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The Best Racing Suits of 2016

As an update to our Racing Suit Buyer’s Guide, here’s a look at our top racing suit picks based on various criteria.

Inside MX-5 Cup: Proficiency With Profanity And Champagne

Winding Road Racing's 2016 MX-5 Cup Rounds 5 and 6 were action-packed as usual. We ran five cars at beautiful Road America, in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Why "Awesome Racing" and "Awful Driving" Sometimes Go Together

Winding Road Team TFB is running six cars in the Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup series this year.

Speed Secrets: Finding – And Driving – The Limit

As I'm sure you're well aware of, the engine in your car has some number of cylinders, and each one has a piston that moves up and down in it (unless you have a Mazda rotary engine).

The Best Road Racing Helmets

As an update to our Helmet Buyer’s Guide, here’s a look at our top auto racing helmet picks based on various criteria.

Buyer's Guide: The Best Road Racing Helmets

As an update to our Helmet Buyer’s Guide, here’s a look at our top auto racing helmet picks based on various criteria.

WRR TV: Elan NP01 On-Board POV at NASA Summer Shootout

Ride along as Team Winding Road driver David Beckmann takes the Elan NP01 around Hallett Motor Racing Circuit during a practice session at the NASA Summer Shootout.

Speed Secrets: Maximizing Wide Open Throttle Time

Peter Krause and I have worked together often, and I'm always impressed with the way he approaches driver coaching.

Buyer's Guide: The Best Road Racing Helmets

As an update to our Helmet Buyer’s Guide, here’s a look at our top helmet picks based on various criteria.

Speed Secrets: How To Get Paid To Race Cars

Even if you’re not looking to make a career driving race cars, most people are at least curious to know what it takes.

Learning Curve: The Miracle Lap

After a lifelong quest to push yourself beyond a miracle lap to the maturity and consistency that is required for a championship season or endurance race, you may find yourself in a series where your life depends on qualifying.

Learning Curve: Act Like A Pro, On And Off The Track

In my lifetime of involvement in the world of road racing, one thing is strikingly obvious: People do this for fun.

WRR TV: Racecraft - Why You Really Must Have A Radio, Part 1

There are many reasons to have a radio in your car and a crew chief (could be your girlfriend or husband) on your pit wall.

Speed Secrets: Five Important Important Guidelines To Racing Sponsorship

In the past few weeks, I've been telling as many racers as I can about Brian Bonner's new sponsorship coaching service, PSST!

Learning Curve: If You Can’t Be Safe And Clean, Go Home

Up to this point in my racing career, I’ve taken the “shotgun” approach. Every year I want to try something new.

WRR TV: Don't Be That Guy - The Divebomber

C'mon man! While you're working on your racecraft, one of the big things is working on the ability to out-brake other cars so you can pass them on the inside.

The Elan NP01 Is More Challenging, Faster Than You Think

As you may be aware, Elan Motorsports has designed a new, relatively low cost prototype racer called the NP01 and they've partnered with NASA to create a class for the new car (whose name means NASA Prototype 01).

WRR TV: The Art Of Racing Fast In The Rain

This shows WRR driver Mark Drennan in Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup running a calculated rain race from 6th place to 1st over the course of three laps (separated by FCY) at Watkins Glen earlier this month.

Speed Secrets: Applying HPDE Lessons to Life

There are people who make mistakes, won't admit to them, and don't learn from them. There are those who make mistakes, admit to them, and learn from them.

Learning Curve: Insane MX-5 Cup Weekend At Watkins Glen International

There are plenty of reasons to try "pro" racing. For me, a big reason was the challenge of racing against a large field with many very talented drivers.