrets: 3 Ways to Drive Faster – Part 2

Let’s take an in-depth look at tires and how they affect your driving, beginning with a review of slip angles.

Best Bang for Your Buck: OMP OS 60 Racing Gloves

In today's product review, we talk about the OMP OS 60 racing glove - one of our favorite gloves at Winding Road Racing.

Speed Secrets: 3 Ways to Drive Faster – Part 1

In the past, I’ve looked at what you as a driver can do to shave a little off your best lap time. Now, let's take a look at three specific plans (there are dozens) to go faster.

Tight Race For Podium In MX-5 Cup Toronto

In this in-car video, we see Winding Road Team TFB driver Tom Martin III running in a group (Max Faulkner, Luke Oxner, Nathanial Sparks and Keith Jensen) fighting hard for third place on the Streets of Toronto.

Infographic: How F1 Teams Move Across the Globe in 48 Hours

Ever wondered how F1 teams can race in Budapest on week, and Spa-Francorchamps the next?

The Mother of all Race Gear Bags

We call the Alpinestars Transition XL gear bag the mother-of-all-bags. Learn why we love this great looking and high functioning race gear bag.

The British Open Teaches Sports Car Racers A Lesson

The British Open is one of the four golf tournaments classified as a "major", a term appropriated by the SCCA but with a longer-standing history in the world of golf.

Race Communications: Analog vs. Digital Radio

The shift to digital radio from analog has increased over the last five years within most industries.

Race Communications: Helmet Kits

Communication while on track between the driver and the crew could mean the difference between winning and not.

Winning The Battle, Losing The War

Since we are at the track most weekends running cars in Pirelli World Challenge, MX-5 Cup, SCCA and NASA events, we see a lot of racing up close.

Watch: Dramatic Global MX-5 Cup Race On Streets Of Toronto

Winding Road Team TFB was in Toronto for the Verizon IndyCar weekend, where we were running in the Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup series

How To Win The Race Start

Before a race, think about where you’re starting on the grid. Who is starting around you and what are they like to race with?

How Driver Cooling Works

It’s summer time and the rising temperature just makes it that much hotter in a race car, where temps can exceed 120 degrees.