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Happy 100th Birthday, Nash Motors!

Sure, none of the original players are walking the earth, but we can still celebrate the corporate creation of Charles W.

Overfinch Sets Up Shop in Virginia, Aims to Make Range Rovers Great Again

This small-scale British invasion is good news for U.S. Range Rover owners whose vehicle just don’t feel exclusive enough.

Buick’s Avista Concept Seriously Pissed Off Some People at GM: Report

You remember the Avista — the sexy concept coupe unveiled by Buick at the North American International Auto Show in January (before being spirited away forever)?

Skoda Teases America, Again: CEO Says the Kodiaq Would Be a ‘Home Run’ in the U.S.

The hints keep piling up that the Škoda brand could one day arrive on our shores. Volkswagen Group’s Czech subsidiary keeps dropping clues that it wants to enter the U.S.

The Greatest (Attainable) Car You Never Owned Was Just Killed in Australia

There’s sad news from Down Under. No, Paul Hogan is still alive, and no, dingoes didn’t get into a local kindergarten.

2016 Lexus RX 350 AWD Review – Tradition in Disguise

“I hope someone’s watching.” That thought ran through my head on my first night in the 2016 Lexus RX 350.

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Again Postponed, Won’t Arrive Until Next Summer

The long-anticipated Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid, expected later this year, has once again been postponed for the U.S.

Bark’s Bites: Dealers Are the Worst Businessmen, Part Two

I’m back like a rebel making trouble with another installment of Dealers Are The Worst Businessmen. Today, we’ll be talking about the information that most dealers use to make every decision in the dealership, and how it’s completely and utterly useless.

Buick Tells TTAC To Pump The Brakes, It’s All Good — We Never Said It Wasn’t

Buick is all about China, where the brand claims more than 5 percent market share. Buick’s achievements in the United States, once storied, are now not nearly so impressive.

Apple Hires Blackberry Exec for Car Project; Project Team Heads in New Direction

Apple’s annoyingly mysterious self-driving unicorn car project has a new team member. Dan Dodge, founder and former CEO of Blackberry’s QNX automotive software division, has already joined the ranks of Apple’s shadowy “Project Titan” team, Bloomberg reports.

America Reaches Peak Cupholder — It Can’t Go Further Than This

Has a nation ever been thirstier? Are we so blessed with beverages that we now assume every occupant of a vehicle is double-fisting it?

TTAC Scores a New 2017 Ford GT

It’s actually happening. Yes, really. TTAC is getting, by way of my brother Sanjay, a 2017 Ford GT. Check out the order form.

Ford Hits a Profit Wall in North America

Ford Motor Company says its profits dropped 9 percent in the second quarter, and warns that leaner times are coming.

Buick Don’t Need You, Son

General Motors today fêted Buick as the planet’s fastest-growing volume automaker. Ignored in GM’s press release was the Buick brand’s declining volume in Buick’s home market.

Mercedes-Benz Slammed Over Misleading Commercial

A glitzy Mercedes-Benz commercial that touts the 2017 E-Class as a vehicle that “can drive itself” has consumer and safety advocates fighting mad.

SUV Love? These Are the 10 SUVs and Crossovers Americans Don’t Want

U.S. sales of SUVs and crossovers grew 8 percent in the first-half of 2016, a gain of more than 240,000 units compared with the January-June period of 2015.

Recall Apathy: 45 Million Vehicles Went Unrepaired Between 2013–2015

Drivers saw a tsunami of vehicle recalls in recent years, and many are choosing not to bother getting the fix.

In Defence Of: The Lincoln MKT

It seems so recent that the degree to which I detested the Lincoln MKT was off the charts. Few vehicles more sorely offended me.

Volkswagen Needs A Hot Passat — Once Again

Is there anybody left in this country who gives a single damn about Volkswagen? If so… why? This is a company that has spent the past 40 years treating their American customer base with the kind of contemptuous disdain that most of us associate with the wait staff at Le Bernardin.

Driver in Fatal Tesla Crash was Speeding While on Autopilot: NHTSA

The National Transportation Safety Board didn’t assign any blame in its initial report into the fatal May 7 crash of a Tesla Model S, but did confirm new details.